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The success of an organization depends on the involvement of the teams. At times, continuous work can be monotonous. To bring excitement to the workplace and help employees interact more, many activities can be conducted.

The scavenger hunt is one such exciting activity that acts as a team-building strategy too. Here, we have listed ten scavenger hunt ideas for you to explore.

Exciting scavenger hunt ideas

Regarded as one of the best team-building activities, scavenger hunt can be organized in many ways. Some ideas to start with:

1. Nature scavenger hunts

An excellent outdoor activity, it is a great choice when planning a team outing. It will be great fun to include a scavenger hunt in natural surroundings. You can organize this unannounced during your outdoor trip with the team.

Nature scavenger hunt involves looking for treasure in the natural surroundings. Divide the members into teams of two and let them hunt with the clues given. This activity can improve interaction between the members of the team. It reduces inhibition and gives space for open talks.

Post the activity, you can see a lot of changes by way of better communication among the teammates.

Along with being a team-building activity, the nature scavenger hunt gives a lot of learning too. The teams can learn more about things in nature, variety of trees, etc.

2. Office scavenger hunt

If you want to improve bonding among team members, the office scavenger hunt is the best choice.

Without moving out of your office space, you can keep your staff engaged in fun way of interaction. This is a group activity and can help a great deal in improving communication among teams and also within the team.

Some ideas on how you can play are:

  • Take a selfie with a team member wearing the same color dress as you are.
  • Write your organization’s mission statements into various chits and ask the members to look for them as per the directions assigned.
  • Identify seven employees who have worked for more than ten years and take a selfie with them.

These activities can prove to be ice-breakers and help a lot in improving the productivity of your organization.

Only work can be monotonous and bring down the morale of employees; therefore, these activities have to be conducted occasionally.

3. Photo scavenger hunt

This is another exciting scavenger hunt idea that can be played in your office. Pictures can be shared on messaging apps like Slack, Teams, etc., or could be placed on the teammates’ desks.

Some ideas that you could take inspiration from:

  • Take pictures of unpopular corners of your office and let your teammates locate them. This may be a corner of your cafeteria, documents storage area, etc.
  • You could also assign a task of finding pictures starting from specific alphabets inside the office.
  • Collect childhood pictures of your teammates and circulate them so that the rest of the team can identify them.

Activities such as these bring in a lot of cheer and reduce the stress on the employees. They help stimulate their thinking skills as well.

4. Video scavenger hunt

This is similar to a photo scavenger hunt and is equally exciting to play. This can be done as a group activity where each team will be divided into groups of two or three.

  • Funny videos can be shared with team members asking them to recreate the same.
  • You can share videos of specific areas in your office and ask members to shoot a video from there.
  • Share a video from past events at the office and ask members to identify the occasion.

All these activities can develop interpersonal skills that go a long way in influencing productivity. Team members can develop better bonding and work together for the achievement of common goals.

5. Travel scavenger hunt

This is an activity that is organized randomly during travel times. What could otherwise be a boring journey can become an interesting team-building exercise.

When there is an official travel, this activity can make things stress-free. You can prepare a list of items that can be spotted while traveling.

Assign them randomly to your members, like spotting a blue-colored car, spotting a fire station, an indicator signaling left, a specific restaurant, etc.

You could also ask them to take pictures along with spotting the things. This can be great fun and will improve interactions. It can break the barriers in the minds of teammates and make them better communicators.

6. Beach scavenger hunt

Take your team for a day out to the beach. This activity is best suited for summers. This is another outdoor activity that involves a lot of fun and builds better rapport.

List out the things that you can spot on the beach and prepare a list for your team earlier. Ask your team to identify the things listed out. It could be:

  • Finding another person with the same color beachwear.
  • Finding a person building a sand castle.
  • Identifying a specific shaped shell.
  • Locate a beach sign that you have mentioned.

Beach activity can be refreshing. But you should also make sure that the safety of the team is taken care of. After a day out at the beach, your team will be happy to get back to work.

7. Who’s who scavenger hunt

This activity is interesting as it involves fun and also analyzes the level of knowledge about the organization. Select pictures of people from the top management and ask the team members to identify them.

If your organization has multiple locations, you can select people from other locations too. Audios and videos can also be played to make the team guess about who’s who.

This can improve the member’s knowledge about the company and bring them closer. It is highly essential since most of the time is spent chasing timelines, and hence employees do not have complete information about the who’s who of the organization.

8. Christmas scavenger hunt

A Christmas-themed scavenger hunt can be held during the season. This can be apt for the holiday season and usher in a lot of joy during the holiday eve.

Tie up clues to the Christmas tree and let your team members locate them. You can include photos, riddles, etc., in your clues. Your team members will form groups to locate the things mentioned in the clues.

This can bring the teams closer and develop more involvement.

9. Virtual office scavenger hunt

These are times when many offices have chosen to function virtually. Even while working in remote locations, you can organize fun-filled team-building activities. Whether connected virtually or in physical locations, team bonding is essential.

It can be daunting to work in virtual locations, hence to cheer the team, such activities are needed.

You can conduct most of the above-mentioned activities like who’s who, photo scavenger hunt, etc., virtually. It is equally exciting to play them online too.

10. Neighborhood scavenger hunt

Let your team explore uncommon spots in your neighborhood. All teams can be split into groups for this activity, as it is exciting to travel as a group. Give them photos or other clues about your neighborhood locations.

Your teams have to identify the locations and take a picture as a team. Whichever group reaches the location first will be the winner.

This activity can be great fun as it involves the not-so-popular locations, that are difficult to find.

Improve team bonding by solving scavenger hunts together

Team-building activities like scavenger hunts are excellent opportunities for team members to interact well. It also brings to light many out-of-the-box ideas and promotes learning.

Working together as a team is of primary importance in every organization. So, go ahead and explore fun-filled activities to improve employee engagement in your organization.

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