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Holiday seasons have a perfect charm to keep you endlessly in celebration mode. Parties with friends and families and joy with the kids are not like every day; Everyone has got something to do, someone to meet, someone to share, and something to say. Your colleagues aren't any different. They also have got something to share, some achievements to celebrate. Keep reading this blog to get the best office Christmas party ideas.

15 Fun office Christmas party ideas

Christmas is almost here, and you are puzzled about a unique Christmas celebration in the office. We are here to help you out; check out our top 10 fun Christmas office party ideas.

1. Christmas gift cards swap

Exchanging gift cards with your coworkers can be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. It brings the opportunity for the receiver to buy products of his preference, and the receiver is happy to gift a card just in return for the same or another option.

2. Themed office party

A party with a theme like Santa and the elves. The good of Santa's laugh and the fun of Christmas can spike the light of happiness in everyone in the office. It could be the perfect movement for team building if you are the boss.

3. Christmas decoration

Decorating for Christmas is one of the most enjoyable activities. Let's face it when the entire area is decked out in lights, socks and hats, and a Christmas tree, it's difficult not to feel at least a little spark of celebration.

Setting a day and time to hang the decorations and involving the entire team can help to make decorating even more enjoyable. This will demonstrate to your coworkers how much you respect them and care about their memorable holiday.

4. Hosting a Treasure Hunt or game event

Contests or games with a Christmas theme will undoubtedly motivate everyone to participate. There are plenty of other ideas, such as planning a Treasure Hunt by grouping your coworkers in small teams and placing clues within the office. It couldn't be more fun.

Remember to thank them by giving the winning team a present and the losing teams a consolation prize. Other entertaining games include forbidden phrases, the game of completing impossible challenges with user votes, etc.

5. Use funny Christmas cards

Funny Christmas Cards like Cliche quotes from songs or words you are found off. Celebrate this year's Christmas with funny Christmas cards & messages with your coworkers to express your innermost feeling for them.

6. Christmas lunch

 Christmas lunch

The most traditional, yet everyone loves a Christmas potluck lunch or dinner. Gather your team and induce them to take part in the potluck. It is suitable for team building exercises where everyone can contribute something of their own to the celebration.

7. Annual secret santa gift exchange

 Annual secret santa gift exchange

Without Secret Santa, what fun is Christmas at work? While being creative with your Christmas celebrations is essential, you should respect established holiday customs like these.

The truth is that without them, Christmas won't feel the same! Additionally, Secret Santa is a fantastic method to bring together your coworkers from different teams and ensure that everyone receives a gift throughout the holiday season. Make name cards for everyone and let them each select one. They should be the Secret Santa for the card they select.

8. Holiday photo booth

Holiday photo booth

Photo booths are unique additions that enhance the enjoyment of celebrations. Christmas-themed photo booths are particularly entertaining since they may include festive props. Self-built photo booths are simple. You can hire an event staff member to man the camera or set up a camera, smartphone, or tablet with a timer or trigger. You can include the photographs in your thank-you emails or keep a small photo printer nearby to print out immediate copies using applications that let you add frames and effects.

If you'd prefer to avoid the hassle, you can take the easy way out and hire a professional photo booth firm as a party vendor. These performers probably have seasonal accessories on hand.

9. Escape room

Any occasion can benefit from exciting activities like escape rooms. To escape a locked room, you will be required to solve the different puzzle and riddle games; players must find clues and solve puzzles in a short amount of time; only after the last mystery will you find the key to the room and win the game.

You can have an escape room with a Christmas theme at your holiday gathering. For instance, the team might need to assist Santa in finding a way out if he becomes locked in a living room.

10. Ugly sweater competition

Why not spread some holiday cheer? Ugly Christmas sweaters have almost become a tradition during the holiday season, and this will undoubtedly be the most popular company holiday activity. Wear your hideous Christmas sweater to work.

Unattractive Christmas sweater Day at work is a fantastic chance to enjoy a riot of fun and get your coworkers pumped for the season.

11. Donate toys, clothes, and food

The holiday season has arrived. Giving back to others is a beautiful way to get your coworkers in the holiday spirit. Yes, children can relate to the joy and anticipation of Christmas morning, so can you imagine how amazing it would be to help someone else experience that same emotion by giving back? Be others' Santa by donating toys, Clothes, and Food to someone as good as your own family.

12. Volunteer together for a noble cause

The best and brightest aspects of our society are Selfless Contributions to a common cause. Volunteers generously provide their time, money, and effort to social projects, church work, and charitable social activities. This Festive season sparks the light of generosity in your teammates to contribute to a charitable cause.

13. Take them for a day out

One new way to celebrate Christmas is taking your employees for a day out. Talks funny at the dining tables are one of the oldest forms of human tradition across the globe. Cheer up your teammates while dining out and discuss the team's efforts.

10 Virtual Christmas celebration ideas for office

A virtual holiday party offers the chance to create priceless memories that can only be done online. Chuckling as your friend makes the most embarrassing face, the Zoom screen freezes. When your coworker's child swoops in to create the most fantastic webcam boomerang, you're trying not to laugh and struggling to control one. Nevertheless, Here are the top 10 virtual office Christmas party ideas -

1. Virtual holiday party bingo

The best approach to ensure healthy working relationships between team members is through team-building exercises. Like a virtual bingo party. Why not turn this Christmas holiday party into something productive for your team?

Your team's competitive side comes out when they play bingo, and it's always entertaining to watch them focus and use their brains in a lighthearted environment. In addition to encouraging teamwork, playing virtual bingo is good for your mental and physical health.

2. Holiday icebreaker question

Christmas icebreakers are quick and easy questions and activities that encourage conversation and interaction at gatherings, meetings, and the office. "What was the nicest holiday present you ever received?" is an example of an icebreaker question. These events are meant to foster relationships and holiday cheer.

3. Host an online charity drive

Being a little Selfless and putting forward for a common cause drives a social spirit in your teammates. But over the top of it, You are putting yourself forward to help the helpless or needy. Isn't it enough to cheer you up this Christmas?

4. Enjoy an online white elephant

Virtual white elephants allow participants to exchange bizarre and useless gifts. It allows one player to take advantage of another during these occasions. White elephant exchanges amuse the teams to compete to discover the most mysterious yet valuable gift.

5. Virtual holiday party trivia

You should always reserve a date for your team's Christmas virtual celebration. Enjoy a festive trivia game while spending time with your coworkers virtually and your loved ones personally to celebrate this festive season. Make sure to include a playlist and timelined video to commemorate the important movement with your team.

6. Virtual secret santa

Virtual Secret Santa is a Christmas-themed virtual gift exchange. Each participant is given the name of the teammate along with his mail, the participant thereafter has to buy the gift and then mail it to the assigned person. You could send a nice kitchen appliance or a book, for instance, and then convene online using Zoom or another electronic platform for the openings. This gathering aims to foster relationships and celebrate Christmas virtually.

7. Christmas year-themed zoom background

This year, are you going to a Zoom virtual Christmas party? Use a Christmas Zoom background to digitally decorate the mood for a Christmas celebration and set the party spirit for the meeting.

8. Make a company Christmas card

Spear festive cheer in your team with Custom made Company Christmas Card. You can use multiple online tools to make a custom card and produce a company Christmas card with festival messages that look as good in person as they do on screen.

9. Exchange digital rewards

Exchange with your colleague a digital reward this year to celebrate their party spirit. Remember to add points to the best-performing teammate.

10. Give each other titles/names

Names usually reflect the personality traits of a person. But it's office fun to name your coworkers something out of random. Start a naming convention this Christmas holiday within your team. Just try not to get to a person here in your colleague's private life.

Things to keep in mind

Christmas is a year celebration. Everybody in the office got something to do, like working overtime to close an important project or just planning for the festival. You should always remember to ask for help from your work colleague or shuffle through this blog for an idea. Here are a few do you should keep in mind -

  • Do remember that it's Christmas. All you need is a celebration spirit, and the rest of your schedules will be naturally figured out. Just stay a little calm and composed.
  • Do include the contribution of your coworkers in the celebration. It helps in team building like port, an escape room, Christmas decoration, etc.
  • Do include a holiday ice breaker Question. It opens your team to fun & lets your exchange best holiday wishes.

Here are a few Don't to keep in mind -

  • Do not personally offend your coworker with a funny name. Your fun is funny as long as it does not cause harm for somebody else.
  • Don't push too hard on your teammates to take participation in everything you plan. Just ask them for their views on the celebration schedules.
  • Only take charge of some things for the Celebration; ask for participation from your coworkers. You can avoid being unnecessarily stressed out.

Key takeaways

Let your employees enjoy the festivity together instead of making them feel like outsiders for not having anyone to celebrate with. Let everyone feel included as you plan an office Christmas Party at Work!

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