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Retirement is a major occasion for goodbyes and also for celebration. Celebration of a successful career and looking forward to new beginnings. There are numerous methods for employers to express gratitude to employees who are nearing the end of their careers, but nothing says goodbye quite like a thoughtful gift.

A meaningful and economic retirement program for a firm is very impactful and scalable but a personalized retirement gift is more celebratory. Here listed are some of the best retirement gift ideas for your employees, from the unique to the timeless, as well as some recommendations for choosing the best retirement gift ideas, for teammates looking to honour their peers as they enter this next chapter.

What makes the best retirement gift ideas for your employees?

The finest retirement presents for employees at your company will be those that the retiree will appreciate and find useful. Each human's chosen career is unique, filled with distinctive tales and unforgettable experiences — unique retirement gifts reflect those years of hard work and devotion with a human approach.

While one individual may enjoy travelling and expect a retirement filled with adventures, another may look forward to a tranquil time spent at home with their family. Gifts targeted to a specific hobby can be quite meaningful, but more thoughtful retirement gifts, such as a beautiful watch or jacket, can also be very precious.

Try something creative and combine a few presents for personal retirement gift ideas. A collection of photos, handwritten notes by colleagues, a CD with recollections and memories, or some homemade goods are all meaningful souvenirs for a successful career. These types of retirement gifts for employees are worth considering.

Again, there is no such thing as right or wrong! Consider the specific individual and situation, understanding that if you're unsure, you can always confer with other team members.

Customizable retirement gift ideas for colleagues & co-workers

Show your appreciation with unique retirement gifts and express your gratitude for a healthy working relationship. A good gesture helps them in future endeavors and favorable feelings. This affects other employees as they would notice how much importance you give to a colleague’s service and loyalty to the organization.

1. Printed glasses & crockery :


If you’re looking for a way to enhance the mood of the retiring coworker, then gift them a printed crockery set. You can select from a dinner set to just a simple tea set. Print this with their favorite slogans or maybe a retirement quote.

2. Personalized travel journal


The Travel Journal is a handcrafted and customizable journal with high-quality pages to record your journeys and experiences. The spiral-bound journal can be purchased with a customized background color and cover image. A perfect gift for a retiree who wants to spend their retired life visiting and exploring countries. The Personalized Travel Journal would be the ideal travel companion to document their adventures.

3. Travel bags

Travel bag

A travel bag is ideal for a road trip or a global tour. The Personalized Travel Bag made of classic canvas with leather accents and antique brass hardware makes a good retirement gift. A spacious and good quality travel adds to the convenience and comfort of the traveller. You may personalize it with your newly retired friend's initials and gift them one in their favorite color.

4. Personalized games bundle


Retirement can be a whole lot of fun with family or friends. The Retirement Games Bundle guarantees it! Word Scramble with an answer key, Retirement monopoly, or Who Knows The Retiree Best? are a few games to name. You can also get these games personalized or printable PDF games. Simply print them off and use them at your next retirement celebration to add to the fun and laughter!

5. Day clocks


A clock to commemorate a retiree is quite an ideal retirement gift idea. You can get them customized to their favorite themes or even their name with a family photo.

6. Virtual party passes

Encourage your newly retired employee to start enjoying their free days immediately with a virtual party pop and experience a fun evening. Instead of offering a physical gift that might sit around collecting dust, give them an experience that they can enjoy and remember forever.

7. Subscriptions to OTT channels

In the times of OTT who would not prefer a year’s subscription to their favorite OTT platform as a unique retirement gift? Give your retired colleague the comfort of watching extraordinary channels and soaps at their home.

  • Zee5 Subscription Card: Zee5 is an online video streaming over-the-top platform where entertainment comes alive. With 12 navigational and featured languages throughout original films, live TV, catch-up TV, lifestyle shows, children's programs, exclusive short series, and acclaimed plays, there's no end to the excitement for Zee5 subscription card.
  • Shemaroo Entertainment: ShemarooMe is Shemaroo Entertainment Limited's (SEL) over-the-top video streaming App. The Shemaroo subscription card provide a wide range of unique and exclusive streaming content. The app is also available on a variety of platforms, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Mi TV, Roku, One Plus TV, Android TV, TCL, Apple TV, Cloudwalker, and others.

8. Cash & prepaid cards

Give the retiree the power of their retirement present by offering them prepaid gift cards. Easy gift cards are available, just place the order for your recently retired coworker, and deliver it to them before they leave for brighter pastures. Check out the gifting and reward options at Xoxoday for a thorough overview of the complete process and find several gift cards to choose from.

  • VISA Card: The State Bank of Mauritius Visa card has a monthly limit of Rs 10,000. It is merely a one-time loadable digital card. You can gift Visa gift card with your choice of money.
  • Pine Perks RuPay Prime e-card: After activation, the RuPay bank card can only be used to purchase goods and services in India.

9. Home & living gift cards

Many retirees would prefer a useful gift to one which keeps sitting in a corner of their shelf. A home and living gift card is an ideal present for such. Select a wide variety of gift cards giving you the luxury of shopping from the comfort of your home at Xoxoday.

  • Home center gift card: Home Centre is a one-stop shop for beauty, fashion, trends, and excellent home décor. It combines a variety of product categories under one roof.
  • Lifestyle vouchers: Lifestyle is a hypermarket network with retail stores across India that sells a wide range of branded and designer clothes and footwear. It is a part of the large Landmark Group, which has nationwide operations. With a Lifestyle gift card, you can give the best shopping destination for folks who value life's lavish extras.
  • Pepperfry: Pepperfry connects buyers and sellers through its website, and offers other services like packaging, marketing, advertising, payment processing, customer support, on-site retailing, and so on.

10. Food & restaurant gift cards

Surprise your retired colleagues by presenting them with a gift card from their favorite restraint. Gift them an evening of gourmet cuisine and a subtle ambience. Truly make their retirement a time to remember.

  • Blue Tokai gift card: Blue Tokai's objective has been to introduce consumers to the estates from which wonderful-tasting coffee, roasted beans, and high-quality coffee is accessible.
  • Barbecue Nation: Barbeque Nation is India's most successful casual eating franchise, pioneered with the concept of live grills embedded under dining tables, allowing customers to grill their barbecues right at their tables. The sizzle of the grills enlivens the ambience and provides guests with a comfortable and cosy experience.
  • ITC Hotels gift cards: Give someone special the gift of indigenous experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. ITC Hotels Gift Card provides you with the opportunity to create long-lasting memories. This present is sure to please, whether it's a peaceful vacation, a symphony of flavors at award-winning restaurants, or a restorative spa & salon treatment.

11. Flower box with wishes cards

flower box

The Retirement Flower Box is a fantastic coworker gratitude present. Flowers in a wooden box can be personalized with a message. Give an engraved rustic planter to a retiree friend to let them know you're thinking of them and that they'll be missed at work. The Retirement Flower Box can include weathered jars and ribbons, making it the ideal centrepiece for their tables.

12. Coffee makers

Coffee maker

A gift for someone who loves freshly brewed coffee. With a cafe-quality coffee maker, you can help them fill their kitchen with the aroma of java. The Coffee Maker comes with cartridges, a funnel, a serving mat, cold brew filter bags, and a refill kit containing. Fill the gift bag with coffee grounds and present this gift to your colleagues for a rich cup of coffee.

13. Club memberships

To keep the retired person busy and socially active, Club memberships can be an ideal gift. You can select the best club memberships from Xoxoday and experience a wonderful time and good social networking

14. Retirement gift box set

Retirement gift box

The Retirement Gift Box Set is like receiving a relaxing experience in a box. The component of the gift box can include a soothing soy wax candle, natural organic soap, a relaxing bath bomb, an uplifting body wash, a memoir with a personalized inspirational message, a heartfelt greeting card, and an optional add-on such as a trinket or other items.

On a very personal note, one can gift Gold or silver jewelry to the outgoing employee. This shows the heartfelt appreciation of the coworkers’ hard work and dedication. You can explore the gifting options at the Kalyan jewelers.

Retirement gift ideas for employees

Express your appreciation for your working relationship and the camaraderie that you have built through the years. Celebrate the employee's career with a unique retirement gift that acknowledges the retiree's contributions to your company.

1. Candle sets

Cnadle Set

A set of organic candles are the epitome of a luxury gift and a sense of relaxation. A candle set with tiny bottles of natural oils, cotton, lead-free wick, no dyes, and consistent melting properties for a balanced fragrance, is a joy for anyone. Try and choose from products that are vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and paraffin-free.

2. Gardening kit

Gardening kit

Many retirees find gardening a hobby and time well spent in nature. A Gardening Gift Box contains everything new retirees need to start their organic or gardening soiree. The kit comes with planting instructions and advice on how to grow the plants in your area.

The set also includes everything from garden tools to vegetable seed packs. Even if the recipient of this retirement gift does not have a green thumb, the Gardening Gift Box is ideal for any novice.

3. Wellness & sports gift cards

With more leisure time on their hands after retirement, your employee can go out for a game or sport that interests them. Purchase a range of gift cards for local sporting events and upcoming gaming events in your area. To complete the gift, place the gift cards in a personalized envelope.

To make it even more memorable, include snacks and dinner gift cards for their favorite restaurants and other attractions.

  • Apollo Pharmacy: The Apollo Pharmacy gift card offers a wide range of products from medicines to skin care. Apollo Pharmacy is a one-stop shop for a healthy and wellness lifestyle
  • KAMA Ayurveda: Experience the essence of real and original Ayurveda with Kama Ayurveda's selection of indigenous Ayurvedic goods. Get goods that will nourish your skin, hair, and body, among other things. Use Kama Ayurveda Gift Vouchers to get discounts on Kama Ayurveda items and save money on your next purchase.

4. Travel & entertainment gift cards

For someone who loves travelling and exploring new places. A travel gift card is ideal. Enhance the thoughtfulness by adding entertainment vouchers for local events of the travelling destination. Find yourself a plethora of choices at Xoxoday. You can also present these gift cards along with a personalized travel journal, for them to record their memorable moments.

  • Thrillophilia: Thrillophilia is India's largest experience travel platform. Every month, over 2 million travelers use Thrillophilia to discover and book over 11000 selected travel experiences from across the world.
  • Yatra escapes: Escapes by Yatra is a vacation package. It's an investment in a wonderful vacation. Pay once and discover a diverse range of resorts, places, and curate experiences in over 50 of India's finest destinations.
  • Clear Trip e-cards: Cleartrip e-Gift Cards make an ideal present. They answer any travel-related surprises, whether offering a family vacation, an employee incentive, reliving a honeymoon, or delving into adventure with friends. Give a Cleartrip e-Gift Card to make your loved one's life more enjoyable.

5. Charity & donations gift cards

Does your employee enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community? Donate in the person's name to their preferred charity to pay tribute. Ask employees to contribute if they want to supplement the amount you can make. This retirement gift idea is effective because it is meaningful and does not consume space or accumulate dust.

Another option is to hold a volunteer day on the employee's last day of work. Make sure that everyone on the squad participates. It sends a positive note to the retiree while also allowing them to spend time away from the office with peers.

  • Points for Good: 'Points for Good' is a platform that helps you donate to various projects. Your employee, if interested can help around many things by donating to causes related to climate and environment, Sports, child care, and art and culture.
  • DonateKart: This platform helps people worldwide contribute supplies and other products that NGOs and charities in India need. The most reputed and honest establishment, and its concept help many needy people.

5. Gold & jewelry gift cards

A necklace or a trinket is the ideal retirement present for an employee who enjoys wearing jewelry. What could be more appropriate than a jewelry gift card with a personal sentiment? It's easy, lovely, and certain to make your employee feel like a million bucks! When your employer encashes this to their favorite brand, they will remember you. Check out Xoxoday for many gift card options.

6. Fashion & lifestyle gift cards:

For a fashionista, what better discount coupons to their favorite brands? Many lifestyles and fashion gift cards are available to choose from. Gift your employee a shopping experience with these gift cards.

  • Pantaloons: Pantaloons Gift Cards are handy for gifting as they give you the freedom of buying your favorite things! Our gift cards make the ideal present. From the latest fashion to legendary traditional clothing, Pantaloons have it all.
  • ShoppersStop: It is the ideal one-stop store for any luxury goods a person might desire. Shoppers Stop features a variety of lifestyle brands in beauty, fashion, accessories, home items, health, perfumes, and a variety of other areas. As a last-minute gift for any special occasion, purchase a Shoppers Stop E-gift card.

7. Reading books or journals


A journal for ideas on things to do after retirement is worth a present. It can contain writing lists, affirmations, dreams, entries, and anything else that comes to mind. A Leather Journal that may be customized with top grain distressed genuine leather and cotton paper and is ideal for taking notes and noting down memoirs. A personalized message can be engraved on the back of the journal.

8. Airbnb experience


Although people have been familiar with Airbnb as a firm that rents out houses and rooms to guests, the company also sells experiences. Some of these adventures would make excellent retirement gifts. Cooking workshops, animal encounters, and outdoor excursions can all be found depending on where you reside. Check out their website to see what experiences are available in your area and within your budget, and consider gifting one to your employer upon their retirement. Check out our list of the finest Airbnb online experiences to find an Airbnb experience.

9. Luxury sheets


Many people look forward to not having to set an alarm clock and being able to sleep in. In that line, a luxurious comforter and set of sheets make an excellent retirement gift. There is great disagreement about the best sheets, but many people believe that bamboo or linen are must-haves. Choose a comforter that is long-lasting, soft, and breathable.

10. Personalized bobblehead


Many companies gift the animated avatars of their employees on their retirement. Animating them into their favorite characters is a well thought present. You can, however, provide your teammate with an animated bobblehead representation of them in the style of their favorite show.

11. Celebrity shoutout

celebrity shoutout

If your retiring coworker has a celebrity crush or is a huge fan of a certain celebrity, you can present them with celebrity shoutouts of their favorite. Many websites, like Cameo, allow you to buy personalized greetings from celebrities for a variety of events.

12. Digital photoframe

Digital Photoframe

The digital photo frame is ideal for displaying family photos and other personal memories. This personalized retirement present includes a LED light base that makes the photos pop. The digital quality additionally improves sharpness, provides 3-D imaging, and is available in several sizes. Nothing conveys thanks for shared experiences and time like this personalized keepsake.

MakeMyTrip is designed to provide Indian travellers with rapid booking and extensive options. A travel gift card from Make my trip will ensure a relaxing and hassle-free trip for your retired employee. Gift them various high-value products and services, as well as cutting-edge technology and devoted round-the-clock client support from this site.


Retirement is a bittersweet time when a successful career is coming to an end and a bright future life awaits. When it comes to deciding what to buy soon-to-be retirees, this is the golden hour of deciding a gift that is memorable and also useful. Even though a retiree’s newly obtained leisure and freedom would allow them to spend almost all of their waking hours relaxing, they would appreciate a longer, healthier, and more active life than ever before. Let them know that their hard work would be missed and their dedication towards work life is an example through the thoughtful gesture of a retirement gift.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions for you to know more.

Q: What makes a great retirement gift?

A: A fishing pole, golf equipment, backpacks, accessories, champagne flutes, a Smartwatch, e-readers, mugs, gift vouchers, a lounge chair, or tutorials are common retirement gifts. A wonderful retirement gift, on the other hand, is something tailored to the recipient's interests and how they want to spend their free time.

Q: What is the best gift to give a coworker who is retiring?

A: The best gift to offer a retiring coworker is something that can be cherished for years to come. A memoir or a photo album gift is ideal. Any retirement gift idea that makes your employee feel content and happy for their successful career is acceptable.

Q: How do you choose a retirement gift?

A: Consider the recipient when selecting a retirement present. It is best to know and honour their interests, abilities, and activities. If they are active and intend to spend their retirement travelling, a travel notebook or a bucket list scratch-off poster are ideal gifts. If the retiree is more of a family guy, books or a coffee machine would be useful.

Q: What are some good retirement gift ideas?

A: The ideal retirement gifts are activities or goods that they will use in their spare time and that involve something they enjoy. Golf equipment, a lovely robe or kimono, or a subscription to Masterclass to learn a new skill are some suggestions. Gift cards and subscription vouchers also make an ideal retirement gift.

Q: What do you give as a return gift for retirement?

A: As a thoughtful gesture, one can present a thank you card and a wellness quote to make up as a return gift. A mug personalized or with a favorite quote also is an ideal gift.

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