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Secret Santa time is quickly approaching and Corporate Secret Santa is supposed to be fun and a little crazy.Secret Santa can be challenging to put together and even more challenging to facilitate. If you're an HR rep tasked with putting together the secret Santa office gift exchange, you'll want to ensure you're prepared for this holiday season.

If you've done it before and are tired of doing it the same old way, check out these funny secret Santa quotes, phrases and sayings to add some humour in the environment!

Secret Santa Quotes

  1. This year, may you have a beautiful Christmas loaded with gifts and goodies. I also hope you like the secret Santa gift even more than you did previously.
  2. Ha, ha, ha! It's long overdue. Oh, my goodness! Santa has arrived.
  3. I've been dancing everywhere since I've been on your terrace. I'm quite proud of myself for being able to keep it a secret from you! Come on, it's Secret Santa.
  4. There is no house or boat there. It simply had a small Secret Santa note on it.
  5. I rushed through the door like a whirlwind and dropped your present; I hope it's a smash!

Secret Santa Sayings

  1. You constantly want rum, but hold on till Secret Santa arrives. Happy Holidays!
  2. Secret Santa is coming early to town; flip your tables upside down. Give him some room nearby if you want him to help you feel good.
  3. This present was chosen particularly for you. Your Secret Santa is me. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and find it amusing. Just keep it because it will make you happy forever. Happy Holidays!
  4. Who may your secret Santa be? No matter if she is or he is? Not to worry. Simply unwrap your present to discover a hint. Happy Holidays.
  5. Someone always wants to withhold it from you, and I'm doing it this time. I hope you have a happy Christmas and a good day on Christmas. Take pleasure in your Secret Santa gift.
  6. Who may it be? What kind of thing? When was it delivered? How did the individual vanish right before my eyes? All of these inquiries are useless. Simply hope you'll be delighted when you open your present, and that will make you grin.
  7. I'd be honoured to serve as your Secret Santa. Fortunately, I remembered your name. Fortunately, I was aware of your preferences. And I hope you'll find it pleasing. Happy Holidays.
  8. It could be difficult for you to determine who understands you the best. I did my best to offer you a present that you would find interesting. Just give it a look; I hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays.
  9. Let's make a prediction about what it will contain before you open it. A gown? a set of footwear? An item of eyewear? Not at all! Not to worry! It possesses something very unique. Simply open it to inspect it. I'm hoping you'll enjoy it. Happy Holidays!
  10. Keep speculating who I am as I deliver the present you have been waiting for. It's a lot of fun to be a secret Santa!
  11. You will recognise me as you open your present today. I enjoyed serving as your Secret Santa!
  12. I don't know what your favourite foods are, but I do know you like sweets. I thus have the finest chocolates for you!
  13. I want so much to be your secret Santa, and behold! The gods have answered my prayer! I hope you enjoy the present I have selected for you!
  14. I'm back to deliver you your favourite present at this time of year, when Jingle Bells is playing, I said. Have fun discovering who I am.
  15. I'm leaving a present and heading off, hoping to leave you smiling.

Secret Santa Phrases

  1. Ho! Ho! I left a gift underneath the Christmas tree and ran away.
  2. I ate the cake you left for me in exchange for my most precious treasure,
  3. Until the coming Christmas, wonder who has sent this. Ho!
  4. I'm delighted and dancing merrily because you'll get my present, but you'll never catch me.
  5. I guess, but all you'll be able to do this year is speculate about who your Secret Santa is.
  6. Merry Christmas, my sweetie! Please accept my present, thanks!
  7. I'm your secret friend and secret Santa; try to catch me as I flee after dropping off your present.
  8. Dropping down the present for a special someone.
  9. I only want to see your precious grin, therefore I'm leaving your present beneath the Christmas tree.

Secret Santa Wordings

  1. What am I? who am I? Just you and your Secret Santa! Merry Christmas.
  2. I rode my sled all the way from the North to deliver your gift beneath the bed.
  3. Today, you'll just know what I got you for Christmas; tomorrow, you'll find out who your secret Santa is.
  4. Your secret Santa had returned home, leaving you a gift and his best wishes.
  5. This week is Secret Santa Week. I take your gift and depart.
  6. I'm your secret Santa, and here is your gift. I'm on my way to the North Pole, so don't expect to see me there.
  7. I found your place thanks to my reindeer. You can't find out now that I'm your Secret Santa, though!
  8. Can you hear them? Jingle bells, Jingle bells. You now have your goodies! I wish you well with them!
  9. Ho! Ho! Has your secret Santa already visited?
  10. I definitely have a present for you, but I'm leaving because it's Santa week and it's time for Christmas, a time to have fun and make memories.
  11. Everyone enjoys a surprise, and over the holiday week especially, they seemed to be the icing on the cake. What Can I tell you there's a present beneath your table? Oh, I guess that was a secret.
  12. I won't sign a Christmas card for you this year. Let's keep that a secret and have fun with it. The moment to ponder has come.
  13. Occasionally, I have a hard time figuring out who sent something, but I keep making assumptions. I hope you get your response. (Funny, Cute, and Good Secret Santa Status)
  14. Giving you this advertisement that I enjoyed as your secret Santa gives me an internal sense of happiness.
  15. This Christmas Eve, simply smile and thank Santa for the present since I'm not going to reveal my identity.
  16. I'm yelling and shouting loudly. In addition, despite everything else, I remember to leave a present on your desk. Enjoy it and don't try to guess who I am since you can't.
  17. Your heart will be sparkling inside, even while it's pouring outside. You have a present waiting for you on your table. Having fun, and Merry Christmas.
  18. What's your secret Santa name? Simply open your lovely present to learn more about this.
  19. Being a secret Santa has been too much fun since you'll keep figuring out who I am when I send you the present you want.
  20. I went the miles on my sled to bring your present, but I won't wake you from the bed.
  21. Just giving a present and moving on, but my main goal is to leave you with a grin.
  22. Ho, ho, ho! There's a present in your stocking, check it out.
  23. There is a nice present for you at the same spot after eating those cookies and drinking the milk you left for me.
  24. All I want is to see your priceless grin, and for that I came all the way from the North Pole and put a present under the Christmas tree.
  25. The Lord answered my prayer for me to be your secret Santa, as I saw. As a result, I hope you enjoy the gift I bought for you.
  26. Santa's week is quickly approaching, so I quickly placed your present in the drawer. Merry Christmas.
  27. From the North Pole to your house was a lengthy voyage, but because of my love for you, it appeared to go quickly. Happy Holidays.
  28. Violets are blue, while roses are red. Your personal Santa always remembers to deliver you goodies.


There are numerous memes around Secret Santa. But one thing remains true: Sending fun secret Santa messages, quotes, and phrases to employees and colleagues is a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

You can ask your human resources department if there is any kind of budget for gifts or whether they send out a simple card with everyone's names on it. Either way, if you have co-workers or organizations in mind, a funny Secret Santa quote is a great way to fill the party with humor.

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