Empuls has announced a strategic partnership with Keka, an HR & Payroll Software. Together, Empuls and Keka HR will work together towards creating a seamless HR technology experience for their clients.

Keka HR: A Key Enhancement for HR Leaders and CXOs

HRMS software like Keka is an essential information ‘system of records’ and transactions that help companies to manage employee record keeping, admin tasks, and payroll disbursals. These systems are imperative to the HR function and gratify all the ‘basic needs’ of the employees in the Maslow’s hierarchy- such as attendance, leaves, records, salary, payslips, and expense processing.

Instances of ‘culture eating strategy for breakfast’ have been painfully witnessed by many new-age leaders and efforts are strife to invest in culture. Essentially, every other organizational strategy falls flat on its back if the cultural practices are ineffective and myopic.

HR leaders and CXOs want their HR stack to become ‘systems of intelligence’ that are dynamically woven into employee journeys, to build culture one brick at a time. These systems help engage employees by frequently capturing their sentiments, fine-tuning people strategies based on this capture, and gradually defining the organizational culture.\

Empuls facilitates such a system of intelligence for HRs to close-in on this employee journey. Empuls supports the HR value chain with its social recognition, alignment to purpose, communication, and empowerment capabilities to gratify the self-actualization and psychological needs of the employees.

That said, a sturdy ‘systems of records’ like Keka HR is essential to complete this system of intelligence by generating rich and essential data. Both HRMS integration systems like Keka and Employee engagement software like Empuls have to work in tango to provide meaningful employee touchpoints to build a strong culture.

Bringing Together the HR Tech Value Chain

Keka HR & Payroll Software is one of the best cloud-based payroll management systems that maintain all the information of an employee's journey in an organization; from recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, to exit or separation. Keka HR also helps organizations adhere to legal frameworks and compliances while dealing with their employees. It also has a performance management module that creates a goal-driven culture where individual and team goals align with organizational goals.

Meanwhile, Empuls offers a suite of SaaS-based solutions that help organizations across the globe with employee engagement, benefits, and rewards. Xoxoday has three software products - namely, Empuls, Compass, and Plum - that are plug-n-play, highly scalable, easy to use, and help achieve tangible business outcomes. These software products are used to motivate their employees, sales teams, contractual staff, gig workforce, dealers, and agents.

Empuls offers a unified employee engagement platform that helps HR build a winning organizational culture with its powerful employee motivation, empowerment, and communication features.

Overcoming Critical HR Challenges Together

An HRMS is a hygiene for the HR tech stack. Tasks like daily job entry, monthly job entry, automatic job allocation, drastically reduce transactional functions of the HR, and free them up for better strategic planning. While Keka handles the essential HR proceedings, Xoxoday Empuls provides the HR leaders a platform for strategic HR activities. Empuls helps HR and CXOs diagnose, improve, and measure employee engagement, happiness, and motivation. Empuls provides metric-driven insights to HR leaders to finetune and continuously better these engagement efforts.

Empuls’ communication module gives essential tools for team communication and collaboration such as groups, communities, chats, and an engagement chatbot. It also has an empowerment module that helps employers collect continuous feedback from their employees using various pulse surveys. Additionally, the motivation module provides end-to-end solutions to manage the entire rewarding process from budgeting to an extensive reward redemption storefront.

A Joint Value Proposition to HR Leaders Globally

Manoj Agarwal, one of the Xoxoday founders mentions, "We intend to move HR leaders and departments away from the ‘general contractor’ role that they have growingly assumed - that involves the selection of a host of HR tools to fulfill their HR tech requirements. While Keka provides organizations with sound and essential data of their workforces, Empuls provides tools for ‘top of the hierarchy' motivation. With this integration, HR will now be freed from managing a clutter of software across its value chain. This association brings in great synergy, and helps us to fulfill the entire HR tech offering together."