Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Life events such as birth, marriage, and retirement are turning points. Hence, we always celebrate these events with lots of enthusiasm and joy.

A person's retirement is a major milestone in life, but it can be a difficult phase for many as they bid farewell to their workplaces.

They are caught between feelings of anticipation as they look back and reflect upon decades of good old office days and confusion while pondering over the unknown that lies ahead of them.

Are you searching for retirement wishes for a coworker, a mentor, or a boss?

Whether it is your colleague, mentor, boss, or friend, you can communicate your emotions to them with supportive and encouraging words.

But make sure you use the right words to appreciate this significant milestone as they transition through this event and start a new chapter of their lives.

If you're having trouble thinking about what to write, read these 86 retirement wishes and messages to bid a happy goodbye.

15 Retirement Wishes for a Coworker

  1. We were coworkers until now, but we will be friends for life. I will miss you dearly.
  2. I knew we'd be more than mere coworkers from the moment we met. You will be missed greatly. I wish you a very joyous retirement!
  3. Even though we hope they wouldn't, all good things in life must eventually come to an end. Thank you so much for everything.
  4. As the wine keeps getting better with time, so do you. You have chosen the best time to begin your retired life. Enjoy!
  5. You now have plenty of time to make up for lost sleep, pursue your hobbies, and enjoy the holidays. Have fun living your new life to the fullest.
  6. You have always given your all to every project you have worked on. What if you put in that kind of effort and dedication to do nothing but relax? Happy retirement!
  7. Now is the perfect time to go over your bucket list since you have so much leisure time in your hand, don't you think? Happy retirement, by the way.
  8. You are among the best coworkers I have ever had. How I wish you were always here to guide and encourage me. Congratulations on your retirement!
  9. Good luck to someone who already has it in abundance. To better opportunities and more rewarding things in life!
  10. You were there for the whole team every time we needed you. What would we do without you? Good luck, and enjoy some well-earned alone time.
  11. Seasons pass, but your legacy lives on. Thank you for your time, and best wishes for the future.
  12. You leave the office today forever to spend some time with your loved ones. I hope you find the bliss you deserve.
  13. You are now officially free. No more meetings, presentations, deadlines, or bossy managers. Happy retirement!
  14. The legacy you leave behind is your hard work, dedication, and greatly-enjoyed humor. Without you, things will not be the same anymore.
  15. When loyalty and perseverance are coupled, success is guaranteed. That is precisely what you brought to the table every day. Congratulations on your retirement.
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15 Retirement Wishes for an Employee

  1. We are proud that you have realized all your dreams duly. Your delightful presence will be missed every single day starting tomorrow. Happy retirement!
  2. Be proud of your accomplishments, who you are as a person, and the impact you've had on the people in your life. Wish you all the best!
  3. The future holds much greater significance than what we leave behind in our past. Wishing you luck as you begin your next chapter.
  4. Our office is not like any other place. It is because people like you make it a place of creativity, productivity, and success. Thank you for your time and effort.
  5. Best wishes for a safe voyage as you navigate the ship into uncharted waters. Adieu and happy retirement!
  6. You are, without a doubt, the best employee we have ever had. I appreciate your effort and time. Congratulations on your retirement!
  7. Thank you for always giving your all. Your dedication has greatly contributed to our company. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.
  8. I would like to say that having you in my team has been a privilege. Enjoy your retirement!
  9. If persistence is the key to success, you proved it for the rest of us. My best wishes are with you!
  10. You have been the epitome of loyalty, generosity, and integrity throughout the time you were with us. Thank you for your time.
  11. You set the standard for the rest of us with your dedication and perseverance. We'll miss you.
  12. You have been a true professional all your life. Congratulations and best wishes!
  13. I want you to know that the quality, effort, and soul you put into this role every day cannot be replaced. Happy retirement; you'll be missed dearly.
  14. There's no one like you. Congratulations on your retirement, Your legacy lives on!
  15. Thank you for everything you've done to justify your role in our company, but most importantly, thank you for being you. Wish you all the best!

15 Retirement Wishes for a Boss

  1. Thank you for teaching me discipline and constantly providing guidance and motivation, which have greatly helped me grow in my career. As you retire to be with your loved ones, I hope you are welcomed with the same support and enthusiasm as you delivered here. Happy retirement.
  2. You inspired us to set higher goals, perform better, and evolve into our best selves. Thank you so much for everything.
  3. We send our best wishes for a successful retirement to a boss who is tough to match.
  4. How does one identify the difference between a mentor, a friend, and a boss? One cannot when it comes to you.
  5. You're proof that it doesn't require a bossy person to be a leader. We will miss your confidence, passion, and hard work more than you can imagine. Congratulations on your retirement!
  6. Even after retirement, you'll always be our guide, our leader. I wish you the best as you start this new phase of your life.
  7. There are bosses, and then there are extraordinary people like you. Thanks a ton for being a mentor, a role model, and a leader to me. Happy retirement; you earned it.
  8. You've left behind an admirable legacy of great work ethics and first-rate professionalism. We hope you'll keep making a positive difference in society with your passion and enthusiasm.
  9. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you invested in helping me become the professional I am today. You have been a fantastic boss. Wish you a happy retirement!
  10. You're one of the best people I've known in this lifetime. I wish I could be half as efficient as you are now when I reach your age. Happy retirement!
  11. Even though it is sad that you are leaving us, the guidance that I've received from you since the time I joined our company will be enough to help me survive and thrive. Enjoy your retirement!
  12. Our office will never be the same again. We'll miss your wisdom and sense of humor greatly. The world needs your expert advice and humorous stories, so I hope you will continue sharing them. Happy retirement, boss!
  13. You were a blessing to me and everyone else in the company. Enjoy your retirement!
  14. Your retirement marks the end of an era. I wish you joy as you begin this new chapter of your life. Happy retirement!
  15. You have been a great boss throughout the time you were here. Now, it's time to take some well-deserved time off and relax.

8 Retirement Wishes for a Mentor

  1. You’re the one that welcomed me warmly and with open arms when I first joined this company. You're the best mentor one could ever ask for, and I sincerely thank you for everything. Happy retirement!
  2. You helped me find a footing in the department; since then, you have been my mentor. Even though it is hard to see you leave, I hope you enjoy every day of this retirement.
  3. I hope your retirement years are as wonderful as the time you spent mentoring me. Best regards!
  4. Your commitment to the company is unparalleled, and your guidance and mentoring have helped me a great deal. I wish you a happy retirement.
  5. The entire team feels incredibly grateful for all of the hard work you did for the company. We wish you a very happy retirement, even though we will miss you every day.
  6. It is still unbelievable to me that you are all set to retire. I'll never forget how you dedicatedly mentored me and always had my back since I joined this company. Happy retirement, you'll be greatly missed!
  7. I'll forever be grateful for the time I spent working with you. You not only challenged me to perform better but also helped me grow professionally. Happy retirement!
  8. You made it so easy for me when I first entered this office. Since then, you have been my mentor, boss, and friend. I'm forever grateful and indebted for all the support and encouragement I received from you. I wish you the very best and a very happy retirement.

15 Appreciative Retirement Messages

  1. This retirement is we-earned! You can now finally enjoy your days relaxing and doing everything you want, be it travel or cooking. Do not forget to invest the same energy into your leisure activities as you did in your job.
  2. I appreciate your tireless efforts and commitment. Without you, our team won't be the same. Happy retirement!
  3. It's only fair for you to invest time in yourself after everything you did for our company. Best of luck with your future pursuits.
  4. As you embark on this new phase of life, I wish you peace, happiness, prosperity, and good health. Thanks for being such a wonderful colleague and an even greater friend!
  5. Your dedication to your job and your charisma will be cherished forever! May the next part of your life be everything you hope to be. Happy retirement!
  6. I'm happy about your retirement. After a lifetime of hard work, you deserve it! I hope you'll keep leading a happy and healthy life.
  7. You are a real pro who epitomizes the idea that striving for perfection daily is vital. I am certain that you will continue to inspire those around you to strive for greater things, even in retirement. Best wishes!
  8. Congratulations on finally retiring, and thank you for all the hard work you did for our company.
  9. You've contributed tremendously over the years that you've worked for our company. Without you, this place won't feel the same. Best wishes for your retirement!
  10. Your efforts, commitment, and accomplishments are unrivaled. I heartily appreciate everything you have done for this organization. Happy retirement!
  11. Best wishes for your retirement. I sincerely hope you allow yourself enough time to explore everything you've always wanted to.
  12. We appreciate all that you did for this company. Now it's high time for you to go and do everything you love. I wish you a very happy retirement!
  13. Many congratulations on retiring! We hope your upcoming endeavors are filled with love, laughter, and joy!
  14. It is time for you to enjoy all the perks that retirement offers, rightfully. Waste no time and do everything that you love. Happy retirement!
  15. We hope you enjoy your future, spending enough time with your friends and family and exploring new hobbies. Cheers to your retirement!

18 Funny or Informal Retirement Messages

  1. When one door shuts away, another one opens wide at a getaway resort. Don't forget to have a fruity cocktail on our behalf. Happy retirement!
  2. Leave early meetings behind and say welcome to early bird specials! Wish you a very happy retirement to you!
  3. Congratulations on your retirement! No more worrying about boring meetings. It's time to be ever ready and excited for family time.
  4. Are you certain you're old enough to retire? For me, you'll always be the 30 years old man with brilliant charisma who always puts everyone in a good mood. Congratulations on earning this long-term holiday.
  5. Remember the 10:00 am presentations and meetings? Well no point in remembering since you finally got rid of them. Cheers to being carefree and enjoying unlimited nap times.
  6. What do you call someone truly happy and carefree on a Monday morning? Retired. Big congrats!
  7. Warmest congratulations on your retirement. Cheers to spending time with your grandchildren rather than attending boring meetings and giving presentations.
  8. Congratulations! You retired before I did! I'll try not to be bitter about it.
  9. Your new assignment is to make sure you enjoy your retirement doing things you love and exploring new hobbies. You are completely in charge of your schedule, and workdays are also flexible. Happy retirement!
  10. Now that you have accomplished all your professional responsibilities, it's time to wear your dancing shoes. Wish you a joyous retirement and a life full of health and happiness.
  11. You were a fantastic colleague and managed to do all your jobs well. Can you promise you'd enjoy your retirement with as much dedication as you put into accomplishing office tasks?
  12. Our team lost the chattiest employee to retirement. I guess that means increased boredom. We'll miss you terribly. Happy retirement!
  13. Congratulations on your retirement! Your perks include taking naps during work hours and staying at home on weekdays. Enjoy your limitless freedom.
  14. Goodbye to the coats and ties, and hello to floral shirts and Bermuda shorts. You are officially retired now. Hawaii is eagerly waiting to embrace the funny you.
  15. I never agreed that you could retire, pal. Now, who's going to cover for me and save my back? Anyway, best wishes!
  16. What is the best part about retirement? You become your own boss, duh! Wish you a healthy and happy life ahead.
  17. Now that you are retiring, you can spend your life savings traveling and exploring new places and cuisine without worrying about unpaid leaves. I hope and pray that you find happiness in everything you invest your time, energy, and money in. Happy retirement!
  18. Welcome to retirement life! Now no more worrying about meetings and only planning about fun times.

Final words

We hope these retirement wishes examples are sufficient for picking the one you think would hit the right cord in the retiree's heart.

All you need to do now is write the message on a beautiful retirement card and pair it with a thoughtful and personalized gift. It would be even better if you had the time to hand-make the card and gift.

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