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Human Resources (HR) has diverse tasks, making managing complicated. They have to handle the payroll system, recruitment, retention, training, and performance management of employees. Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) must ensure that the organization meets these aspects.

Human resources management systems (HRMS) can help CHROs manage their responsibilities, allowing the team to have a more comfortable, productive workplace. These HRMS tools help HR improve the quality of service, organization efficiency, and performance.

This article will discuss what an HRMS is and the 20 must-have HRMS tools for CHROs for efficient working.

What is HRMS?

HRMS are software tools CHROs can use to handle the company's HR process. They can provide a more efficient job when it comes to managing recruitment, payrolls, employee performance and compensation, and timesheets.

Without HRMS, managing the employees will be a real challenge to CHROs as they have to do things manually. Tracking the employees' performance alone is already tedious as they have to analyze every piece of data. If you mix it with other HR tasks, it'll be more difficult. However, everything will be more accessible with the usage of HRMS.

Its main goal is to increase the teams' efficiency, improve the company's output, and help the CHROs create productive employees while building a more effective HR within the organization.

The Different Types of HRMS Tools

HRMS comes in various types to help the CHROs. Here are the five most popular ones:

  • Staffing - This type includes workforce planning. It allows the CHROs to manage the scheduling of employees, track their timesheets, leave management, and the life cycle of the workforce. If the employee wants to vacation on a specific date, it can be tracked using calendar tools.
  • Onboarding - These tools can help new hires through their required documents, verifying their logins, and orientation regarding their responsibilities. It also includes offboarding features for employees who will resign from the company.
  • Development - Development is about the employees' growth and keeping them satisfied with their jobs. This includes training materials, seminars, and employee satisfaction software. Aside from training, knowledge-based systems are also part of the development systems.
  • Compensation - This type of system manages the benefits and payroll systems. CHROs can provide employees a view of their pay with their deductibles (tax and insurance). The employees can verify that they are adequately compensated for their jobs.
  • Workforce Management - The system includes employee record tools, allowing HR to record and monitor the employee's information.

20 Best HRMS Tools List For CHROs

Many tools can help CHROs manage their employees efficiently. Thanks to AI, these tools have become more effective. But how is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process? The simplest answer is that CHROs can utilize tools with AI to finish their HR tasks competently.

Here are 20 must-have HRMS tools, along with their features, for CHROs:


Best Feature

Starting Price


Easy to set up



Anti-cheating feature



Excellent UI

Available upon request


Employee database

Available upon request

Xoxoday Empuls

Rewards Automation

$2 per user per month


Easy on/offboarding


Spark Hire

Seamless video synchronization



Tons of activities



Recognition management

Available upon request

Streamlined tasks



Benefit enrollment

Available upon request

Xoxoday Plum

Experiential rewards

Available upon request

Goose Chase

Scavenger hunt activity

Available upon request


Job description management

Available upon request


Continuous feedback



Unlimited administrators


Staff Squared

Benefit management



Precise transcription

Available upon request

Know Your Company

Negative feedback management



Question library


1. myInterview

myInterview is a video interview tool that gives hiring managers a clearer idea of what the candidate is like. It can collect valuable information regarding the applicant, allowing the CHRO to spot the areas that could have been missed.

It's best for interviews. You can use the video screening tool to save time and energy, making it easier to find the best talents for the organization. CHROs will be able to manage the tasks from the easy-to-use dashboards. It also offers file sharing, that'll make the data access for each member easier.

The best part of this tool is the easy setup, as it could be done in just a few minutes. The tool has a free version that allows you ten candidates per month.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support
  • Straightforward setup


  • May require high-speed internet for better video quality
  • Lacks email customization and integration

2. Xobin

This tool has built-in fully-featured assessment software. CHROs can build their assessments for their candidates. The tool can help HR achieve integration and efficiency to its maximum potential.

It helps save time and allows CHROs to avoid time-consuming tasks, especially when screening resumes. The tools are also customizable, assisting HR in finding the right person for the job.

One of its best features is that it can be used for technical screening. It also offers full customization for interview questions and reports. If you're worried about answer leakage, Xobin has an anti-cheating feature.

But what the HR team will love is the messaging function to strengthen their communication.

The pricing is easy to understand as it only comes with two plans: Essential and Enterprise.


  • Easy to use
  • Psychometric tests
  • Anti-cheating feature


  • Only part of the report is downloadable
  • Pricey

3. ClearCompany

Hiring top talent for the organization is critical. ClearCompany is an applicant tracking and talent management tool. It helps HR with the recruitment, onboarding, and training processes.

This type of tool is great for HR managers who have little to no experience when it comes to tracking applicants. The tool allows them to attract, screen, and employ the best candidate.

ClearCompany has been in the industry since 2014, helping HR teams with their tasks. The tool offers job posting, applicant tracking, scheduling, sourcing, and candidate identification.

Unfortunately, the price is only available upon request.


  • Guides and support availability
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent UI


  • Better search and filter functions for resumes

4. Simpplr

Simpplr is a workforce management tool that helps CHROs automate their employees' daily workflows. Instead of working harder, they can work smarter. Aside from its main feature, you can utilize its other functions, such as employee surveys and feedback management.

Its activity dashboard is easy-to-use. You'll be able to navigate from different parts of the tool without getting confused. It offers plenty of tools that CHROs can use to lighten up the task and make the system more efficient.

It's easy for HR personnel to access the information of their employees as the tool has a database.

The price is only available upon request. It'll depend on the company size and what features you need for the business.


  • Employee database and directory
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Blogs


  • No native calendar

5. Xoxoday Empuls

Recognizing your employee for something they did for the company is essential to keep their spirits up. That’s where Xoxoday Empuls helps you.

It's a flexible tool that allows employees to reward and recognize each other through peer to peer recognition system. It is a social intranet platform that connects employees working from different locations.  It enables employees to communicate effectively and collaborate, improving the organization's unified culture.

Empuls has everything covered with its rich features to get your employees engaged. From engagement scores to contests, water cooler conversations, one-on-one feedback, peer & social recognition, and a wide variety of rewards, it helps anyone get started without much training.


  • Global rewards catalog
  • Rewards automation with personalization
  • Pulse and eNPS surveys
You can start a 30 day free trial of Xoxoday Empuls to see the platform in action

6. Sapling

Sapling is excellent for managing and tracking employees' performance. The system has a tool that HR can utilize to support the employees throughout their employment, from the day they hire a person to develop their skills and help them become the best employee.

It's easy to use, although a few technical aspects can make it troublesome for CHROs without software experience. The features are easy to access, making it a user-friendly HRMS.

The price starts at $4.92, giving you access to multiple features, such as workflow customization, Smart Assignments, and integration to payroll and ATS. Higher plans allow you to manage data and collaborate with other team members.


  • On/offboarding of team members to different teams
  • Template creation
  • Automated workflows


  • No chat tool
  • Documentation setup requires time

7. Spark Hire

It is another video interview software similar to myInterview. It is unique because CHROs can make hiring decisions much faster as it promotes collaborative work within the HR department.

If you have hundreds of applicants and are only looking for one to fill the position, Spark Hire can help you hire the right person as it differentiates each talent. This will help you decide who to invest your time in more.

It offers an efficient reporting tool. CHROs can manage users' roles and access through their management system. The platform is also great at tracking the team's performance.

All the plans available offer panel interviews. However, the Lite version only allows one job; the higher the plan is, the more jobs are available.


  • User-friendly
  • Excellent customer service
  • Smooth video synchronization


  • Could take some time to master configuring settings for new jobs
  • expensive

8. Confetti

Team building is essential to the employees. It's a perfect opportunity for the CHROs to build each other's trust and, at the same time, measure their capabilities, such as leadership skills. However, organizing the event is tedious, including thinking about activities for all.

Confetti is one of the tools HR can use to manage team buildings. It offers various activities, perfect for all occasions. For instance, you can hold smooth lessons or happy hours with just a few clicks. This tool will help CHROs save time in thinking of the best activities for each department.

It has a very vibrant website that HR teams will surely love. It has many activities, such as trivia quizzes, classes, and mystery games. And the best part of it is that you can sign up for free.


  • Pool of activities
  • Colorful interface
  • Activities designed for different goals


  • UI can be irritating to some
  • Location of the events can be difficult

9. Caroo

Engagement with your employees is essential; it helps the organization create more effective collaborative work and allows the teams to become more productive. When CHROs provide rewards and recognition, they can build positive engagement within the groups.

Caroo helps HR through its premium employee care feature that manages rewards and recognition packages for each. The features are fully customizable, making the appreciation of the employee more fun and unique. Setting everything is easy as every step is rolled into this platform.

CHROs can use this app to send, track, and manage all the recognition an employee has. The tool automates the task, building a more sustainable environment for employees as they celebrate each success with snacks from Caroo.


  • Recognition management
  • Automated emails
  • Great customer service


  • Limited snack/box options
  • Can be time-consuming to place an order

10. Xoxoday Plum

Company culture is a critical element for a business to become successful. Xoxoday Plum is a digital incentives & payouts platform featuring a global-rich catalog of e-gift cards, prepaid cards, and experiential gifts spanning 100+ countries. Its fully integrated reward solution lets you automate reward programs across use cases—from employee referral rewards to long service awards to learning rewards. With Plum, you can send rewards globally, securely, and instantly.

The systems can offer businesses fun, customized, and shared incentives for their employees. The people in the organization will feel more appreciated and motivated simultaneously, making them more productive.

It's a very easy-to-use tool; even beginners in the industry can use it. The application gives Company leaders full control over managing rewards for their employees. The setup process is easy and takes only 60 minutes. The platform also has seamless integrations that enable you to connect with your existing apps to reward or send digital gifts from the workflow.


  • Comprehensive global-rich catalog
  • Experiential rewards
  • Easy-to-use
You can start a free trial of Xoxoday Plum to see the platform in action

11. is a tool to track and manage employees' experience. It offers a unified task list for all the members of the organization. Managers and supervisors can easily track their teams' tasks and tier progress.

On the other hand, CHROs can track the employees' performance. They could follow how the employees did on the job and if there is any feedback coming from their superiors. The app contains tools you can use daily to manage and track employees' experiences.

Apart from its core work management platform, also offers four additional products, including the Monday sales CRM platform, monday dev, monday marketer, and monday projects.

The platform allows team members to view and check the status of the tasks. CHROs can assign which member can have more access to certain items. One of the best things about this tool is the streamlining of tasks as it goes to the next team.

The basic plan starts at $8 per month which offers four seats. The app is also available on mobile devices, making it ideal for people on the go.


  • Process streamlining
  • Mobile app
  • Customizable platform


  • Automation setup can be challenging
  • UI improvement

12. TriNet

TriNet is an application that provides core HR services, such as payroll. It's ideal for any business as it can scale itself depending on the company's needs. It allows the CHROs to have efficient management as it simplifies the tasks.

It's very user-friendly and easy to navigate, so even beginners can quickly learn its features. The app offers tools that assist CHROs to need to manage their employees.

The tool is ideal for managing the teams' benefits. It also offers payroll entry with pre-tax deductions. HR officers will have no problems with taxes as it has tax calculation, filing, and payment.


  • Benefit enrollment
  • Tax management
  • Intuitive UI


  • Integrations
  • Layout can be confusing at first

13. GooseChase

As mentioned, team building is a way to motivate employees as it gets them away from work, yet, they are improving their teamwork. GooseChase can help CHROs engage with their teams and colleagues by creating team-building activities.

It has various activities ideal for any situation, such as onboarding new members, implementing new procedures, or generally team building. Each activity is customizable, making it aligned to the goal you want them to achieve.

The price will depend on the number of activities you are getting. You'll find education, mystery, and many more activities that can boost employee morale and motivation.


  • Plenty of activities
  • Customizable activities
  • Ideal for scavenger hunt games


  • Can only have two administrators
  • Milestone-tracking can be challenging

14. SentricHR

The recruitment process is a tedious task for HR. CHROs will have to create a system that allows them to simplify things, making the whole selection and onboarding process productive.

SentricHR streamlines the whole process, from recruiting to onboarding. It offers total visibility to the entire HR procedure, including the payroll and tracking of the employees' performances. The tool is also great for beginners as there's not much of a learning curve.

There's no need for a physical signature from employees as this tool accepts digital ones. It's great for onboarding because it can feature the job description. CHROs' tasks will be lighter as this tool offers most of the basic functions they need, from recruitment management to onboarding and performance management of employees.


  • Easy setup
  • Excellent support
  • Job description management


  • Mobile optimization needs improvement
  • Integration with other tools

15. intelliHR

The app can connect the factors that affect the employees' performance. It measures and rates various factors: engagement, involvement, and more. It also uses AI to give insights to CHROs, allowing them to interpret the data and make decisions based on it.

This tool can help align the big pictures and create strategies to achieve them. It'll be easier for the team to become more productive and improve the company's output.

intelliHR is a great tool to promote transparency and communication within the business. Employees can share their opinion, and the tool will manage and analyze them.

The tool also allows CHROs to track the progress of tasks and view and show report analytics that are critical in improving the workforce.


  • Excellent onboarding process
  • Regular updates
  • KPI tracking


  • Limited reporting functions
  • Needs training to set parameters on graphics and charts

16. Workbright

Workbright is another tool that makes the recruitment system dynamic. Employees and new hires can easily sign documents, such as contracts. This system is great in reducing paper usage within the company.

CHROs don't need to carry much paperwork to review the candidates' resumes and documents. They can easily access it through their computers and even mobile phones. They can process a digital signature if they want the candidate's signature or any employee within the company.

The tool starts at $158 per month with a maximum of 100 hires. Add-ons are also available, but it adds to the price, from $158-$426 per month, depending on the number of hires and additional features.

You can have unlimited custom forms and administrators. It also has all the necessary government forms for easy fill-ups of public documentation.


  • Secure hosting
  • Unlimited administrators
  • All standard government forms


  • Accessing different documents can be troublesome

17. Staff Squared

Staff Squared offers multiple tools to help CHROs manage the workforce. It has various features, such as calendars, time tracking, and performance reviews. HR can also set goals to boost the productivity and bottom line of the teams.

Staff Squared has a simple interface yet is beautifully designed. Despite the simplicity, it offers all-in-one tools to manage the workforce. CHROs can access it anytime as the system is cloud-based.

This tool allows CHROs to manage the employees' benefits, compensation, performance, training, and more. It can assist with the basic information of employees.

It starts at $4.50 per month per user. You can take advantage of the free trial and check whether you need it.


  • Holiday planning
  • No long-term contracts
  • Mobile app availability


  • Lacks dynamic reporting

18. Otter

Communication is a critical aspect of any company. Without clear communication between team members, a project could fail, or the progress will become slower.

Otter is a communication software for companies. Its system has voice recognition software and AI to create meeting notes and scripts. This means when in a meeting, people don't need to take notes as the tool does it for them.

Employees can access the notes after the meeting, understanding everything and making them more productive.

This tool has mobile versions, making it ideal for employees on the go. However, not all the features are available in one package. The price will depend on the functions you wish to avail of the company.


  • Precise transcription
  • Time-stamp
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Upload times of videos can be longer than expected

19. Know Your Company

Know Your Company is ideal for mid-sized businesses, such as companies that started with 5-10 persons in a team. If engagement is a challenge, this tool can help. It creates a channel that helps improve the business's aspects, especially regarding employee engagement.

The tool offers transparency within the business to help achieve the goals. When the system is more transparent, employees will have easier access to the data they need to complete the job.

This tool is ideal for one-on-one meetings. You'll be able to get honest feedback, share progress, and build teamwork. It's built for newbies in the HR department as all the tasks are made easier.

It's cloud-based, so you wouldn't need to install anything. With a starting price of $30 per month per user, you'll make better leaders from the employees.


  • Pulse surveys
  • Promotes communication
  • Easy-to-use


  • Cut off comments
  • Collaboration can be tough when there are multiple managers

20. Spidergap

The best thing about this tool is it captures real-time engagement through mobile surveys. Employees can answer the surveys anytime, anywhere, through their phones. The system gathers the data, and CHROs can quickly review them.

If unsure of what to ask on the survey, Spidergap can help you come up with the questions. It's a simple tool yet very powerful in promoting engagement within the company.

It protects the employees' privacy as they can answer the surveys anonymously. The tool can also provide you with reports or analytics that can help you improve the company's system within the employees.


  • Question Library
  • Excellent analytics
  • Anonymous feedback


  • No "save as a draft" feature
  • Can be expensive

Sum Up

HRMS tools provide tons of benefits to CHROs. They'd be able to make the entire organization more productive, improve the company's output, become more efficient, and save time. There are many tools to choose from, and we think the tools listed above are a must-have for companies.

Some might be similar, but each provides a unique feature that every CHRO should utilize to accomplish their jobs. HRMS tools are worth an investment for any organization.

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