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Onboarding gifts for new hires are thoughtful presents or mementos given to new employees to help them settle into their new employment. Customized t-shirts, coffee mugs, wellness kits, and gift vouchers are a few examples.

These presents are meant to uphold the corporate culture, make new workers feel valued, and lessen their nervousness about starting work in a strange place.

Tips for researching onboarding gifts for new hires

Consider employee needs

When considering onboarding gifts to new hires, consider what would make their time working for your firm more enjoyable. Or what could encourage them to produce more?

A deskless worker doesn't require an office cleaning kit, and headphones may not be the best present for a receptionist, given that they contact directly with visitors to the workplace.

Steer clear of gifts that are just ornamental because they are more likely to be ignored or discarded.

Personalize the employee welcome gift

One feels unique when one receives personalized gifts. So, customize them for each person, group, or division.

Wherever you can consider employee preferences, you can learn about some of those during pre-boarding by asking questions. Give an employee something connected to their passion, for instance.

For instance, you may provide them with movie tickets if they enjoy watching movies. You may also give them Amazon gift cards if they identify as tech geeks.

Instill the company’s core values

It's very important to get your new employees off to a good start. Companies may assist in ensuring that new employees will work to represent these principles from the first day on by appropriately expressing their fundamental values.

With that in mind, when choosing a present, think about your core principles. You can add the organization's purpose or vision statement as a decoration to the company-branded swag.

Alternatively, you can select objects that might be explained in terms of the organizational value they represent. For instance, if you allow remote working and independence and autonomy are one of your company's core values, a power bank, laptop bag, Bluetooth headphones, and laptop speaker are perfect presents.

Best On-boarding gifts for new hires

Wellness packs

Onboarding gifts for new hires must include wellness kits since they motivate staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These bundles could include herbal tea blends, scented soaps, candles, and essential oils.

Presenting the gift package in a personalized box with the brand's colors and logo will add a personal touch. This action comforts the recruits by demonstrating how warmly the team welcomes with open arms.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs aren’t just a favorite among youngsters but defines a person’s interests; especially, a personalized coffee mug. These mugs give the new recruit a sense of belonging to the company.

The best approach is to design the coffee mug according to the new employee’s personality. You can either opt for a portrait or a message, helping the new hire feel engaged and happy.

Gifts cards


There isn’t a more special present than a gift. These come with a variety of benefits, allowing new recruits to choose their preferred retailer to purchase products online.

Customized T-Shirt

As customized T-shirts instill a sense of pride and belonging in new hires, they make excellent welcome gifts for new employees. The employee's name and title can be inscribed on the back, with the corporate logo printed on the front.

Personalizing hoodies and sweatshirts make great customized t-shirts. These choices enable workers to wear personalized shirts matching their fashion preferences.


Headphones are a useful welcome present for new hires who might need time adjusting to a noisy workplace. With this tool, new hires can enjoy the benefits of focusing on work more than anything else. You’ll get a couple of options to choose including noise canceling headphones and bluetooth headphones.

Skincare kits

Skincare kits bring a new charm for new employees as it gives more self-confidence. These kits frequently include travel-sized items, including makeup removers, eye creams, moisturizers, and cleansers.

Laptop Bags

Because they can hold anything a worker might need to carry, including a laptop, folders, and vital documents, laptop bags make excellent new-hire gift suggestions.

Adding the corporate name and emblem allows you to personalize the laptop bags. By personalizing the laptop bags, you can promote your company and make it simple for customers to recognize your employees.


Because they comfort new hires of their positions within a firm and aid in removing doubts or anxieties related to their new jobs, nameplates make excellent gift suggestions for new employees.

Nameplates also make it simple for veteran staff to recognize and communicate with newcomers to the company. Additionally, these plaques indicate each employee's position within the company, making it simple for clients to find people according to their requirements.

Water bottle

Water bottles are necessary since they ensure employees stay hydrated all day. Drinking enough water helps to increase brain function, which boosts productivity at work.

Using insulated water bottles is a fantastic option for maintaining the temperature of other liquids and keeping water cold.

Handwritten Note

Gift ideas for recruits that are considerate and courteous include handwritten notes. These letters have words of support and welcome remarks that new hires may require to feel at ease in a new workplace.

It is a good idea to personalize this note by addressing it specifically to the new employee. New hires are made to feel seen and valued by this action.

Food Voucher

Onboarding gifts for new hires that ensure a satisfying lunch at work include food vouchers.

To help new hires adjust to their new surroundings, obtaining food vouchers for eateries inside or close to the office is vital.

Gift Baskets

Given that they are pre-filled with popular things, gift baskets are among the best presents for new employees. These baskets could include food, wine, fragrant candles, or skincare products.

For recruits, these gift baskets can also include a brief word of welcome. Given their versatility, gift baskets make excellent presents for recruits. To meet the needs of your team, you can incorporate many things.

Safety kit

Safety kits are crucial supplies that aid workers in avoiding harm or defending themselves against illnesses.

Different items will be included in the safety kits depending on the employees' work. These gifts serve as a reminder to new hires that you appreciate their health and safety.

Stress ball

Stress Balls are easy-to-use, entertaining tools that can assist new hires in managing stress associated with adjusting to a new role. Additionally, these stress balls aid in anxiety management and improve emotional stability.

Additionally, stress balls have been shown to improve creativity and focus in the workplace. Additionally, this substance helps lower blood pressure and enhance blood circulation.


Key chains are among the most fantastic gift suggestions for new hires because they enable workers to keep crucial keys and other priceless items in one place.

Security tokens, car keys, miniature flashlights, self-defense gadgets, and USBs can be stored on these key chains. This gift reduces employees' possibility of losing crucial materials and keeps them organized.

Picture frames

Picture frames make wonderful gifts for new employees since they let workers decorate their workstations with happy memories.

Picture frames enhance the workplaces' decor and increase new hires' comfort and happiness. Employees are free to display personal or family images at work.

Table calendar

Simple gifts to give new staff are table calendars. These gifts are in keeping with the office decor and only take up a little room. Employees can use calendars to remember crucial events and appointments at work.

This present can be customized to showcase your employees, goods, and services while promoting your company's name and image. The calendar can be personalized with your company's trademark color, logo, and motto before you mark and highlight significant business occasions.


As fragrances come in many different aromas, fragrances make beautiful gifts for new employees. You can purchase many variations to add a unique touch to each employee's aroma.

This suggestion will make your employees happy and be an excellent conversation starter with coworkers. Fragrances will also aid in increasing the self-assurance of new hires and enhance workplace relationships.

Smart Watch

Digital timepieces known as "Smart Watches" are connected to the wearer's smartphone. New employees can use these smartwatches to get critical notifications, such as email alerts, incoming calls, and messages.

People can even keep track of their exercise objectives with smartwatches. Important notifications, including calls, emails, and messages about the workplace, can be received by employees using these watches. Employees will consequently become more concentrated and detail-oriented.

Personalized welcome kit

Create a personalized welcome kit that includes company-branded merchandise like a mug, t-shirt, notebook, and pen, along with a welcome letter or handbook introducing the company's culture and values.

Gift Card

Provide a gift card to a popular local restaurant or online store, allowing the new employee to enjoy a meal or purchase something they desire.

On-boarding guidebook

Provide an onboarding guidebook with essential information about the company's history, structure, policies, and key contacts, helping employees navigate their new environment.

Team Lunch or Coffee

Consider organizing a team lunch or coffee outing and welcoming the new employee. Introduce the staff in a relaxed and informal setting.

Personalized Desk Accessories

Customize the new employee’s workspace with personalized desk accessories like a desk organizer, nameplate, or motivational artwork, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Mentorship Program Enrollment

Pair the new employee with an experienced employee as a mentor, guiding them through their initial days and providing support and guidance to ace their role.

Training and Development Opportunities

The new employee needs to be trained well; offering access to training courses helps them to develop new skills and expand their knowledge.


A diary is one of the best gift ideas for onboarding. The new employees can note down their daily activities and refer to the same for future reference.

Welcome note from the CEO

On-boarding new employees requires better personalization. A unique welcome note addressing the employee with warm wishes from the CEO will give the new hire renewed energy to perform their duties with sheer passion.

Pen set

Personalized pens with the employee’s name will help the new hire to feel welcomed. A set of the same creates a positive impression in the mind of the new employee.

Company brochure

A company brochure is one of the best on-boarding gifts for new employees. The company brochure helps the new hire to get better clarity about the company’s goals and objectives. It provides the new employee an overview of the company.


An excellent method to promote business culture and welcome new employees is by providing onboarding gifts to new hires. New hires will feel at ease in their workplace thanks to this action. New hires who get welcome presents have a favorable first impression of their companies.


What are employee welcoming gifts?

Employers welcome new workers into the organization with thoughtful gifts known as employee welcome gifts for onboarding. These presents assist in boosting new hires' spirits and maintaining their motivation in their new positions.

What should be added to the employee welcome package?

Employers can create a positive first impression by providing welcome items for new employees. Therefore, it is crucial for the CEO or any other firm administrator to send handwritten welcome notes. Personalizing goods like journals, calendars, T-shirts, sweatshirts, planners, and coffee mugs is also terrific. To help new hires start work, you can also provide stationery supplies like pens, pencils, staplers, rulers, and erasers.

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