How much do you care about your health?

Most people at work go blank when this question is asked of them-- so vague is the concept of employee wellbeing. When it comes to work-life balance, people often put their health on the backburner without giving it a second thought. Mental imbalance can have consequences that impact important aspects of life and leads to deteriorated concentration and inability to cope with pressure.

More than 87% of employers want to apply best practices regarding workplace wellness but often don’t find a way to blend it into their people engagement strategy. A healthy mind and body is the birthplace of bright ideas and a dedicated work ethic in professional life. With that consideration, Empuls has partnered with Kaido—the wellness-gamification and health engagement platform.

The UK-based Kaido, a leading provider of employee wellbeing programs, has announced a strategic partnership with employee engagement specialists Empuls. Kaido allows business clients large and small to set up and run entertaining team-based challenges that help employees address physical and mental health in a fun and interactive way.

By using gamification to improve the physical activity of the user, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness, Kaido and Empuls aim to facilitate higher adoption rates of awareness of healthy habits in the workspace.  The partnership has been formed in response to the growing demand for health initiatives that are suitable for remote and distributed teams.

‍The Empuls-Kaido partnership facilitates this positive impact on the employees’ mental and physical health.

This partnership will help HR and business leaders, seeking to address elusive employee wellbeing in a transformative and near effortless manner, even among remote employees, and how to improve employee mental health.

Organizations providing robust health & wellness solutions are proven to have more employees who feel engaged at work and cared for by their employers, resulting in higher productivity and lower attrition rates. In times when social distancing can lead to the social disconnect among people, Kaido’s venture on Empuls—the employee engagement platform—will keep the workforce motivated and active while taking care of employee mental health with wellness gamification.

The strategic partnership with Kaido will enable Empuls’ users to easily and securely implement effective wellbeing programs and access its features directly from the web or mobile applications through its employee wellness gamification functionalities.

Your Employee Wellness Platform

Employee wellness plays a crucial role in the current workplace dynamics and it shall only get bigger as the future comes closer. With this partnership, employees can now make the most of Kaido's wellness gamification platform at Empuls. Now build a happy and stress-free workforce at Empuls :)

Learn more about the Empuls - Kaido partnership here.‍