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Investing in employee training software has become a priority for organizations aiming to stay competitive and relevant in the job market. When your resources are tight, yet recruits and tenured employees require training, taking advantage of tools to streamline the process ensures that you can focus on growing your business.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Software

  • Ensure that the software is scalable so it grows along with your team.
  • Look for customizable features that tailor your training materials to your operational requirements.
  • Aim for content creation functionalities that simplify training content development.
  • Go for dynamic analytics and tracking tools that assess training progress and cost-effectiveness.

20 Best employee training software

Here are 20 best employee training software

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a versatile cloud-based learning management system designed for businesses of all sizes, offering customizable course creation tools, unique conferencing and gamification features, and mobile-responsive accessibility to enhance employee or student learning experiences.

Key features: The software offers customizable course creation, 24/7 access to all courses, gamification features, and seamless app integrations that democratize employee training modules.

Best for: Personalizing employee training content with multimedia support and customizable learning paths


  • User-friendly
  • Native course creation tools (no need for third-party service)
  • SCORM-compatible
  • Easy-to-deploy courses


  • Overwrites course history
  • Limited gamification functionality on some classes

Companies using this softwar

  • Deliveroo
  • Isuzu
  • Panera Bread
  • cPanel
  • Delonghi

2. Coursy

Coursy is a cloud-based learning management system for efficient employee education. Tailored for administrators and learners, Coursy simplifies content creation, distribution, and tracking. Users can access training, receive certificates, and monitor progress anytime. It also offers add-on modules for performance appraisals and external training. Ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Key features: Coursy features content creation functionality that works even for medium to large-scale businesses. However, its primary selling point is its certification management tools.

Best for: Compliance management for automated updating of training certifications and workforce development analytics, suitable for delivering best bookkeeping certification courses online


  • Integration with your HR management software
  • Diverse language capability
  • Modifiable notifications 


  • Reporting and analytics require finetuning
  • Complex administrator tools

Companies Using This Software:

  • Coop
  • Elisa

3. SkyPrep

SkyPrep is an intuitive, cloud-based training software designed for businesses to educate employees, partners, and customers efficiently. It offers robust course and content management, enabling easy content upload and reuse. The platform supports various file types and assessment tools, including SCORM, PowerPoint, videos, and more. SkyPrep is highly customizable and integrates with third-party apps like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Key features: Skyprep offers built-in content management tools that allow multimedia file uploading to be reusable for course development. Personalization functionality also allows customizable branding.

Best for: Course monetization for coaches and franchisees


  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Customizable content tools
  • App integrations


  • Not optimized for mobile viewing
  • Occasionally problematic enrollment process

Companies using this software

  • YMCA
  • AGP Clinical Academy

4. Teachlr Organizations

Teachlr Organizations offers versatile onboarding and training for employees and customers. It features core tools and optional video conferences. This platform enhances user navigation and provides progress reports. You can customize the interface with branding for a consistent user experience.

Key features: Teachlr Organizations has an extensive library of over 800 courses, various communication tools for engagement, simplified progress tracking, and a user-friendly interface with branding options.

Best for: Video conferencing for immersive employee training interactions



  • Limited customization options for your organization’s profile page

Companies using this platform

  • Telefonica
  • KidZania

5. Coggno

Coggno is a cloud-based training marketplace and learning management system (LMS) that simplifies global training and certification. Surprisingly, it doesn’t ask for payment upfront—you just pay for what you need with Coggno Training Hub.

But for its subscription-based access, the platform offers courses and certifications for compliance, soft skills, and safety training, with the flexibility to swap courses monthly.

Key features: Coggno's LMS is user-friendly and adaptable for all devices. Customization is allowed for branding and course standardization. Multi-language capabilities also allow workforce inclusivity.

Best for: Issuing certifications for employee training courses, especially for those who obtained degrees in supply chain management required to upskill


  • Certifications are downloadable upon completion
  • Progress tracking 
  • Messaging and notification functionalities


  • Limited site configuration tools
  • Requires purchase of third-party content creation services (unless you make your own SCORM)

Companies using this software

  • Costco
  • Subway

6. Prosperity LMS (Ziiva)

Prosperity LMS from Ziiva is your go-to scalable enterprise solution backed by years of experience. It excels at complex certification and compliance training and seamless integration with third-party systems. Whether you're training employees, customers, or partners, Prosperity offers solutions with tailored configurations and flexible pricing to suit your employee training needs.

Key features: Prosperity LMS scales up as you grow with transition billing models configurable to your changing company needs. You can also integrate your employee training content with your HR and CMS for streamlining onboarding to role designation.

Best for: Scaling enterprises with a consistent need for employee training


  • Flexible payment options
  • Structured learning plans
  • Scalable model


  • Web-based authoring tool exclusive only to corporate subscription
  • Limited configuration tools for the basic version

Companies Using This Software:

  • Air Medical Holdings, Inc.
  • Golden 1 Credit Union

7. Absorb

Absorb LMS is an award-winning platform for continuous employee learning that scales with your needs. It offers core features like content libraries, social learning tools, and task automation. With its monetization function, you can also sell your courses via the e-commerce module.

Plus, you can enjoy seamless integration with platforms like G Suite, BambooHR, and Active Directory for enhanced security and streamlined user management. Such features ensure efficient, effective employee development.

Key features: Absorb LMS offers immediate access to pre-configured, top-quality courses for quick ROI. Its learner-centric platform allows tailored experiences for mobile. Also, collaborative tools enhance interactions between administrators and trainees for immersive learning.

Best for: Instant training deployment of course templates for immediate ROI


  • Quick-launch training
  • Collaborative learning
  • Scalability


  • Obscure report analytics
  • Not entirely intuitive

Companies using this software

  • Sony
  • Gap

8.  Userlane

Unlike a full-fledged LMS, Userlane is a code-free digital adoption platform that simplifies training by automating and personalizing employee onboarding. It offers interactive, gamified training with a single line of code, reducing onboarding costs and enhancing the learning process. 

Software designers—first-timers or legit ones—can provide personalized, step-by-step training journeys, making them user-friendly and efficient.

Key features: Userlane supports gamified techniques for enjoyable learning, with virtual assistants ready for staff training within web browsers. But the real deal is its swift implementation with just one line of code, which saves resources and enables immediate interactive software training.

Best for: Creating an interactive onboarding guide for employee engagement


  • User-friendly
  • Real-time analytics
  • Requires little to no programming skill


  • Limited branding options and customization
  • Lacks file transfer capability for reports

Companies using this software

  • Hitachi
  • The Linde Group

9. ShieldByte LMS

ShieldbyteLMS is your go-to platform for elevating corporate employee training worldwide. It streamlines knowledge augmentation for governance, risk, security, and compliance training. With self-paced e-learning courses accessible from anywhere, it meets your employees’ training progress.

The platform offers pre-built courses and the option to bring your own content (BYOC). Plus, it motivates your trainees with metrics, quizzes, badges, and certificates, ensuring effective skill enhancement.

Key features: Its main claim to fame is its templated e-learning courses developed by industry experts, which saves you time and resources on customized training. Tools like assessment, certification management, and badges ensure efficient knowledge enrichment.

Best for: Bring Your Own Content (BYOC), especially for standardized courses


  • Swift training course deployment
  • Web and mobile access
  • Pre-designed courses


  • Limited customization capability
  • Limited viewable features on mobile
  • No course authoring functionality

Companies using this software

  • Employee First
  • Wefivesoft

10.  Aktiv Mind LMS

Aktiv Mind LMS simplifies employee training with its user-friendly platform for creating and deploying online training programs. It offers auto-graded quizzes for efficient learning and works seamlessly on various devices, including mobile. 

Bring on your training course arsenal and manage diverse file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, audio, and video, complete with document annotation. It's a powerful tool for easy and effective employee training.

Key features: Aktiv Mind offers course content uploading in various file formats to engage employees during training. To enhance industry knowledge absorption, Aktiv Mind enables quiz creation. Trainee assessment is possible via intuitive progress reports.

Best for: Basic course creation for small companies with few employees


  • Value-added pricing model
  • Collaboration tools 
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Occasional downtime due to simultaneous use
  • Limited app integration

Companies using this software

  • CFAT Training for the Canadian Military
  • Aperture Laboratories

11. Edloomio

Edloomio is a user-friendly, open-source LMS embraced by global companies for improved employee training. It simplifies content creation, sharing, and management, allowing you to create courses from templates or use existing materials like videos and documents.

Custom roles and colleague invites enhance collaboration, and integration with HR, CRM, and ERP systems ensures seamless data sharing. It's an intuitive solution for streamlined employee training.

Key features: Edloomio allows trainers to easily create enriching employee training content with its native course builder. You can amp up existing media and documents for blended learning paths. But the best feature yet is its HR, CRM, and ERP system integration, making it ideal for monitoring and evaluating individual trainee progress.

Best for: Streamlining training and onboarding processes through systems integrations


  • Built-in course creation tools
  • Course templates
  • App and systems integration


  • Limited customization capabilities for branding

Companies using this software

  • Vion Food Group
  • Hew Kabel

12. Sparkwork 

Sparkwork is a next-generation LMS that delivers personalized learning resources when and where needed. It boosts frontline employee performance, simplifies onboarding, ensures compliance training, and promotes communication and collaboration. 

Users can create engaging content with gamification and real-time progress monitoring. Employees enjoy easy access to resources from any device, fostering effective learning and employee communication from a central hub.

Key features: Whether short demos or text-based courses, your employees can access training on any device, making learning seamless and efficient. Gamification simplifies complex concepts, fostering competition and fun learning with quizzes, points, badges, and leaderboards. With automation, communication, and collaboration tools, the platform ensures immersive and interactive employee training

Best for: Gamifying course content for better engagement and employee motivation


  • Personalization tools for tailored training needs
  • Gamified learning
  • Workflow standardization and automation


  • Customer service could be improved

Companies using this software

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Chancellor Hotel

13. Wisetail

Wisetail is all about user-friendly learning. It combines practical features with cool extras like widgets, social tools, and gamification. You can create custom learning hubs for your team, easily share content, and control access. Social tools and gamification make learning engaging, and managers can track progress effortlessly with custom reports.

Key features: Wisetail brings a social touch to learning with personalized profiles. This makes tracking and communication a breeze. Admins find content creation a snap with rich media elements for courses, tests, and quizzes. 

Plus, Wisetail keeps employees engaged by spicing things up with gamification. Leaderboards and quiz prizes make learning competitive and fun, motivating employees to aim for the top.

Best for: Leveraging comprehensive authoring tools


  • Customization tools for branding
  • Gamified training courses
  • Personalized admin and employee profiles


  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Occasional update-related crashes

Companies using this software

  • Bagel Brands
  • Barre3

14. Coassemble

You may have known Coassemble as formerly eCoach, but a lot has improved since then for this all-in-one cloud-hosted LMS. This platform simplifies knowledge sharing with customizable templates for easy course creation, responsive design, and real-time content editing.

As a cloud-based solution, it similarly hosts your content securely, with automatic updates. It's highly integrative, connecting with thousands of external apps through Zapier.

Key features: Coassemble is your all-in-one training buddy, making content creation a breeze with over 40 interactive templates and mobile-responsive designs. SCORM compatibility means importing existing training materials, boosting productivity, and lowering costs. Also, detailed reporting provides insights into employee progress.

Best for: Reusing existing SCORM-compliant training courses from other platforms


  • Course import functionality
  • Detailed reporting
  • Vast Zapier app integrations


  • Zapier auto-enrolment only applies to paid Zapier accounts
  • Limited intuitive features

Companies using this software

  • Los Angeles Zoo
  • Hopper

15. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is the go-to lightweight LMS for over 8,000 companies, from SaaS unicorns to international organizations such as Unicef and Yamaha. With personalized learning paths, various activities, and data security, the platform ensures a trainee-centric experience.

With 4,000+ integrations, it simplifies your processes and works seamlessly with your existing tech stack. Bonus: You can brand your employee training courses with full white-label options.

Key features: LearnWorlds puts users at the center of the learning experience with personalized training outcomes. With its GDPR compliance, backups, and user role customization, your course content remains safety-compliant. The platform is fully white-label for brand consistency. Real-time data reporting encourages improvement in areas of concern.

Best for: No-coding training courses with a personalized touch


  • White-label options for branding
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Safety-compliant


  • No ready-made content
  • Learning curve due to multiple features
  • Limited customer support 

Companies using this software

  • Unicef
  • Yamaha

16. Docebo

Docebo, a top SaaS e-learning provider, offers a powerful AI-driven platform for efficient employee training management. It enhances informal learning, automates management, and aligns outcomes with company goals. The platform fosters engagement, retains learners longer, and streamlines internal and external learning programs for business growth.

It's user-friendly, mobile-ready, available in 40+ languages, and trusted by 1,700 companies, which gives it a competitive edge as a leading employee training software.

Key features: With top-of-the-line AI functionality, Docebo automates and personalizes learning experiences, making them scalable and diverse. It similarly promotes social and experiential learning, capturing knowledge from daily interactions.

Docebo is modular and adaptable, easily integrating with other enterprise systems, and it continually innovates to enhance its functionality.

Best for: Integration with CRM for streamlined training-to-deployment workforce management


  • Highly customizable training content
  • AI-assisted content curation
  • Modularity


  • Integration hiccups
  • Occasional issues with reporting
  • Limited page creation and editing permissions for some plans

Companies using this software

  • Thomson Reuters
  • USA Rugby

17. BrainCert

BrainCert is a Unified Training Platform consolidating various tools and functionalities into one convenient hub. It's versatile, offering solutions for diverse training needs, including course creation, assessments, compliance, real-time collaboration, and more.

With over 300 premium features, it enhances learning through gamification, certificates, automation, and advanced analytics. BrainCert prioritizes security and compliance, boasting certifications like SOC2 Type II & ISO 27001:2013 and adhering to HIPAA & GDPR standards to protect your data.

Key features: BrainCert takes user-friendliness up a notch with its drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to customize your courses effortlessly. It offers an enterprise-ready virtual classroom for efficient collaboration, complete with interactive tools like whiteboards and screen sharing—it’s like training your employees in an actual school.

Secure testing and assessment, centralized content management, and gamification features ensure an enhanced training experience.

Best for: Corporate coaches with little to no programming experience


  • White-label functionality for branding
  • Gamification features
  • Drag-and-drop course builder


  • Slow-loading tests
  • Limited customization options for dashboards

Companies using this software

  • New England PGA
  • Ispring Solutions

18. Litmos

Litmos streamlines learning management with a user-friendly interface, centralizing data and tools. You can effortlessly create interactive courses, import third-party content, and use gamification elements like leaderboards and badges. 

Litmos is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor learning paths and curricula while offering extensive reporting. Accessible from any device, Litmos also provides reference materials for enhanced learning experiences.

Key features: SAP Litmos allows file imports from various sources, including Box and Dropbox. No need for coding skills: just create new files using a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. It supports multiple formats, including Tin Can, and is SCORM-compliant. SAP Litmos provides valuable user insights for performance evaluation and offers comprehensive reporting for tracking employee training progress.

Best for: Experimenting with configurable course pathways suitable for specific employee training


  • App and third-party service integrations
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Multiple file format support


  • Limited AI 
  • Course management scheduling needs improvement

Companies using this software

  • LaborMax
  • FordDirect

19. eFront

eFront emphasizes adaptability and scalability, providing training managers with control over data and eLearning environments. It offers seamless integration with other business systems for efficient management. 

With a mobile app, you can access training and learning from anywhere. eFront embraces gamification, using points and badges to reward quick learners and hard workers. The software also facilitates communication between instructors and learners, enhancing the learning experience.

Key features: eFront offers flexible learning and training options by simplifying communication. It also incorporates gamification features like points, badges, and leaderboards to encourage engagement and motivation. eFront boasts a library of premade courses, and you can customize themes and permissions for branding and control.

Best for: Importing course content across department-specific training portals


  • Customization functionality
  • SCORM and TinCap integrations
  • Gamified training experience


  • Limited configurable tools in course builder
  • Manual validation may be required on some course content

Companies using this software

  • Supermac’s
  • Schneider Electric

20. LearnUpon

LearnUpon stands out for its user-friendliness and quick setup, offering an intuitive interface compatible with xAPI and SCORM. The software empowers institutions, employees, and course providers with effective training content solutions. 

It simplifies course content delivery, including exams and surveys for tracking results and course enhancement. Additionally, LearnUpon supports certificate and credit issuance, enhancing its appeal for diverse corporate training needs.

Key features: LearnUpon offers versatile tools for online exams, surveys, quizzes, and customizable certificate creation. The platform simplifies segmentation, allowing easy trainee grouping, catalog allocation, and role assignments for corporate coaches. 

You can also craft tailored learning paths with timeframes, knowledge checks, drip-fed content, and specific sequences. The software similarly allows self-enrollment options for trainees with personalized dashboards.

Best for: Skills development training segmented for new hires and existing employees


  • Self-registration
  • Certification units crediting
  • Scalability


  • Lacks bulk action functionality on select features
  • Limited customization tools for user roles and reports

Companies using this software

  • Hillarys
  • American Council on Exercise

Taking your pick

When it comes to selecting the ideal employee training software for your corporate training needs, it's essential to recognize that the requirements can vary significantly across industries and even within different segments of a single organization. 

Hence, the key to successful training is finding versatile software capable of seamlessly accommodating and meeting your specific demands, ensuring your workforce initiatives are always on the right track.

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