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Research has shown that a highly engaged workforce can experience up to 41% reduced absenteeism with 59% less turnover. With 78% of employees looking for a more connective and supportive work environment, according to Adobe, it is high time to incorporate Slack into the technological infrastructure to improve team productivity in 2024. 

In today's world, more and more companies are working remotely, and according to Gartner, the usage of collaboration tools has increased to 44% in just two years. A considerable number of executives rely on Slack for part of team communication. Research by Business of Apps has shown that Slack has about 10-12 million users.

It is a well-known tool for work management and collaboration between employees. This software helps solve the problem of improving team productivity through organizational collaboration. It allows colleagues to communicate, share files, and collaborate across departments and projects through instant messaging or voice/video calls. The real-time collaboration on Slack can smoothen the knowledge-sharing and management process, improving productivity by 20%. 

Slack can also integrate apps and bots. This helps people keep in touch with each other worldwide and increases productivity. Using these products can help your team work more efficiently and also save the company money and time.

What are Slack Apps?

Slack apps can easily be added to the Slack software itself. They help you get all your work done in one place, eliminating the need to switch between multiple other tools.

These applications make Slack more efficient for the company by expanding its functionality. With them, you can track progress, assign tasks, share files, set deadlines, get feedback, and keep team members connected. Using the best Slack apps brings a lot of benefits for your company and employees.

Benefits of Slack Apps

The Slack app itself is quite functional, but additional applications help to expand the functions even more. For example, some applications make it easier to manage projects in Slak.

Others help improve communication in Slack channels. There are also apps that help increase employee productivity by automating time-consuming tasks, and some even help create a positive atmosphere in the company and improve team culture.

How can Slack Apps help teams be more productive?

The Slack app gives simplicity and flexibility to employees in the company who want to be connected all the time and stay productive and organized. To improve productivity, the tool allows employees in a team to work together to complete projects faster.

Through the quick video call or in-app chat features, teams may not be able to switch between different tools and apps.

For convenient and quick reference, employees can also store files, documents, important messages and links in Slack. They can save or pin needed messages and search for shared documents or links when needed.

20 Best Slack Apps for team productivity

Slack apps help remote teams work together, manage projects and tasks, organize work, and keep up with all the work news.

Below, we've described applications that will improve certain aspects of the day-to-day work and interactions of remote workers.

1. Xoxoday Empuls

Best for: Employee engagement and rewarding

Xoxoday Empuls on Slack

Xoxoday Empuls is software that helps in increasing employee engagement. With Empuls, you can recognize and reward your employees for improving their performance and retention. The software helps you measure and track feedback, collect eNPS metrics, and conduct pulse surveys.

Millions of employees across the globe use Slack to collaborate for work. Learn how you can engage employees and positively influence their behaviour, involvement, and productivity with Empuls, from within Slack.

Features: Xoxoday Empuls empowers you to create a culture of recognition, provides more than 20,000 digital card options to reward and motivate employees, helps celebrate birthdays, employee anniversaries, and company milestones. By acting on the feedback received from the Pulse and eNPS surveys, it helps to increase employee retention.


  • Rewards Platform
  • Internal communication
  • Professional platform to motivate team members


  • Having a single entrance
  • Inconvenient profile viewing

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Xoxoday Empuls?
1. The points you earn can be converted to gift cards.
2. You have several ways to earn points
3. I get an email notification whenever I have a chance to earn points

What do you dislike about Xoxoday Empuls?
I earn little points when congratulating my colleagues on their work anniversary, birthdays or when they receive an award. Hope I get higher points or if you can increase a bit more.

Recommendations to others considering Xoxoday Empuls:
I would highly recommend Empuls as the best Employee and Engagement Rewards program.

What problems is Xoxoday Empuls solving and how is that benefiting you?
It addresses the issue of low employee engagement in a business. It allows you to wish your coworkers well on their special occasions. It is a straightforward way to support your coworkers and foster teamwork within the business network while allowing you to accrue points you can use to make purchases. It's unique because I have never seen a platform like it.

- Michael Ramos
Knowledge Specialist
SGS Global Business Services Asia Inc.

2. Trello

Best for: Task-management

Trello Dashboard

The Trello app is one of the most popular project management tools. Integration of this application into Slack allows you to send and receive notifications in Slack channels about new cards, moved cards or comments.

This makes the workflow more flexible by reducing the number of times Trello checks for updates.

Features: With Trello, you can add slash commands and actions to messages, view employee email addresses in the workspace, and add, end, or delete reminders for users. Trello also provides access to your tagged files and messages and the ability to search your workspace.


  • Easily manage tasks
  • Facilitates the organization of projects
  • The drag-and-drop system is clear
  • Multi-Panel Workspaces Add Convenience and Flexibility


  • Restrictions in reporting and privacy settings
  • The free version is limited in the size of integrations and attachments

G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Trello?
The ease of seeing a process from start to finish is a game changer. Whether for personal projects or team collaboration, Trello has changed our entire work structure. We have boards for a return process, pricing requests, phone calls, and individual project boards. The automation and rules allow us to streamline our processes and efficiently layout precisely what needs to be done and timeframes. I cannot say enough about how good Trello is for everything that we do.

What do you dislike about Trello?
There is not much we can put as a downside. Some of the automations are made by a third party so you have to pay for them on top of what you pay Trello, but they are worth it.

What problems is Trello solving and how is that benefiting you?
We cut our time on projects in half when we started using Trello. We now have an actual process for doing order returns and shipping claims when we had to remember each step manually before. We have seen our entire team's efficiency and energy go up thanks to Trello creating task lists tat now get done rather than a single team lead trying to facilitate.

- Billy Myers
Customer Success Specialist
Stork's Plows

3. Jira

Best for: Teams planning and building products


With the Jira tool's help, employees can solve all problems and tasks while maintaining consistency. By integrating Jira into Slack, you can simplify the work with tickets. This is a guarantee that no task or application will slip away.

By adding Jira to channels, Slack gives employees the ability to respond to tickets without switching apps.

Features: The Jira app notifies employees when a new ticket is updated or released. It allows a team to create, update, comment, or assign tasks directly from Slack channels.


  • Helps to outline ideas and convey them to the team
  • Has all the features for flexible operation
  • Allows users to customize their experience


  • Integration with other systems is difficult
  • Graphical reports can’t be loaded
  • Has a limited upload size

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Jira?
As a project manager, I love the universality and customization available within Jira. By that, I mean I love how following standard Scrum best practices with scoring using story point estimates allows anyone to begin their experience within a Jira team project. Anyone can come to Jira with a lot of experience using a tool like it, or without any experience and I've been able to educate using standard best practices to make the system work best for everyone.

What do you dislike about Jira?
Sometimes there are too many customizable fields or settings which clash with one another and that has caused me to have to work with HubSpot support members to make things work.

What problems is Jira solving and how is that benefiting you?
Our cross-functional team works in marketing activities and product management - including product launches and rebranding exercises. Jira is instrumental in both keeping track of these in our two-week sprints and the Kanban board management of our issues is easy to reassign to other members if needed.

- Jeff Alderson
Senior Marketing Strategist
Digital & EventsCold Chain Technologies

4. Zoom

Best for: Team video conferencing

For companies of all sizes, the Zoom app has become a staple. The video conferencing app helps you connect with clients and teammates.

Integrating it into Slack makes it even easier to go to a video call to solve work problems and discuss details to better plan the next work steps towards achieving the goal.

Features: With the Zoom app on Slack, you can schedule calls, manage meetings, or start them quickly right from Slack channels. It also makes it much easier and faster to share Zoom boards in private messages or Slack channels. Thus, all employees will be aware of the scheduled video meetings.


  • Supports a large audience
  • Allows you to broadcast meetings/webinars
  • Ability to use Zoom for free
  • Supports Google Calendar


  • Too many add-ons and subscriptions
  • No control over comments
  • You need to download the application

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Zoom?
enable us as researchers communicate with university students and share our courses throughout the time of covid. We still use it now within our lab team, and I've been using it for about 2 years. Additionally, you may find new features in the app and the other app they recently duplicated, zoom.

What do you dislike about Zoom?
One of the major problems I have with Zoom is how inconsistently it performs. I frequently get audio and video slowness, distorted video quality, and sometimes unexpected disconnections during crucial meetings, while having a reliable internet connection. The communication process is disrupted by these technical issues, which also cause frustration and squander time. This was a significant problem during the pandemic's peak hours, although it has since improved.

What problems is Zoom solving and how is that benefiting you?
Zoom is a popular and adaptable video conferencing platform with a number of features for online meetings and teamwork. It offers a simple user interface, excellent audio and video, and effective collaboration options.

Users may connect and interact invisibly across several platforms thanks to Zoom's integrations with a wide range of third-party tools and applications. It enables integrations with widely used productivity applications, project management programs, and other things.

- Hatim Talhaoui
Technicien Γ©tudes principal

5. Zapier

Best for: Work automation


Zapier is such an application that allows you to connect various platforms and applications and set up your own automation tools. These features make it perfect for Slack integration.

With numerous integrations in the Zapier app, it makes all the systems you need to work more efficient.

Features: By integrating Zapier into Slack, you can send messages to clients, automate your social media presence, keep your team updated, and save time by optimizing your email and collecting data in one place.


  • Allows to automate of many tools
  • Easy to set up and offers a wide range of robust integrations


  • App settings can be a bit confusing
  • There is no error handling function in the integromat.

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Zapier?
Zapier makes it incredibly easy for us to build out business automation without engaging more senior development resources. It allows us to streamline workflows and experiment with quicker ways to be more efficient.enable us as researchers communicate with university students and share our courses throughout the time of covid.

What do you dislike about Zapier?
Zaps can get complex quickly! Pulling data fields from one source, transforming the data, and then delivering it into another integration in the correct format can require a lot of trial and error. For less experienced users, this can be challenging. It would be incredible if Zapier could provide context-aware recommendations for the next steps, transformations, etc.

What problems is Zapier solving and how is that benefiting you?
We use Zapier to automate workflows stemming from Salesforce, creating new records in other tools, and transferring relevant data into those tools. It ensures consistent operations and frees our team from performing trivial tasks.

- Kevin Cox
Director of Customer Solutions

6. Dropbox

Best for: File storage and synchronization


With the Dropbox app, employees can share documents, photos, and videos. By integrating the application into Slack, it becomes even easier to share files with teams.

Thanks to Dropbox, you can send files directly to Slack channels and direct messages and check your activity feed.

Features: Employees can view files in Slack chats without switching between tabs and applications, leave feedback and evaluate content direction. Also, by integrating the Dropbox application, it becomes possible to search for files in Slack to quickly find the information that is necessary for projects to work.


  • Available for almost any operating system
  • Provides a flexible set of tools
  • Includes digital signatures
  • Provides automatic file backup and synchronization


  • Storage limits for free users
  • Expensive paid subscriptions
  • Limited search function

G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Dropbox?
Easy to use, easy to install, great backup, never lose another file even if you have deleted it by mistake. I like the conveniece of it being connected to mey phone and as an option to save my work and have access to it any time and from anywhere.

What do you dislike about Dropbox?
It's a bit more expensive than some other cloud storage tools and apps but the benefit outweighs the higher prices so I gladly pay the higher price to use all the benefits it is.

What problems is Dropbox solving and how is that benefiting you?
Accessibility to my files, documents, and movies from anywhere and at any time. It also helps with sharing files with my team or just a link to a file, document, or a movie as one-off.

- Rateb Shukoor
Marketing Consultant
New Key Management Consulting

7. Databox

Best for: Business analysts


The Databox application will make it easier for employees to create dashboards and collect data. By integrating it into Slack, it will become much easier to share the necessary information and ideas that keep the employee aware of all the important points in working on projects.

Features: By integrating Databox into Slack, employees can send dashboard photos to specific channels and automatically retrieve reports. Employees can also be notified in Slack when they reach performance goals. For a better understanding of how the team works, leaders can send company scorecards.


  • Customizable controls
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Flexible data management


  • No custom dates
  • Having inaccurate or outdated data

G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Databox?
We like the style of Databox. It doesn't look dated and has been very impressive to our clients. We also love the variety of data connections and ease of set-up.

What do you dislike about Databox?
The data visualization options could use more customization options, particularly with text editing. It's great for basic live dashboards, but we struggle to use this for complete reports because it doesn't give us much of an option for complete analysis. The reports feature is on its way but is not there yet.m.

What problems is Databox solving and how is that benefiting you?
Being able to display live dashboards and cleanly. This is by far the biggest strength of Databox.

- Collin Gosche
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

8. Asana

Best for: Project management and team collaboration

This is an application with which you can manage tasks and team projects. Its popularity has grown tremendously in recent years. The Asana platform can be used to track progress, plan sprints, and identify project blocks.

Features: With the help of Asana, you can combine all projects in one place, and by integrating it into Slack, it will be even easier to keep abreast of upcoming deadlines and changing statuses on projects. You can also create new tasks, update the status of projects and their executors, and comment on tasks. You can customize alerts according to your requirements.


  • Offers free planning
  • Integration of a number of applications
  • Time tracking
  • Stores information about projects
  • Tracks teams` and projects activities


  • Tasks are assigned to only one person
  • File export is limited to CSV and JSON formats

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Asana?
It is simple as Genius and has an efficient, logical flow from up to down, making it very readable. It can build your workflows and makes it easy to discuss within the team, sending invites and reminders as scheduled. It works well with presentations and contract management tasks. It has exceptional board and kanban views and capabilities to set your working time schedule.

What do you dislike about Asana?
You need to use a separate time-tracking engine if you are service oriented. You mostly have to use different budget-controlling apps or ERP. Asana is good for decision flow but lacks analytical capabilities to be used within a single system for not using connectivity and integrations with different auth methods. Would be great to have reminders with use of AI - not to remind you, but you are telling to bot for updates on relevant tasks or scheduling and rescheduling with the use of RPA.

What problems is Asana solving and how is that benefiting you?
We are managing the work of the product development team and planning to extend its use for management reporting and accounting tasks. It makes us operate with 20% less headcount.

- Andrew Lokshin
Senior strategy analyst / Board assistant
Team Harbour, Inc.


Best for: Ensuring transparency of projects and tasks

Monday CRM

This integration could be the perfect complement to the Slack platform. provides communication for employees, helps them synchronize conversations across both platforms, receives updates, and tracks all changes on projects in real-time.

With this integration, you can always stay on the same page for better teamwork.

Features: With, employees have the ability to automatically sync all data, create new tasks, keep track of all deadlines, and quickly notify team members. Slack's integration with makes it easy for employees to share progress with each other in real-time.


  • Excellent tracking features
  • Powerful communication tool
  • Reliable organization and project management


  • Difficulty keeping track of time and expenses
  • Limited mobile app
  • Integration issues

G2 rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about is extremely accessible and user-friendly for users with all ranges of experience in business and project management software. It's easy to learn, simple to understand, and excellent to get organization up and running with small or large projects, making communication with multiple departments easy and painless. Everything "works" without hassle; even the simple functionality of the clipboard feature integrating flawlessly is something to appreciate.

What do you dislike about
It was a little challenging to figure out why my account permissions would allow me to see some boards and not others and request invitations to those company boards I was missing. When I was a new user, it would have been helpful if I could search for existing boards, see I was not a part of that group, and request an invitation from the board owner.

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?
Organizing website and feature performance across multiple teams within our organization. My department uses it to plan projects, track data and assign individual tasks. Information is easily accessible, and with our Monday boards we can see the points of contact for every project. All data is clearly outlined and simple to access and update.

- Jennifer Schafer
Customer Experience Agent
Tier 2Shinesty

10. Nectar

Best for: Boosting camaraderie and morale


The Nectar application is designed to recognize employees in order to create a positive working environment in the company based on its core corporate values.

The app is great for teams working remotely to keep employees engaged and reduce the probability of the quiet quitting syndrome.

Features: With the Nectar app in Slack, employees can send greetings and spot bonuses. This encourages cooperation and appreciation at all times. Employees can attach a colleague, attach values and points, and send a message.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • An easy way to show appreciation and recognition to colleagues


  • Expression tools are limited to emoji

G2 rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Nectar?
Nectar's implementation with our company was very straightforward, it is very easy to use, and most importantly, our employees love it! We have had a ton of engagement and interaction out of the gate, and it really took our reward & recognition program to the next level. I would strongly suggest Nectar to any company looking for an easy-to-use, reasonably priced recognition platform that has a ton of analytics features and gift options that employees actually want.

What do you dislike about Nectar?
I don't really dislike anything, but the only thing that has been a bit of a challenge is that they currently do not have gift options for Nepal, a country where we have about 50+ employees. If we could add options for Nepal in the future, that would be helpful!

What problems is Nectar solving and how is that benefiting you?
We needed a true peer to peer recognition software that offered easy and insightful analytics, and Nectar has provided us with that option.

- Allison Carter
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

11. Loom

Best for: Improving communication

 Loom app

The Loom app helps remote teams across multiple time zones stay connected. Employees can record video messages, share their screens, and then copy the URL. This helps to share information with the entire team.

Any video in Loom can be deployed in Slack. With this integration, employees can quickly resolve issues related to work projects.

Features: Loom's Slack integration allows employees to watch videos without having to switch between apps, send and receive notifications in Slack, and easily integrate with Google Chrome for even more productivity.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to share videos
  • It is possible to add comments and notes to the video
  • There is a free version
  • It is possible to save the video in MP4 format


  • Free version limits video length
  • Full-screen videos are of lower quality

G2 rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Loom?
I absolutely agree! Loom is a game-changer when it comes to moving quickly and delivering customized explanations to customers. Its ease of use makes it a breeze to create and share videos that effectively convey information in a personalized way. Loom has definitely elevated my communication with customers, allowing me to provide clearer and more engaging explanations. It's an invaluable tool that I highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance their customer interactions

What do you dislike about Loom?
If I were to mention one aspect that I believe could use improvement, it would be the video quality on the avatar. While Loom excels in many areas, I have noticed that the video quality on the avatar does not match the high standards set by other applications. Consistency in video quality is essential for maintaining a professional and polished look.

What problems is Loom solving and how is that benefiting you?
Loom has been an invaluable asset for my team when it comes to explaining our software to consumers. It provides us with a powerful tool to deliver clear, concise, and fully customized explanations that resonate with our audience. The ability to create personalized videos has revolutionized the way we communicate complex concepts, making it easier for our customers to understand and engage with our product. Loom has truly elevated our ability to provide exceptional customer experiences and I couldn't be more grateful for its contribution to our success.

- Zach Cochran
Partner Advocate
Two Roads

12. Donut

Best for: Improving team culture

The Donut app is great for remote teams. Keeping in touch with colleagues can be challenging when working remotely, especially for newcomers.

The Donut platform gives employees the opportunity to spend time together, get to know new members of the company so that they do not feel isolated from the team.

Features: With the help of Donut integration, employees of the company have the opportunity to periodically communicate one-on-one in a video chat over a virtual coffee or doughnut.

The application randomly selects two users to meet, chat or get to know each other. Working relationships between colleagues can be strengthened, and the corporate culture of the company can be improved.


  • Helps maintain privacy
  • Messages and notifications are sent to those you invite


  • Small server fee
  • Limited Plan Options

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Donut?
I love how easy it was to set up and go!

What do you dislike about Donut?
It was a little confusing trying to set up the lottery for my CEO, but when I reached out for help I was able to get what I needed.

What problems is Donut solving and how is that benefiting you?
Building bonds and bringing people closer over coffee despite being remote.

- La Nise Hagan
VP, People & Culture
Agility Recovery

13. Doodle

Best for: Work planning


When working in a team on a remote basis, it can sometimes be difficult to plan work. Employees can share the necessary information, not only through the Slack platform itself. By integrating Doodle into it, employees will be able to share information outside the program to cover everything they need. This will qualitatively increase productivity by reducing unnecessary emails.

Features: By arranging a survey with the choice of a convenient time, Doodle simplifies task scheduling. The results of such a survey help to find out what is best for a future team meeting. This helps save a lot of time on emails and rescheduling.


  • Helps to easily choose the time for the meeting
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Can be connected to a calendar


  • Incomprehensible time zone settings

G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Doodle?
Easy to use, has all the features needed to pick a meeting date/time. I've used it for years now and Doodle has continued to make incremental improvements that have made it more refined without bloat.m.

What do you dislike about Doodle?
Can't think of anything. Paid plans connect with corporate email which I haven't done. But it nonetheless works well coming from an outside email address. All good.

What problems is Doodle solving and how is that benefiting you?
If you've ever sent an email with a list of available times asking people to pick availability, that's the problem. With this tool everyone can see the availability and consensus as it grows.

- Todd Newman
Software Engineer

14. Evergreen

Best for: Team сulture

Evergreen is an application that is used to recognize employees and also make a real impact on our planet by planting trees. Every time an employee receives a seed of approval, Evergreen plants one tree.

The application contributes not only to the good mood of employees through their recognition but also helps the environment.

Features: Evergreen promotes employee recognition, helps increase employee engagement, improves corporate culture, and, most of all, has a real impact on our planet.


  • Peer recognition
  • Increasing environmental awareness
  • Getting closer to colleagues


  • Only 3 seeds per week possible

G2 rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Evergreen?
I love being able to send my co-workers appreciation every week. I also like that the appreciation is public, so I can see the great work others are doing.

What do you dislike about Evergreen?
I want more than 3 seeds a week! Additionally, I wish it recommended people who haven't gotten seeds recently so I can appreciate them.

What problems is Evergreen solving and how is that benefiting you?
We had no formal method of giving employee appreciation before. Now I feel my hard work is more visible outside my immediate project circles.

- Jenna DeFrancisco
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

15. Assembly

Best for: Building team culture


In remote teams, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a positive work environment. The Assembly app provides an opportunity to create positive morale in the virtual workplace by celebrating and rewarding employees.

Features: Built-in reports help you understand how each department is performing and where more work is needed to achieve goals. For fruitful interaction of employees, encouragement and rewards are excellent.

By integrating the Assembly app into Slack, you can use it as a way to make personal connections and strengthen your working relationships and corporate culture.


  • Peer recognition
  • Better collaboration
  • Communication with colleagues
  • Birthday celebration


  • Not all text fields can be changed

G2 rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Assembly?
Tons of upsides include quickly integrating into Slack, one of our central office communications. It's also nice to see other team members lifting each other with little bursts of gratitude. I feel like I've been seeing it much more as people get used to using it more and more. I also LOVE the customer service team! They're very positive and swift to answer and assist with any issues or questions. Talking to them about an issue always ends with it being resolved and me feeling better.

What do you dislike about Assembly?
Not very much- I think any issues that have happened have been data entry errors on our end as users rather than Assembly issues. So no- I don't dislike anything about Assembly.

What problems is Assembly solving and how is that benefiting you?
Assembly shows some great team camaraderie across our different offices, and it's nice to see new team members being welcomed and celebrated warmly across our locations.

- Kassidy Kinjo
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

16. Favro

Best for: Providing progress and task transparency


The Favro app is one of the most flexible collaboration and scheduling platforms available. Here, employees can organize their tasks and activities, and managers can devote more time to achieving goals.

Features: With the Favro app in Slack, you can combine complex tools through the user interface, including time tracking, scheduling, and invoicing. Through Slack, you can set up a Favro task, create channels dedicated to Favro projects, and set up notifications for Favro tasks.


  • Flexible planning tool
  • Reliable Automation
  • Various integrations possible


  • No free version

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Favro?
I had a problem organizing my tasks and sometimes forgetting some of them, so having them in one place is a great solution also, I get notified if the bug is reponed, also seeing my performance and compare it to other teammates

What do you dislike about Favro?
If someone updates the description on a card, I do not receive a notification, and I get a message when any card to back to recommend column, not just my assigned cards I had a problem organizing my tasks and sometimes forgetting some of them, so having them in one place is a great solution also, I get notified if the bug is reponed, also seeing my performance and compare it to other teammates.

What problems is Favro solving and how is that benefiting you?
Time and task management my performance is multiplied as I save so much time organizing tasks and knowing the priority also the upcoming releases and knows which tasks i have I had a problem managing my tasks and sometimes forgetting some of them, so having them in one place is a great solution also, I get notified if the bug is reponed, also seeing my performance and compare it to other teammates.

- Mohammed Esmat
Software Engineer

17. Teamwork

Best for: Project management


The Teamwork project management platform is designed to work with clients. With its help, you will be able to complete all projects on time and within budget.

Also, the ability to track the working time of employees allows managers to understand all the tasks of employees, work progress and unpaid working hours.

Features: With the Teamwork integration in Slack, you can create tasks from the messages you receive in Slack and receive real-time notifications on a specific Slack channel. You can also access Teamwork features such as Slash Commands and Project Channels.


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Dedicated Time Tracking Tools
  • Has access to several built-in Teamwork applications


  • Some platform processes require additional training

G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about
I work for a Marketing Agency, and it's the best tool in the market to track client hours and projects. You get everything needed in one platform, you can manage how many hours you are working in certain client, and how the project is moving along.

What do you dislike about
It definetly has a learing curve, and you will have to get familiarize with it. I have been using it for 3 months and I feel more comfortable now and I am loving it more than I did when I started. It can get confusing at first, but they offer tutorials in YT!

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?
We have a lot of marketing clients, and this tool allow us to track hours for each of them. We have the ability to track time and see how long a project takes us to complete.

- Lisbeth Gallegos
Marketing Consultant
Wild Coffee Marketing

18. Range

Best for: Team check-ins


With the Range app, you can track employees directly from the Slack app without switching between them. The platform helps to simplify the check-in process so that employees can make the most of their working time rather than chatting non-stop throughout the day.

Features: The Range app helps employees stay in sync without being in constant contact. By gathering information efficiently, employees spend more time on the job.


  • Easy to connect with Slack
  • Helps team members keep each other up to date on priorities

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Range?
This tool has been so easy to use and implement. Also, it's integrations with other tools (Gdrive, cal, trello, jira, Slack...) all just work so well.

What do you dislike about Range?
We haven't encountered an issue yet that needs fixing.

What problems is Range solving and how is that benefiting you?
Cross-team collaboration and priority setting - strategically, we operate as an Agile organization, and using Range helps us do that by pulling in projects, meetings, task lists, and more into one place, and then having really effective meetings and standups with it.

- Mark Horoszowski
CEO & Co-founder

19. Bonusly

Best for: Employee engagement and rewarding


The Bonusly app on Slack promotes more effective collaboration and communication among company employees. To find out their status and the status of colleagues, users can join the recognition channel.

Bonusly also provides live feeds of employees throughout the day.

Features: The Bonusly app on Slack helps increase collaboration with colleagues and promotes recognition among employees. Also, the application regularly updates all events and birthdays in the company and provides automatic notifications to Slack without any special efforts on the part of employees.


  • Can see rewards, give and receive points


  • You must select one of the predefined hashtags in the comment

G2 rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Bonusly?
I have a multi-generational team from boomers to Gen Z-ers. The older team members like the ease of use, and the ability to give a shout-out to their teammates after hours, when they've processed the day and want to show appreciation sooner than later. The younger team members are all about it! They love being able to add a funny GIF to their posts. Most of the team save up their points throughout the year, and buy themselves something nice around the holidays.

What do you dislike about Bonusly?
I really can't say there is anything that I dislike about the app or the features. Even the cost is very fair for a tool that promotes team recognition. Super easy to use.

Recommendations to others considering Bonusly:
Aside from the great app and the ease of use. Bonusly also sends great emails with valuable information that can help ANY leader/manager. They are a great resource for team building as well as management. I found their email about implementing one-on-one meetings and sample questions with team members(not compensatory performance reviews) super helpful!!

What problems is Bonusly solving and how is that benefiting you?
I can't say it's "solving" any problems, but it has helped the team recognize things that others do throughout the day. Dealt with a difficult client today?-Bonusly Points for you! Handled the internet crash during rush hour and the difficulties that come with it as a receptionist?-Bonusly points for you!

Linda McCarthy, CVPM
Office Manager
Cats Corner Veterinary Hospital

20. StatusHero

Best for: Status updates

StatusHero is a team communication app. It helps the company collect the necessary information and communicate it to employees in a more convenient way.

It helps streamline project management. With the app, you don't have to spend precious time on meetings.

Features: Employees can check in on their daily work progress with goals. This data is coordinated with task and project management tools to get more insight into how employees are doing their jobs.

The platform generates progress reports to keep all employees up to date on current projects and responsibilities.


  • Turns asynchronous checks and project management data into detailed reports
  • Works with tools like GitHub, Jira and Slack


  • Plans start at $3.00 per month

G2 rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

G2 review:

What do you like best about Status Hero?
I love that Status Hero integrates with Slack and that they provide an auto-fill option for the previous day's completed tasks based on what you put in the day before.

What do you dislike about Status Hero?
I wish that there were a better formatting tutorial or a rich text editor. It's easy enough to set up bullets and things but if I want more complex lists and other options, that is a little more difficult to create.

What problems is Status Hero solving and how is that benefiting you?
Keeping up with everyone's progress toward their goals every day has been something that we traditionally only verbally said, but now there's a written record so that if someone can't attend our daily meeting, we can still check in.

- Elaine Foster
Customer Success Manager

Why use Slack apps?

If your team works remotely, Slack applications will help in effective communication between employees. This can positively affect their productivity. Some of these applications improve team communication and help with project management, allowing you to make more efficient use of working time.

Also, using Slack apps boosts employee morale, brings the entire team together, and helps build personal connections.

How to add apps to Slack?

Adding applications to the Slack platform is very simple. Any employee can add integrations to communicate with other colleagues or increase productivity. Here is a short guide:

  • in the top left sidebar of your desktop, click "Applications"
  • to find the Slack app you want to install, select "Search"
  • click "Add", after which the Slack catalog will open
  • Select "Add to Slack"
  • follow the instructions.

When adding, make sure you have permission to add apps to Slack channels. Slack apps need to be added as an administrator. Otherwise, it won't work correctly.


Slack is a great team productivity tool, just like the apps we mentioned in this list. But by combining them, you can make your team more productive.

If your company is already using Slack, it's worth trying to integrate your favorite applications into it. This will save you a lot of time, which is often spent switching from one platform to another.

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