Motivated and productive employees are more likely to align and deliver on the company’s strategic objectives. Personalized and instantly redeemable digital rewards have proven to increase employee motivation and employee productivity. Hence, these rewards form a crucial part of employee engagement and employee rewards and recognition programs across companies. This article talks in detail about the Zoho integration with Xoxoday and all its benefits.

Plum, Xoxoday’s rewards platform, offers highly effective rewards for 700+ global organizations. In the long run, Xoxoday rewards are proven to even improve HR metrics such as employee retention, decrease in absenteeism, increase in employee NPS, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

A growing trend in HR is to use rewards and recognition to help motivate your employees and build a healthier work environment. Organizations that go through this effort, keep their employees motivated and empowered - reaping benefits in the long term. It’s a low-cost and high-impact process when done correctly. Managers should make it a habit to appreciate and recognize their employees.

Details of Zoho Integration with Xoxoday

Xoxoday, with Zoho People, has integrated to become the number one choice for rewards and recognition programs. Now that the rewards dynamic has become essential with employee engagement bringing its fair share of perks, it’s surely here to change the game.

There are statistics and researches that show the importance of rewards and recognition.

For instance, a Gallup poll shows that 65% of employees have not received any form of recognition for good work in the last year.

Implementing a rewards and recognition program will help. It can improve your workplace culture, increase employee satisfaction, decrease turnover, and help reinforce good behaviors and activities.

If you treat your employees well, your kindness will be returned to you in the form of employee productivity. You don’t want your people to go home at the end of every workday feeling defeated. This is what Zoho People capitalized on to make the workplace more engaging.

With Xoxoday’s ability to launch scalable reward and incentive programs for employees, its partnership with multiple third-party services offers a vast collection of experiences, digital gift cards, benefits, and more as rewards for collecting points.

How Does the Integration Work?

Once the integration is enabled, Xoxoday rewards points can be accessed inside Zoho People, a cloud-based HR software. These points can then be used as a form of reward or appreciation. Employees redeem their points to discover and enjoy various tours, attractions, vouchers, and more. Non-monetary ways of recognizing the efforts of your team members improve employee engagement and morale.

Sumit Khandelwal, CEO of Xoxoday, said “Xoxoday’s vision is to help organizations achieve business outcomes by engaging and motivating its people - be it employees, channel partners, or fleet-on-street. Zoho People have been instrumental in transforming the HRMS landscape by offering simpler, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. This integration will help companies using Zoho People to meaningfully reward their employees, drive them to do better at work and thereby transform themselves into a high performing organization.”

With another crucial integration in their pockets, Xoxoday is making progressive efforts to change the stimuli of rewards and recognition.

About Zoho People

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