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Ah, Halloween! 🎃👻

A time when the veil between the world of the living and the supernatural thins and ghostly apparitions may (or may not) walk among us. But hey, who said spirits should have all the fun? 

Let’s bring some of that spooky festivity into our workplace! You've come to the right crypt if you're looking for ways to conjure up some Halloween spirit in the office. 

31 Spooky yet simple Halloween party ideas for workplace

Here are some ghoulishly delightful ideas to make your workplace bash a memorable one.

1. Costume parade and contest

Costume parade and contest

A Halloween classic. Encourage everyone to come in their favorite costumes. Categories can include 'most creative', 'funniest', 'scariest', and the ever-popular 'last minute genius'. The winners can get prizes, and everyone else gets the joy of dressing up!

2. Pumpkin decorating station

Bring in some pumpkins and a variety of decorating supplies. This can range from paints and brushes to a smorgasbord of spooky accessories. Employees can decorate their own pumpkins to display on their desks.

3. Halloween potluck

Halloween potluck

Ask employees to bring in their favorite spooky treats. Think spider cupcakes, mummy hot dogs, and witch's brew punch. Don't forget to label them with creative names!

4. Mystery box challenge

Set up a series of boxes with hidden items inside. Employees can reach in and try to guess what they're touching. Cooked spaghetti becomes "Witches' hair", peeled grapes are "Zombie eyes", and so on. It's all in good fun!

5. Spooky storytime

Spooky storytime

Designate a darkened office corner for anyone willing to share their favorite ghost story or urban legend. Bonus points for storytelling prowess!

6. Desk or department decorating contest

Teams or individuals can decorate their workspaces in their chosen theme. Think of classics like Haunted House, Mad Scientist Lab, or Spooky Forest.

7. Halloween trivia quiz

Create a fun quiz filled with questions related to Halloween movies, history, and traditions. Winners could earn the title of “Halloween guru” (and maybe a treat or two).

8. Halloween playlist

Halloween playlist

Put together a collection of classic Halloween songs to play throughout the day. "Thriller", "Monster Mash", and "Ghostbusters" are some of the must-haves.

9. Spooky team-building activities

Design activities like a Halloween scavenger hunt, where employees find hidden Halloween items throughout the office. Or perhaps, a “zombie escape room” challenge?

10. Photo booth with props

Set up a photo booth corner with a spooky backdrop and a basket of Halloween props. Employees can take pictures in their costumes and create memories.

11. Charity angle

Turn Halloween into a day of giving. Organize a ‘trick-or-treat for charity’ where employees can donate to a chosen cause and receive treats in return.

12. Themed lunch or dinner

Partner with your cafeteria or a local restaurant to serve a special Halloween menu. Think "Dracula's bloody beet soup" or "Mummy-wrapped burritos".

13. DIY mask making

DIY mask making

Provide materials for employees to make their own spooky or silly masks. This allows even those who forgot a costume to join in the fun.

14. Halloween bingo

Create bingo cards with Halloween symbols or situations (like "Sees a ghost costume" or "Hears a werewolf howl"). As employees encounter these throughout the day, they can mark them off.

15. Witch hat ring toss

Construct a game where players toss rings in an attempt to hook them on the pointy top of a witch hat. It's a fun little diversion from work.

16. Spooky karaoke

Queue up some iconic Halloween songs and have a spooky sing-along session. Let the best "Thriller" singer shine!

17. Candy corn guessing game

Fill a jar with candy corn and have employees guess the number. The closest guess wins the jar (or maybe just a prize, if they don't want all that sugar).

18. Halloween crafting corner

For the more artistically inclined, set up a space where employees can make Halloween-themed crafts, like spiderweb dream catchers or ghostly lanterns.

19. Creepy crawly pet parade

If your office is pet-friendly, encourage employees to bring in their pets dressed in costumes for a mini parade. Everyone loves a pup in a cape or a cat in a hat.

20. Glow-in-the-dark dance party

Turn off the lights, hand out glow sticks, and let employees boogie down to their favorite tunes surrounded by a ghostly glow.

21. Cursed treasure hunt

Plant "Cursed" treasures (small toys, trinkets, or treats) around the office and provide clues or riddles. Employees can team up and hunt for them, with the winning team being the one that deciphers the riddles and locates all the treasures first.

22. Mystical fortune telling

Invite a local fortune teller or tarot card reader for a few hours. Employees can take turns learning about their "Fates" during their breaks.

23. Goblin gift exchange

Organize a Halloween version of secret santa. Everyone draws a name and gets that person a small, spooky gift.

24. Haunted house hallway

Transform a section of the office or a specific hallway into a haunted house. Colleagues can walk through during their break for some spooky fun.

25. Potion mixing station (mocktails)

Set up a station with various juices, sodas, and creepy garnishes. Employees can mix their own eerie drinks.

26. Monster movie marathon

Designate a space as the movie corner. Play classic Halloween movies or short scary films during lunch breaks.

27. Vampire volleyball

Set up a mini volleyball court, but with a twist. Players use balloons filled with red (harmless) paint or water, mimicking a 'blood bag'.

28. Halloween joke contest

Who can come up with the punniest or funniest Halloween-themed joke? This can be a great ice-breaker!

29. Skull & bones relay race

A relay race where participants handle "Bones" (could be sticks or shaped cardboard) and pass them to teammates in a challenging way.

30. Eerie escape room

Convert a conference room into an escape room with a Halloween theme. Colleagues can team up to solve puzzles and "Escape."

31. Zombie flash mob

Surprising the rest, organize a group of employees to suddenly break into a choreographed "Thriller" dance at a set time.

Halloween is the perfect time to encourage creativity, teamwork, and a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. With these additional suggestions, you're well on your way to creating a memorable workplace celebration that'll be discussed for months to come! 🌌🎃🍁


Bringing Halloween into the workplace isn't just about having fun – it's about team building, fostering creativity, and making delightful memories. So go ahead, embrace the Halloween spirit and watch your office come alive... or should I say, undead?

Happy Haunting! 🎃👻🖤

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