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National Handloom Day, celebrated on 7th August every year, was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015.

World Handloom Day is a great moment that’s intended to pay tribute to the handloom weaving community, celebrating the efforts made to our nation's socio economic progress.

The Government is also committed to empowering handloom workers and weavers by giving them additional chances for wealth and success.

By upscaling the handloom industry's sustainable growth, we hope to improve its members' financial situation and create a sense of pride in its remarkable craftsmanship.

National Handloom Day - History

The historic "Swadeshi" Movement, which gathered strength after the partition of Bengal, has a strong connection to National Handloom Day, which is marked on August 7, honouring the official announcement made at Calcutta Town Hall on August 7, 1905.

The fundamental Swadeshi concept, promoted by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, was at the heart of the Swadeshi Movement.

The movement encouraged people to support the local handloom industry and promote the use of indigenous goods.

National Handloom Day - Facts

India’s handloom industry has contributed significantly to the economy. Here are the best 5 facts about the industry:

  1. India has secured the largest number of handloom weavers globally, tallying to 4.3 million.
  2. 70% of Indian weavers are female.
  3. The Indian handloom industry cherishes a history of exquisite weaving techniques with designs made for present and future generations.
  4. Handloom products are made using natural fibers and dyes which are sustainable and eco-friendly.

8 Ways to celebrate National Handloom Day in corporate

Here are 8 ways to celebrate National Handloom Day in corporate:

1. Gift handloom products to weavers

Request every employee to give handloom products to weavers. The employees can purchase sarees, tablecloths, clothes, and other handloom items; helping them provide support to the industry.

2. Wear handloom clothing

Instead of having an ethnic day celebration at the office, consider wearing handloom clothes on National Handloom Day. This gesture helps in promoting handloom weaving.

3. Participate in handloom exhibitions

Ask the HR management to allow participation in handloom exhibitions, promoting employee engagement.

4. Visit a weaving center

It would be a great opportunity for employees to visit a nearby weaving center, helping them learn about the industry and network with people involved in manufacturing handloom products.

5. Undertake an employee engagement activity with a social media campaign

Ask employees to research about the importance of handloom weaving. Share stories and pictures of artisans and their handloom products.

#supporthandloom #nationalhandloomday #handloomweaving are some of the hashtags employees can use on social media.

6. National Handloom Day decor

Let’s highlight the importance of National Handloom Day by decorating the office space with posters, handloom textiles, and banners.

7. Handloom documentary screening

Screen short films or documentaries about the lives of handloom artisans, helping in creating awareness for their work.

8. Handloom workshops

It is important for employees to upskill themselves with handloom weaving, dyeing techniques, and other handloom courses. This process helps in spreading awareness about National Handloom Day.


On National Handloom Day, let's honor the craftsmanship and history of handloom weaving.

We can provide our handloom weavers a better future and support a thriving handloom industry

Here’s wishing a very happy National Handloom Day.


1. When did National Handloom Day begin?

The first National Handloom Day began on 7th August 2015 which was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

2. What are few Handloom products in India?

Sarees, dhotis, shawls, and rugs are some of the Handloom products in India.

3. How should we support the handloom industry?

Purchase and promote handloom products which helps in extending your support to the handloom industry.

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