Empuls has announced its collaboration with HROne, an HCM suite that automates HR processes, and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces. Empuls, as an organization, believes that motivated and engaged people achieve better results which in turn contributes to happier workplaces. In other words, building a better workplace is that common ground both these organizations strive for and is the primary motive of this partnership.

Let’s understand this partnership in detail.

HROne + Empuls= Happier Workplaces

Below are the missions of these two platforms-


An intelligent enterprise-ready HCM suite that automates HR processes, simplifies human interactions, and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces.


Power your business with people motivation by launching AI-based reward and incentive programs for your employees, channel partners, and gig workforce in 60 minutes

When you combine them, you have an end-to-end People Management system that not only simplifies employee interactions but also creates a reward system that keeps them motivated.

A Valuable Solution for HR Leaders and CXOs

Organizations need to have meaningful interactions with their employees. These interactions should give better insights on productivity and their engagement with the company because when culture practices become ineffective, every organization strategy stumbles. Workplaces need to cultivate a culture that engages the employees and motivates them to perform better to stay ahead in current times.

According to Forbes, companies who cultivate a culture that prioritizes recognition enjoy 31% lower voluntary turnover rate than companies who don’t or have a poor employee recognition program in place.

To keep employees motivated, start engaging them from the induction itself where they are new and in the process of getting on board. Recognize them from day one, send them a personalized gift card or a voucher welcoming them to the organization. Invite new hires to complete employee recognition surveys, learn their hobbies, likes, and affiliations. Use their answers to engage with them and reward the employee who gave the best answers. Keep checking on them regularly until they get comfortable in the organization and embrace your work culture.

It is during this stage that the employees might need something more from the work-culture. They would want to feel appreciated. They would want to know that they are working hard and will be recognized for their efforts. It is during this stage that the employees need recognition, and this is where the reward system for employees comes into play. You can reward your employees with Xoxoday Plum during these essential junctures of their life cycle.

Here are a few things you can do with an effective reward system for employees-

1. Reward perseverance

Value the service of long-standing employees and their commitment by giving them Xoxo Points that can be redeemed to get a discount on amazing products and experiences from brands across the globe.

2. Make work fun for your employees‍

Challenge your employees to work harder by bringing in milestone-based rewards. Every time they complete their respective goals, reward them with Xoxoday Plum.

With recognition and engagement, you elevate your employees to peak levels of productivity - which is the crux to the Xoxoday-HROne association. HROne takes care of employee interactions and automates HR processes while Xoxoday’s Plum creates a reward system for employees making it more engaging.

HRMS platforms like HROne are vital to complete this system of intelligence with necessary data. HRMS platforms like HROne and a rewarding platform like Xoxoday’s Plum can play a crucial role in building an influential work culture. Organizations using HROne can reward their employees with Xoxo Points as a token of appreciation. These points can be leveraged to avail discounts from Xoxoday’s global catalogue of 2000+ brand vouchers, 3500+ global experiences, and 10000 perks.

If you put it in a philosophical context, this solution covers Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for an employee. HROne takes care of the hygiene factors of motivation, whereas Xoxoday takes care of fulfilling the higher elements of motivation.

Building a better HR Tech Value Chain

HROne is one of the fastest-growing HRMS software that maintains all the information of an employee's journey in an organization; from recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, to exit or separation. It caters to all your organizational requirements with integrated modules, whether it is payroll software, attendance management software, or performance management software to optimize your team’s efforts and maximize outputs.

Meanwhile, Xoxoday offers a suite of SaaS-based solutions that help organizations across the globe with employee engagement, benefits and rewards. Xoxoday has three software products - namely, Empuls, Compass, and Plum - that are plug-n-play, highly scalable, easy to use, and help achieve tangible business outcomes. These software products are used to motivate their employees, sales teams, contractual staff, gig workforce, dealers and agents.

Xoxoday Plum offers a unified rewarding platform that helps organizations build a winning organizational culture through reward and recognition programs that have a global catalogue consisting of products and experiences from more than 700+ brands.

Better interactions with your employees, smart HRMS solutions, and rewarding your employees at crucial junctures of their professional journey are three vital ingredients to make a happier work culture. This integration will help organizations motivate their employees better, and have meaningful interactions such that they stay productive and are always excited to give their best to the company.