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Onam celebration embraces the vibrant spirit of Onam and isn't just limited to homes and traditional settings. In fact, the workplace can be a wonderful canvas to paint with the colors of this joyous festival.

Imagine desks adorned with floral rangolis, colleagues coming together to share stories of Onam's cultural significance, and the aroma of authentic Kerala delicacies wafting through the office corridors.

Let’s explore some truly unique and heartwarming Onam celebration ideas that will not only foster a sense of togetherness among coworkers but also infuse your workplace with the essence of this beautiful harvest festival.

Dive in and discover how you can make this Onam an unforgettable experience within your office walls!

15 Onam celebration ideas for the office

Here are 15 Onam celebration ideas for the office

1. Floral rangoli contest

Encourage teams to channel their creativity by designing vibrant and intricate rangoli patterns using fresh flower petals and colorful rangoli powder.

Provide them with designated spaces around the office to showcase their creations. This friendly competition not only brings out the artistic side of your colleagues but also adds a burst of color and beauty to your workspace.

Floral rangoli

2. Traditional attire day

Transform the office into a vibrant sea of traditional Kerala attire. Encourage everyone to wear exquisite sarees, dhotis, and other traditional garments.

make it even more exciting, you could organize a mini fashion show during lunchtime, where participants get to flaunt their elegant ensembles and share the stories behind their outfits.

3. Onam potluck feast

Bring the essence of Onam to the office by hosting a potluck lunch filled with mouthwatering Kerala delicacies.

Encourage employees to showcase their culinary skills by bringing in dishes like avial, sambar, thoran, and payasam. A communal feast not only offers a taste of authentic Kerala cuisine but also fosters a sense of togetherness and shared culture.

Onam potluck

4. Pookalam (Floral carpet) creation

Transform a common area into a canvas for colorful pookalams. Set up stations with a variety of flower petals and leaves, allowing teams to collaborate on crafting intricate floral designs.

This hands-on activity not only pays homage to a cherished tradition but also promotes teamwork and creativity as colleagues work together to create stunning artworks.

5. Onam games and competitions

Infuse the spirit of competition and fun by organizing a series of traditional Onam games.

Tug-of-war, lemon-on-the-spoon races, and even a Thiruvathira dance-off can add a touch of playfulness to the celebration. Distribute small prizes to winners to keep the energy high and the laughter rolling.

6. Cultural showcase

Provide a platform for employees to shine by showcasing their talents related to Kerala culture.

This could involve musical performances, folk dance routines, or even short skits that highlight the significance of Onam. It's a chance for colleagues to share their passions and contribute to a memorable cultural experience.

Onam celebration

7. Onam arts and crafts workshop

Host a hands-on arts and crafts workshop where employees can learn to create traditional Onam-themed crafts.

From making paper mache boat decorations to designing intricately painted clay lamps (diyas), this activity allows everyone to tap into their artistic side and take home unique souvenirs.

8. Cultural exchange corner

Set up a designated area where employees can share interesting facts and stories about Onam and its significance.

Encourage them to bring in artifacts, photographs, or personal experiences related to the festival. This helps in fostering a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions associated with Onam.

9. Onam treasure hunt

Organize a lively treasure hunt around the office premises, with clues and challenges related to Kerala's culture and traditions.

Incorporate elements of Onam history and folklore into the clues. The final treasure could be a collection of Kerala snacks or small traditional gifts.

10. Plant an "Onam garden"

Create a mini garden area in the office where employees can plant different types of flowers and plants associated with Onam, like marigolds and banana plants.

This not only adds a touch of greenery but also symbolizes the harvest festival's connection to nature.

Onam garden

11. Traditional music and dance performances

Arrange for a live performance of traditional Kerala music and dance forms like Mohiniyattam or Kathakali.

This enriching experience offers a glimpse into the cultural richness of Kerala and provides entertainment that everyone can enjoy together.

12.  Onam-themed office decor

Transform the office space into a visual celebration of Onam by incorporating traditional decor elements.

From hanging marigold garlands and banana leaf motifs to displaying miniature boat replicas, this thematic decoration creates an immersive atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of the festival.

13. Onam art exhibition

Encourage employees to showcase their artistic talents by organizing an Onam-themed art exhibition.

Paintings, statues, sketches, and other forms of visual art can depict various elements of Onam, from the elaborate sadya to the iconic boat race. This exhibition can be a source of inspiration and appreciation for the creative diversity within the office.

Onam art

14. Onam storytelling session

Arrange a storytelling session where participants share folktales, legends, and stories related to Onam.

This interactive session can offer insights into the cultural significance of the festival and provide an opportunity for employees to learn from one another.

15. Traditional cooking workshop

Host a cooking workshop that focuses on preparing traditional Onam dishes. Invite a chef or a knowledgeable individual to guide participants through the process of making a sadya.

This hands-on experience allows everyone to learn about the culinary traditions of Kerala and enjoy the fruits of their labor afterward.

Onam cooking workshop

15 Onam virtual celebration ideas for the office

Here are 15 Onam virtual celebration ideas for the office

1. Virtual pookalam design contest

Encourage your colleagues to showcase their creativity by organizing a virtual Pookalam (flower carpet) design contest.

Provide them with a selection of virtual flowers and leaves they can use to create their designs. Everyone can then present their designs during a video call and vote for the best one!

2. Virtual Onam craft workshop

Ignite creativity by organizing a virtual art and craft workshop. Provide simple step-by-step instructions for creating traditional Onam art, rangoli designs, or even paper mache crafts.

This hands-on activity engages colleagues in a fun and artistic way, allowing them to create festive decorations that reflect the spirit of Onam.

3.  Virtual Cultural showcase

Give your colleagues a chance to share a piece of their culture by hosting a virtual cultural showcase.

This can include dances, songs, or even short presentations about the significance of Onam. It's a wonderful way to learn more about each other's backgrounds.

4. Virtual plant exchange

Embrace the spirit of Onam by organizing a virtual plant exchange. Each participant can choose a plant or a small potted flower to share.

This not only adds a touch of greenery to everyone's home but also symbolizes the harvest aspect of the festival.

5. Onam themed trivia & games

Engage everyone's competitive side with an Onam-themed trivia quiz or virtual games.

Include questions about Onam traditions, Kerala culture, and even some light-hearted games related to the festival. It's a fun way to test knowledge and spark some friendly competition.

6. Virtual recipe sharing

Onam is synonymous with delicious traditional Kerala cuisine. Arrange a virtual cooking session where a colleague can demonstrate how to prepare a traditional Onam dish.

Afterward, invite others to share their own recipes or cooking experiences, fostering a sense of togetherness and culinary exploration.

Onam recipe

7. Virtual Onam fashion show

Celebrate the beauty of Onam attire by hosting a virtual fashion show. Participants can dress up in traditional Kerala outfits such as sarees, dhotis, and kasavu mundus.

They can take turns showcasing their outfits and sharing the stories behind them. This not only promotes cultural diversity but also allows everyone to appreciate the craftsmanship and significance of these attires.

8. Virtual talent show

Uncover hidden talents within your office community with a virtual talent show. Colleagues can perform acts like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, or even showcasing unique skills like magic tricks or stand-up comedy.

It's a wonderful opportunity to appreciate each other's talents and create a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere.

9. Onam storytelling session

Foster a sense of connection by hosting a virtual storytelling session. Encourage colleagues to share their personal Onam-related stories, anecdotes, or cherished memories.

These stories can range from childhood experiences of celebrating Onam to heartwarming family traditions. This activity helps everyone learn more about each other's backgrounds and create deeper bonds.

Onam storytelling session

10. Virtual plantation drive

Embrace the harvest aspect of Onam by organizing a virtual plantation drive. Participants can plant seeds or saplings in their homes, symbolizing growth, abundance, and the connection to nature.

During a video call, everyone can share their progress, tips for plant care, and the significance of their chosen plants, fostering a shared commitment to sustainability.

11. Virtual onam movie night

Combine entertainment with cultural exploration by hosting a virtual Onam movie night. Choose a classic Malayalam film that revolves around Onam themes, traditions, or stories.

After watching the movie, engage in a casual discussion about the film's portrayal of Onam, its cultural elements, and how it resonates with your colleagues.

12. Onam charity initiative

Give back to the community during Onam by organizing a virtual charity initiative. Collaborate with a local charity or community organization and encourage colleagues to make contributions, whether monetary donations or donations of essential items.

Share the impact your office has made by coming together to support a meaningful cause, embodying the spirit of compassion and generosity.

13. Virtual Onam quiz and trivia

Organize a lively virtual Onam quiz where participants can test their knowledge about the festival's history, traditions, and Kerala culture.

You can include multiple-choice questions, picture rounds, and even fun facts about Onam. This engaging activity encourages friendly competition and learning.

14. Onam virtual cook-off

Elevate the celebration by hosting a virtual cook-off where participants prepare a traditional Onam meal.

Choose a specific dish or a full meal that represents the festive flavors of Kerala cuisine. Colleagues can showcase their culinary skills while sharing cooking tips and techniques during the event.

Onam cook-off

15. Virtual Onam treasure hunt

Infuse excitement into the celebration with a virtual Onam-themed treasure hunt. Create a series of clues and riddles related to Onam traditions, folklore, and Kerala culture.

Colleagues can work in teams or individually to solve the clues and uncover hidden messages or virtual "treasures."


The vibrant petals of Onam's flower carpet fade and the echoes of laughter linger, it's clear that celebrating this cherished festival in the workplace brings more than just festive decor.

It creates bonds, fosters unity, and reminds us of the rich tapestry of traditions that make up our diverse culture.

Whether it's the camaraderie built through shared meals, the beauty of floral arrangements, or the joy of participating in traditional games, Onam has shown us that even in the busiest of schedules, there's always room for a touch of warmth and togetherness.

So, as we bid adieu to this year's Onam celebrations at work, let's carry the spirit of unity and festivity with us, not just during this season, but throughout the year.

After all, it's the shared moments that make every workplace truly special.

Happy Onam!

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