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In the vibrant tapestry of Indian festivals, Dussehra stands as a resplendent thread, woven with tales of valor, victory, and the triumph of good over evil. 

This magnificent celebration, also known as Vijayadashami, is not merely a date on the calendar; it's an embodiment of our rich cultural heritage and a testament to the enduring spirit of righteousness.

As we delve into the enchanting world of Dussehra, we'll not only uncover fascinating facts that illuminate its history and significance but also be inspired by the profound wisdom encapsulated in the timeless quotes associated with this auspicious day. 

Spread these interesting facts and warm wishes to add an enjoyable and informative dimension to the celebration.

So, fasten your seatbelts, for we are about to embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, as we explore the multifaceted tapestry of Dussehra, one fact and quote at a time. 

When is Dussehra celebrated and why? 

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in India and some other countries.

It is commonly observed in September or October and takes place on the 10th day of the Hindu month Ashwin. This year, in 2023, it's celebrated on October 17th. Here are some key points about Dussehra and its significance:

  • Date and duration: Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day (Dashami) of the lunar calendar's bright fortnight, which is why it's called Vijayadashami. It usually occurs in September or October and lasts for a day.
  • Victory of good over evil: The primary significance of Dussehra is the triumph of good over evil. It marks the day when Lord Rama, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, defeated the demon king Ravana. This event is narrated in the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana.
  • Ravana effigies: In many parts of India, particularly in the northern regions, people reenact this victory by burning effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna, and his son Meghnad. It symbolizes the destruction of evil forces and the victory of righteousness.
  • Worship of goddess durga: In some regions, Dussehra is associated with the worship of Goddess Durga during the preceding nine days, known as Navaratri. These nine nights are dedicated to the various forms of the goddess, with the tenth day being Dussehra.
  • Agricultural significance: Dussehra also holds agricultural significance, as it marks the end of the monsoon season and the beginning of the harvest season. Farmers often start new agricultural activities and offer their gratitude to the tools and equipment they use.
  • Cultural celebrations: Dussehra is celebrated with great enthusiasm and cultural events, including processions, music, dance, and fairs. It's a time for families to come together, exchange gifts, and enjoy traditional foods.

Dussehra is a multi-faceted festival that combines religious, mythological, and cultural elements, all centered around the theme of the victory of good over evil. It's a time for people to come together, celebrate, and reflect on the values of righteousness and truth.

25 Interesting facts about Dussehra 

Here are 25 unique facts about Dussehra:

1. Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of the Navaratri period.

2. The word Dussehra is derived from two Sanskrit words: Dasha, which means ten, and Hara, which means defeat. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

3. Dussehra marks the day when Lord Rama defeated the demon king Ravana, as described in the epic Ramayana.

4. In some parts of India, Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

5. The festival typically falls in the month of September or October.

6. In many regions, people perform the Ramlila, a dramatic reenactment of the life and deeds of Lord Rama, throughout the Navaratri period.

7. Dussehra is also known for the burning of effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna, and his son Meghnad, symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

8. In Mysore, Karnataka, the Mysore Dasara is a grand celebration featuring a procession with an elaborately decorated elephant.

9. In Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, the Kullu Dussehra is celebrated with week-long festivities and a huge procession.

10. Dussehra is a public holiday in India, with schools and offices closed on this day.

11. It is a time for families to come together, exchange gifts, and celebrate with feasts.

12. In some parts of India, Dussehra is associated with the worship of weapons and tools, symbolizing the tools of trade and the implements of knowledge.

13. Many people also begin new ventures or make major purchases on Dussehra as it is considered an auspicious time.

14. In West Bengal, Dussehra is celebrated as Durga Puja, a festival dedicated to Goddess Durga and her victory over Mahishasura.

15. In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Dussehra is known as Golu or Bommai Golu, and families display dolls and figurines in a creative arrangement.

16. In Gujarat, Dussehra is marked by the popular folk dance form known as Garba and Dandiya Raas.

17. It is believed that Lord Rama prayed to Goddess Durga before embarking on his battle with Ravana, seeking her blessings.

18. In some regions, Dussehra is celebrated with a special type of music called Ravanahatha, associated with Ravana.

19. Some people fast on Dussehra, and the fast is broken only after offering prayers.

20. The festival is a time for charity and helping those in need, reflecting the spirit of goodness and giving.

21. In some places, fairs and markets are set up during Dussehra, attracting people with various cultural and entertainment activities.

22. The concluding day of Dussehra is known as Vijayadashami, which is considered an auspicious day to start new learning activities or to begin formal education for children.

23. In some parts of India, people exchange Aptamitra or friendship bands on Dussehra as a symbol of goodwill and friendship.

24. Dussehra is not only celebrated in India but also by Indian communities around the world.

25. The essence of Dussehra is the triumph of virtue over vice and the importance of righteousness and truth in one's life.

These facts showcase the diversity and cultural richness associated with the celebration of Dussehra across India and among the Indian diaspora.

10 Dussehra quotes to spread positivity 

Here are 10 Dussehra quotes that you can use to celebrate this auspicious festival:

1. Let the victory of good over evil inspire you to conquer your inner demons.

2. May the light of Dussehra fill your life with joy and triumph over darkness.

3. On this Dussehra, let's burn the effigies of our fears and doubts.

4. Dussehra teaches us that no matter how powerful evil may seem, it will always be defeated by the power of goodness.

5. In the battle of life, may you always emerge victorious, just like Lord Rama.

6. Dussehra is a reminder that truth and righteousness will ultimately triumph.

7. Like the arrows of Lord Rama, may your determination hit the mark every time.

8. As the effigies burn, let go of negativity and welcome positivity this Dussehra.

9. This Dussehra, let us strive to be the hero of our own story, just like Lord Rama.

10. Wishing you a Dussehra filled with the strength to overcome all obstacles and emerge victorious.

10 Dussehra quotes for employees

Here are 10 Dussehra quotes that you can share with your employees to inspire and motivate them:

1. On this Dussehra, let's conquer our fears and doubts just as Lord Rama defeated Ravana. Success is within our reach!

2. May the triumph of good over evil on Dussehra inspire you to conquer your challenges and achieve your goals at work.

3. Dussehra teaches us that no matter how big the obstacle, with determination and courage, it can be overcome.

4. As we celebrate the victory of good over evil, may you triumph over your professional challenges and reach new heights.

5. Let the spirit of Dussehra guide you in your career, helping you vanquish obstacles and achieve greatness.

6. Dussehra reminds us that perseverance and righteousness lead to success. Keep up the good work!

7. Just as Lord Rama emerged victorious, may your dedication and hard work lead you to victory in your professional endeavors.

8. This Dussehra, may you slay the demons of procrastination and self-doubt, and embrace success and productivity.

9. Let the symbolism of Dussehra inspire you to always choose the path of integrity and excellence in your career.

10. Wishing you a Dussehra filled with the courage to face challenges and the determination to excel in your work. Happy Dussehra!

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10 Dussehra quotes for colleagues 

Here are 10 Dussehra quotes that you can share with your colleagues to celebrate the festival:

1. On this Dussehra, let's celebrate the victory of our collective efforts and the unbreakable bond we share as a team.

2. May the light of trust and unity guide us to new victories as we conquer our professional challenges. Happy Dussehra, colleagues!

3. Like Lord Rama's unwavering trust in his team, let us continue to rely on each other and achieve great success. Happy Dussehra!

4. Dussehra reminds us that a strong team is built on trust, respect, and collaboration. Wishing our amazing colleagues a joyful celebration!

5. This Dussehra, let's burn the effigy of doubts and fears, and strengthen the bond of teamwork that empowers us to overcome any obstacle.

6. In the spirit of Dussehra, let us come together as a united force, trust each other's strengths, and slay the demons of challenges.

7. Just as Lord Rama triumphed with the help of Hanuman and his army, our collective efforts and trust in each other will lead us to victory. Happy Dussehra, team!

8. May the virtues of Dussehra inspire us to maintain the harmony and teamwork that have always been the cornerstone of our success.

9. Dussehra teaches us that unity and trust can conquer the fiercest of adversities. Together, we are invincible. Happy Dussehra, colleagues!

10. As we celebrate Dussehra, let's reinforce our commitment to teamwork, trust, and collaboration, knowing that these values lead to ultimate triumph.


Dussehra is more than just a festival; it's a celebration of triumph over darkness, the enduring fight for righteousness, and a reminder of the eternal values we hold dear. The insightful quotes we've explored are beacons of wisdom that guide us in our own lives.

As we prepare to commemorate Dussehra, let's carry these timeless lessons with us - the victory of good over evil, the courage to stand against injustice, and the power of love over hate.

May Dussehra inspire us to be better, kinder, and unwavering in our pursuit of the right path. 

Happy Dussehra!

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