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Gallup’s study, State of the Global Workplace, has revealed that 85% of employees fail to engage at work. The collective voice representing a larger corporate social responsibility sector showcases the need to incorporate an effective installation to drive employee engagement and productivity. 

With employee engagement having a direct and influential impact on productivity in the workplace, an organization needs a solution that keeps the employees engaged in the workplace. A robust system within the organization can show an 84% change in absenteeism and a 14% increase in productivity, as revealed by Gallup’s study on employee engagement.

To overcome the daunting challenge of driving employee engagement, we have covered the 20 best SaaS solutions that simultaneously engage employees in the workplace and enhance their productivity.

How does employee engagement software work?

With the help of employee engagement software, an organization can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall engagement.

While specific features and functionalities may vary across different software solutions, here is a list of features that are common across all employee engagement software:

  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Performance Management
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Knowledge base

With the right employee engagement software, you can implement the same results in the workplace.

Importance of employee engagement and productivity software

While the above-mentioned features help us understand how employee engagement software works, it is still crucial to understand its growing importance.

Let’s take a look at multiple reasons why adopting this solution might be beneficial for your business.

1. Improves retention

The survey by Gallup indicates that organizations that engage their employees notice an 18% decrease in staff turnover. With the help of regular feedback, your organization can identify possible roadblocks that hamper the employee experience.

This allows you to rectify them and ensure improved retention hassle-free.

2. Enhances company culture

Another benefit of employee engagement software is improving existing company culture. The same Global Industry Report by Gallup has revealed that organizations prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion notice 3.2 times more engaged employees, showing a significant effect of EDI on overall employee engagement.

The software will enable employees to collaborate and finish their tasks on time. This will help employees accomplish their personal goals and align faster with your organization's goals.

3. Facilitate robust communication

Help employees interact with one another or across departments to finish their deliverables on time using employee engagement software.

Employees can avoid going to their team members' desks and resolve questions immediately.

4. Maximize productivity

Help your employees overcome their roadblocks with the right employee engagement and productivity software.

You can track their roadblocks and identify possible ways to overcome them to boost their productivity. A Gallup study has found that highly engaged employees in an organization lead the company to experience 23% in productivity.

5. Streamline employee feedback acquisition

Acquiring employee feedback has become easier as most employee engagement tools help you with feedback form creation, sharing, collection, and storage.

Now that we know the possible benefits of using employee engagement software let’s check out our detailed list of tools below.

20 Best SaaS software to improve employee engagement and productivity

Our top 20 picks will allow you to narrow down your options for the best SaaS software solution for employee engagement and productivity hassle-free.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Xoxoday Empuls

Best HR software - Empuls

Xoxoday Empuls is one of our top employee engagement solutions on the list. This software enables its users to connect and align employees throughout the organization via their social intranet.

What’s more, they even offer their employee engagement bot “Em” which helps HRs to overcome any redundant questions in real-time.

The software looks even more promising as it helps you launch the engagement platform in under 60 minutes, and that too with your brand colors. It even offers in-depth analytics data that helps you identify why employee engagement is affected at the workplace.


  • Offers 20,000 digital card options to motivate and reward employees
  • Helps you celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Improves employee retention with the help of eNPS or Pulse surveys
  • Provides access to employee engagement data via analytics dashboard
  • Allows you to launch a corporate discount program via the employee perks platform

G2 Rating: 4.6/5


  • Reward and recognize - Starts at $20/employee/month
  • Surveys - Starts at $30/employee/month
  • Social Intranet - Starts at $20/employee/month
  • Perks and Benefits - Free

2. Document360

Best HR Software -Document360

Document360 is another SaaS software that will enable you to improve employee engagement and productivity hassle-free.

With this knowledge base solution, you can create an internal repository that answers all the questions for your employees around your organization and their role.

Employees working with this software can collaborate with other members using discussion platform. If they have any questions about the information written or edited, they can contact the proper POC and ensure the article gets published on time.


  • Get detailed data on how each article performs among your employees
  • Offers localization that helps you build a multi-lingual knowledge base for your global employees
  • Secures the data with SSL and data encryption
  • Allows you to store data like images, videos, GIFs and more
  • Offers drag and drop interface to help you build a knowledge base in no time

G2 Rating: 4.7/5


  • Free Plan - Starts at $0
  • Standard Plan - Starts at $149/project/month
  • Professional Plan - Starts at $299/project/month
  • Business Plan - Starts at $399/project/month
  • Enterprise Plan - Starts at $599/project/month

3. Kudos

Best HR software - Kudos

Want your employees to feel rewarded for their exceptional performances? Try checking out Kudos! This employee engagement software helps you recognize your peers by offering a limitless selection of rewards.

From merchandise to travel gift cards, it helps you reward employees by offering comprehensive options. Kudos is also known for its people analytics dashboard that shows deep insights into employee performance and workplace culture.


  • Helps you send out employee sentiment surveys
  • Offers wide range of integrations
  • Known for offering comprehensive reward options
  • Allows you to recognize employee milestones
  • Give in-depth insights on employee performances with analytics

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Pricing: Please get in touch with the vendor to know more about product pricing.

4. Jotform

Best HR software - Jotform

Eager to learn about the possible reasons that impact employee productivity? Try Jotform. This software helps you understand how each employee is performing in your organization.

Using their peer review form templates, you can track how the peers of an individual employee view them and their contribution to the team.


  • Offers templates for employee engagement and performance review forms
  • Integrates with multiple apps at the same time
  • Helps you build forms in minutes
  • Offers wide range of form themes and widget
  • Can be accessed via mobile app

G2 Rating: 4.7/5


  • Starter Plan: $0/month
  • Bronze Plan: $34/month
  • Silver Plan: $39/month
  • Gold Plan: $99/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact their sales team

5. Vantage circle

Best HR software - Vantagecircle

With Vantage Circle, improve employee engagement and productivity at a holistic level. This software enables you to recognize your high-performing employees among all and offer them rewards.It even ensures you maintain an employee wellness program via their Vantage Fit solution. And that’s not all.


  • Rewards employees the right way with Vantage Rewards
  • Rewards employees for being fit with Vantage Fit
  • Helps you build a complete employee engagement suite with Vantage Fit, Rewards, Pulse and Perks
  • Offers multiple social, SSO and HRIS integrations

G2 Rating: 4.7/5


  • Grow Plan: Request a demo
  • Transform Plan: Request a demo
  • Enterprise Plan: Request a demo

6. Workvivo

Best HR software - Workvivo

Finding ways to enhance employee experience at your workplace? Workvivo could be your calling. This platform allows you to connect, engage and excites your entire workforce in one place.

Keep your employees engaged by organizing livestream videos or podcasts. You can even measure their feedback and current work morale via polls and surveys.


  • Boosts employee communication via podcasts, videos, news articles, and more
  • Encourages engagement via feedback, post updates, and community conversations
  • Helps you create your social intranet that helps you streamline workflows
  • Offers detailed insights on employee behavior and performance

G2 Rating: 4.8/5


  • Business Plan: Contact sales team
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales team

7. ClearCompany

Best HR software - Clearco

ClearCompany is a talent management solution that allows you to optimize employee experience and track all HR initiatives in one place.

This software not only specializes in recruiting the right talent for your organization but also simplifies the onboarding experience.

What’s more, it helps you elevate the employee engagement by offering you means to build a holistic work culture.


  • Helps you roll out employee surveys
  • Assists in peer recognition
  • Allows you to recognize employee milestones
  • Makes 1:1 collaborations possible
  • Helps you offer feedback to employees

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Allows you to request for a custom quote. Users are charged for features that you use.

8. Hub

Best HR software - Hub

Want to ensure employee engagement stays intact even if everyone is working remotely? Hub is your place to be.

This employee engagement platform enables you to create a social intranet that connects all your teams in one place securely. No matter where your employees are, they can easily connect with other team members using this solution.


  • Helps you brand your social intranet hassle-free
  • Offers advice via consultants on how to grow your hub
  • Tracks expired or redundant content
  • Secures login with SSL

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Pricing: Request a quote on their website.

9. Officevibe

Best HR software - Officevibe

Officevibe is another employee engagement software that one must take notice of. This solution is known for helping its users collect reliable engagement data.

With the help of this data, one can understand possible reasons that hamper workplace engagement in the first place. What’s more, these insights can be shared on a regular basis with admins.


  • Helps you create custom surveys
  • Allows you to create 1-on-1 templates where employees can add pointers on their goals, performance and more
  • Helps you capture anonymous feedback
  • Makes data comparison possible

G2 Rating: 4.3/5


  • Free Plan: $0/employee/month
  • Essential Plan: $3.50/employee/month
  • Pro Plan: $5/employee/month

10. Fond

Best HR software - Fond

Fond is a reward and recognition platform that helps its users to improve employee engagement at workplace hassle-free.

It allows you to offer recognition to employee socially among other employees for their exceptional performance at work.

It even offers detailed performance analytics where you can track the history and rewards offered to employees for their contribution to the organization.


  • Acknowledge employees for their contributions via social recognition
  • Build custom award catalogs that you can reward employees for their performance or even at work anniversaries
  • Track the number of times employees have been recognized for their performance
  • Monitor the monetary amount you’ve sent to them

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Pricing: Pricing not available. Contact the service provider.

11. Lattice

Best HR software - Lattice

Lattice, a people management platform, is known for helping its users boost employee engagement and productivity efficiently.

You can use this software to capture relevant employee feedback and identify action items that help you build a winning workplace culture.


  • Helps you send pulse surveys
  • Creates and sends onboarding and exit surveys to employees
  • Allows you to collaborate internally to complete employee feedback
  • Offers rich insights on employee performance
  • Provides actionable insights that help in decision making

G2 Rating: 4.7/5


  • Performance Management + OKR Goals Plan: $11/person/month
  • Engagement Plan: Costs additional $4/person/month
  • Grow Plan: Costs additional $4/person/month
  • Compensation Plan: Costs additional $6/person/month

12. Bonusly

Best HR software - Bonusly

Bonusly is also one of the best employee recognition and engagement platforms that one must check out.

They are known for offering 360 degree recognition feature that helps users express their appreciation for peers, collaborate even over trivial matters, and encourage socialization above all.


  • Encourages collaboration among team members
  • Helps you capture actionable data
  • Offers a platform where employees can recognize peers
  • Offers a mobile app to connect with members anytime, anywhere

G2 Rating: 4.8/5


  • Core Plan: $3/user/month
  • Pro Plan: $5/user/month
  • Custom Plan: Request a quote

13. Worktango

Best HR software - Worktango

Worktango claims to be a holistic employee experience platform that promotes engagement via recognition and rewards.

You can send incentives and rewards to employees for their stellar performance at the workplace.

This allows employees to feel more aligned with the holistic goal of the organization and improves their productivity as well.


  • Helps you nominate employees for bigger organizational awards
  • Allows you to manifest a culture of appreciation at the workplace
  • Helps you conduct regular 1-on-1 meetings with the team members
  • Tracks individual performances to arrive at a decision

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Pricing not available on the website. Connect with the vendor.

14. Motivosity

Best HR software - Motivosify

Another employee experience software that you can use to boost engagement and productivity at your workplace is Motivosity.

This software helps you build a close-knit community with your employees and encourages communication at all cost.

What’s more, it also helps you build a reward and recognition culture at the organization where you can give incentives to employees who have out-performed themselves.


  • Offers a detailed and in-depth reporting dashboard
  • Helps you create employee pulse surveys to track engagement at work
  • Helps you reward employees for their performance
  • Allows you to track performance through goal and challenge creation

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Pricing: Community and Connection Plan costs $2/user/month. You can also choose their add-ons. Each costs $2/user/month.

15. Mo

Best HR software - Mo

Mo is quite an easy yet feature-rich employee recognition software that allows organizations to boost engagement and improve individual employee performances.

It allows you to set up a community for your organization where employees can uplift one another or simply engage with others to know them better.


  • Send rewards even for international employees
  • Add GIFs to make every conversation engaging in the community
  • Celebrate milestones and anniversaries for all your employees
  • Get to know your team with team profiles

G2 Rating: 4.6/5


  • Starter Plan: Starts at $3.37/user/month
  • Level Up Plan: Starts at $5.62/user/month
  • Custom Plan: Connect with their sales team

16. Cooleaf

Best HR software - Cooleaf

Another software solution that can help you boost engagement and productivity at the same time is Cooleaf.

This employee recognition solution helps you reward employees for continuously contributing to the organization.

You can also send pulse surveys to employees to gauge how engaged they are with the current setup and culture of the company.


  • Helps you create employee programs around wellness
  • Allows you to send performance incentives to employees
  • Integrates with multiple tools at the same time
  • Captures real-time data with pulse surveys

G2 Rating: 4.9/5

Pricing: Pricing not available on vendor website. Please contact their sales team.

17. Nectar

Best HR software - Nectar

Nectar is also an employee recognition platform that helps you boost engagement and productivity among employees at your organization.

It helps you recognize employees for their core contribution to the organization. You can reward employees for their valuable input to the company by rewarding them with gift cards.


  • Eases community building
  • Makes employee recognition simpler
  • Helps you send shoutouts to employees for their performance
  • Gives in-depth data on challenges that hamper employee performance

G2 Rating: 4.7/5


  • Standard Plan: Starts at $3/user/month
  • Plus Plan: Starts at $4.50/user/month

18. Culture Amp

Best HR software - Cultureamp

Culture Amp is a performance management solution that helps you get your employee engagement on track along with individual performances.

It is known for its insightful data that helps users make data driven decisions and ensure that employees work at the ful potential.

You can also find 30+ data-backed survey templates that capture accurate results for your company.


  • Gives employee turnover prediction
  • Offers ready-to-use surveys that capture employee feedback
  • Helps you track metrics like collaboration, recognition, and more
  • Helps you track their growth goals

G2 Rating: 4.6/5


  • Engage Plan: Connect with the vendor
  • Perform Plan: Connect with the vendor
  • Develop Plan: Connect with the vendor

19. Leapsome

Best HR software - Leapsome

Leapsome, a performance management solution, is known for its consistency in helping users build a culture of continuous engagement at the workplace hassle-free.

From driving engagement to ensuring that employees are productive at work, Leapsome does it all.

Managers can connect with each member and set the OKRs that help them align with the company's goals.


  • Helps you run feedback cycles for all the employees
  • Allows you to capture feedback from employees
  • Makes recognition easier with compensation feature
  • Helps you create competency framework

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Pricing: Pricing starts at $8/user/month. You can ask for add-ons that fit your budget.

20. Sift

Best HR software - Sift

Sift is also one of our top picks as it has helped many of their users improve employee engagement and productivity efficiently.

It allows employees to see other peers beyond their work backgrounds and designations.

You can create groups where employees can interact and communicate with others besides work related matters.


  • Makes collaboration easier as it brings all messages from chat, email, voice, and video to one place
  • Helps you discover people with similar interests and skills
  • Gives you a new perspective on your existing talent and how it can be allocated
  • Identifies talent gaps and possible solutions

G2 Rating: 4.9/5


  • Starter Plan: Starts at $1.50/user/month
  • Pro Plan: Starts at $2.50/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact their sales team


We hope that our long list of HR SaaS software solutions help you choose the right options that boost engagement among your employees and even track their productivity hassle-free.

Happy reading!

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