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Hello everyone! Today is a day of honor, recognition, and gratitude as we come together to commemorate Purple Heart Day in our workplace.

It's a momentous occasion to remember and pay tribute to the brave men and women who have shown extraordinary courage and made great sacrifices while serving in the Armed Forces.

Join us as we delve into the significance of this prestigious medal and explore how we can express our heartfelt appreciation to those who have selflessly served our nation.

Let's make this Purple Heart Day celebration truly special and meaningful!

15 Purple Heart Day celebration in the office

Here are 15 Purple Heart Day celebration in the office:

1. Purple heart tribute wall

Create a dedicated "Purple Heart Tribute Wall" in a prominent area of the office. Encourage employees to bring in photos or stories of their loved ones who have served in the military or have been wounded in action. Decorate the wall with purple-themed decorations, flowers, and heartfelt messages of gratitude.

2. Commemorative purple treats

Organize a special treat day with purple-themed snacks and desserts. You can have purple cupcakes, cookies, purple popcorn, or even purple fruit platters. The idea is to create a delicious spread with purple as the main color to honor Purple Heart recipients.

3. Veteran storytelling session

Invite any veterans in the office to share their experiences and stories related to their service. It can be a powerful and educational session for everyone. Consider recording these stories and sharing them with employees who couldn't attend the event.

4. Purple heart awards

Introduce a "Purple Heart Award" to recognize employees who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to their work or the community. Present them with a purple heart-shaped plaque or certificate as a token of appreciation during a small award ceremony.

5. Purple heart fundraising drive

Organize a charity drive in support of Purple Heart recipients or military-related organizations. Set up donation stations or sell purple-themed merchandise with the proceeds going towards helping wounded veterans and their families.

6. Purple heart art exhibition

Host an art exhibition featuring artwork created by employees that symbolizes the sacrifice and bravery of military personnel. Allow employees to express their feelings and emotions through paintings, drawings, sculptures, or any other form of art. The exhibition can be a great way to showcase talents and raise awareness about Purple Heart Day.

7. Purple heart fitness challenge

Organize a fitness challenge that involves various physical activities and exercises. Participants can form teams and compete in a friendly manner. For each completed challenge, participants and sponsors can donate a certain amount to military charities that support Purple Heart recipients.

8. Gratitude card campaign

Set up a station with purple-colored cards, markers, and stickers. Encourage employees to write thank-you cards to military service members and veterans. These cards can be sent to local military hospitals or organizations that support wounded warriors.

9. Purple dress code day

Dedicate a day for everyone in the office to dress in purple to honor Purple Heart recipients. You can even turn it into a contest with prizes for the most creative, inspiring, or purple-themed outfits.

10. Virtual guest speaker

Arrange a virtual session with a Purple Heart recipient or a representative from a veterans' organization. They can share their experiences, insights, and the challenges faced by military personnel. It can be a profound and eye-opening experience for the entire office.

11. Purple heart book club

Start a special book club focusing on military-related literature or stories of Purple Heart recipients. Encourage employees to read and discuss books that shed light on the experiences and sacrifices of military personnel. Consider inviting veterans or authors of military-themed books for a virtual discussion.

12. Purple heart documentary screening

Organize a screening of documentaries or movies that highlight the bravery and resilience of Purple Heart recipients. After the screening, you can have a group discussion about the impact of the stories portrayed in the films.

13. Purple heart wall of honor

Create a digital "Purple Heart Wall of Honor" on your office website or intranet. Employees can submit the names and stories of their family members or friends who have received the Purple Heart award. It's a beautiful way to recognize their bravery and sacrifice.

14. Purple heart craft workshop

Arrange a craft workshop where employees can create purple-themed crafts or handmade cards to send to veterans or military hospitals. You can provide materials like purple ribbons, beads, or fabric for the participants to use in their creations.

15. Purple Heart Day charity run/walk

Organize a charity run/walk event in the office neighborhood or nearby park to raise funds for military charities supporting Purple Heart recipients. Participants can wear purple ribbons or armbands during the event to show solidarity and support.

10 Purple Heart Day celebration in office virtually

Here are 10 Purple Heart Day celebration in the office virtually:

1. Virtual wall of heroes

Create a virtual wall or board where employees can post photos and stories of their family members or friends who have served or are serving in the military. Encourage team members to share their connections to the military and express their gratitude.

2. Memorial quilt design

Organize a collaborative art project where each employee designs a square for a digital "Memorial Quilt." They can use various design tools to create heartfelt messages, images, or symbols that represent respect and appreciation for military personnel.

3. Purple heart trivia and quiz

Host a virtual trivia or quiz session related to military history, Purple Heart recipients, and acts of bravery in the line of duty. You can use online platforms to create interactive quizzes, and winners can be rewarded with small prizes or virtual badges.

4. Guest speaker series

Invite a Purple Heart recipient, a veteran, or a military expert to share their experiences and insights during a virtual guest speaker session. This will not only educate employees about military service but also allow them to connect with real-life heroes.

5. Virtual gratitude wall

Set up a virtual gratitude wall where team members can leave messages of appreciation, support, and encouragement for military personnel and their families. The wall can be shared internally, and you can also consider sending a compilation of these messages to veteran organizations or hospitals.

6. Virtual honor run/walk

Organize a virtual 5K run or walk event to honor Purple Heart recipients and show solidarity with veterans. Participants can track their distance using fitness apps, and you can encourage them to donate to a veterans' charity as a registration fee.

7. Video tribute compilation

Request employees to submit short video clips expressing their gratitude and appreciation for Purple Heart recipients. Compile these videos into a touching tribute that can be shared with the entire team on Purple Heart Day.

8. Purple heart-themed online games

Host online games and activities with a Purple Heart theme. For example, you can create a virtual scavenger hunt where participants search for images or facts related to military history and Purple Heart recipients.

9. Virtual movie screening

Arrange a virtual screening of a military-themed movie or documentary that highlights the sacrifices made by veterans. After the screening, you can organize a discussion session to share reflections and insights.

10. Support a veteran-owned business

Encourage employees to support veteran-owned businesses by ordering from them for lunch or coffee during the virtual celebration. You can compile a list of such businesses and share it with the team to promote their services.


As we draw this memorable Purple Heart Day celebration to a close, let us carry the spirit of bravery and sacrifice in our hearts every day.

May the stories of courage and resilience we've shared inspire us to be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy, knowing they come at a high cost. Let's continue to support and honor our veterans, not just on this special day, but throughout the year.

In our office, let's strive to create an environment of appreciation and understanding, recognizing the sacrifices made by our fellow colleagues who have served. We can make a difference by listening to their experiences, supporting their well-being, and fostering a community of compassion.

Remember, the Purple Heart stands as a symbol of valor, and together, we can carry its significance forward by spreading awareness and gratitude.

Let's continue to honor our heroes and be grateful for the liberties they have protected for us all. Happy Purple Heart Day!

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