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The quote - "First Impression is the Lasting Impression"- is limited to an individual personality and perception set by an employee towards their company.

An employee, right from the stage of hiring until joining on the first day, creates a set of perspectives that can be either positive or negative. For an organization, employee satisfaction matters a lot for growth in the long term. This blog will talk about new employee welcome kit ideas for a smooth onboarding.

What is an employee welcome kit?

An employee welcome kit is also referred to as an employee welcome package or employee onboarding packages is given to a new hire on their first day of work to make them feel welcomed and good for being a part of the company. 

A welcome kit is used to set up a positive workplace experience, reinforce your company culture, inspire employees to honor company core values, and boost employees' feelings of excitement and engagement.

An employee welcome kit includes employee handbooks, a welcome letter, company SWAG (like water bottle, a coffee mug with their names on them to give it a personal touch), office supplies (like pens, markers, folders, notebooks), fitness bands, headphones, desk organizers, etc.

Unique employee welcome kit ideas

Organizations try different methods to positively impact the company on employees, especially the recruits. Companies now welcome new employees through the welcome kit, meaningful welcome emails, and other methods which create a satisfactory attitude.

Although job satisfaction and employee welcome kit differ in meaning, the result remains the same- positivity towards the organization. It can be either an awkward situation or exciting for a working professional on the first day in a new company. It also entirely depends on how the new company welcomes you on your first workday.

Some companies go a step ahead by welcoming new joiners by offering employee welcome kits. These welcome kits can be anything from a finely designed welcome note, joining report, or a gift. It completely depends on how a company defines its culture and its perceptions.

Innovative tech companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, and others are trying to be more creative when welcoming recruits. However, this has also increased the competition among companies to know who and how they will attract freshers with the employee welcome kit.

After speaking to the experts at Caroo, an employee welcome kit service, they noted that with the rise of remote and hybrid work schedules, welcome kits have become the industry standard for introducing new employees to your company’s values and culture. Plus, they can be easily stored off-site so shipping them to employees or to the office is easy.

This is important to motivate and retain the best-hired employees. In fact, for many companies, this can help in the long term. Companies that follow this formula of employee satisfaction 😃 have witnessed high economic value added with impactful new features.‍

How do employee onboarding kit ideas benefit companies?

A fantastic welcome kit says that you care about your employees and want them to have a good company experience. This improves employees' trust in their organization. 

Here are some more reasons how an employee welcome kit benefits companies.

1. Helps to improve the on-job performance of the new employee

It has been witnessed that effective onboarding programs can help improve the employee's overall performance (existing and recruit). However, it also depends on what triggers their performance and drives them to work satisfactorily. Encouraging them with a unique employee kit or supporting their ideas in a given project could be methods.

2. Can improve the retention value

On the first day, many employees decide if they are sure to continue with the company for the long term. The office's overall appearance, people, and other factors come into the role. If there is a structured onboarding process, there is likely to be good retention of employees.

For instance, Wipro created an employee-focused onboarding process emphasizing the strengths and quality of new hires. This resulted in a drop of 32% attrition among recruits after six months.

For a company, it is a common norm to ask a possible employee about the reason for quitting the last job. Most applicants are giving similar reasons that your company falls into. You can change the scenario accordingly.

3. Helps new joiners kick start work sooner

When new employees are welcomed with onboarding kits or a token of appreciation, they instantly engage with the company's environment. The feeling of awkwardness goes away and confidently takes up the position. It's common to see the stress among recruits.

Xoxoday Onboarding Kits

For instance, Ernst & Young offers an onboarding portal where the new face will have an online virtual tour giving information about different departments and company cultures.

Similarly, Warby Parker offers recruits an "electronic welcome packet" consisting of the company's history and values. This gives an overall idea of how the company works and treats its employees.

In other words, onboarding offering welcome kits to new joiners can be beneficial for reasons like:

  • The new employee gets adjusted and starts producing results.
  • They will realize in the first few days if they fit the organization.
  • New Hires feel appreciated and stay for a longer period.

Once you find why onboard employees should be welcomed with kits, you should now check which kits should be considered and how to create them to make them look inviting.

What constitutes of employee welcome kit

An employee welcome kit is a present offered by the employer to the new employee to start working without hesitation. The welcome kit depends on the industry the respective company deals with and their culture.

Some of the common kits are:

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Branded Merchandise
  3. Accessories
  4. Schedule of the orientation for new hire
  5. Induction Box‍

Designing the employee welcome kit

To create an exciting looking employee welcome kit, there are certain things to consider:

  • Does the service company deal with how creative it gets?
  • Things the new recruit should be aware of the position and company culture?
  • The value of the brand and how to communicate through the kit

The kit should represent the core values of the firm. If the company is in a creative field like social media, then the pack of a coffee mug with the company name or creative word graphic is the best to present.

This is because having a coffee or tea is common during working hours. If you are confused about creative items you must present, you must connect with the leading service that offers joining kits that are handpicked and available in different types.

The new employee welcomes kits handcrafted creatively to make your new joinee feel touched by the gestures.

New employee welcome kit ideas from leading employers

Here are the employee welcome kit ideas from some of the top companies in the world.

1. Induction box by advertising and PR brand Ogilvy & Mather's

Ogilvy & Mather Welcome Kit

The team of the top advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather at their Cape Town office created an Induction Box, designed keeping eight habits of creative people thought by founder David Ogilvy's

According to the company, "These habits formed the ideology O&M was built on all those years ago and with one item representing each habit, the induction box makes these habits more tangible and playful for new staff."

The induction box comes with a floor plan of the office, consisting of Ogilvy's book's copy and a slinky.

2. Percolate's pre-start package

Percolate Employee Kit

When a new employee at Percolate's marketing technology firm joins, they get creative praise as a welcome kit. Before starting the work, the company sends them the t-shirt, coffee mug, kindle, and other accessories. This inspires new employees to work diligently.

3. Caroo’s Day One Care Package

Caroo Gift Card

Caroo, a gift-sending service, set up their new employees with branded swag that they can wear around town. Apart from the customized apparel, this welcome kit provides new employees with a few key items that they can use while working like an insulated tumbler.
Overall, new hires can feel confident they are joining an organization that supports employee care.

4. 25 yrs of company history by Cactus

Cactus employee welcome kit

Cactus, a leading ad agency located in Denver, offers an employee welcome kit consisting of a t-shirt, baseball cap, USB, and a ruler. The kit has 25 years of the company's brief history, an essential part for a new member to learn.

5. McGarrah Jesse's welcome kit

McGarrah Jesse's welcome kit

Listed as the best American agency to work with, McGarrah Jesse welcomes a new company member with a finely crafted Welcome Kit.

These cute cards consist of brand details and gestures to make new employees feel comfortable.

Like these, many top firms offer skillfully designed and creative employee welcome kits to encourage fresh faces to work hard and contribute to the company's progress.

Item to include in your employee onboarding kit

Here are some examples of items that you should include in your welcome kit for employees.

1. Welcome letter with an orientation packet

Draft a welcome letter defining your firm details and how vital the newcomer is to the firm. The welcome message should describe the cultural aspect and rules of the firm which one needs to follow. Overall, both the welcome letter and orientation packet shouldn't be just edifying but should carry the firm's important message and build self-confidence in the new employee.

2. Fun handbook

Although the handbook will be handed over to the new member that describes company guidelines, there should be more into it rather than keeping it dry. The fun handbook is- also a flipbook consisting of fun things that happened previously and what to expect in the future.

3. Customized items for work

Some branded companies design their t-shirt and accessories when a new employee joins. It is an act of appreciation offered by the business that infuses personnel to work harder.

Since the new employees undergo rigorous hiring practices and finally get hired, the company must welcome some customized items. It must be creative enough to look appealing and connect with the environment. Connect with an online service that offers a handcrafted welcome kit.

4. Offering motivational book

An employee motivated in different forms will cultivate a seed of progress right from the start. One method to inspire new employees is offering motivational books that can inspire them in many ways. Check out some motivational books available in the market. These books promote a positive and proactive approach towards work.

5. Share news to approach new hire

Every team of different departments invests majorly in their commitment and growth to reach their goals. To introduce a new company member, the employer must send introductory mail about the new person to every team.

This shall make them approach the new joinee and make them relaxed. They can even pay for lunch or carry a small welcome gift. This certainly creates positivity among different teams and works together.

6. Brand product

If your company deals with lifestyle accessory products, stationery items,s or even publishing, present the kit creatively and send it to the company's new member. Packing it creatively and a welcome note will define how organized and artistic the organization is. You can even offer a discount coupon so the new member can shop.


Apart from the essential day-to-day scheduling and company policy, which is quite boring, bring out something creative and surprising that will help to engage the recruit. This certainly presents the company's vibrant and open thoughts towards its employees.

If you are looking for a creative employee welcome kit defining your creativity reach, then Empuls offers the best options. There are thousands of such products available executively crafted for companies to offer to new employees. Elegant packaging consisting of the guidebook, bouquet, and other curated gifts is a welcome kit.

Want to give amazing experiences to your employees? Get started in no time, schedule a free demo with Empuls, and know about unique employee onboarding ideas for new employees.

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