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Top 5 HR Challenges to Overcome in 2021

Learn about the top hr challenges and trends in 2021 and how to overcome them with the strategically planning for the future of work, whatever that may be.

Why HRs must have SMART goals in 2021?

Fast-track company growth, enhance brand reputation, and create a happy, productive environment for employees with these smart goals for human resources.

10 HR Automation Best Practices To Improve Business Efficiency

Here is how your HR automation best practices can skyrocket your business efficieny for maximum results.

Top HR Certifications for the Perfect People Professional

Becoming the best people person is no more a game of sweet-talking. Here are top HR certifications that one must have on their resume for 360-degree growth.

Top 10 books for HR leaders

As an HR leader, if you want to keep up with the latest trends and stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape. Here are ten riveting books for HR leaders.

HR's Business Continuity Plan Amid a Pandemic

The necessity of and the ways for the HR to create a Pandemic Business Plan.

Is Employee Retention a Biggest Challenge For HR Directors Across Globe?

Employee onboarding is key. (So is offboarding.) They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Employee onboarding and employee retention begin with the recruitment process.

What is People Analytics and How is it Empowering the HR?

Today, as HR, you don't need to rely on reasoning to take a decision. With vast amounts of data available, and systems to analyse it, people analytics has been empowering HR helping them take smart decisions.

10 Must-Have HR Resources for Small Business Owners

Wear the HR professional's hat and run your business empire with these top 10 HR resources for small business owners by your side.

Top Trends and Tools In The Field of HR Technology

To be successful as an organization, it is important to stay in sync with top trends and tools in the industry. This blog will talk about the top trends and tools in the field of HR Technology.

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