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According to a Gallup report, 85% of employees aren’t feeling engaged at work. The reasons can be low employee morale, lack of appreciation, not being heard, performance issues, etc. To bring your workforce back on track, gifts for employees come as a helping hand, offering a boost of energy and motivation to perform.  

As per research by PR Newswire, 75% of employees feel valued when their company offers gifts. The study also stated that 78% of employees feel a boost in job satisfaction once meaningful gifts are received from their organization. These stats highlight the important role of gift-giving in fostering appreciation, gratitude, and positive business relationships. 

Employee gifting acts as a token of appreciation that goes beyond mere material offerings—they’re tools for shaping a better workplace, fostering engagement, and building a positive organizational culture.  

According to Coresight research report, the United States corporate gifting market will continue to grow at 8.1% CAGR throughout 2024. Another study by Loop Commerce Gifting report states that 54% of companies look to increase their investment in corporate gift giving.  

By knowing these insights, you’ll get an idea of why employee gifting is taking prominence in keeping the workforce engaged.   

In this blog, we will learn why employee gifts are important, throw light on its impact on company culture, and share a few examples of companies offering gifts for employees.

Why are employee gifts important?  

Let’s discuss how gifts for employees increase employee productivity and satisfaction.   

1. Boost morale and motivation  

75% of employees feel that employee morale gets a boost with wonderful gifts, as per a survey by Staples Advantage.  

A meaningful employee gift delivered with gratitude and affection helps in improving team morale and motivation. Additionally, presenting gifts for employees also fosters positive employee-employer relations.   

2. Improved employee retention  

66% of employees would likely quit if they felt under-appreciated, proving to be costly for companies looking to scale employee retention. Incorporating a corporate gifting strategy helps employees feel like they are a part of the team, contributing to a positive work environment that, in turn, reduces turnover. 

3. Stronger company culture 

Employee gifting helps create a culture of employee appreciation. According to Swarovski’s corporate gifting research, 80% of employees feel more productive in achieving their goals after receiving a gift from their employer. 

This practice can foster a sense of community and belonging within a team. It shows employees you care about them as individuals, not just workers. Moreover, it highlights core company values by fostering employee recognition. 

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How do employee gifts drive a positive company culture? 

Employee gifts can be a surprise for those who are feeling drained at work. These gifts act as a boost of energy, resulting in improved employee performance and productivity.  

Let’s discuss the key factors that influence engagement through gift-giving 

1. Improved employer-employee relationship  

Gifts act as a bridge between employees and employers. A thoughtful gift shows you care about their well-being, fostering a sense of respect and trust. 

2. Fosters a culture of appreciation 

Receiving a gift demonstrates recognition of an employee's efforts. This appreciation strengthens morale and creates a culture where employees feel valued. 

3. A win-win proposition  

Gifts benefit both parties. Employees feel happy and motivated, leading to increased productivity and loyalty. Employers gain a more engaged workforce and a positive reputation as a great place to work. 

4. Enhances team dynamics and collaboration  

Gifts can be used to celebrate team achievements, promoting a sense of unity and shared success. This fosters a more collaborative work environment where employees are willing to help each other. 

5. Helps employees stay connected 

Gifts, particularly those meant for shared experiences, can encourage employees to connect outside work. This builds stronger bonds and fosters a sense of community within the company. 

Example of companies offering gifts for employees 

1. Microsoft  

An article published by Business Standard revealed how Microsoft announced a $1,500 monetary gift for employees in recognition of a challenging fiscal year successfully completed. This shows that organizations value employee efforts in challenging times, showcasing how gifts have a positive impact on company culture.  

2. Disney


An article published by Distractify shows how a Disney employee received a gift for her 20th work anniversary. The organization gifted a statue of Simba that reads "Recognizing 20 years with the Walt Disney Company."  

This shows the importance of personalized gifts for employees.  

How does Empuls offer the best employee gifting experience?  

Empuls, a globally renowned organization for employee engagement, offers some of the best gifts for employees. From onboarding to gifts for professional milestones, you’ll find good gifting requirements for your company.  

Being recognized as the best collaboration and productivity product 2024, Empuls brings a host of opportunities for organizations to leverage the best of gifting experiences for the workforce.  

Let’s check out what Empuls brings to the table for both employers and employees  


  • The admin can create a list of events with recipients' data.  
  •  A personalized message and an e-card can be generated through the employee engagement platform. 
  • Automate gifts for every event.  
  • Seamless distribution of gifts for redemption.  
  • Helps set workflow automation   


1. E-cards and personalized messages are delivered to the employees' inbox. 

2. Employees can receive a link to redeem their points through the vast gift catalog.   

3. Gifts for employees are delivered both physically and digitally.  

4. Different gift categories include gift cards, merchandise, prepaid cards, experiences, and more.  


Gifts for employees can have a significant impact on company culture. Corporate gifting helps strengthen bonds, boost morale, foster a culture of recognition, enhance team dynamics, and promote a sense of belonging among employees. 

Thoughtful and personalized gifts make employees feel valued and appreciated, leading to increased job satisfaction, motivation, and commitment to the organization. When employees see their peers being recognized for their contributions, it inspires them to strive for excellence and contribute to the company's success.  

If you are looking for a robust employee gifting solution, Empuls will guide you throughout the process. Get in touch for more information.  

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