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As March begins its slow transition from winter into the promise of spring, Wales prepares for a celebration deeply rooted in its history and culture: St. David's Day. This day, marked on March 1st annually, isn't merely a date on the calendar; it's a cherished tradition, a homage to a saint, and a testament to the resilience and spirit of Wales.

What is St. David's Day about?

St. David's Day, also known as the feast day of Saint David, commemorates the life and contributions of Dewi Sant, the patron saint of Wales. Born in the 6th century, St. David dedicated his life to serving others and spreading the message of Christianity. His legacy is one of humility, kindness, and a profound love for his homeland.

History and traditions of St. David's Day

The celebration of St. David's Day dates back to the 12th century when Pope Callixtus II declared March 1st as a day of remembrance for the Welsh saint. Since then, it has evolved into a day filled with traditional customs and festivities.

In Wales, people proudly display the national emblems of daffodils and leeks, wear traditional Welsh costumes, and attend church services to honor St. David's memory.

Why is St. David's Day celebrated?

St. David's Day is not only a religious observance but also a celebration of Welsh identity and heritage. It serves as a reminder of the rich cultural tapestry that defines Wales and the enduring spirit of its people.

Through centuries of triumphs and challenges, the traditions of St. David's Day have endured, serving as a source of unity and pride for the nation.Here are detailed explanations for each of the 10 ways to celebrate St. David's Day in the workplace:

1. Host a Welsh-themed potluck lunch

Encourage employees to bring in dishes inspired by Welsh cuisine. Traditional options might include cawl, a hearty stew made with lamb and root vegetables, or Welsh cakes, sweet treats cooked on a griddle and often flavored with currants or spices.

This potluck not only allows everyone to enjoy delicious food but also fosters a sense of community as colleagues share recipes and stories behind the dishes.

2. Decorate the office

Transform the workspace into a Welsh wonderland by adorning it with symbols of Wales. Hang Welsh flags and banners featuring the iconic red dragon, and scatter daffodils and leeks, the national emblems of Wales, throughout the office.

These decorations help set the mood for the celebration and create a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

3. Organize a trivia quiz

Test employees' knowledge of Welsh history, culture, and landmarks with a fun and educational trivia quiz. Include questions about famous Welsh figures, significant events in Welsh history, and notable landmarks such as Cardiff Castle and Snowdonia National Park.

This activity encourages teamwork and engagement while highlighting the richness of Welsh heritage.

4. Encourage traditional attire

Invite employees to dress in traditional Welsh attire or accessories for the day. This could include wearing items like Welsh kilts, shawls, or hats adorned with feathers. Encouraging participation in traditional dress adds a colorful and lively element to the celebration and allows employees to connect with Welsh culture in a tangible way.

5. Invite a guest speaker 

Arrange for a guest speaker, such as a local historian or cultural expert, to share insights into Welsh traditions and folklore. They can discuss the significance of St. David's Day, share stories of Welsh legends and myths, and provide context for the customs being observed.

A guest speaker adds depth and authenticity to the celebration, enriching employees' understanding of Welsh culture.

6. Arrange a Welsh music playlist

Create a playlist featuring traditional Welsh music to enhance the ambiance of the workplace throughout the day. Include a variety of genres, from stirring Welsh choirs to lively folk tunes performed on instruments like the harp and the Welsh triple harp.

Music has the power to evoke emotions and create a sense of shared experience, making it an essential element of any cultural celebration.

7. Distribute Welsh-themed gifts or treats

Show appreciation for employees' participation and enthusiasm by distributing Welsh-themed gifts or treats.

Consider items like keychains featuring Welsh symbols, bookmarks adorned with Welsh poetry, or packages of Welsh delicacies such as bara brith (fruit loaf) or Welsh cheese. These tokens of appreciation convey gratitude while reinforcing the theme of the celebration.

8. Encourage language learning

Introduce employees to the Welsh language by teaching a few basic phrases and expressions. Provide pronunciation guides and encourage colleagues to practice conversational Welsh throughout the day.

Learning new languages fosters cultural awareness and appreciation, and incorporating Welsh language lessons into the celebration encourages inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

9. Organize a charity fundraiser

Demonstrate solidarity with Welsh communities and causes by organizing a charity fundraiser in conjunction with St. David's Day. Choose a local Welsh charity or organization that aligns with your company's values and mission, and encourage employees to donate funds or volunteer their time to support its initiatives.

Giving back to the community strengthens corporate social responsibility and reinforces the spirit of generosity and compassion.

10. End the day with a toast

Gather employees for a closing ceremony to raise a toast to St. David and the spirit of Wales. Offer traditional Welsh beverages such as Welsh ale or non-alcoholic options like Welsh mineral water.

Use this moment to reflect on the day's festivities, express gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate together, and reaffirm the values of unity and camaraderie that define the workplace culture.

10 ways to celebrate St. David's Day with employees working remotely

Here are 10 ways to celebrate St. David's Day with employees working remotely:

1. Host a virtual Welsh cooking class

Bring employees together virtually for a cooking session where they can learn to prepare traditional Welsh dishes. A professional chef or cooking enthusiast can lead the class, demonstrating recipes for iconic Welsh foods like Welsh rarebit, Glamorgan sausages, or bara brith.

Participants can follow along from their own kitchens, gaining culinary skills while connecting with colleagues in a fun and interactive way.

2. Send digital gift cards

Show appreciation for remote employees by sending digital gift cards for Welsh delicacies or online Welsh language courses. Employees can use the gift cards to purchase Welsh-inspired treats or immerse themselves in the language and culture of Wales from the comfort of their homes.

This gesture demonstrates thoughtfulness and allows employees to participate in the celebration regardless of their location.

3. Organize a virtual trivia game

Challenge remote employees with a virtual trivia game focused on Welsh history and culture. Create a series of questions covering topics such as famous Welsh figures, landmarks, traditional customs, and notable events.

Offer prizes or recognition for participants who demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm for Welsh heritage. This engaging activity promotes learning and camaraderie among remote teams.

4. Encourage social media participation

Invite employees to share photos of themselves wearing Welsh-themed attire on social media platforms using a designated hashtag. Whether sporting Welsh kilts, rugby jerseys, or daffodil accessories, employees can showcase their enthusiasm for St. David's Day and Welsh culture.

Encouraging social media participation fosters a sense of community and allows remote workers to connect with colleagues virtually.

5. Create a collaborative playlist

Curate a collaborative playlist of Welsh music on a streaming platform, allowing remote employees to enjoy traditional Welsh tunes together. Include a diverse selection of genres, from traditional folk songs to contemporary Welsh artists, to appeal to different musical preferences.

Employees can listen to the playlist throughout the day, fostering a sense of shared experience and cultural immersion.

6. Send e-cards or digital greetings

Send out e-cards or digital greetings featuring Welsh symbols and greetings to remote employees. These personalized messages convey warm wishes for St. David's Day and celebrate Welsh heritage in a digital format.

Including images of daffodils, leeks, and the Welsh flag adds a festive touch to virtual communications and strengthens connections among team members.

7. Organize a virtual storytelling session

Host a virtual storytelling session where employees can share their favorite Welsh legends, myths, or folktales. Participants can take turns recounting stories passed down through generations or sharing personal anecdotes related to Welsh culture. This interactive activity fosters a sense of connection and allows remote employees to explore the rich storytelling traditions of Wales from afar.

8. Host a video conference call for a virtual toast

Gather remote employees for a video conference call to raise a virtual toast to St. David and Wales. Provide suggestions for Welsh beverages such as Welsh ale, cider, or non-alcoholic options like Welsh mineral water.

Take a moment to reflect on the significance of St. David's Day and express appreciation for Welsh culture and heritage. This virtual toast strengthens bonds among remote teams and reinforces the spirit of celebration.

9. Provide resources for exploration

Offer resources for remote employees to explore Welsh literature, art, and cinema in their free time. Share recommendations for books by Welsh authors, virtual museum tours showcasing Welsh art and history, and films that capture the essence of Wales.

Providing access to cultural resources encourages remote workers to engage with Welsh heritage beyond the workplace and deepen their appreciation for its richness and diversity.

10. Facilitate virtual networking sessions

Arrange virtual networking sessions where remote employees can connect with colleagues who share an interest in Welsh culture. Create themed discussion groups or online forums where participants can exchange insights, recommendations, and experiences related to Wales.

Facilitating virtual networking opportunities strengthens relationships among remote teams and cultivates a sense of community around shared interests.


St. David's Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it's a celebration of identity, community, and tradition. Whether in the workplace or among remote teams, commemorating this special day offers an opportunity to honor Wales' rich heritage and the enduring legacy of St. David.

By embracing the spirit of camaraderie and cultural appreciation, we can join together in celebrating the essence of Wales, wherever we may be.

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