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With podcast listenership increasing day by day, it is only imperative to tap into the podcast market to utilize the audio content in its maximum productive capacity to upskill yourselves. A study by the Pew Research Centre has shown that only a decade ago, in 2013, only 12% of Americans listened to a podcast in the past month. However, the listenership has garnered much attention with the variety of content pouring in on different topics. 

If you are an HR professional looking to keep up with the latest technological trends and best practices in the industry, then tapping into the vastness and diversity the podcast industry provides would be an ideal start. Our carefully curated list of the best HR podcasts can help you develop your skills and knowledge.

These podcasts offer invaluable insights and helpful tips for HR professionals at all levels, covering themes like the future of work, leadership, culture, etc. With these podcasts, you can learn from experts in the industry who have dealt with the challenges associated with contemporary HR first-hand.

Explore the world of HR through the lens of these top-rated podcasts, as they provide you with a wealth of information and inspiration to stay ahead in your field.

Let's dive in!

List of the top 22 podcasts for HR professionals

Here is the list of 22 best HR podcasts for HR professionals

1. Digital HR Leaders with David Green

In the HR podcast series Digital HR Leaders, host David Green covers discussions with a wide range of senior HR executives who champion a data-driven, digital agenda.

For the purpose of processing, producing, and leveraging digital information to add value to businesses, HR professionals need to become more calculative and technologically adept.

In this HR podcast, you'll get to hear about how HR professionals can prepare better for the future from industry leaders who are driving organizational transformation.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Creating a Future-proof Company Through Organisational Design and Workforce Planning
  2. How to Turn People Data into Actionable Insights
  3. How Yelp Built a Successful Remote Working Culture
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Digital HR Leaders with David Green on Apple Podcasts.

2. HR Works – The Podcast for Human Resources

HR Works is a podcast committed to sharing insights and strategies relevant to the human resources industry. Hosted by Jim Davis, HR Works features conversations with HR experts, practitioners, and thought leaders who share their perspectives and experiences on various HR-related issues.

HR Works covers issues such as diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, HR technology, talent management, and legal compliance. The series also includes discussions regarding the most effective methods for hiring, managing, and growing staff and current developments and challenges in HR.

HR Works offers insightful information and helpful suggestions to assist you in managing the ever-evolving HR industry, whether you are an experienced HR professional or are just getting started.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Upskilling Your Managers to Make an Impact
  2. Build a Strategic Workforce Plan That Actually Works!
  3. Tech Forward – Driving HR’s Top-Priorities with Technology
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HR Works – The Podcast for Human Resources on Apple Podcasts.

3. HRD Masterclass

HRD Masterclass is a podcast series produced by the Academy of Human Resource Development, a company that leads HRD through research. The podcast addresses the basic tenets of HRD and how they're evolving in the workplace of the twenty-first century.

In the first two seasons, Darren Short, the podcast's host, spoke with 49 eminent authors, academics, and researchers from around the world. With 33 academics worldwide, Season 3's 11 episodes explore the connections between HRD and other fields, themes, and issues.

This HR podcast aims to give corporate leaders and HR professionals effective strategies, best practices, and valuable insights they can apply to transform their organizations, boost employee engagement and retention, and promote a more inclusive and productive work environment.

Recommended episodes:

  1. HRD & Sustainability
  2. HRD in Small & Medium Enterprises
  3. Developing As An HRD Professional
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HRD Masterclass on Apple Podcasts.

HR Trends with Game Changers is a podcast series presented by SAP, an international tech business that produces corporate software solutions. The podcast includes conversations with HR thought leaders, academics, and practitioners and focuses on new trends and concerns in the industry.

Bonnie D. Graham hosts HR Trends with Game Changers. He covers many issues, including employee engagement, talent management, workforce diversity, HR analytics, and the impact of technological advances on HR.

The series also includes discussions of current HR issues and patterns, as well as strategies aimed at improving human resources best practices.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Battling Attrition: How To Keep Good Employees?
  2. How to Prevent Burnout in the Age of Always-On
  3. Purpose-Driven Employees: Sustainable Happiness and The Bottom Line
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HR Trends with Game Changers on Apple Podcasts.

5. HRD Live

The HRD Live podcast focuses on the major challenges that top HR executives from the UK, Europe, and North America face.

HRD Live addresses future trends in HR, from analytics to diversity and inclusion, and solves critical pain points with the assistance of corporate leaders and HR and thought leaders.

Along with HR thought leaders like Mark Stelzner, John Amaechi, and Heather McGowan, their guests include experts from Coca-Cola and Dell Technologies.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Using People Analytics to Upgrade Your Workforce Planning
  2. Scaling People Analytics Across the Full Employee Lifecycle
  3. Organization Networks: Perfecting Hybrid Productivity with People Analytics
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HRD Live on Apple Podcasts.

6. Digital Workplace Impact

Digital Workplace Impact is a podcast series featuring discussions on the digital revolution of the workplace. The show, which Nancy Goebel hosts, addresses how technology is influencing how we work and how it affects the workplace.

The podcast features various issues, such as remote work, collaboration technologies, employee engagement, and digital workplace strategy.

It also discusses how to leverage cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and virtual reality in the workplace.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Modern Workplace Learning: Building Focus, Performance and Wellbeing
  2. Celebrating Exceptional Digital Workplaces: A Call To Action
  3. Unlocking the Power of Generative AI, Like ChatGPT, in the Workplace
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Digital Workplace Impact on Apple Podcasts.

7. Let’s Fix Work

Let's Fix Work is a podcast series that concentrates on examining and transforming the world of work. The podcast is hosted by author and former HR executive Laurie Ruettimann.

It includes discussions that offer varied perspectives and experiences of professionals such as Scott Stratten and Jason Lauritsen on work, leadership, and career development-related issues.

Let’s Fix Work also addresses a wide range of issues, such as diversity and inclusion, workplace culture, economy, and mental health. It also includes conversations regarding current labor-related concerns and how to build more inclusive and equitable workplaces.

Let's Fix Work's goal is to offer listeners new perspectives on working conditions and actionable suggestions for making a difference in the workplace.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Burn It Down with Scott Stratten of UnMarketing
  2. BBasic Income Versus Welfare with Scott Santens
  3. Get Clear on What You Want with Jason Lauritsen
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Let’s Fix Work at Laurie Ruettimann

8. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a podcast series hosted by Bruce Daisley, an author and former VP of Twitter. The podcast explores how to enhance workplace culture and boost productivity and satisfaction.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat features interviews with professionals and thought leaders who come from a range of industries, such as psychology, business, and neuroscience. They discuss their perspectives and methods for enhancing workplace culture.

Additionally, the podcast addresses topics like communication, leadership, employee engagement, and work-life balance.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Fortitude, Winning Workplace Culture and the Future Forum
  2. Curiosity, Creativity and AI
  3. Community: How a Table Changed a Culture
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Eat Sleep Work Repeat on Apple Podcasts.

9. Transform Your Workplace

Do you have an appetite for learning from HR experts and entrepreneurs? If so, this podcast is a must-listen.

Transform Your Workplace participates in debates on ground-breaking concepts that can potentially transform your business and help you build a great workplace.

The series delves into a different topic every week, tackling anything from business development, leadership, and workplace trends to HR, communication, and culture.

The show also offers insightful tips and viable strategies, whether you're trying to learn more about existing HR practices or want to explore creative approaches to improve the culture and productivity of your company.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Creating a Consent Culture with Erica Scott
  2. Why Employee Engagement Strategies Fall Short with Jessica Kriegel
  3. Driving Engagement by Boosting Connection with Shane Kovalsky
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Transform Your Workplace on Apple Podcasts.

10. RecruitingDaily Podcast

The RecruitingDaily Podcast, hosted by William Tincup, features informative interviews with HR and talent acquisition specialists on various topics, such as recruitment marketing, employer branding, and the newest digital advancements in the industry.

This podcast offers insightful advice and recommendations for recruiters to improve their hiring procedures with a focus on authentic and sincere discussions.

The RecruitingDaily Podcast releases many episodes on a weekly basis to make sure that listeners always get the most current information and helpful tips for enhancing their recruitment efforts.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Do We Really Need to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day With Scott Johnson of Motivosity
  2. Resetting The Assessment Table With Jason Putnam of Plum
  3. Improving Gender Equity In the Workforce With Paula Bratcher Ratliff of Women Impact Tech
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of RecruitingDaily Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

11. The Employer Branding Podcast

The Employer Branding Podcast, conducted by Jorgen Sundberg, is a weekly program that offers technical and educational perspectives on employer branding.

Jorgen welcomes speakers from powerful corporations like Wells Fargo, Walmart, and Salesforce to share their experiences and knowledge, with a focus on making the content engaging.

The show covers a wide variety of employer branding-related subjects, including employee engagement, recruitment marketing, and talent management.

The audience can look forward to gaining insightful information on both new developments in the sector and best practices for developing and upholding an excellent employer brand.

The Employer Branding Podcast is helpful for anyone interested in learning more about employer branding, including HR professionals, business leaders, and general consumers.

Recommended episodes:

  1. An Employer Brand That Puts Values First, with Charlotte Anderson of Canva
  2. Employer Branding That Resonates with Younger Talent, with Monica Kielawa of Wish
  3. Using Targeted Marketing to Attract Passive Candidates, with Kelly Cruse of Atlas World Group
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of The Employer Branding Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

12. HR Break Room

The HR Break Room podcast, sponsored by Paycom, has over 100 episodes hosted by HR industry professionals and specialists. This podcast discusses a wide range of HR-related subjects, such as the future of remote work, the newest HR technology, and wealth creation.

It also addresses current issues and developments in human resources, such as the evolution of the workplace and the increasing importance of employee experience. Listeners can expect to learn practical tips and insights from top professionals.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Uncharted Territory: How Recruiters and Candidates Interact in the Evolving World of Talent Acquisition
  2. HR Tech Conference 2022: Highlights from HR Break Room
  3. Digging Deep: The Costs of Payroll Errors with Steve Boese
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HR Break Room on Apple Podcasts.

13. My HR Future

My HR Future, hosted by David Green, is a podcast that delves into the convergence between HR and technology.

David interviews senior HR executives who are setting the bar for data-driven HR digitalization. These guests discuss their individual experiences and offer perspectives on how technology is changing the HR industry.

The podcast discusses a variety of subjects, such as AI and automation, increasing employee engagement, and the role of human resources in promoting corporate success. It strives to influence how the workplace will evolve through interviews with various speakers.

This podcast is a must-listen for HR professionals thanks to David's engaging interviewing style and the knowledge of his guests. It helps listeners who want to stay at the top of their game in the rapidly changing HR tech industry.

Recommended episodes:

  1. How to Adopt a Skills-led Approach to Talent and Enable Your ESG Initiatives
  2. The Top HR Trends That are Set to Disrupt The Workplace in 2024
  3. People Analytics, Now and the Future: Insights from Wharton PAC
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of My HR Future on myHRfuture.

14. HR Leaders

HR Leaders is a podcast show hosted by Chris Rainey that features interviews with industry experts and leading HR executives from renowned international brands.

The program intends to investigate the future of work by tackling issues such as:

  • What is it?
  • How is it evolving?
  • What are the top global companies doing about it?

The best part of HR Leaders is its daily release schedule, which guarantees listeners can remain updated about the most recent trends and advancements in the HR sector.

In addition to this podcast series, HR Leaders hosts a LinkedIn live show, offering an excellent space for interaction and knowledge sharing between HR specialists and corporate leaders.

Recommended episodes:

  1. The Next Wave of Workplace Transformation: Working with AI
  2. Is Remote Work a Huge Mistake?
  3. Navigating Financial Stress: The Power of On-Demand Pay in HR
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HR Leaders on Apple Podcasts.

15. The Way We Lead

In the podcast, The Way We Lead, hosts Gaby and Janelle explore the theme of leadership from several angles. They dedicate this program to individuals from marginalized groups and explain what it takes to be a leader in every episode.

The program addresses various leadership-related topics, such as privilege, power, identity, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The guests on the podcast provide listeners with insightful ideas on how to become better leaders in their own lives and at work. They share their personal experiences to give various perspectives to listeners.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Using Bravery as a Tool to Empower Women and Girls with Reshma Saujani
  2. How to Create More Inclusive Workplaces With Dalia Katan
  3. Developing Social Justice Curriculum for Schools with Kathy Lebron
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of The Way We Lead on Spotify.

16. Workology Podcast

Every week, Jessica Miller-Merrell hosts The Workology Podcast, which aspires to revolutionize the workplace. Challenging the status quo in leadership and HR and striving to reform it is something Jessica, the founder of, is passionate about.

The host meets with a range of experts in every episode to highlight the current industry trends, resources, and case studies for leaders in the workplace. They also discuss a wide range of subjects, such as hiring and developing talent, corporate culture, and more.

This podcast is a must-listen for anybody who intends to stay updated in the rapidly evolving business landscape. It features thought-provoking discussions and valuable ideas.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Extended Reality With Noble Ackerson
  2. Gaining Knowledge and Experience by Opening up to New Opportunities With Leslie Aument
  3. AI and the Future of HR with Kara Kelly
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Workology Podcast on Spotify.

17. HR Happy Hour

The HR Happy Hour, which debuted in 2009, is both a popular podcast and a web radio program. It is one of the longest-running HR shows in history.

The co-hosts of HR Happy Hour are Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, and Steve Boese, co-chair of the HR Technology Conference. They always welcome eminent guests and engage them in discussion on the most critical and relevant issues pertaining to the field of human resources.

The show covers various topics, including social media, workforce technology, management, leadership, and talent acquisition.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Harnessing AI for Talent Planning and Dynamic Transformation
  2. From Service to Success: Navigating Veteran Hiring and Transition
  3. Living Culture: Unveiling the Power of Daily Interactions
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of HR Happy Hour on Apple Podcasts.

18. The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast

The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast is run by HR experts Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey, who bring their knowledge and sense of humor to each episode. The podcast emphasizes the value of establishing connections, networking, and contributing within the HR industry.

To create a strong network and have an impact on the industry, Jon and Wendy welcome other HR professionals to contribute their experiences, observations, and tactics to the show. They also discuss a wide range of subjects linked to the sector.

The podcast is entertaining and easy to follow. It provides useful guidance, real-world examples, and insightful perspectives on the HR industry. This podcast has plenty to offer everyone, whether for experienced professionals or newcomers in the industry.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Jon & Wendy Talk to Niki Ramirez
  2. Jon & Wendy Welcome Back Jennifer McClure
  3. Jon & Wendy Welcome Back Melanie Peacock
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast on Spotify.

19. The HR Uprising Podcast

The HR Uprising Podcast offers a dynamic forum for HR professionals to reflect on and tackle the most significant and challenging problems currently confronting the sector.

This podcast gives a unique perspective on HR, organizational development (OD), and learning and development (L&D). It is hosted by Lucinda Carney, a well-regarded HR change leader, speaker, business psychologist, and coach.

The HR Uprising Podcast brings together industry experts and professionals to discuss ideas, strategies, and best practices for establishing long-term corporate value, focusing on teamwork and evidence-based action.

The podcast, one of the top podcasts for HR pros, adds a personal touch to its talks with its "Real HR" series, which closely examines the lives and careers of HR pros.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Joyful Leadership - with Carol Norbeck Hines
  2. Nourishing HR - with Katherine Horstmann
  3. Building a Collaborative Culture - with Deb Mashek
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of The HR Uprising Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

20. Inevitable: The Future of Work

Are you searching for feasible tips on how to stay afloat in the ever-changing HR industry? If so, check out "Inevitable: The Future of Work," hosted by Jeff Lesher, a Principal at SHIFT, and Clarissa Peterson, Chief Talent Officer of the HR Certification Institute.

The podcast explores the benefits and challenges these developments provide in human resources in light of the emergence of automation, technology, and remote employment.

Jeff and Clarissa delve into the most recent technological advancements, HR trends, and innovations that are reshaping the workplace. They speak with business leaders who are driving the transition to a future that is more flexible, collaborative, and employee-focused.

Through the conversation with guests, they unearth their issues and respond with specific solutions to assist you in preparing for the future of work.

Recommended episodes:

  1. You Are Now Being Recorded
  2. Keeping the Power of Workflow with the Citizen
  3. Ability and Aspiration: The Critical Elements of High Impact Talent Acquisition and Management
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Inevitable: The Future of Work on Apple Podcasts.

21. Illuminate HR

The dynamic and engaging podcast Illuminate HR inspires HR leaders to challenge the existing quo, be innovative, and take more chances.

Illuminate HR, hosted by Nate Randall, offers fascinating conversations with some of the most notable personalities in the human resources field, including corporate leaders from Tesla, Walmart, Comcast, and other companies.

This podcast gives you the impression that you're enjoying an informal chat with friends who also happen to be HR specialists because of its laid-back and conversational tone.

To assist listeners in navigating the complex world of HR, promote change, and transform the future of work, Illuminate HR offers them creative solutions and actionable insights.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Part of the Solution - Jerome Ternynck
  2. Transition to Recovery - Kristin Major
  3. Engagement and Incentives - Barbara Wachsman
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of Illuminate HR on Spotify.

22. The Culture First Podcast

The Culture First Podcast is a one-of-a-kind show that dives into some of the most pressing challenges in the workplace today. It is hosted by Damon Klotz, a notable expert in establishing cultures that promote positive development and growth.

The program offers managers, leaders, and HR professionals insightful discussions and case studies on how to build a supportive workplace environment that fosters employee well-being, employee engagement, and productivity.

It also provides thought leaders and influencers with a forum to share their perspectives and insights on how to create stronger workplace cultures. It has an excellent lineup of speakers, including Simon Sinek, Esther Perel, and DeRay McKesson.

One can expect to hear open and honest talks on subjects including leadership development, workplace diversity, and employee burnout.

Recommended episodes:

  1. Rethinking Trust at Work with Rachel Botsman
  2. How to Talk About Mental Health in the Workplace.
  3. The Current State of Mental Health in the Workplace, with Dr. Nick Taylor
Where to listen: You can listen to all the episodes of The Culture First Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Final words

There are plenty of HR podcasts available to assist you in remaining updated on industry trends, learning from veterans of the field, and obtaining valuable insights regarding the future of work.

But the ones we talked about offer a wealth of information for HR professionals trying to stay on top of trends, covering topics like diversity and inclusion difficulties and the impacts of technology and automation on employees.

These will keep you on your toes to learn something new and interesting from the discussions and stories featured.

So why not make use of this valuable resource and implement fresh ideas and concepts in your own workplace?

Listen to these HR podcasts to inspire and challenge you to understand new trends and help you develop your HR career.

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