An eye-catching and interesting resume may not get you your dream job, but it can help you with attracting the hiring managers. If you are confused on how to curate a professional resume that will attract your target audience, then this blog is for you.

We have searched for some of the best free resume templates used out there and curated a list. You can download the PDF file and customize the resume as per your requirement.

But before that, let us understand how to choose a resume template and use it to land your dream job.

How to choose a resume template and use it

  • Research and choose a template

Start by researching different resume templates. There are numerous options available online, including free templates on websites and built-in templates in word processing software like Microsoft Word. Look for templates that align with your industry, experience level, and personal style.

  • Consider readability and layout

Look for a template with a clean and organized layout that facilitates easy reading and highlights your key information. Pay attention to factors such as font style and size, headings, section divisions, and use of white space.

  • Customize the content

Once you have selected a template, personalize it with your own content. Replace the template's placeholder text with your own information, including your contact details, professional summary, work experience, skills, education, and any additional relevant sections.

  • Tailor for each application

Customize your resume for each job application by emphasizing the skills, experiences, and qualifications most relevant to the specific position. Modify the content and rearrange sections if necessary to prioritize the most important information.

  • Proofread and edit

After inputting your information, proofread your resume carefully for any errors or typos. Ensure consistency in formatting, grammar, and punctuation throughout the document. Consider asking a friend or trusted colleague to review it as well.

  • Save and share

Save your resume in a widely accepted format, such as PDF, to preserve the formatting and ensure compatibility across different devices. When sharing your resume electronically or printing it, use a descriptive filename that includes your name and the position you're applying for.

  • Keep a master copy

Maintain a master copy of your resume template with all your updated information. This makes it easier to make future edits and create tailored versions for different job opportunities.

Basic resume templates

1. Simplified resume template

This is a simple resume template along with a cover letter for experienced professionals.


2. Resume template with images

If you want to add a pop of color to your resume, then this has to be something that you can opt for. The beige and teal color combination really stands out and you can add your image as well.


3. Single page resume template

This is a simple one page resume template with all the required fields covered in it.


4. Resume template with a pop of color

This is a different template with simple design and color palette.


5. Simple resume template with image

This template can be used by experienced professionals. It is very simple and comes with an image as well.


Minimalist templates

6. Plain resume template

If you are looking for a minimalist template with a simple color palette, then this gray and white template would be perfect for you.


7. Resume template with elements

This is a minimalistic template with elements. As you can see the sections are divided with the help of lines and rhombus shaped elements. The design is very simple and attractive as well.


8. One page resume template

This template comes with some graphics in it which sets it apart. The template is simple yet interesting.


9. Minimalist resume template with image

This particular template is perfect for professionals. You can also add an image to it.


10. ATS friendly resume template

This minimalistic template is ATS friendly and is perfect for professionals from different fields.


Templates for entry-level job seekers

11. Resume template with color pop

If you are entering the job field for the very first time, it is important to have a carefully curated yet simple template describing your skills. This is one such template with brown hues.


12. ATS friendly beginners resume template

This is a simple resume template for entry level job seekers along with a cover letter. The resume is ATS friendly as well.


13. Beige and Taupe resume template

If you like to add a little color pop for your resume template, then this one would be perfect for you. The toupe and brown color combination makes your resume stand out.


14. Basic resume template for freshers

This template comes with gray hues and is perfect for anyone who is looking for an entry level job.  


15. Simple resume template with image

This is the basic template for an entry level job seeker.


Templates for experienced level job seekers

16. Unique resume template

This template gives a unique touch to your resume. You can add your image and the color palette used really makes it stand out.


17. Graphical resume template

This template has utilized minimalistic graphics perfectly. The color combination along with simplistic design makes it stand out.


18. Simple experienced professionals resume template

In this template you can find color design on either side giving it a unique touch.


19. Resume template for experienced professionals with color pop

This is another unique yet simple template that you can opt for. The yellow color pop gives it a different look. The resume covers all the important aspects that are essential for an experienced professional.


20. Minimalistic resume template for experienced professionals

This is another interesting template with a basic color palette of white and gray. If you are someone who prefers a simple resume template, then this one would be perfect for you.



These are some of the best templates that you can use while curating your resume. It is important to get your resume right to get recognized by any organization, and these templates can help you with that. You just need to download the file and edit it as per your requirement.

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