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When was the last time someone appreciated you at work?

OK, let’s put it this way: What are the most memorable words of praise you received which you can put in the bag of “best compliment(s) I have ever got”?

You can count them on your fingertips (well, at least I can), and it’s not because people don’t recognize you for a job well done, they just don’t know the rulebook of employee appreciation day messages, words, or compliments besides “well done”.

That’s because employee recognition is the most preached yet least practiced trait in the modern workplace. You can see it happening on engagement platforms, the likes and love reacts flowing all over the screen, but in reality, not a single sign to show for it.

Find below fifty employee appreciation messages for your colleagues that’ll kill the stage better than “well done”. Presenting the best employee appreciation messages, words of recognition and appreciation, and more.

Employee Appreciation

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50 Best employee appreciation messages for every occasion

Here are the best employee appreciation messages to fuel the culture of recognition with a massive boost. Appreciate to impress!

Words of recognition and appreciation from coworkers or peers

We all are thankful to our peers for they have our backs and here’s what we can send out to appreciate them. No felicitation between coworkers should go unnoticed and with Empuls, we bring them all to the spotlight.

1. "Have you ever run away from responsibility? Because you are always up to it!"

2. "I am proud of the fact that you overcome every mountain there is to climb in front of you."

3. "Having colleagues like you makes my work and dedication a breeze. Thank you for being there!"

4. "Hey work BFF, you are amazing! I hate you when you crack those lame jokes, but I love you for you are always here to support me. Thank you!"

5. "This team is full of hard-hitters and you always keep them in sync. Thank you for it!"

This team is full of hard-hitters and you always keep them in sync. Thank you for it!

6. "Your efforts at strengthening our culture are right in front of our eyes. Thank you for it!"

7. "To be honest, you always find a way to get things done, and boy you do it so well. Thank you!"

8. "Your happy nature makes this workplace shimmer. Thank you!"

9. "I am not going to lie, I was intimidated by your fast approach, but now it's moving mountains. Cheers to that!"

10. "Your expectations from us and ours from you are the benchmark of what we have achieved. Great job!"

Appreciation words for employees on specific projects

Success comes in the form of milestones and specific projects deserve applause. Here’s how one can commemorate a good job on specific projects to their peers at work:

Success in particular projects is a huge plus point, and one can show for it on Empuls.

11. “I can't tell you how proud I am with the way you handled that meeting today. One of the best things about you is how you present your work.”

12. “Hey! Your work on Project X has been abysmally astounding. I can tell you how easy it has made my life—and it shows.”

13. “I see you've been grinding pretty hard on Project X. I am happy that you are dedicated to whatever you do.”

14. “I loved your presentation about Project X, and it intrigues me so much, I want to learn more about it. We can have a chat in the breakroom if you’re open to it!”

15. “Way to go on that project! We are awestruck.” (Let's face it-- short and sweet=amazing)

16. “Your presentation skills are setting high standards! I might need to pick your brain the next time I have an opportunity to give one!”

17. “Your perspective towards Project X is amazing. I think we can use it in a very productive manner that way. Thank you!”

18. "Wow, I just heard people in the breakroom applauding your approach. Whatever it is, sounds pretty grand! Keep it up."

19. "I've been at this place for [x] years and I haven't heard such applause for a presentation like yours. Loved it!"

20. "Come on! Treat us for lunch, your project turned out to be a big win!"

Come on! Treat us for lunch, your project turned out to be a big win

Words of appreciation when your employees are having a bad day

Everyone’s been a victim of having a bad day and in this time of desperation, it’s only human to feel low. Here’s how you can pick your peers up with a message or two to make their day a bit less worse:

A pat on the back always lifts one up and makes a bad day better.

21. “Well, tough crowd! Nevertheless, I’m proud of how you handled everything.”

22. “Hey, you remember that successful Project last month—It really caught all the eyeballs! Don't worry about this one. Let's hustle for another big win!”

23. “I just want to say that I know things are gloomy, but I admire all the work you’re doing.”

24. “Today's day was a bouncer! I don't know what I would have done without you.”

25. “Hey, I know work’s been crazy lately, but boy you have taken it as a sport. Do you need a hand?”

“Hey, I know work’s been crazy lately, but boy you have taken it as a sport. Do you need a hand?”

26. “Such a tumultuous week and yet you're all held up like this? It’s so impressive and I am proud.”

27. “Thank you again for [put whatever I want here]. I know I don’t say that enough.”

28. "I'm sorry for how that meeting went. Anyway, want to blow off some steam over a game of pool?"

29. "Hey, now let's forget what happened and head home, alright? You are amazing and there's nothing you could've done better. Cool off."

30. "Let's put this ugly week behind us. Are you up for a drink/bite at your favorite joint?"

Let's put this ugly week behind us. Are you up for a drink/bite at your favorite joint?

Motivational appreciation messages when they had a big win

Promotions, baby on the way, a big sign-off on the project, it’s the time to party! Here’s how to congratulate your peers on a big win:

31. “You struck oil on the promotion! No one deserves it more than you.”

32. “You killed it at the meeting! I am so pumped up to start with our new venture.”

33. “Your work ethic has paid off and everyone is amazed by your success. Mazel tov!”

34. “Thank you for being my inspiration for all the good work and most importantly, being a good employee.”

35. “You have left us mesmerized with every project. I am so happy to see you excel!”

36. “Wow. Just wow. You've done an outstanding work! Great Job."

37. "You are setting quite a benchmark with your work. I wish to be that good too!”

38. "What an amazing quarter for you, looks like burning the night oil paid off. Great job."

39. "When I first met you, I knew that you'd hustle it out and it showed in the results. Amazing job!"

40. "The most successful goal-achiever of the month-- I am proud!"

40. "The most successful goal-achiever of the month-- I am proud!"

Compliments on their skills

We all have a math whiz, a science junkie, and a writer among us. Let’s thank them for the progress in their arsenal with a short message.

41. “Your problem-solving skills are visionary.”

42. “Your communication skills are so flamboyant and nonchalant. I love it!”

43. “Your ideas pull a rabbit out of our hats, don't they?”

44. “Thank you so much for assisting me with Project X. I’m not the best at [the skill they are best at], so you saved me from a huge fall.”

45. “You’ve got such an amazing work ethic.”

46. “Your technical prowess has brought this project to life.”

47. "I can't believe you were such good [insert their best skill]. I fear we might have to pay you more. Ha-ha!"

48. “Your wit reminds me to smile now and then and that is everything.”

49. "True intellect lies in asking the right questions and you have aced it. Amazing!"

50. "You can shimmy out of catastrophic situations with your number game. Great work!"

51. "In times when everyone was confined to their homes, it was your work that surpassed our expectations. That’s amazing and we can’t be prouder. Thank you!"

52. "Not only did you keep everyone engaged with your humor on video calls, but your work ethic has been simply spectacular. I can’t thank you enough for it!"

53. "Putting in those extra hours even when you’re at home is a rather grilling task. As always, you made us proud. Thank you! I can’t appreciate you enough for it."

54. "Being a dark horse is one thing but being always present for every query that arises outside and in work hours is another. Thank you so much!"

What's the best recognition software for appreciation?

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All set for your employee recognition project?

What is employee recognition is what can move mountains and now that you are aware of 5 important tips to employee appreciation, you can gear up for the next employee recognition phase at your organization?

With the onset of remote work taking over the world, it is crucial to take employee recognition words into the network. For that, you need an online social media platform designed specifically to appreciate, engage, and motivate your workforce. Looking for that holy grail? We got you covered.

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