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With this year almost ending, you realize how hard you and your co-workers have worked to meet your goals, made tight deadlines, and closed big deals. Rewards, personalized gift cards make your holidays more enjoyable. So, why not bring everything together for your employees and help them enjoy a big time? Perhaps it is time to organize an office Christmas party.

Well, office Christmas games work as an icebreaker and get everyone mingling. Whether you're hosting the party or have chosen a venue, you need to pick some exciting Christmas games for the office to make the attendees enjoy their hearts out and have a good time.

Here is a list of 20 enjoyable Christmas games for work to keep your team entertained:

Top 10 Christmas games for Office

The list includes the names which you can play with your co-workers on-site. Pulled right from the most demanding list, check out these most enjoyable Christmas party games to play in the office.

1. How many ornaments

Start with an easy game to warm up your crowd and let everyone submerge in the right mood. Embellish the area with beautiful, fun ornaments, and don't forget to count them all. The person who figures out the exact number is the winner.

2. Holiday photo booth

Who doesn't want some competition? So, why not drive your colleagues' modeling skills with this unique idea? Set up a corner with a holiday-themed background, props such as an Elf hat, Santa beard, and Reindeer headband, and strike poses in groups to create a memorable holiday picture.

Once you have the pictures, place them on the bulletin board and vote. The best picture wins the prize. The prize ranges from Xoxo digital gift cards from more than 4000 global brands to Prepaid Cards.

3. Christmas squid game challenge


Wow, the idea is impressive. We bet your office party will be a massive hit with this game because everyone has watched the show. Collect all the required elements and make everyone fight for presents.

If someone is unfamiliar with the series, they should know that all the participants of the squid game have to take up challenges to win the prize. And if they fail to complete the task, they will be eliminated.

4. Holiday ABC Game

Use your brain muscles to pass this A through Z game. Share printable sheets with your employees to fill in a holiday word for every letter of the alphabet and then sit around individually or in a group and fill out their answers. The best list wins the first prize.

5. Candy cane relay race

Enjoy a healthy competition by going for the candy cane relay race. Divide your employees into two teams. The teams hold a candy cane from the table, pass it to the line end and hook their cane to the one on their left using just one hand. So, it looks like a continuous chain of hooked candy canes.

The game is usually more enjoyable when the candidates hold the candy canes in their mouths. So, why not raise the bar? Games like this help in building engaged and high performing team with Xoxo.

6. Gift wrapping challenge

Find out how efficiently your colleagues can work together by giving them a task to wrap a gift together with just one hand. The team that does it in the shortest time wins the game.

7. People Bingo

Get to know your workers better by playing a game where mingling is the ideal option to win. To play this game, you should list 12-14 traits or activities and share them with every participant.

Participants have to walk around, find members who agree with the list, and tick them off. The winner is the person who ticks off the list fastest with a different employee name for every trait or activity.

8. Christmas Karaoke competition

There's no Christmas party without karaoke! Play this game when the cocktails have kicked in, and the mood is set. Let everyone feel comfortable showing off their singing skills. Let everyone pick their favorite Christmas song, and ensure you have a karaoke machine with those songs.

Appoint a judge to award points, and the person with the highest points wins rewards. Celebrate the contributions with Xoxoday's platform and offer unique rewards to your employees.

9. White elephant gift exchange

White elephant exchange is one of the most entertaining Christmas activities. Unlike traditional Santa gifts, participants offer funny and gag gifts to each other. It is a fun and exciting way of gift exchange. Ask your co-workers to exchange gifts randomly and see what you have got.

10. Design the best Christmas tree

Divide the people into 4 to 5 groups and give every group paper and pencils to draw a good Christmas tree. The first player from a team starts by drawing the tree and passing it to the next member to add something unique. Once every person has given their input, ask the groups to compare their trees and vote for the best one.

Well, these are some on-site office Christmas games for you. The following list coming for you includes virtual Christmas games for the office. Check out the list too.

10 Best virtual Christmas office games

As some of your colleagues may be scattered in different corners of the world, you would want to include them also in your Christmas games for work party. We've got you covered if you're unsure how to do it. Check out the list of virtual Christmas office games available for you.

1. Christmas trivia

It is one of the best games for virtual Christmas parties. Trivia questions could involve fun facts related to Christmas, holidays and movies on Christmas, and more. Just mix up virtual participants in groups and ask holiday-themed questions using a smartboard. The team with the highest number of correct answers wins the game.

2. Christmas costume contest

Dress up like an elf, Mr. or Miss Santa, or a Grinch and participate in the costume competition. Costume parties are fun, with prizes involved. Just join a video conference and ask everyone to show off their outfit. Vote for the best and worst costumes to win prizes such as digital rewards.

3. Christmas scavenger hunt

The game is super fun and can be played from the comfort of your home. Develop a list of Christmas-themed items and allow your team to scavenger hunt during the party. The person who can bring the items first wins a point. It can be a childhood Christmas picture, a stocking, or other objects. It is one of the best Christmas game ideas for work to be played virtually.

4. Tree decoration

Decorating your Christmas tree is a must. So, turn it into a competition if you're doing it separately. The best Christmas tree wins the first prize. Add lights, decorations, tinsel, and baubles while talking to your first on a video call, and see who does it first.

5. Holiday two truths and a lie

An excellent icebreaker game where players have to say the three funniest things about themselves! While two are true, and one is a made-up lie. The other players have to guess what's true and what's false. The person with the highest number of correct answers wins the game.

6. Guess the Christmas film

Assess the knowledge of your co-workers about classic Christmas films. Can they guess Home Alone, Grinch, and other hit films by your actions? While one person can enact online, the others have to think. The person who guesses it first is the winner.

7. Play "Name the tune"

Another virtual Christmas game for work that works as an icebreaker is Name the Tune. The person will have to create a list of holiday-themed songs. And they can play it online while the other co-workers have to guess it. It is your chance to refresh your old memories and enjoy a hearty Christmas party.

8. Create Christmas cards

For a virtual Christmas party, split your attendees into small groups and ask them to create Christmas cards using Canva. The best Christmas card wins the game.

9. Watch a movie together

You can make your team watch a Christmas classic together by syncing up the screen and sending messages via live chat. Wrap the event by discussing the movie and sharing holiday plans.

10. Host an online charity drive

Motivate some Christmas giving this year. A virtual casino night can help you raise money for the unprivileged. You can offer gift cards solutions from Xoxo or other rewards to orphanages or employees who are not well-off.


1. When to plan your office Christmas party?

Planning for office Christmas games and parties two to three months in advance is suggested. It will give you sufficient time to prepare the games, menu, gifts, and rewards according to the theme. So, don't wait till the last minute and stress out. Start planning as soon as possible.

2. How to choose the right venue?

Before selecting the venue, it is vital to keep a few things in mind:

  • Budget: Knowing how much you can spend on the whole event is an excellent way to pick the right venue. Find out the venue you can afford and if it matches your requirements.
  • Date: Check if the venue is available for the specific date. Always pick at least three venues and compare their offers.
  • The number of guests: Estimate the number of people attending your Christmas party and ensure the venue is sufficient to accommodate all.

3. What are some virtual Christmas games ideas for small companies?

Some simple virtual Christmas game ideas for small companies are Virtual Card Exchange, Dressing Up, Scavenger Hunt,s and Movie Charades.

4. What are some virtual Christmas game ideas for large companies?

Large companies can work as a large team and split up into smaller rooms to enjoy virtual bingo cards, Christmas trivia, Guess the gifts, Christmas mad libs, and more.

Wrap it up

Holiday office parties and fun Christmas games for work enrich your colleagues. Everyone appreciates your effort in preparing these games. We hope the above list of Christmas games for office and virtual parties works excellently for you. Share your favorite game with us.

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