The integration between Empuls and Slack is a  smart and cost-effective solution to keep your workforce motivated and catapult them to optimum productivity.

Listing down the primary benefits of Empuls-Slack integration-

1. Improve participation in employee engagement activities-

Slack (or other collaboration platforms) have become a new normal for employees to communicate with their peers. This increase in footfall on Slack shall help program managers leverage to improve participation in reward programs through one-click access to the reward programs, thoughtful nudges to remind employees about various engagement initiatives.

2. Employee motivation

Drive-up the employee motivation levels through a pat on the back appreciation, gifts on personal events like birthdays, Celebrate milestones and reward them for being part of the organisation’s success.

3. Empower your employees

Empuls bot on Slack enables you to run employee surveys that can help learn the employee’s frame of mind at the workplace. In other words, it provides you with the pulse of the organisation. The responses collected provide you with concise feedback about various aspects that your employees otherwise we’re unable to share. These insights shall serve as the inputs for the HR and the management in their decision making.

Integrating employee engagement platform Empuls with Slack allows HR’s to conduct employee engagement activities from Slack. This includes conducting reward and recognition programs with functions like appreciations, awards and nominations, employee life cycle surveys, engagement surveys, feedback and more. Empuls bot would only be a click away to assist your team in their journey towards a happy workforce.

Empuls  Driving behaviour that powers results + Slack- bringing your team together at work= An engaged digital workspace where your team can collaborate, work towards common goals and stay motivated.

About Setup

Program managers (i.e Super Admin) can set up the integration in less than a minute (It took us 15 seconds, refer the gif below).

Login to your Empuls account and go to Slack App under Integrations.

1. Login to your Empuls account and go to Slack App under Integrations.

2.Click on the Setup Integration button.

3.Allow required permission on your slack App.

Done! Empuls bot is now ready to use on your Slack account.Gif Image Note: You can disable integration on Slack Integrations page by using the Remove Integration option.

Empuls Features on Slack

With this integration, the users will be able to

  • Send appreciations to their teammates
  • Managers can give awards to their teammates
  • Users can nominate their peers for awards
  • Get notified about the rewards and recognitions received
  • Get reminders for actions like reviewing nominations, responding to an engagement survey and more.