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With the advent of August, we feel a surge of patriotic fervour sweeping through India as we gear up to celebrate our Independence Day. This is a time for unity, reflection, and celebration, a day that stirs a deep sense of patriotism in our hearts.

One of the ways we can add a dash of fun and knowledge to our Independence Day workplace celebrations is by hosting an Indian Independence Day quiz. It not only livens up the atmosphere but also encourages us to delve into the rich history of our great nation.

20 Indian Independence Day quiz questions for workplace celebration

So, without further ado, here are some thoughtful and interesting quiz questions you can use for your Indian Independence Day office event.

1. Who was the first Prime Minister of Independent India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

2. What is the time duration of the national anthem of India?

Answer: Approximately 52 seconds

3. In which year did India achieve its independence?

Answer: 1947

4. Which British monarch was reigning at the time of India's independence?

Answer: King George VI

5. What is the ratio of the width to the length of the Indian flag?

Answer: 2:3

6. Who designed the Indian National Flag?

Answer: Pingali Venkayya

7. On which date was the Indian constitution adopted?

Answer: 26th November 1949

8. What does the wheel in the center of the Indian flag represent?

Answer: The Dharma Chakra or the "wheel of law"

9. Who gave the slogan 'Jai Hind'?

Answer: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

10. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of Independence?

Answer: Lord Louis Mountbatten

11. How many spokes are there in the Dharma Chakra on the national flag?

Answer: 24

12. Which famous speech did Jawaharlal Nehru deliver on the eve of India's Independence?

Answer: Tryst with Destiny

13. In which city is the Indian Independence Day celebrated every year, and the Prime Minister hoists the national flag?

Answer: New Delhi

14. Which historical monument serves as the backdrop for the Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi?

Answer: Red Fort

15. Who composed the Indian National Anthem 'Jana Gana Mana'?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

16. What is the meaning of 'Satyameva Jayate' inscribed at the bottom of the National Emblem of India?

Answer: Truth Alone Triumphs

17. What was Mahatma Gandhi's role during the Independence Day celebrations on August 15, 1947?

Answer: He wasn't part of the celebrations, he was in Calcutta (now Kolkata) on a mission to stop communal violence.

18. Who was the only Governor General of Independent India?

Answer: C. Rajagopalachari

19. How many times has the Preamble of the Constitution of India been amended?

Answer: Once, in 1976

20. Who wrote the book 'Discovery of India' which reflects on the history of India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

21. Who was the President of India at the time of its Golden Jubilee Independence Day celebrations in 1997?

Answer: Shankar Dayal Sharma

22. In which year was the first Republic Day parade held?

Answer: 1950

23. Who was the first woman to hoist the Indian National Flag at an International forum?

Answer: Madame Bhikaji Cama

24. What are the four animals depicted on the National Emblem of India?

Answer: Lion, Bull, Horse, and Elephant

25. Who was the British Prime Minister when India got Independence?

Answer: Clement Attlee


These questions will help deepen the understanding of India's journey towards independence and rich history. Ensure your workplace celebration is not just a festive occasion but also a learning experience that honours the spirit of Indian Independence Day.

Use these questions to spark lively discussions and add a unique touch to your office's Independence Day celebrations. The quiz is an excellent way to promote camaraderie, boost employee morale, and commemorate the spirit of freedom and nationalism. Remember, the goal is to win and learn, grow, and cherish our shared history and values.

Remembering the brave souls who fought for our freedom and appreciating the unity in diversity that makes our nation unique is the essence of celebrating Independence Day. So, let's imbibe the spirit of unity and remember our glorious past as we step towards a promising future.

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