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Isn’t it a privilege to celebrate and honor our parents on National Parents Day?


Our parents aren’t just a part of our soul; they are our world. Our responsibility is to unite and give our parents our affection, respect, gratitude, and love.

Every year, the 4th Sunday of July is celebrated as National Parents Day. It is a momentous occasion where people of all ages present gifts for parents, treat them with compassionate love, and take them to parks or movies.

In this article, we’ll highlight National Parents Day's history, timeline, traditions, activities, and more.

History of National Parents Day

Parents are our best friends with whom we share our feelings, thoughts, sorrow, happiness, and lots more. They aren’t just role models who support us; they dedicate their lives to our upbringing and development.

The primary goal of National Parents Day is to promote responsible parenting by encouraging positive reinforcement from parents to children. Not to mention, this day celebrates parents' sacrifices with an unparalleled bond between children and parents.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the congressional resolution which approved the National Parents Day by law. This law was introduced by republican senator Trent Lott to support and uplift the role of parents in the rearing of children.

National Parents Day connects well with how Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations occur in May and June, respectively. Amazing activities and events take place to support, uplift, and recognize parent’s role in raising their children.

National Parents Day - Timeline



          17th February 1897 

  The National Parent Teacher association was formed as the National Congress of Mothers in Washington D.C 


Parenting magazine reaches more than 2.2m 

            5th August 1994 

Introduction of National Parents Day Resolution 

          4th August 1994 

The Parents Day Resolution Passes 

        14th October 1994 

National Parents Day is official 

National Parents Day - Traditions

Adding more to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, here’s National Parents Day. It is the best time of the year when flowers, presents, and food hampers take center stage, serving our parents with care and belongingness. Having a family dinner or a party is a popular tradition.

Church services and community events are held to acknowledge a parent's contribution in a child’s life. Hosting of rallies and proclamations is a recent addition to the National Parents Day celebration.

National Parents Day - Activities

1. Pay a surprise visit

If you happen to live abroad, visiting your parents once in a while is always recommended. Begin the celebrations of National Parents Day by sending a bouquet to their doorstep. Later, pay a surprise visit by booking your stay beforehand.

2. Write a letter to your parents thanking them for their support.

National Parents Day shouldn’t be a one-day celebration; your letter should take the moment forward. Inform your parents how special their presence is to you. Write the letter in a way that brings tears to your eyes and their eyes too.

3. Book tickets for their vacation

Every parent deserves to be greeted with a surprising ticket to a foreign destination; if you are in one, invite them to your place. You’ll see the rewarding love and affection come back to you, which you have been yearning for a long time. Paris, Europe, Switzerland, and New York are some of the best destinations for a family get-together.

Importance of National Parents Day celebration

1. Unites long-lasting parental relationships

If you are having plenty of arguments with your parents, National Parents Day might be the best day to feel united. Moreover, having good moments with your parents goes a long way in providing true value.

2. Prioritizes family time

Hectic work schedules are the reason why people aren’t having sufficient time to allocate for their family.

National Parents Day - A day to honor parents helps children prioritize family time.

3. Showers emotions on loved ones

Parents day is a moment where emotions feel overwhelming and time comes to a halt. Basically, celebrating the presence of our parents is no less than a house of emotions spreading over the roof. Tears of happiness get rejoiced with a shield of love, affection, and caring.


National Parents Day is a great heartfelt reminder to appreciate the role parents play in our lives. It is a day to express gratitude, love, and admiration for those who have nurtured, guided, and supported the beloved children.

On this special occasion, we recognize and acknowledge the tireless sacrifices and unwavering love parents have for shaping a child’s character, values, and aspirations.

National Parents Day - FAQ

1. When is national parents day?

National Parents Day is an annual event taking place on the 4th Sunday of July every year.

2. Who proposed Parents Day?

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a law and a resolution that was adopted by the U.S. Congress, officially known as Parents Day or National Parents Day.

3. Why is National Parents Day celebrated?

National Parents Day gets recognition for appreciating parents, acknowledging their efforts in raising children and showing love.

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