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Employee engagement activities for Diwali to brightens the workplace with its spirit of joy and togetherness. 

As organizations strive to foster a culture of unity and employee well-being, what better occasion than Diwali to engage your workforce in a celebration that transcends the confines of cubicles and spreads cheer across the office? 

Explore a world of unique and exciting employee engagement activities and games that will not only add a touch of sparkle to your workplace but also forge lasting bonds among your team members, making this Diwali truly memorable. 

Get ready to light up your employees' hearts and watch productivity and enthusiasm soar like never before!

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Why is it important to celebrate Diwali at the workplace?

Celebrating Diwali in the workplace is important for several reasons, and the timing of the celebration is usually in line with the Diwali festival, which typically falls in October or November. This year, in 2023, Diwali falls on November 12th. Here's why it's important:

  • Team building: Celebrating Diwali at work brings employees together to share in the festivities. This can strengthen team bonds, improve relationships, and boost morale, leading to a more harmonious and productive work atmosphere.
  • Appreciation and recognition: Acknowledging Diwali is a way to show appreciation for the contributions of your employees, who may celebrate this festival. It demonstrates that you value their cultural background and traditions.
  • Stress relief: Diwali is a time of celebration and joy. Incorporating festive activities and decorations at the workplace can provide a welcome break from the usual routine and reduce stress, contributing to a positive work environment.
  • Employee engagement: Celebrating Diwali can be an excellent opportunity for employees to actively participate in organizing events, decorating the workplace, and showcasing their talents, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.
  • Traditions and values: Diwali is a time for families and communities to come together, symbolizing the importance of unity and good over evil. Incorporating these values into the workplace can reinforce a positive company culture.

Celebrating Diwali at the workplace fosters cultural inclusivity, team unity, and employee engagement. It enhances the company's image, upholds positive values, and offers a stress-relieving break from the usual work routine.

15 Employee engagement activities for Diwali

Engaging employees during Diwali can foster a sense of togetherness and create a positive work environment. Here are 10 unique employee engagement activities for Diwali

1. Diwali decor contest

Encourage employees to infuse the office with the festive spirit by decorating their workspaces or common areas with Diwali-themed decorations.

This can include colorful rangoli, paper lanterns, and strings of lights. Organize a contest with categories like "Most Creative," "Most Traditional," or "Most Sustainable Decorations" and reward the winners with prizes or recognition.


  • Boosted creativity and teamwork. 
  • Improved office aesthetics and ambiance.

2. Diwali lunch

Organize a Diwali-themed potluck lunch where employees bring in homemade dishes, sacks and sweets that represent different regions of India. This not only celebrates the culinary diversity of the country but also fosters a sense of community and sharing.


  • Celebrates cultural diversity and fosters inclusivity.
  • Improved employee morale through shared meals.

3. Diya painting workshop

Set up a diya (oil lamp) painting workshop where employees can express their creativity by painting and decorating diyas. These personalized diyas can be used to light up the office during the Diwali celebration, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


  • Encourages artistic expression and creativity.
  • Creates personalized decorations for the office.

4. Rangoli competition

Rangoli is an art form that involves creating intricate, colorful patterns on the floor. Organize a rangoli competition, allowing employees or teams to showcase their artistic talents by creating stunning rangoli designs in common areas or at the office entrance. You can have judges select the winning design based on creativity and execution.


  • Fosters creativity and attention to detail.
  • Enhances the visual appeal of the workplace.

5. Diwali card exchange

Encourage employees to take a break from their busy schedules and create Diwali greeting cards for their colleagues. This simple yet thoughtful gesture allows them to convey their good wishes and strengthen their interpersonal relationships.


  • Strengthens interpersonal relationships.
  • Fosters goodwill and positive communication.

6. Cultural performances

Provide a platform for employees to showcase their cultural talents. This could include traditional dances, musical performances, or even a skit related to Diwali.

These performances not only entertain but also promote cultural appreciation and understanding among your workforce.


  • Provides a platform for employees to showcase their talents.
  • Boosts team spirit and employee engagement.

7. Diwali quiz

Host a Diwali-themed quiz or trivia contest to test employees' knowledge of the festival. The quiz can cover various aspects of Diwali, such as its history, customs, and regional variations. You can award prizes to those who answer the most questions correctly, making it both educational and fun.


  • Enhances knowledge of the festival's history and traditions.
  • Encourages friendly competition and intellectual engagement.

8. Gift exchange

Organize a Diwali-themed gift exchange similar to a Secret Santa. Employees draw names and exchange small gifts that embody the spirit of the festival. Gift ideas can include candles, traditional sweets, or decorative items. This activity adds an element of surprise and celebration to the workplace.


  • Fosters the spirit of giving and sharing.
  • Strengthens relationships among employees.

9. Charity drive

Embrace the spirit of giving during Diwali by organizing a charity drive. Employees can contribute essential items, clothes, or food for underprivileged communities or organizations in need. Encourage your workforce to come together for a meaningful and altruistic cause.


  • Boosts employee morale and satisfaction.
  • Enhances the organization's reputation for corporate social responsibility.

10. Workplace pooja

To maintain the traditional aspect of Diwali, consider organizing a workplace pooja (prayer ceremony). Invite a priest to conduct rituals and offer blessings for a prosperous year ahead. Employees can participate in the prayers, which can provide a spiritual and contemplative dimension to the festivities.


  • Provides a spiritual and reflective dimension to the celebration.
  • Promotes cultural inclusivity and respect for diverse beliefs.
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11. Diwali talent show

Encourage employees to showcase their hidden talents beyond cultural performances.

Organize a Diwali talent show where employees can demonstrate skills such as singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, magic tricks, or any other unique talents they possess. This activity can be a fun and entertaining way to celebrate the festival.


  • Showcases hidden talents and skills
  • Provides entertainment and enjoyment

12. Diwali-themed workshops

Arrange a series of workshops related to Diwali. These workshops could include sessions on traditional Diwali crafts, mehndi (henna) application, cooking traditional Diwali dishes, or even workshops on stress management and mindfulness to help employees maintain their well-being during the busy festive season.


  • Encourages hands-on learning and engagement
  • Enhances employee knowledge of Diwali traditions and crafts

13. Diwali office parade

Create a mini Diwali parade within the office. Encourage employees to dress in traditional attire and march through the office, showcasing their Diwali decorations, cultural symbols, or even a chariot with a Diwali theme. This adds a vibrant and dynamic element to the celebration.


  • Adds vibrancy and dynamism to the celebration
  • Encourages employee participation and excitement

14. Diwali storytelling session

Diwali is rich in stories and legends. Organize a storytelling session where employees share their favorite Diwali tales, myths, or personal anecdotes related to the festival. This activity can be a great way to learn more about the cultural significance of Diwali.


  • Shares cultural knowledge and traditions
  • Promotes understanding and appreciation of Diwali stories

15. Diwali eco-friendly initiative

Emphasize sustainability during Diwali by organizing an eco-friendly initiative. Encourage employees to bring in recyclables or e-waste for proper disposal, or even plant saplings within the office premises.

This not only aligns with the traditional value of respecting nature but also promotes environmental consciousness.


  • Fosters environmental consciousness
  • Promotes responsible and eco-friendly practices in the workplace

5 Employee engagement games for Diwali

Employee engagement games can be a fun and creative way to celebrate Diwali in the workplace and foster a sense of togetherness among your team. Here are 5 Diwali-themed games for employee engagement:

1. Dazzling diya decorating competition

To celebrate Diwali, consider hosting a Diya decoration contest for your team. Provide plain clay lamps and a variety of decorations to inspire creativity.

The goal is to create a friendly competition, encouraging artistic expression and embracing the festive spirit. It's a delightful way to highlight your team's creative talents.

2. Tambola extravaganza

Enhance the festive spirit with a game of Tambola, where employees can win exciting prizes.

This fun activity fosters camaraderie and togetherness, adding a lively touch to your Diwali celebration, and it's a great way to appreciate your team's enthusiasm and participation.

3. Sweets sensation challenge

Revitalize your Diwali celebration with a delightful game! Arrange an assortment of classic Diwali sweets and challenge your employees to guess their names while blindfolded.

This engaging activity adds a playful twist to the festivities and allows everyone to relish the essence of this cherished festival.

4. Diwali memory match

Set up a grid showcasing Diwali-themed imagery for an entertaining game at your Diwali celebration.

Employees can take turns flipping over cards in a quest to uncover matching pairs. This engaging activity adds an extra layer of festivity to your Diwali gathering.

5. Diwali musical chairs with a twist

Set up chairs amidst Diwali decor, play lively music, and have participants merrily circle them. When the music stops, the fun begins as everyone scrambles for a seat. With each round, the tension grows as one chair vanishes.

This Diwali-themed musical chairs game embodies the spirit of the Festival of Lights, creating a joyful and bonding atmosphere.

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In conclusion, these Diwali-themed employee engagement activities and games offer a unique way to foster teamwork, happiness, and creativity within your organization.

By celebrating the festival of lights together, you not only enhance your workplace atmosphere but also strengthen the bonds among your team members.

As you plan your Diwali festivities, remember that the true magic of this festival lies in the connections it fosters. May this Diwali season illuminate your workplace with renewed energy and unity. 

Happy Diwali, and may the spirit of engagement continue to shine in your organization!

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