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Working with team mates and office peers day in and day out can be mundane and employees often neglect building personal relationships while only focussing on getting their work done.

Research suggests that building interpersonal relationships and team spirit at work helps with better productivity and increases employee morale. Team building is an essential aspect of fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Team building exercises are a fun and effective method of breaking ice amongst employees and to help them get to know each other on a deeper level. An effective way to strengthen the bond among coworkers is through question games that encourage communication, empathy, and understanding.  

We have listed below 20 exciting and interactive activities that can be enjoyed during team meetings, lunch breaks, or corporate events to boost employee bonding, team spirit and better employee morale.

20 Fun question games to play with coworkers to boost team building

1. Two truths and a lie

This is an exciting game that helps employees bond with each other by knowing them at a deeper level. Each person takes turns sharing three statements about themselves—two truths and one lie.

The rest of the team must guess which statement is the lie. Not only does this give an opportunity to build connections, it can be quite exciting to play with a large team!

2. Desert island

This game is derived from popular fictional movies and characters where people are stranded on islands.

The game implies: If one were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three items, what would they be?

Each team member can come up with interesting and exciting answers that evoke their creative side and can give a glimpse of their witty nature!

3. My superpower

This is an exciting game to reveal your secret superhero fantasy. Ask each team mate what superpower they would choose to have and how they would use it in their job or personal life.

Not only does this game provide an external view of their job roles and personal life, it can be quite humorous and witty and reveal a whole new side of each team member.

4. Bucket list

A bucket list is something everyone has in the back of the mind but how often do we get to share this?

Make everyone share one item from their bucket list and discuss what experiences or goals they want to achieve.

This helps employees and team members bond and share their interest and find mutual friends who hope to achieve the same things!

5. Time travel

Time travel is a fascinating subject that often is an excellent bonding and ice breaking topic.

A simple question such as: ‘If you could travel anywhere in the past, when and where would you go?’ will help kindle the child within each team mate and help bond over their cherished memories or aspirations for the future.

It could reveal a deeper personality within each.

6. Emoji quiz

An emoji quiz is most certainly a gen Z trend. In this absolutely amazing game, team members communicate their day using only emojis and letting others guess what happened to them during the day.

This is a creative and humorous game that will unveil the child inside each team member and also kindle creativity to come up with exciting new ways to communicate.

7. Dream vacation

Just like the time travel and bucket list games, this game is all about manifesting a dream vacation that everyone holds dearly in their hearts.

Have them discuss their dream vacation destination and what activities they would love to do there.

This can help in revealing hobbies, passions, desires and many other interesting aspects about a team member that often does not reflect in day to day communication.

8. Role reversal

This is a rather hands-on game than anything else on the list. Make team members switch roles for a day and share what they learned from the experience.

By partaking in this game, team members can understand each others’ job roles better and be able to empathize with each other on a broader level.

It helps in forging a better relationship by channeling team spirit and a shared sense of responsibility.

9. The "If I were you" game

In continuation to the role reversal game, the ‘If i were you’ game helps people gain new perspectives at work related issues and tasks.

Each person must explain how they would handle a particular work-related challenge if they were someone else on the team.

Opinions and ideas that are otherwise not shared openly can be brought into limelight and ultimately help team members understand each others’ issues.

10. Song association

Song association has been around for age just like dumb charades or musical chair games. Give a random word, and each team member has to come up with a song that includes that word in its lyrics or title. Not only does this take away the pressures off the day, it is one of those games that will reveal the hidden musical talents amongst employees!

11. Personal trivia

In this personal game, employees can hope to foster interpersonal relationships and understand each other better.

Divide the team into pairs and have them interview each other to learn interesting facts or hobbies about their partner.

By doing so, not only do they empathize with each other, but the group can benefit from forming social interactions and relationships.

12. Show and tell

Much like the personal trivia round but including an object, this game helps in showcasing real emotions and feelings by sharing something that has strong meaning in each one's life.

Ask team members to bring in an object that represents something meaningful to them and have them explain its significance to the group to help team members connect on a deeper level.

13. The perfect teammate

This is one of the best ways to bring out positivity within a group. In pairs or small groups, discuss the qualities of a perfect teammate and also share one such quality that each person brings to the team.

This helps in giving positive feedback and helps team members connect by complimenting each others’ strengths.

14. Pet peeves

Pet peeves are things that can annoy someone. Have team members discuss such issues so that they openly share common pet peeves and how the team can collectively work to avoid them in the workplace.

This can help in a counter way by associating team members over things that they want to avoid commonly amongst each other.

15. Future predictions

A common interview question that helps managers and recruiters see through a person, this game helps bring out the futuristic view of each individual.

Ask team members where they see themselves in five or ten years and what steps they are taking to achieve these goals.

Not only does this help in bringing out the persons’ deepest aspirations, it can set them up for success.

16. Challenging situations

An effective way to mitigate challenging situations at work is to help prepare in advance. Role play is a great way to check how team members can come up with creative solutions to counter a difficult situation.

Role-play challenging work scenarios and letting the team brainstorm ways to handle them effectively is a great way to bond over work scenarios.

17. Icebreaker questions

This is more of a light hearted way to get into meetings or events or other corporate get togethers.

Instead of jumping right into business, help your employees, team members and audience to mingle by asking ice-breaker questions like: "What is your favorite comfort food?" or "If you can have any celebrity as your mentor, who will it be?"

This helps put people at ease and also sets the upcoming session for success.

18. Virtual scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are not only restricted to children or for informal events. A virtual scavenger hunt at a workplace can instantly help in making bonds and increasing team spirit for achieving a common goal.

In this virtual scavenger hunt, team members may need to find specific objects or complete certain tasks within a set time frame and can be rewarded with something to boost their morale and team accomplishment spirit.

19. Positive feedback circle

A great way to boost employee morale and make people instantly connect with each other is by forming a positivity circle.

Have team members share one thing they appreciate about the person on their right as you keep going around the circle.

Not only is this an excellent way to bring out the positive attributes of each person, it helps in boosting team spirit and confidence.

20. Team quiz show

No corporate event is complete without a quiz show!

One of the most interactive games on this list, create a quiz show format with trivia questions about team members, the company, or any common topics to bring out a competitive yet fun side of all individuals.

Not only is this one of the best mood lighteners, employees can enjoy working together and forming new connections.


A company that provides a social and interactive and open environment to work always has better employee morale, retention rate and higher productivity.

Team building exercise have had excellent results in all kinds of organizations to help boost team spirit and bonding within employees.

Remember that the key to successful team building through these interactive games is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable participating. Encourage open and respectful communication, and celebrate the diversity of ideas and perspectives within the team.

These games will not only boost team cohesion but also lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling work environment for everyone involved.

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