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The festival of Durga Puja, revering the goddess Durga's victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura, is more than just a religious event. It's a time of grandeur, art, music, dance, and community bonding.

For workplaces aiming to foster a sense of unity and cultural appreciation, incorporating the festivities of Durga Puja can work wonders.

On this significant event, let us share warm regards, sincere messages of goodwill, extend invitations, and present meaningful gifts to enhance the celebrations and strengthen the bonds within the team.

Here are five unique engagement activities for the workplace to make Durga Puja special for everyone.

1. Themed workspaces and 'pandal' decoration competition

Invite each team or department to decorate their workspace or a designated area in the style of a 'Pandal' - the elaborate temporary structures set up during Durga Puja.

This taps into the artistic and creative side of employees. Offer awards for the most innovative, beautiful, or culturally insightful designs. This not only beautifies the office environment but also helps employees understand the cultural significance of the festival.

2. Dhunuchi dance-off

The Dhunuchi dance, performed with earthen lamps filled with coconut husk and camphor, is an intrinsic part of the Durga Puja celebrations. Organize a dance-off where employees can either participate or enjoy as spectators.

To ensure safety, you can opt for LED lights instead of actual flames. It's an excellent way for employees to immerse in the cultural experience while having fun.

3. Traditional dress day and fashion parade

Encourage employees to come dressed in traditional Bengali attire. Men can wear Kurta-Pajamas with a Punjabi, while women can drape themselves in beautiful sarees.

Organize a fashion parade to showcase the vibrant and rich textiles and styles. Recognize and award the best-dressed individuals to add an element of fun.

4. Culinary delight bengali food fest

Durga Puja is incomplete without its array of delicious Bengali dishes. Set up a potluck or invite local vendors to set up stalls. This way, employees can indulge in traditional foods like 'Bhog', sweets like 'Rasgulla' and 'Sandesh', and savories like 'Puchka' and 'Jhalmuri'.

A shared meal, especially from a diverse culinary palette, always brings people together.

5. Craft workshop clay idol making and lantern crafting

One of the most beautiful aspects of Durga Puja is the crafting of clay idols of Goddess Durga. Organize workshops where employees can try their hand at crafting small clay figures or lanterns.

This serves a dual purpose it offers a relaxation break from the routine and educates employees about the meticulous and intricate artistry behind the festival's idols.

6. Storytelling sessions

The tales associated with Durga Puja are both fascinating and inspiring. Organize a storytelling session where employees can learn about the legend of Goddess Durga's battles and her triumph over evil.

This can be done using multimedia presentations, short plays, or even guest speakers who are well-versed in Indian mythology.

7. Durga puja quiz and trivia challenge

Stimulate the minds of your employees with a fun and enlightening quiz based on Durga Puja and its traditions. This not only educates employees about the festival's significance but also adds a fun, competitive spirit to the celebrations. Winners can be awarded traditional Bengali treats or handicrafts.

8. Eco-friendly durga idol showcase

Promote sustainability by encouraging employees to create small Durga idols using eco-friendly materials. This activity can also be transformed into a team-building exercise, with groups collaborating to create their eco-friendly masterpieces. Display these idols around the office and offer rewards for creativity and eco-friendliness.

9. Cultural performances and talent show

Invite employees to showcase their talents in line with the theme of Durga Puja. This could range from singing traditional songs, playing instruments like the 'dhol' or 'tabla', reciting Bengali poetry, or performing dance forms like 'Odissi' or 'Bharatanatyam'. Such performances help employees share a piece of their cultural heritage with their colleagues.

10. Durga puja postcard exchange

In this digital age, handwritten postcards have a special charm. Provide employees with postcard-sized papers, colors, and other craft materials. Encourage them to design Durga Puja-themed postcards with personalized messages which they can exchange with colleagues. This promotes interpersonal connections and revives the joy of handwritten messages.

11. Alpana (rangoli) art contest

Alpana, similar to Rangoli, is a traditional floor art using rice paste or chalk. This art form flourishes during Durga Puja. Organize an Alpana art contest in your office premises where employees can collaborate or compete to create intricate designs. Provide a theme, like “Goddess Durga” or “Victory of Good Over Evil,” to guide their creativity.

12. Community service day - gift a smile

Durga Puja is not just about celebrations, but also about community. Encourage employees to donate clothes, toys, or books to underprivileged children. Set up a collection drive in the office, or better yet, collaborate with a local charity and spend a day volunteering, making the festival meaningful for those less fortunate.

13. "Share your puja memory" session

Invite employees to share their personal memories or experiences related to Durga Puja, whether it's a childhood recollection, a family tradition, or a special moment. This fosters interpersonal bonds and allows employees to know more about their colleagues' cultural backgrounds and personal stories.

14. DIY paper mask making workshop

In line with the theme of the festival, arrange a DIY workshop for employees to make paper masks representing various characters from the Durga Puja legends, such as Durga, Mahishasura, or even the lion Durga rides. Once made, these masks can be used as decorations or props for photo booths.

15. Bengali music and film evening

Bengal boasts a rich cultural heritage in music and cinema. Organize an evening where employees can relax and watch a popular Bengali film, followed by a short discussion or music session.

It can be a classic Satyajit Ray film or a modern favorite. Additionally, play famous Bengali songs, including Rabindra Sangeet, throughout the day in the office to keep the festive mood alive.


With its fervor, Durga Puja offers a unique opportunity for workplaces to engage employees in meaningful, fun, and culturally enriching activities. It fosters a sense of community, appreciation, and respect for traditions. 

By integrating these activities into your workplace celebrations, you enhance employee engagement and contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment that values and celebrates every individual's heritage.

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