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Receiving a gift on a special occasion such as a birthday, festival, corporate event or any other celebration can feel like a magical moment. Traditionally gifts have been associated only with select items people find at their local gift store. Close friends, family and relatives go as far as selecting a personal gift to delight on one special occasion. However, as the trends have changed, gifting is frequent and technology has caught up it’s possible to gift people things they find useful.

Even companies can give employee gift cards that allow a great degree of personalization that would delight their workforce. With a gift card, people can choose what they want to buy from a specific store and feel happy with their purchase. If you are looking for gifting ideas for your company then here is a great selection of corporate gift cards for employees in India from Xoxoday Stores!

Employee gift card ideas for food and restaurant

Gift card for food is always appreciated by your employees, cause who doesn’t love food?! Include these along with your gifting package and delight your employees today!

1.  Barbecue Nation gift card

Pioneering the art of customizing grills as per the customer’s choice, Barbeque Nation has grown to become a favorite among all people. Gift your employees the next fun time at the best grill in the city through a coupon for the whole family! Click here for a Barbecue Nation gift card!

2.  Café Coffee Day gift card

Café Coffee Day built a reputation as the coolest hang-out spot for people of all ages and a place to try out some amazing coffee! Your employees probably frequent a Coffee day with friends or family every month. Gift them a café coffee day voucher to make their next visit a delight!

3. Starbucks gift card

Starbucks has steadily gained popularity over the years as the go-to coffee place for all people. If your employees love coffee then it’s certain they visit Starbucks every month. Gift them a Starbucks voucher which can be redeemed at the stores anytime this holiday season!

4. Zomato gift card

The most popular food delivery app, Zomato is a must-have for all the food lovers out there to discover new places to eat and avail great offers. Your employees are sure to love receiving Zomato vouchers that allow them to redeem them wherever they choose!

5. McDonald’s gift card

McDonald’s is probably the most popular and favorite fast food joint for both your employees and their families. People have a whole range of options to choose from and a great time to be had at the premises. Delight your employees today with a McDonald’s gift card!

6. Macaroni Grill US

Offering authentic Mediterranean cuisines macaroni features a great selection of delicious and simple Italian food. Gift your employees a Macaroni Grill US gift card today.

7. Texas Roadhouse

Family-friendly restaurant has more than 611 locations across the country making hand-made fresh steaks. Gift your employees a Texas Roadhouse gift card today!

Employee gift card ideas for fashion and lifestyle

One of the ways to keep corporate gift cards for employees on an elegant plane is to gift them vouchers for fashion and lifestyle. Your employees would love to receive gift cards for their favorite brands.

8. Raymond Shop gift card

Raymond is a premium brand that offers a complete wardrobe for men of elegance. Employees looking for formal wear and suits are sure to visit Raymond stores or buy from them. It is a perfect destination for men to pick attire that makes them look good and feel great. Gift them a Raymond gift card today!

9. Woodland gift card

Woodland dominates the footwear industry as their shoes have unparallel quality and feel. For over 25 years the brand has built a loyal fan base who swears by the superior quality of its apparel. Your company is sure to have employees who are absolute loyalists to the brand. So a Woodlands gift voucher is a perfect gift on any occasion!

10. Nykaa gift card

Nykaa is the most popular e-commerce brand which offers products from hundreds of different brands including premium international brands. People shopping for authentic product trust Nykaa for all their lifestyle needs. Gift a Nykaa voucher to delight your employees!

11. Fabindia gift card

Fabindia features apparel made in India that represents the unique techniques and craftsmanship that are native to the country. It has over 311 stores all across India in 106 cities and offers a range of apparel that is not found in other stores. While it offers great apparel, shopping there is an experience in itself. Delight your employees today by gifting them a Fabindia gift card!

12. Louie Philippe gift card

Louie Phillippe has carved itself a niche as a favorite in men’s wear. The store features formal, casual and semi-formal wear made for the discerning gentleman. Shopping at their stores is always a delight and an experience your employees are sure to love. Gift a Louie Philippe voucher today!

13. Hollister gift card

One of the coolest brands in the country, Hollister is a one-stop shop for jeans, shorts, tanks, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, tees, jackets and more. Gift your employees the authentic Californian style today with a Hollister gift voucher.

14. H&M USA gift card

This fashion brand has something exciting to offer for people of all ages. Gift your employees a  H&M USA Gift Card today!

Employee gift card ideas for cash & prepaid cards

One of the best ways to delight your employees is to give them the power of choice to pick any gift they desire. A prepaid card that can be redeemed anywhere then is the ideal gift for all occasions.

15. Visa digital gift cards

The one-time loadable gift card can be used anywhere within the country and has a limit of rupees 10,000. Redeeming the card is fast and easy! Gift your employees a Visa digital gift card today!

16. Pineperks Rupay gift cards

Looking for more versatility in gifting options for your employees? This gift card fits the bill perfectly with the option to load from rupees 50 to rupees 10,000. Your employees can redeem the card in any store with a validity of 24 months! Gift them the power of choice by giving them Pineperks Rupay gift cards.

17. Paypal voucher

As one of the most frequently used digital payment method, paypal is is popular with everyone. Gift your employees a Paypal Voucher that they can redeem and add to their Paypal account.

18. Prepaid Mastercard

This card gives your employees the flexibility to choose how they spend their money on their gifts. Delight them with a prepaid mastercard.

Employee gift card ideas for wellness and sports

Your employees’ health and wellness are critical for productivity, engagement and long-term satisfaction. Gifting them vouchers for health brands is one of the best employee gift card ideas that shows them you care.

19. Cultfit gift card

Cultfit is the leading fitness and wellness brand that offers a range of services including physical training and online wellness classes. Joining Cultfit is a great way to work on health and fitness goals for your employees. Encourage fitness and healthy habits by gifting them a Cultfit gift card today!

20. Apollo Pharmacy gift card

Apollo pharmacy is the premiere store for all things health and wellness. It features a range of products from pharmaceutical drugs to baby care products, personal hygiene products and related items for people of all ages. Everybody buys at Apollo so gift your employees a voucher for Apollo Pharmacy today!

21. Decathlon gift card

Decathlon is a leading store for sports apparel, exercise equipment and a range of health-related products at unmatched prices. Whether it’s picking up running shoes and pants or shopping for workout equipment, Decathlon is the first place your employees would visit. Gift them a Decathlon gift card today!

22. O2 Spa gift card

O2 Spa Salon is India’s leading day spa chain with more than 40 locations across 21 cities in the country. The chain specializes in a number of innovative spa treatments that are a hit among the people who visit frequently. Gift your employees a rejuvenating experience with an O2 Spa voucher!

23. Himalaya gift card

Himalaya is a trusted brand that produces a range of personal care products such as creams, shampoos, baby care and other items. People who are increasingly health conscious trust Himalaya’s products and are loyal customers. Gift your employees a Himalaya voucher today!

24. Ultra Beauty gift card

One of the largest retailer of cosmetics, skin care products, fragrances, beauty products and salon services, Ultra Beauty is a premier shopping destination for all things wellness. Show some love to your employees and gift them an Ultra Beauty voucher today!

25. Bath and Body Works gift card

Bath and Body Works is the one-stop-shop for all things fragrance. Delight your employees today with a Bath and Body Works Gift Card.

Employee gift card ideas for grocery

Groceries are a necessity for every household and most of people’s spending goes into them. A gift card for groceries is a much-appreciated gift by all employees regardless of the occasion!

26. Bigbasket gift card

Bigbasket is one of the largest online grocery stores where millions of people buy groceries daily. Spread across 30 cities it is used by most people who do not have the time to go shopping and instead have the groceries delivered to their doorstep. A Bigbasket gift card is sure to be one of the most useful gifts you can give your employees today!

Formerly known as Grofers, Blinkit makes it easy to have all the stuff people need to be delivered to their doorstep. People can shop online or on the mobile app to purchase items at competitive prices. Gift a Blinkit voucher to your employees today

28. Godrej Natures Basket gift card

Godrej Natures Basket offers a great in-store shopping experience to all its customers. Started in 2005 the chain now runs across 36 cities as one of the foremost shopping destinations for fresh groceries. Gift a voucher to Godrej Natures Basket that your employees can redeem at the store on all items.

29. More megastore gift card

More is a major chain of 523 supermarkets and 19 hypermarkets that offer customers an outstanding shopping experience and great value. Their supermarkets stock everything from home essentials to cosmetics, fashion and groceries. Gifting your employees a More megastore gift card is sure to delight them!

30. Spar Hypermarket gift card

Spar is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the country operating its stores in 18 locations. They stock more than 40,000 products from all brands including international ones. The chain is famous for its excellent shopping experience, fresh groceries and value for money. Gift your employees a spar hypermarket gift card today!

31. Walmart gift card

Walmart is the go-to megastore for thousands of everyday products and more. Your employees can choose from any brand and top of the line products on their next visit to the store with a Walmart gift card!

32. Whole Foods Market USA egift voucher

Shopping in America’s healthiest grocery store is just what your employees need to stay true to their health goals. Gift them a Whole Foods Market USA eGift Voucher today!

Employee gift card ideas for babies & kids

People who have children will always run out of things and constantly need to replenish their supplies. Delight your staff today with employee gift cards to leading baby brands.

33. First Cry gift cards

First-cry is a one-stop shop for all baby needs such as toys, diapers, strollers, car seats, baby apparel, and other products. It is the largest chain of stores of its kind and is the go-to shopping destination for all parents. Delight your employees with kids today with a First cry gift card!

34. Shopper’s Stop gift cards

Shopper’s stop is one of the oldest and most popular shopping destinations for every type of luxury item imaginable. The chain hosts multiple international brands and is the go-to place to buy premium children's and baby products. Delight your employees with children by gifting them a Shopper’s stop gift card!

35. Gini & Jony gift cards

Gini & Jon is a well-known children’s apparel brand that has been around in India for a long time. The brand has showrooms across the country and sells premium quality children’s clothing. Parents love dressing their kids up in all the trendiest apparel that rolls out of this brand. Delight your employees with kids today by gifting them a Gini & Jony gift card.

36. Tata Cliq gift cards

Tata Cliq has fast gained popularity as a go-to place for cool accessories. It features over 1,200 brands and is a one-stop shop for all things fashion and lifestyle. With a Tata Cliq gift card, your employees can shop for all kinds of children’s apparel and choose from the trendiest clothes.

37. The Children’s Palace

Delight your employees with kids with a chance to shop in North America’s largest superspeciality retailer. Gift them a Children’s Palace voucher today!

38. Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby spoils its customers with a range of merchandise and apparel for babies and toddlers. Gift your employees a buy buy baby gift card today!

Employee gift card ideas for travel

Everyone loves travelling! Your employees should take at least two vacations a year to cool off and relax. Gift cards for travelling will definitely be one of the much-appreciated employee gift card ideas.

39. MakeMyTrip gift cards

MakeMyTrip is one of the most popular online travel companies founded two decades ago. Millions of users browse through the site every year for booking flights, hotels and more. A gift card for MakeMyTrip is sure to delight your employees this holiday season!

40. Cleartrip gift cards

Cleartrip is a global travel company which offers its services as an aggregator for booking hotels, flights, train and bus tickets, activities and more. Travellers frequently book their tickets on Cleartrip for all the great deals they can get on the combo packages. A gift voucher for Cleartrip is sure to make your employees happy on their next vacation!

41. Global Hotel gift cards

Global Hotels are symbolic of luxury and extravagance. Stay at these places is nothing short of an indulgence for people as they enjoy the world-class hotel amenities. To gift an absolutely delightful stay at some of the best hotels in the country, gift your employees a Global Hotel gift card today!

42. Delta Air Lines egift card

Fly anywhere with the Delta airlines at low fares and maximum comfort. Gift your employees a Delta Air Lines eGift Card today!

43. Airbnb US gift voucher

Stay anywhere and pick any accommodation of your preference with an Airbnb. Gift your employees an Airbnb US gift voucher today!

Employee gift card ideas for entertainment

Entertainment and leisure are a part of peoples’ lives. Your employees are bound to have an OTT streaming service subscription at their homes. Entertainment gift cards are great employee gift card ideas as all will appreciate them.

44. BookMyShow gift cards

BookMyShow is the most popular aggregator in the country for tickets to movies, concerts, and a range of other events. Most people look up timings, venues and tickets online on BookMyShow before deciding on the movie or event to go to. Gift your employees a voucher to BookMyShow today!

45. PVR gift cards

PVR became the go-to multiplex in big cities over the years. The multiplex chain offers a great viewing experience that is unmatched by conventional theatres. PVR cinemas are a great place to hang out with family and friends and have an amazing time. Gift a  PVR gift card to your employees today to make their movie-going experience today!

46. Hotstar gift card

Disney+Hotstar subscriptions are at an all-time high as the OTT streaming service lets people watch thousands of movies and all the upcoming series. Your employees probably watch movies or series every day after work to unwind and relax. Gift them a Hotstar gift card today to make their leisure time fun!

47. Zee5 gift card

As one of the oldest brands in the entertainment industry, Zee5 now runs a popular OTT streaming service with millions of followers in India. One of the advantages the OTT brings is a multi-language service that is suitable for people of all kinds of backgrounds. If your employee's stream at home then there’s a good chance they subscribe to Zee5.

48. Ganaa gift card

Ganaa is one of the most popular music streaming services that meet people's music demands. They can subscribe to songs across various languages and even download the mp3 version of the song for offline listening. The streaming platform also offers a range of other services, making it a delight among music lovers.

49. STARZ gift card

STARZ is designed for delivering the ultimate experience for fans. It allows them to watch movies or TV shows on demand or download them as they please. Gift your employees a STARZ gift card today!

50. Spotify (USA)

Stream endless music and podcasts anywhere and everywhere on Spotify. Gift your employees a Spotify gift card today!

Employee gift card ideas for charity and donations

Donations are a wonderful way to give back to society and express gratitude for the good fortune in life. It is also a genuine way to help those in need.

51. Donatekart gift cards

Donatekart is one of India’s largest crowdfunding platforms where people can post about the support they need for a social cause. Donors can contribute in the form of groceries and necessary kits that the campaign organizers have requested for. As a transparent platform, Donatekart is also the most trusted platform online. What’s cool is these employee gift cards are tax deductible! Gift your employee a Donatekart gift card!

52. Points for Good gift cards

Points for Good is also a crowdfunding platform which allows people to donate to a cause that appeals to them. Gift your employees a gift card to Points for Good this thanksgiving and let them show gratitude for all the blessings in life.

53. American Red Cross

Donate to the Red Cross and help the thousands of men and women working to deliver vital support when in need. Gift our employees an American Red Cross gift card today.

54. National Park Foundation US

Help your outdoor enthusiast employees do they part to conserve the National Forests. Gift them a National Park Foundation US voucher today.

Gift cards for gold and jewelry

Gold and jewelry serve both ornamental purposes and double as an investment for the long term. It’s a great idea to encourage your employees to invest in gold by giving them gift cards to trusted retailers.

55. Tanishq Studded gif cards

Tanishq is a popular brand that is known for its style and excellence in craftsmanship. People can explore a range of beautiful collections of gold jewelry and pick up gold ornaments of different purity. Delight your employees today with a Tanishq studded gift card!

56. Malabar gift cards

Malabar gold is one of the fastest-growing jewelry brands in India with an excess of $4.1 billion annual turnover. People can buy ready-made gold jewelry or have it custom-made with competitive charges and little wastage. Gift a Malabar gift card to your employee today for all their jewelry needs!

57. Kalyan gift cards

Kalyan jewelers have grown to become one of the largest jewelry chains in India ever since their inception in 1993. The jewelry chain is popular for wedding jewelry as they specialize in well-designed designs for Indian events. Gift your employees a Kalyan gift card today!

58. Candere Diamond gift cards

Although a recent entrant into the market, Candere has built itself a great brand value in the last 10 years. They offer trendy jewelry and specialize in different stones, platinum jewelry and gold coins. Gift your employees a Candere gift card today!

59. Surat Diamond gift cards

Surat Diamond Jewelry has a strong presence as an online seller of premium jewelry. They also export precious metals such as silver and gold, diamond, pearl and semi-precious metals. Delight your employees by gifting them a Surat diamond gifting card today!

60. US gift card

JTV is the America’s premiere jewellery shopping destination. Delight your employees today with a US Gift Card today!

61. Mark & Graham US

Makers of fine-crafted jewelry, the brand is popular with people of all ages. Gift your employees a Mark & Graham US gift card today!  

Employee gift card ideas for beauty & cosmetics

Beauty and cosmetics is an ever-growing industry thanks to people’s increasing standard of living. Your employees are already spending a lot on cosmetics, so why not make them happy with a gift card?!

62. MyGlamm gift cards

MyGlamm is a trendy beauty store that offers a range of beauty products from international brands. They also team up with experts and artists worldwide to craft perfect procedures and develop innovative products. Gift your employees a MyGlamm gift card today!

63. Lakme Salon gift cards

One of the most recognized brands in fashion, Lakme Salon brings the experience of divas to all women with its range of beauty products. The salons offer an incredible experience as a beauty and male professionals bring their collective experience to turn every woman into a diva! Gift your employees a Lakme Salon gift card today and watch them glow in joy!

64. Bombay Shaving Company gift cards

Bombay Shaving Company is fast growing in popularity as a premium grooming Solutions Company for men. The brand took an innovative approach in a highly competitive market to deliver incredible customers and build a solid base of loyal buyers. Gift a Bombay Shaving Company gift card to your employees today!

65. The Body shop gift cards

The Body Shop is a company that makes premium self-care products, cosmetics and perfumes. The products are loved by its wide customer base who keep coming back to try new items. Gift a Body Shop gift card to all the fans of the store in your company today!

66. Nykaa gift cards

Nykaa is the go-to online store for all products related to beauty, cosmetics and lifestyles. Featuring hundreds of brands across the spectrum the online giant has a base of millions of customers. Gift a Nykaa gift card today so your employees can redeem the cards on their next purchase.

67. Macys USA egift voucher

With 800 stores operating across the country, Macy’s has everything your employees need for personal care. Gift them a Macys USA eGift Voucher today.

68. Belk USA egift voucher

Belk offers the best in modern and southern style. Spread across 300 stores, the band has cosmetics, apparel, accessories and more. Gift your employees a Belk USA eGift Voucher today!


The article above covers an extensive list of employee gift card ideas applicable to all organizations. These cards can be given on any occasion or as a complementary addition to other gifts. To learn more about gift cards and gifting, visit Xoxoday Stores today!


Here are some frequently asked questions about employee gift cards:

Q1. What is an employee gift card?

Employee gift cards are a great way to show appreciation. It is part of the organization’s rewards and recognition program.

Q2. When is the right time to give employees gift cards?

Gift cards can be given as part of employee recognition or as presents during an occasion such as a festival.

Q3. How to send gift cards in bulk to employees?

You can send gift cards in bulk using Xoxoday Stores bulk-sending option.

Q4. What are some of the best digital employee gift cards?

Some of the best digital gift cards include prepaid cards, and gift cards for travel, entertainment and jewelry.

Q5. How do I choose a gift card for employees?

Choosing a gift card depends on a number of factors such as the occasion, company culture, budget, and employee preferences.

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