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International Women's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women all around the world. It is a time to acknowledge the importance of women in our lives and to show appreciation for their contributions to society.

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate Women's Day in the office, then games are the perfect way to do so. They not only provide an opportunity to engage in team-building activities, but also create a fun and relaxed environment where colleagues can come together to celebrate and appreciate the achievements of women in the workplace.

In this article, we will explore 12 exciting games that can be played in the office to make your Women's Day celebration a success. Whether you are a manager planning an event or an employee looking for ideas, these games will surely add an element of fun and excitement to your Women's Day celebration.

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12 Interesting games for women's day celebration in office

Here are 12 amazing games for women’s day celebration in office that will surely add an extra spark to your Women's Day celebration.

1. The guessing game

guessing game

People Needed: There are no boundaries; this game is ideal for up to 15 females.

Items needed: A clear bowl, paper, and pens.

Instructions: Give each woman a pen and a piece of paper. Have them list two or three self-reflections on paper. Put the papers you collected from all the women in the bowl.

Bring one woman to the middle and let her to choose a folded piece of paper from the bowl. She has to read the truths aloud and identify the author. Note the points in writing. The woman with the most points in the end wins.

2. Guess the thing

People needed: No rules, ideal for 20 ladies playing in pairs.

Items needed: A few standard home goods, papers, and pencils.

Instructions: Form two women into a pair, and have them sit with their backs to one another. The domestic item bag will belong to one of the partner, and the pen and paper to the other. Without giving away the specific name of the object, the woman carrying the bag must explain it to her partner while asking her to identify what kind of object it is.

She must record her guess on paper when she has made one. 90 seconds pass between each round. Whoever correctly answers the most questions at the conclusion of the game wins. You might plan to give the winners some presents.

3. Bottle spinner

Bottle spinner

People needed: No limits are necessary, and this game is ideal for 15 or more females.

Things needed: A bottle and nail paints

Instructions: This cute twist makes it different from the standard Spin the Bottle game. Place some nail polish bottles in a circle on your table for this activity, allowing enough room in the centre for a bottle to spin. Gather around the table in a circle. Each woman in the group must spin the bottle one at a time. After the bottle stops spinning, the woman it is pointing at gets one minute to paint her nails with the nail polish in front of her.

In a minute, try to paint as many nails as you can. The bottle should be spun until each lady has a turn. The lady with the most painted nails wins after each woman has had a turn.

4. Music puzzle game

People needed: No limit, perfect game for 20 or more women

Things need: Phone/music player, paper, pen and 2 buzzers

Instructions: This game requires some preparation, so make a playlist before you plan the game to play during. Also write some questions about the songs, such as "Who is the singer of this song?", "What is the hook of this song?", "Who was the guest on this song?" etc. when the guests arrive, divide the women into pairs. If there are more than four ladies in your company, divide into additional groups and conduct the game in batches. Call the first batch ie. two groups of four women each.

Give each track one buzzer, play a song and ask your first question. The first group to press the buzzer answers the question. If a player does not answer, the question automatically goes to the other team and they can answer it. The team that gets all the correct answers wins the game.

5. Have you ever

have you ever

People required: Unlimited, perfect game for 20 or more women

Mandatory: List of questions

Instructions: You must plan and prepare before the party for this game. Make a list of exciting questions like "Have you ever been arrested?", "Have you ever locked yourself in a room?", "Have you ever peed in the pool?" etc. Give your visitors a notepad and paper when they come, and then ask them these questions.

They must answer yes or no to each question. "Yes" is worth 10 points while "No" is worth 0 points. Add up the scores of all participants. The person with the highest score wins. Additionally, you can add your own variations to the game to make it more thrilling and unpredictable.

6. Purse scavenger hunt

People Wanted: Unlimited, perfect game for 20 or more women

Items Needed: Papers and pencils

Instructions: Make a list of common items found in women's purses. List items such as red lipstick, lip gloss, combs, lipbalm, scrunchies, clutchers etc. If there are 20 women, divide them into four groups. You can reduce or increase the groups according to the number of players. After forming groups, ask the women to take their bags.

Read each of the items on your list one by one and have the women start looking for those items in their bags. All group members must collect the listed items from their bags and place them on the table. The group that has all the objects wins the game. The winner can also be chosen according to the quantity of the goods. For example, a group with five red lipsticks wins over a group with two lipsticks.

7. Name it in one minute

People needed: 8-10 Women

Things needed: Papers, Stopwatch and Pens

Instructions: When your guests arrive, pass out a pen and paper to all the women. Make a list of things you will ask participants to write about. For instance, you could list well-known cosmetic companies, fashion designers, prominent Singapore vacation locations, well-known female athletes, etc.

A subject from the list should be announced when the players are ready. Give them one minute to make a summary of everything relevant to the subject, then sound the buzzer.

For instance, individuals are required to list as many female creators as they can. The person who enters the most titles earns one point. Move on to the next subject on the list to continue the game. In the conclusion, the contest is won by the individual with the most points.

8. Draw on the balloon

draw on the balloon

People needed: 8 to 10 women

Things needed: ballpoint pens, whistle and balloons

Instructions: Give the ballpoint pen and the balloon to 5 women at a time. Blow the whistle and ask the women to draw something on the balloons with a pencil. For example, you might suggest drawing four hearts on a balloon. It's hard when you can't see what you're drawing.

All women must draw four hearts without popping the balloon. The game is won by those who draw all the shapes correctly on the balloon without breaking it.

9. Memory game

People needed: 4 to 5 women. More women can be played in sets.

Things needed: Pens, Paper, and Random Household Items

Instructions: Get a group of 4 to 5 people together and give them pens and paper. Now place some common household items in the drawer. For example, you can arrange lipstick, glass, watch, coin, stapler and other similar items.

Now all the participants look carefully at the objects in the tray for 0 seconds and try to remember the order in which they were placed. Then remove the tray. All participants must list the items in the order they were in the box. The player who gets all the items correctly and in the correct order wins the game.

10. Guess the movie

People needed: 20 or more women

Things needed: Stopwatch

Instructions: Divide the participants into two groups. Call one member of each team. One member must whisper the name of the movie into the ear of the opposite group member. This team member must show the name of the movie in front of his team. Team members must guess the name of the movie. The only thing to remember is that the actor cannot speak and must explain the name through actions.

The contestant can play any scene from the movie or give suggestions about the actor or actress in the movie. If the team guesses the name of the movie correctly in the given time, they get a point. If it doesn't get the right answer, the opposing team gets a point.

11. Blow up the balloons

People needed: 8-10 Women

Things needed: Whistle and Balloons

Instructions: Give each woman a balloon. When you blow the whistle, all women get 10 life to blow the balloon. The player who blows the biggest balloon in 10 breaths wins the game.

12. Peel oranges

Orange peel

People needed: 8-10 Women

Things needed: Oranges and a Whistle

Instructions: If you're looking for a fun party game, this one will make everyone laugh. (You also get peeled oranges to make juice for the next few days!) Place a pile of oranges in front of each participant.

As soon as you have whistled, all participants must start peeling the oranges. Participants must try to completely peel as many oranges as possible in one minute. The player who peels the most oranges wins the game.


Celebrating International Women's Day in the office with fun and engaging games is a great way to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of women in the workplace. These games not only promote team-building and camaraderie among colleagues but also create an opportunity to show appreciation for the important role that women play in our society.

Whether you choose to play trivia games, create a scavenger hunt, or engage in a friendly competition, the key is to make the celebration fun, memorable, and meaningful. So, don't hesitate to try out these exciting games in your office to celebrate the women in your workplace and show them how much they are valued and appreciated. Happy Women's Day!

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