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Secret Santa gifts for managers can be a fun way to show appreciation and build positive relationships with them. It can be a way to recognize their hard work and dedication, and to show that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange can also be a way to foster a sense of community and connection within the team, which can help to create a positive and supportive work environment.

Secret Santa gifts do not need to be expensive or elaborate, and can be something small and thoughtful, such as a favorite snack, a book or journal, or a gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant. The focus should be on the gesture itself, rather than the value or cost of the gift.

It is important to keep in mind that Secret Santa gifts should be given in the spirit of fun and appreciation, and should not be used as a way to curry favor or influence. It is also important to be mindful of any cultural or personal preferences that a manager may have, and to choose a gift that is appropriate and respectful.

Keeping this in mind we have compiled a list of 40 best secret santa gift ideas for managers.

Let’s dive in.

40 Thoughtful and Unique Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Managers

1. A fun print for their office

Consider giving your boss a painting or art that would go perfectly with their workspace. A nice print can elevate the room's vibe and decor, and it's also a quick and easy gift option that you can arrange in a short amount of time.

2. Monogrammed pen

A monogrammed pen is a fantastic gift for any boss or manager. Simply select the pen color, font, and engraving, and your boss will have a pen with their name on it. These pens have black ink and accept standard refills, making them a practical and thoughtful gift.

3. Candles

If your boss enjoys candles and aromas, consider giving them candles as a Secret Santa present. These candles are made of vegan soy wax, making them an excellent gift for environmentally conscious bosses.

4. Wine glass

You can choose to have it come with or without a gift pouch and customize the font color on the glass. This is a thoughtful and enjoyable gift that any boss or manager would appreciate.

5. Wood bookmark

If your boss is an avid reader, this customizable wood bookmark is the perfect gift. Made from thick maple wood veneer, it is a durable and stylish accessory for any book.

6. Funny Mug

A Mug with the humorous quote, "Being an office manager is easy. It's like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire. You're on fire. Everything is on fire" is a quirky gift for a boss with a funny bone who can relate to the daily struggles of management.

7. Desk plate

The desk plate with the phrase "Meltdown Manager" is a funny gift for a boss with a unique relationship with their employees. You can choose the plate and holder color to make it even more personalized!

8. Manager tote bag

The manager tote bag with the phrase "Controlling the world one cue at a time" is quite a gift for a boss who feels their responsibility extends beyond the office. It's a useful yet fun thing to gift to somebody.

9. Boss box

The Boss box is a perfect gift for a boss who deserves to be treated to something special but doesn't usually indulge in such luxuries. You can choose the design color and add crinkle paper, and the box comes with a personalized label featuring the recipient's first name. The box comes with hand-crafted or designed goodies that will surely make your boss's day.

10. Custom engraved desk sign

The Custom Engraved Desk Sign is a thoughtful gift for a boss who appreciates a personal touch. You can choose the color of the sign and the stand and personalize it with your preferred font.

11. Personalized wooden pen

The Personalized wooden pen is an excellent gift for any boss who still values the art of handwritten notes and ideas. You can select the color combination of the pen and case and the font for personalization. This pen is a timeless gift that your boss is sure to appreciate.

12. 5-in-1 tool pen

The 5-in-1 tool Pen is a great choice to gift for a boss who always wants more out of their tools. This pen functions as a screwdriver, capacitive stylus for smart devices, bubble level, ruler, and pen with a clip, making it the perfect desk accessory for your boss.

13. Desktop golf

The Desktop golf set is a fun gift idea if your boss is a golf fan. It includes miniature balls and a miniature putter for your boss to practice their mini golf game during downtime at the office. This gift may even earn you an invitation to the next round of golf.

15. Rock dock

This rock dock is an intelligent solution for a boss who is constantly struggling to keep their phone upright. Made out of granite and hand-collected stones from New England beaches, this phone docking station is functional and stylish, with a hole for charging and decluttering their workspace.

16. Leadership quote box

If your manager is someone who loves to dispense encouraging and inspiring quotes, this leadership quote box is the perfect gift. You can select the scrolls that come in the box and choose the finished quote for the box.

17. Handmade Pens

A good pen is a must-have for any boss who is constantly signing and writing orders. These handmade pens are one of a kind, with their own grain pattern and a twist design that writes smoothly. You can also choose to add a pen box to your purchase.

18. The boss socks

If you have a good relationship with your boss and think they have a sense of humor, these custom boss socks are a fun gift. Select the primary color and sock size, and send a funny picture to print on the socks.

19. The 4-bottle collection

This gift set includes four popular cocktails, making it an easy and stress-free Secret Santa gift for your manager. The bottles have recipes printed on them, so they can quickly stir up any drink they desire.

20. Au•ra

The Au•ra gift box is a great way to show your appreciation for your manager. Filled with products that promote healing, self-care, and mindfulness, this box is sure to put a smile on any CEO's face. As a Secret Santa gift, this is the perfect choice for managers who will appreciate the monthly delivery of something new and exciting. These products can be used at work or home, providing much-needed relaxation and self-care.

21. Sips + snacks box

The Sips + Snacks Box is an excellent Christmas gift for managers, featuring a variety of healthy snacks, wine bottles, and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. Managers will appreciate this thoughtful present from their favorite employees during the busy holiday season. They can enjoy these goodies while tackling holiday deadlines, making it the perfect combination of work and relaxation.

22. The holiday cheer box

The holiday cheer box is the perfect gift for busy managers. It comes filled with a holiday candle, gourmet coffee, seasonal snacks, and other treats, and this box will make any manager feel festive. Secret Santa gift, this is a great way to show appreciation for all the hard work that managers do throughout the year. They'll love and appreciate this thoughtful gift.

23. Executive barbecue set

The executive barbecue set is an excellent gift for professionals who love to cook. This set includes a spatula, tongs, a fork with ergonomic handles, a recipe book, and more. It's also easy to transport, making it perfect for busy professionals on the go. As a Secret Santa gift, this barbecue set is sure to be appreciated by your boss or coworker. They'll enjoy grilling all year long without worrying about their utensils breaking or getting lost, and they'll have all they need right at their fingertips.

24. Herbal apprentice box

The Herbal apprentice box is a unique gift for executives. This monthly subscription box includes everything needed to learn about herbs and grow one's apothecary.

Every box features dried herbs, medicine-making projects, and simple recipes, making it the perfect gift for executives who love to learn and explore new hobbies. As a Secret Santa gift, this will surely be a hit with anyone who loves herbs and natural remedies.

25. Ultimate pamper box

The Ultimate Pamper Box is a great Secret Santa gift for busy executives who need to take some time for themselves. It includes everything they need for an at-home spa day, including relaxing masks and soothing bath bombs.

26. Unplugged box

The Unplugged Box is a perfect gift for executives to unwind and practice self-care. It can be given any time of the year, not just for Christmas, as a "just because" present or a birthday gift.

27. Bath house biss

The Bath House Biss gift is perfect for executives who need rest and relaxation. It provides an ancient thermal bath experience that allows professionals to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy while soaking in mineral-rich waters.

28. Wearable blanket

The Wearable Blanket is a multi-functional blanket that can be worn as a coat and provides warmth and comfort. It is crafted from 100% cotton and features a Sherpa lining on one side and a fleece lining on the other. The Wearable Blanket also has sleeves, making it ideal for professionals who work at their desks or from home and want to stay warm.

29. Self-heating mug

The Self-Heating Mug is great for busy people on the go. Its self-heating system will keep their drink at a suitable temperature when they're ready for a sip, and its warming pad can charge their compatible devices, so they're never disconnected.

30. Mindful meditation subscription

The Mindful Meditation set includes everything needed to grow lavender and an essential oil roller with lavender and cardamom to use as a natural relaxant. The hourglass sand timer adds an element of meditative calm to the whole experience.

31. Custom earflap beanie

A perfect winter accessory for anyone who wants to stay warm and look good. It can even be customized with a funny design or knitting.

32. Funny doormat

The Funny Doormat is a durable rubber mat with an anti-slip backing that can withstand all weather conditions. It's guaranteed not to fade in color, so one can enjoy it for many Christmases to come. It's a unique Secret Santa gift that will make the recipient laugh whenever they go in and out of their home.

33. Christmas party flask

The Christmas Party Flask is the ultimate gift for any holiday party. Its lightweight design and large capacity make it easy to fill and transport, and its festive stocking shape will make it the most popular gift at any office party.

34. Red-nosed cocoa mug

The Red-Nosed Cocoa Mug is a cute and playful gift for coworkers who have everything or need a little pick-me-up. Its charming woodland creature design will surely bring a smile to anyone's face.

35. Sock panda

The Sock Panda socks are a unique and fun gift for any team member. These high-quality socks come in various conversation-starting designs and are appreciated for their practicality and thoughtfulness.

36. Head wine pourer

The Stag Head Wine Pourer is a sleek and stylish gift for any wine lover. It fits any wine bottle and helps ensure a perfect pour every time.

37. Custom playing cards

Custom playing cards make for a distinctive and personalized gift for any staff member or colleague. They are great for playing games with friends, family, or coworkers and come in a variety of designs.

38. Petite & perfect gift set

The Petite & Perfect holiday gift set is filled with various tasty treats, including dark chocolate coffee toffee, lemon butter cookies, and sea salt popcorn. It's a sweet and thoughtful gift for any employee or coworker.

39. Gourmet candle

The Gourmet Candle gift box is perfect for anyone who loves candles. Each box is curated with a variety of scents, including Vanilla Bean, Fresh Linen, and Cinnamon Spice, and is suitable for any occasion.

40. World of thanks gift tower

The World of Thanks Gift Tower is a delicious and thoughtful gift for any Secret Santa exchange. It includes a variety of treats, such as Walkers Cookies, seasoned pretzels, BBQ corn nuggets, gourmet caramel popcorn, and soft apple caramels.

Tips to keep in mind while sending the secret santa gift

Here are some tips to consider when sending Secret Santa gifts to managers:

  1. Show appreciation: Secret Santa gifts can be a way to show appreciation for a manager's hard work and dedication. Choose a gift that is thoughtful and reflects your appreciation for them.
  2. Build positive relationships: Participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange can be a way to build positive relationships with your manager and create a sense of community within the team.
  3. Keep it appropriate: Choose a gift that is appropriate and respectful, and be mindful of any cultural or personal preferences that your manager may have.
  4. Focus on the gesture: The focus should be on the gesture itself, rather than the value or cost of the gift.
  5. Don't overdo it: Secret Santa gifts should be given in the spirit of fun and appreciation, and should not be used as a way to curry favor or influence. Keep the gift simple and sincere.
  6. Follow workplace policies: Make sure to follow any workplace policies or guidelines regarding gift-giving, such as limits on the value of gifts that can be given.
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