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Conference rooms mean business. These chambers of secrets house the most serious of meetings to the most frolic of ice-breaking sessions and sometimes a lot of gossips. But when it comes to renaming conference rooms or coining the new sigil to be embossed on the doors, we fall short of good conference room name ideas.

Naming a meeting room is not just a fluke or an impulsive process. An organization’s conference room name defines what it does, where it is, and where it wants to go.

Reading Cosmopolitan and picking out a name from there to be the next conference room name isn’t the brightest of an idea. That is why we have come up with a guide on naming your organization’s conference room. Here’s how it is:

  1. A six-step checklist to name your conference room
  2. Best conference room name ideas
  3. Examples of some tech-giants and their super-cool conference room names

Are you ready to change the game and make your next meeting a little less boring? Let’s start with the ultimate guide to changing the name of your meeting and conference rooms.

The conference room naming ceremony checklist

Now’s the time to baptize your conference room and before naming it and here’s a six-step checklist to run through.

1. Mirror your company’s values

Not every organization is perfect for funny conference room name ideas. The core values of an organization drive its work culture, and what happens in those meeting rooms emanates the same vibe.

By mirroring your organization’s values and giving a creative conference room name, you imbibe them into your workforce without a shadow of a doubt—much like customs do in different aspects of a culture.

2. Communicate the vision & mission in foresight

Every organization thrives on a vision and a mission that directs its present action. The question is how can this be tactfully inculcated through conference room names? A long-term goal for every organization is to be the best in its field and for that, the conference room names must be rested with a backstory.

For instance, the “Fortune-50 lounge” isn’t just a conference room name but envisions your organization’s hunger to collaborate with the best companies on the Fortune-50 list and get their business. When the names are linked to vision and mission, they have better retention of old and new stakeholders.

3. Lay out some ground rules

Your conference room name ideas should symbolically sync with what matters the most, and the best way to go about it is to set a tone. In the modern workspace, conference rooms are *informally* classified like:

  • Rooms for regular catch-ups with the team
  • Meeting areas for the office chitchat
  • The coffee-break hangouts, and
  • The “something serious just went down” rooms

You know you can picture the rooms in your organization while reading this, and that’ll help set the tone for multiple conference rooms.

The stimulus of creativity, inspiration, seriousness, recreation, and formality can be created by physically distributing the conference room furniture concerning the mood.

Once the desired tone is decided on, we ask the inhabitants of the rooms what they should be called.

4. Time for stakeholders to pitch in

The HR and admins often ideate meeting room names, but the best conference room name ideas come from the breakroom or the creative corner of the office. For instance, we ran a poll on Empuls, the people engagement platform, and finalized our conference room names with the peoples’ help.

We saw a massive engagement from stakeholders on social media when people “posted” about how their suggestion made it to the conference room door.

What we got was not only a concoction of ideas but a differential outlook as to how people wanted to name their conference rooms. Starting from serious to funny conference room names list, there was a list of ideas you can never imagine.

The marketing chaps were going all Wolf of the Wall Street while the coders had their nerdcore names. This brings us to our next item on the checklist.

5. Make it a personal affair

This puts the cool in conference rooms—personalize your meeting room names for people who use them. This gives a clear understanding of a conference room’s GPS, and people can understand its location based on departments and vice versa.

This would give the management a chance to name the conference room to the concerned teams, which spices it up with their job descriptions, inside jokes, and what they do.

Every floor/building can have its theme to make it distinct so that walking into the Millennium Fall Conference Room is easily distinguished from having a meeting at Castle Black.

6. One last check

There might be a pleasing common space between cool and compliant, but before finalizing the ideas for conference room names, run it with a fine-toothed comb.

For instance, naming conference rooms after thought leaders and change-makers is a widespread phenomenon, but some facts about them bring out dissentious murmurs in the break room.

All in all, it’s about being politically correct and not about what’s on the conference room door, but what isn’t. Skip the faux pas and research every name you put on the door (and try not to engrave it in stone just in case a change is needed).

Now that we have a six-step checklist ready, let’s look at some of the best conference room name ideas that suit everyone at work.

The best conference room name ideas

Since it’s all about choosing themes, here are some of the best ideas for conference room names to match your workplace vibe.

1. Brew a fresh batch of cocktail-themed room names

If the most obvious part of every Friday at work is to chug a couple of drinks at a bar nearby, then cocktail-themed rooms would be the perfect theme. Don’t just stick to alcohol—move to mojitos, crushes, soft drinks, and cordial water.

2. Meeting room names that shoot for the stars

Astronomy is an enigma to every human being, and who isn’t obsessed with looking for stars in the sky? Sending out an email that says, “Please gather at Betelgeuse in ten minutes” sounds better than “Let’s meet at the 1st Floor Conference Room beside the Coffee Machine”. Here’s a list of the ten most famous stars for you to decide on a creative conference room name.

3. Embrace the force within with Sci-fi & fantasy movies

Cinema has changed the way we dress, our lifestyles, and even our work lives. Sci-fi movies and superhero universes heavily influence people and bring the fun element to work.

Naming your meeting rooms as the Millennium mentioned above Falconference Room, Krypton HQ, or Ruins of Valhalla would always make an exciting theme.

Be it the Marvel or DC Cinematic Universe, grounds of Harry Potter fanatics, or Star Wars’ carriers of the Force, this won’t give your conference room the friendliest of vibes but would surely make it cool!

4. Give it the pandemic flavor

It’s evident that the pandemic brought things to a halt, and now that your squadron is getting back in the groove, the conference rooms can have names that match the themes.

Be it different types of masks, top countries that fought the pandemic with courage, or the best one—vaccine names—get your conference rooms sanitized and ready to roll against the pandemic tide.

Since most of the colleagues are coming back to work after hours of video conferencing and whatnot, naming rooms “Zoom,” “G-Meet,” “I’m on Mute,” or “Your Camera is Off” won’t be a bad idea.

5. Go global (or local) with landmarks

Conference room names often set the ambiance of every room, and just like Google prefers, if every conference room has an alternate ‘vibe’ to it, going with Global landmarks makes it happen.

From Chandni Chowk to Rohtang Pass, Buckingham Palace to Wembley Stadium, Christ the Redeemer, and the streets of Sao Paulo, going local or global with landmarks is a good idea to set the tone of a conference room from the inside.

6. Embrace pop culture with music genres

Music is the ultimate common standpoint of a hobby that everyone proudly sports. With up-and-coming genres coalescing with classical music, ask your audience what their music tastes are and name the meeting rooms after the Sinatra’s, the Mercury’s, the Belieber’s, and the EDM-heads of your office.

7. Coin your meeting rooms with alpha-city names

With the advent of digital business, almost every organization has spread its wings globally. You see London, France, Bengaluru, Singapore, and above & beyond from your workplace thanks to Wikipedia’s Global Cities. Assign every conference room a city, and the biggest one can be themed as the organization’s HQ.

8. TV shows never run out of style

We’re not past the era when every organization has its conference rooms named after Game of Thrones. Since the advent of OTT services, the favorite conference room names have been from the Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, the Office. Sitcoms like Big Bang Theory and Friends also bring forth the prospects of character-based conference room names (Author’s Favourite: The Dundie-getters).

9. Let thought leaders lead the way

There are enough bright minds on the planet to name every conference room on their achievements and laurels.

One way to go about it would be to pick the exemplary from every field—be it science, philanthropy, business, and sport (we’d run the other way from political figures)—and name your conference rooms on them. There can never be enough “Buzz Aldrin” called conference rooms globally.

10. Get punny with names

To back this conference room name, we are going to present to you our top three organizations with the coolest conference room names list.

These corporate giants won the conference room naming contest

While researching out for the best names, here are a few from organizations that are deemed as great places to work and have the most creative conference room names to show for their swag.

These can help you in thinking of the coolest corporate conference room names ideas.

1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed uses the simplest of slang as their conference room name:

  • LOL
  • WTF
  • OMG

We’d just go ahead and give them the win because they are simply LIT!

2. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s tech empire literally goes beyond tangible walls, but Facebook’s conference room names are the funniest and have a different level of recall altogether.

For instance, a very famous conference room theme at the Social Network giant is all about horrible life ideas:

  • Crossing the Streams
  • Fighting Chuck Norris
  • Knife at a Gun Fight
  • Running with Scissors

As if this wasn’t enough, the next theme is straight-up stomach-twirler. It’s a combination of music bands and acronyms, and it gets as hilarious as it sounds:

  • 50 CentOS
  • Barenaked LEDs
  • Black Eyed PC Load Letter
  • Jay-ZOMG
  • Johnny Cache

3. Etsy

Etsy’s HQ is in Brooklyn, NY and their workforce mostly meets up virtually. The best of their conference room names is a treat for music lovers as they are all a mashup of anyone’s two favorite things—food and music.

  • Bon-Bon Jovi
  • Johnny Cashews
  • Nine Inch Snails
  • Oreo Speed wagon
  • The Rolling Stones

Remember the poll that we ran on Empuls for our conference room? Here are some of the best suggestions that’d walk onto your conference room door.

So, there you have it—a complete toolkit to change your conference room names into something spectacular, amazing, creative, and that complies with your culture.

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