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Chess - A universal game that tests your patience, skills, analytical thinking, and more!

To celebrate the development of the International Chess Federation, the United Nations Assembly stated 20th July gets renowned as International Chess Day. Many chess players across the world take part in competitive chess games, encouraging logical thinking which gives rise to responsible action.

With over 70% of adults (US, Russia, UK, India, and Germany) playing chess, the game has significantly taken its importance of being a wonderful game. Moreover, 600 million people rejoice in taking part in this game.

What is Chess?

According to the United Nations, Chess is a global game that promotes inclusion, fairness, and mutual respect; contributing to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding among people and nations.

Chess is one of the oldest, most cerebral, and most cultural games. It combines aspects of art, science, and sport. It may be practiced and performed by everyone, regardless of language, age, gender, physical ability, or socioeconomic standing, and is an affordable and inclusive activity.

10 Best board game to play on International Chess Day in office

While chess is undoubtedly the star of International Chess Day, there are other board games that equally provide the same excitement. Here are ten board games that you might enjoy watching on International Chess Day:

1. Go

Go, also referred to as Weiqi, is a well-known board game that originated in China. The game is quite sophisticated, and players compete with one another to control the area.

2. Shogi

A variation of chess that includes gameplay components is called shogi, or Japanese chess. It has pieces with various skills as well as a promotion system for pieces that have been captured.

3. Xiangqi

Another kind of chess that is well-liked in East Asia is called "Chinese chess," or "Xiangqi." It has unique rules and components, such the river and palace, that give the game an intriguing twist.

4. Checkers

The traditional board game Checkers, sometimes referred to as Draughts, is played on an 8 by 8 grid. In order to go to the other player's side, it requires clever plays and the capture of opponents' pieces.

5. Carcassonne

In the tile-placing game Carcassonne, players construct the medieval setting of Carcassonne by carefully arranging their tiles. It's an aesthetically appealing game that requires strategic judgment.

6. Settlers of catan

Catan, sometimes known as Settlers of Catan, is a well-known board game that mixes resource management, trading, and strategy. To establish towns and increase their territory, players compete.

7. Ticket to ride

In the game Ticket to Ride, participants design train routes between various locations. It entails strategic preparation, obstruction of opponents' paths, and pursuit of predetermined objectives.

8. Pandemic

In the cooperative board game Pandemic, players cooperate to halt the global spread of illness. As players devise plans to stop breakouts and locate treatments, it provides an exhilarating experience.

9. Dominion

Players create their card decks in the deck-building game Dominion in order to gain victory points. It's a tactical game that involves player involvement and different card combinations.

10. Stratego

In the strategy game Stratego, players command troops in an effort to seize the flag of their rivals. Using bluffing and deduction, one can outwit the forces of the opposition.

Tip - Similar to chess, these board games provide a variety of gameplay experiences and can be fascinating to watch. Whether they are contemporary strategy games or age-old classics, each has its own attraction. Enjoy these board games and the brilliant strategic thinking they display!

8 Best board game movies to watch on International Chess Day in office

Here are ten movies that board game enthusiasts might enjoy watching on International Chess Day:

1. Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)

Based on the true story of chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin, the film follows a young boy's journey as he navigates the competitive world of chess and the conflicting philosophies of different chess mentors.

2. Queen to Play (2009)

This French film tells the story of a hotel maid who becomes enamored with chess and receives guidance from a reclusive American expat. It explores personal growth, empowerment, and the complexities of the game.

3. The Dark Horse (2014)

Set in New Zealand, this film showcases the life of a chess prodigy with mental health challenges who coaches a group of disadvantaged children for a national chess championship. It explores the transformative power of chess and its impact on communities.

4. The Seventh Seal (1957)

Directed by Ingmar Bergman, this Swedish film is a classic that features a knight playing a game of chess against Death himself. It delves into existential themes, morality, and the human condition.

5. The Queen’s Gambit (2000)

This acclaimed Netflix miniseries follows Beth Harmon, a teenage orphaned chess prodigy, as she rises through the ranks of the chess world while overcoming her personal demons. Beth is portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy in the series.

6. Life of a King (2013)

This movie, which is based on the true tale of Eugene Brown (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.), follows a formerly incarcerated man who founds a chess club for inner-city youngsters in an effort to instill discipline and provide them a constructive outlet.

7. The Coldest Game (2019)

A mathematician named Joshua Mansky (voiced by Bill Pullman) is forced to play a high-stakes game of chess against a Soviet opponent while juggling espionage and political unrest in this thriller, which is set against the backdrop of the "Cuban Missile Crisis."

8. Queen of Katwe (2016)

The inspiring biographical film of Phiona Mutesi, a little girl from Katwe, Uganda's slums, stars David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong'o. Together with her instructor, she discovers her chess talent and advances to a world-class level.

How to celebrate international chess day?

1. Play chess with friends or family

Organize a friendly chess tournament by gathering a group of chess aficionados. Using chess platforms or applications, you may organize live games or even play online.

2. Organize a chess event

Set up a chess tournament in a community center, school, or library in the area. For players of different ages and ability levels, you can provide chess lessons, concurrent exhibitions, or chess puzzles.

3. Learn chess

International Chess Day is a great time to start studying chess and gain practical knowledge about the game. To improve your grasp of the game, study books, take online classes, or watch training videos.

4. Support chess organizations

Think about making a donation or offering your time to local chess organizations. They frequently work to promote chess and provide educational programs for both adults and children.

5. Promote chess on social media

Post about your passion for chess on social media. Post images, puzzles, fascinating chess trivia, or your best chess memories with the hashtag #InternationalChessDay.

6. Visit a chess club or cafe

To find out more about the chess games in your area, stop by a chess club or a café. You can socialize with other chess players, play games, and compete in friendly matches.

7. Organize a chess-themed party

Create a chess-themed party complete with décor, foods, and activities. Consider making a cake or cupcakes with a chess motif and asking friends around to play some casual chess.

8. Watch or follow chess tournaments

Around International Chess Day, there are numerous chess tournaments. Watch live broadcasts of professional athletes participating or keep up with tournament news online by tuning in.


Without a doubt, International Chess Day honors the game's lengthy history and the part it has played in societies. Class, linguistic, and cultural boundaries have all been broken by chess.

It is just two people sitting down to play one of the world's most cognitively taxing games. Today, there are chess clubs in practically every city to promote the game, its followers, and its admirers.

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