Social media channels have evolved to become one of the most effective brand promotion tools for individuals and businesses. Despite the obvious benefits of social media for employees' internal relations, research on how social media affects employee efficiency is still not enough. Companies are primarily relying on expert recommendations to use social media for employees to increase motivation. This post considers how companies can leverage social media channels to boost motivation for their employees.

All businesses depend on building relationships. Some people classify the relationships evident in companies into two broad types - internal and external relations. A company’s internal links include all communication necessary within the business for survival and progress. Internal references are primarily those between employers, employees, and clients. External relations concern the company, prospective customers, external market forces, and the competition.

Effective communication is a crucial requirement for business relationships to yield the expected outcomes. Social media platforms offer more options for businesses to improve communication within themselves and to the world outside. Companies can use social media to let their workers know how much they mean to them. When an atmosphere of mutual trust is built internally, it becomes easier for companies to use social media to motivate their employees.

Ideas on How to Engage Employees on Social Media

Adopting the ideas mentioned below, companies can get employees involved in social media.

Create an awareness

If your company is not already using social media for employee motivation, there is some groundwork needed. First, you need to decide which social media channels you and your employees would like to use. This decision should be taken by consensus. Let your employees understand why you feel using social media will help appreciate their contributions to the company and its brand.

Secondly, motivate all your employees to have an account with the selected social media channels. You can also agree on what type of response is expected from employees whenever social media messages are broadcasted. Are employees to retweet, share, like, or repost?

Let’s assume you share a blog about how the organization supports a healthy environment. You can ask the employees to share it through different channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Also, you should agree on the person(s) who will manage the social media platforms. The social media admin must be very friendly and well informed about the role's demands.

Provide social media training and guidelines

As you adjust the workplace policy to accommodate social media use, you need to set directions for its use to avoid abuse. Get some social media experts to train your staff on how to use social media to boost workplace productivity and brand image. Rather than invite experts to the workplace to train staff, you can refer employees to online social media training courses such as those offered on Udemy or Edx. What is important is to ensure that the training aligns with the goals for using social media in the workplace.

Social media can also distract workers and reduce productivity when workers abuse it. This is why proper training on social media use in workplace settings will help your employees stay focused. It will reduce cases of social media abuse and improve your brand outlook in creative ways. It won't take long before all your employees become active members of your sales team with proper training as they promote your business continuously.

Provide social media content to share

You have already trained staff on the use of social media in the workplace. The next thing to do is to give them content to work on. Have your marketing department produce unique banners, promotional videos, short articles, and fliers. Send content to your employees and make them see why sharing such content will help the business. Some social media platforms have tracking tools that can be used to monitor how effectively your employees are engaging the shared content. You can boost morale by publishing employee social media performance charts every week on the notice board. Be sure to have a grateful attitude towards all the employees while acknowledging those who have engaged more people in terms of likes, shares, retweets, and other indicators.

Create incentives for superb performance

Some employees will keep being productive because they feel the extra effort they put at work is recognized and rewarded. Have some form of incentives that actively show how much you appreciate your employees' publicity is giving your business. Incentives may come in cash gifts, material gifts, or any other tangible item you feel your employees will appreciate.

You should also be mindful of how incentives are given. Ensure Justice and fairness at all times. Let the conditions for providing the incentives be made known by all. This is where using a  platform like Empuls will help. Empuls help make your rewarding process candid, social, fun, and at the same time, frictionless. It helps you be transparent about individual performance, so those chosen for special benefits will be seen to deserve them.

Incorporate social media proficiency into job descriptions

As you begin to adopt the use of social media in your business, you want to set a culture that, when recruiting, new staff can fit in easily. One way to guarantee seamless integration of new staff into your pro-social media culture is to ensure they have the requisite skills. You should require proficiency in social media from employees who are on the marketing team. You may exempt other departments outside marketing at your discretion. However, it is better to have more competent social media users on your payroll at this age. It is only a matter of time before every business adopts social media in more unique ways. Let new employees understand that there may be a need to engage with social media tasks in the workplace.

Run some campaigns using some employees

It is common for a business to use models and famous personalities to promote their products and services. Taking the time to use some of your advertisement employees can also project how important they are to your company. Selecting who gets to feature in the advert is crucial. Every employee should get a fair chance by allowing healthy competition among them.

For instance, you can include employees who have recently made notable impacts in the organization in the adverts for projects they are directly responsible for. You can also ask heads of units to nominate employees for your company's next advert. Instagram and Facebook are the best channels for this. This advert's ultimate goal is to motivate your workers, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't immediately translate to reaching more prospects. It is just one of the most effective ways to build your brand in the market.

Celebrate your employees’ special days

You need to keep track of special days for your employees. The task timer app is specifically designed to help you remember important dates. Or, using a platform like Empuls that provides you with a powerful social intranet can ensure that you never forget the special days of your employees - be it birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or other milestones.

Regardless of your company's size, similar apps can help you keep track of birthdays, retirement dates, and other important events. When some of your staff are retiring, let the world know how much you value their services. Sharing previous pictures or videos of significant events for the staff is a great idea.

Birthdays are also one of the most important dates for employees. If your company cannot afford to celebrate employee birthdays individually, try using birth month shoutouts. At a specific time in the month, you can consider posting a photoshoot of the celebrants.

You can schedule individual photos and messages for the exact birth date of each celebrant. You can upload the photos on Facebook and make your employees smile. This way, they know that they are an important part of the company or organization.

Promote excellence using social media channels

When any of your employees makes a breakthrough of some sort, you may consider sharing a tweet about it. Posting a beautiful picture of the employee or the breakthrough team with a heartfelt message will boost your company's employee morale. Everyone loves to be celebrated when something tangible has been achieved. Try celebrating employee of the month.

For example, you can upload a photo with a trophy of their recognition on Instagram and tag the employee. The employee will get a push for the devotion to the job.

Share pictures of memorable events

Share videos and photos of memorable events that your company has had recently. Encourage employees to share on social media and motivate them to make comments or share the posts. Events like seminars, company vacations, important visits to the business, or outside the industry may also be considered. When the company receives special awards or recognition, it is good to make it public. If possible, reveal the brains behind the credit. You can create a LinkedIn post along with catchy photos about how you celebrated Halloween or Christmas. This way, it creates an excellent impression about your company’s reputation.

Let their input matter

Companies must allow employees to say how they would love to be portrayed on media platforms. Although individual differences abound, some compromises can be made for the benefit of all. It is possible to let concerned employees agree with the media team on what aspects of their lives they will or will not like to be mentioned in the media. However, having a professional media team will take care of most of these challenges. But if you must use your staff as your media team, they will need to pay attention to this part.

Create a vibrant support team

Give top employees leadership roles to help other members who are struggling with social media tasks. Saddle the social media support team with the responsibility of looking out for better opportunities to reach more prospects. Don't forget to provide motivation and reinforcement for the team.

Create an employee brand

Employee branding includes all processes geared towards making employees internalize a company's desired brand image and motivating them to project the same image to customers and co-workers. It simply means making your workers your company ambassadors.

A platform like Empuls can help you turn your employees into your brand advocates by providing them with adequate training, motivation, giving and receiving honest feedback on performance, rewards, recognition, etc.

As you incorporate employee branding in your organization, either through social media or through social intranets like in Empuls, you get to see more of your employees creating quality social media awareness for your company of their own volition. Want to know more? Book a demo or start a free trial.


People's perception of how a business treats its employees also factors in patronage. Every employee has the potential to attract loyal clients to your business. Using social media motivation for your workforce will help your company build a healthy brand that will eventually translate to workplace efficiency and improved patronage.

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