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As the sun takes its celestial journey, illuminating the skies with the promise of longer days, the festive spirit of Makar Sankranti on 14th Januray. This year, let's transcend the boundaries of brick-and-mortar offices and virtual workspaces alike, as we explore 20 compelling Makar Sankranti celebration ideas designed to foster joy, teamwork, and cultural richness in the workplace and beyond. 

From traditional rituals to innovative virtual activities, wishes these ideas are crafted to bring colleagues together, ensuring that the spirit of Makar Sankranti resonates in every corner of the professional landscape. 

On this festive journey as we elevate workplace camaraderie and embrace the joy of soaring together, both in the physical and virtual realms.

10 Makar Sankranti celebration ideas in the office 

Here are 10 Makar Sankranti celebration ideas in the office:

1. Decorate the workspace

Start by transforming your workplace into a vibrant and festive environment. Use colorful kites, traditional rangoli designs, and decorative elements that capture the essence of Makar Sankranti. This visual transformation will set the tone for a joyous celebration and uplift everyone's spirits.

2. Kite-flying challenge

Organize a friendly kite-flying competition among your colleagues. This not only brings a touch of tradition to the celebration but also encourages teamwork and healthy competition. Create teams, provide kites and strings, and let the skies of creativity and collaboration soar.

3. Culinary delights

Makar Sankranti is synonymous with delicious treats like tilgul (sesame and jaggery sweets) and kite-shaped cookies. Consider organizing a potluck lunch or snack session where employees can bring and share these traditional goodies. This not only promotes cultural exchange but also adds a delightful gastronomic dimension to the celebration.

4. Creative workshops

Engage your team in hands-on activities that reflect the festival's spirit. Conduct workshops on making traditional kites, decorating them, or even creating personalized Makar Sankranti cards. This not only encourages creativity but also provides an opportunity for team members to interact in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

5. Traditional attire day

Encourage employees to embrace the cultural diversity of Makar Sankranti by organizing a traditional attire day. This could include donning ethnic wear from various regions of India, celebrating the rich tapestry of the country's cultural heritage.

6. Makar Sankranti rituals

Incorporate some traditional rituals into your celebration. Begin the day with a prayer or a brief introduction to the cultural significance of Makar Sankranti. This not only adds depth to the celebration but also educates employees about the diverse festivals celebrated in our country.

7. Team-building games

Plan team-building activities with a Makar Sankranti twist. From kite-flying relay races to team challenges based on festival trivia, these games are a fun way to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

8. Charity kite event

Align your celebration with a noble cause by organizing a charity kite-flying event. Participants can make a small donation to participate, and the funds raised can be directed towards a local charity or community project. This not only adds a philanthropic element to the celebration but also instills a sense of social responsibility among employees.

9. Makar Sankranti awards

Recognize and appreciate your team members by introducing Makar Sankranti-themed awards. Categories could include "Most Creative Kite Design," "Best Traditional Attire," or even "Team Spirit Award" for outstanding collaboration during the celebrations. Acknowledging and rewarding employees adds a positive touch to the festivities.

10. Festival themed photobooth

Set up a festive photobooth with Makar Sankranti-themed props and backdrops. Encourage employees to take pictures individually or in groups, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun. Share these photos on internal communication channels or social media to showcase the vibrant and celebratory workplace culture.

Makar Sankranti virtual celebration ideas for better employee engagement

Here are 10 Makar Sankranti virtual celebration ideas:

1. Digital rangoli contest

Invite employees to showcase their artistic skills by organizing a digital rangoli contest. Provide templates or guidelines, and let the creativity unfold on virtual canvases. This not only adds a burst of color to virtual meetings but also promotes artistic expression among team members.

2. Makar Sankranti e-cards exchange

Facilitate a virtual exchange of Makar Sankranti e-cards among team members. Encourage them to design personalized cards with festive greetings and share them via email or on collaboration platforms. This thoughtful gesture enhances a sense of camaraderie and celebration even from a distance.

3. Virtual Potluck and recipe exchange

Celebrate the culinary diversity of Makar Sankranti by organizing a virtual potluck. Employees can share pictures and recipes of traditional dishes associated with the festival. This not only promotes cultural exchange but also creates a shared virtual feast experience.

4. Makar Sankranti themed desktop backgrounds

Foster a festive atmosphere by encouraging employees to decorate their virtual workspaces with Makar Sankranti-themed desktop backgrounds. This small yet visually impactful gesture adds a touch of celebration to every virtual meeting.

5. Makar Sankranti trivia quiz

Organize a fun and engaging Makar Sankranti trivia quiz during a virtual meeting. Include questions about the festival's cultural significance, traditional practices, and fun facts. This not only educates employees but also adds an element of friendly competition and enjoyment.

6. Virtual Sankranti pooja

Coordinate a virtual prayer or pooja session to mark the spiritual aspect of Makar Sankranti. Employees can join a video call for a brief prayer, led by a designated individual or a guest speaker. This fosters a sense of togetherness and spiritual connection even in the virtual space.

7. Virtual kite-making workshop

Collaborate with a local artisan or a craft expert to conduct a virtual kite-making workshop. Ship kite-making kits to employees in advance, and then gather online to create personalized kites together. This interactive session not only adds a creative touch but also allows team members to engage in a shared activity despite the virtual distance.

8. Sunrise meditation session

Start the day with a virtual sunrise meditation session. Encourage employees to join a video call and participate in a guided meditation or yoga session to welcome the positive energy of the sun. This mindful start can set a positive tone for the day and promote well-being among remote workers.

9. Makar Sankranti playlist sharing

Create a collaborative Makar Sankranti playlist and encourage employees to add their favorite festive songs. Share the playlist on a team communication channel, allowing everyone to enjoy a collective soundtrack that celebrates the spirit of the festival. This musical touch adds a lively element to virtual interactions.

10. Virtual cultural exchange

Facilitate a virtual cultural exchange where employees share aspects of Makar Sankranti celebrations unique to their regions or backgrounds. This could include short presentations, anecdotes, or even virtual tours of their homes decorated for the festival. This exchange fosters a deeper understanding of cultural diversity within the team.


The celebration of Makar Sankranti in the workplace, whether physical or virtual, is not just a festive observance but a powerful means of fostering unity and positivity among colleagues. These 20 ideas offer a diverse tapestry of traditions, team-building activities, and virtual engagements that transcend the limitations of physical distance. 

As we collectively embark on this vibrant journey of celebration, may the kites of collaboration soar high, the colors of camaraderie shine bright, and the joy of Makar Sankranti resonate in the hearts of every team member. So, let's continue to soar together, celebrating not only the festival but also the spirit of togetherness that defines our workplace community. 

Happy Makar Sankranti!

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