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Thanksgiving weekend proverbially commemorates good vibes, scrumptious food, festive aura, and of course—the smell of good old Turkey. This festival has made its way into the modern workplace and is a pivotal ingredient to the concoction of work-life balance. The real celebrations happen at home, but the workplace version of Thanksgiving comes with its own set of occasions—the Thanksgiving potlucks at work.

The concept’s same, fun, and succulent—everyone at work who has the necessary skills to whip up a decent recipe of anything palatable gets to pitch in with a delicacy of their choice. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, we wish it were. With everyone calling dibs on mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce or good old pumpkin latte to bring the Halloween fervor early, it’s pretty tough to figure out potluck recipes for Thanksgiving at work. To make it easier, we have a few options to add to your Thanksgiving office potluck ideas.

But before jumping into the Thanksgiving potluck recipes, we are going to move ahead and decode the crucial recipe that involves tips to have a successful Thanksgiving potluck at work.

5 Ingredients for a luscious thanksgiving potluck at work

Here are five tips that the organizing committee must keep in mind to not turn a Thanksgiving potluck into an undercooked Turkey:

1. The organization’s contribution

Potlucks are the sure-shot way to go but putting it all on the people would make it a lame Thanksgiving luncheon. The fact that many organizations order ready-to-eat Turkeys and leave the side dishes & desserts to complement it in the employees’ talented hands makes it an instant success. People know for a fact that they will get to have Turkey, no matter what turns up from other kitchens. Of course, the cutlery and drinks should be from the employer’s side to set the mood so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to Thanksgiving office potluck ideas.

2. The employees’ contribution

The employees’ contribution can’t just be “Bring Your Dish” to the main entrants of the Thanksgiving potluck at work. Before we know it—there are 8 types of mashed potatoes and no crisps, 6 cranberry jams without a single pumpkin pie, and turkey shreds are piling up in the conference room.

One can use a place like Empuls—the people engagement platform to get everyone in sync with what’s on the Thanksgiving menu and what they can opt to bring from their behalf. This would reduce the overload of the same recipes from different people.

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3. Add some competitional spice

What's Thanksgiving without pulling some legs? Spice it up with making the Thanksgiving potluck a competition between folks on who becomes the “People’s Choice” for appetizers, sides, sauce/fillings, or desserts.

The victors can easily be rewarded with gift vouchers, benefits, and perks, which would hold an important value, acting as an important motivator for the chef in everyone. Watch the number of chefs skyrocket in the next Thanksgiving potluck!

Ran out of ideas? Recipes for 15 thanksgiving potluck dishes are down below!

4. Keep it post-thanksgiving

The best part about keeping the event after the Thanksgiving holidays is because most of the people plan their vacations in the week before thanksgiving. If this doesn’t make a strong case, then here’s the tea—post-thanksgiving, every person would have leftovers to bring to the Thanksgiving potluck, which would ensure maximum competition.

5. Say that you’re thankful

Let’s not forget the real purpose of Thanksgiving—to tell the people around you why you are thankful for them. In the workplace, this occasion is fuel to team bonding and cordial relations between people who are working on the same projects or those who are eating from the same lunchbox. The organization should thank its people through gifts, words of appreciation, and a word or two in public.

Now that we have unlocked the recipe to a quintessential Thanksgiving potluck at work let’s move on to the lip-smacking dishes for you to try for this Thanksgiving potluck at work. They don’t take a lot of time, they don’t need a lot of grocery shopping, and the best part—they taste so good, the person eating would find a reason to be thankful to you.

15+ Easy recipes for thanksgiving potluck at work

Try these unique and amazing potluck recipes for Thanksgiving at work.

1. Tee’s corn pudding

Cook it in 50 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - tee’s corn pudding

This one’s a quintessential southern-side delicacy that blesses lots of Thanksgiving tables every year. The whimsically sweet smell of corn married with half-a-cup of melted butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and whipped cream is nothing less than a dish fit for this Thankful day. This classic Thanksgiving dish down below is just right to serve eight people, and we don’t think there’d be anything left for you to take home besides an empty dish.

Get the full recipe @ Southern Living>>

2. Cheddar-corn spoonbread

Cook it in 25 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - cheddar-corn spoonbread

Our corn-obsession isn’t going away anytime soon, and this cheddar-corn spoon bread is more of a pudding than a bread. Its USP—it can be served and savored with a spoon—straight out of the cooking jar. With cornmeal, corn kernels, white cheddar cheese, eggs, & milk, whip up the perfect concoction for a succulent bread that’s so soft, it’d make everyone go “mwah!”.

Get the full recipe @ Martha Stewart>>

3. Hot mulled cider

Cook it in 10 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - hot mulled cider

A scrumptious drink to serve up during the fall time and a perfect aroma-blast on thanksgiving table, Hot Mulled Cider is so easy to make that all one needs is a saucepan. Get a jar of fresh and pure apple juice straight out of nature’s lap or just make-do with Apple Cider. Add cinnamon sticks, orange peels, cloves, and star anise and heat ‘em up in a saucepan. Serve them in aesthetic mugs and add cinnamon sticks to garnish. Enjoy the heat-me-up drink!

Get the full recipe @ the Food Network>>

4. Sweet potato fries

Cook it in 10 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - sweet potato fries

Ah, the candor of marshmallow sauce mellowed with sweet potatoes and crispy fried skin around. It’s always a delight for the whole family, and it never fails to deliver. Take up some large sweet-P’s, wedge ‘em, spray some salt and pepper and fry it up (one can air-fry it for a better result). Use sour cream and marshmallow cream for the sauce. Check out the whole recipe from our favorite chef Martha.

Get the full recipe @ Martha Stewart>>

5. Apple toddy

Cook it in 15 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - Apple toddy

Warning: Alcohol Included!

Apple Toddy is usually the weekender drink which is chugged down in liters thanks to the brandy added: “to taste.” The recipe matches up with that of Cider Mullet, the only difference being the lack of star anise and the addition of brandy and heavy cream. Confused? Here’s the recipe to make it easy peasy.

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6. Roasted beet & carrot salad

Cook it in 35 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - Roasted beet & carrot salad

Here’s what a salad brings to the table—the crunchy noise, the complimentary dip-mate, colors, and more crunch! Keep up the roasted beets and carrots and mix them up with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh orange juice, vinegar, and goat cheese. Watch the flavors come to life as you shake them up and treat your nose with a smell as fresh as a farmer’s market.

Get the full recipe @ Martha Stewart>>

7. Thanksgiving stuffing

Cook it in 40 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - Thanksgiving stuffing

Well, any real thanksgiving baby would know the joy of nicking the thanksgiving stuffing here and there when mum wasn’t looking. That taste is so amazing that thanksgiving stuffing is a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving potluck at work. This is a traditional Thanksgiving dish. Sauté the veggies, add the bread of your choice, put some spices and olive oil along with dry fruits, and bake it all! Your thanksgiving stuffing is ready to rumble on the office table.

Get the full recipe @ Love & Lemons>>

8. Creamed spinach

Cook it in 20 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - Creamed spinach

Is it just the author or one who can smell creamed spinach by just reading it? This novelty is the finger-smacker to any thanksgiving table, and all it takes is spinach, butter, and to top it all off—cream cheese. This is an ultimate addition to dip those sweet potato fries in and to add some white to that colorful thanksgiving table

Get the full recipe @ Love & Lemons>>

9. 101 Ways to brussel sprouts

Cook it in 40 mins

 brussel sproutsthanksgiving potluck recipe -

Brussel sprouts are the most versatile weapon in a chef’s arsenal when it comes to Thanksgiving (yes, more than the pumpkin and cinnamon), and here are a million ways for you to cook them up for the next Thanksgiving parade binge-watch/ Thanksgiving potluck at work. Peanuts, lemon, feta, bacon, and whatnot—this delicacy never fails to deliver.

Get the full recipe @ Love & Lemons>>

10. Pumpkin pie

Cook it in 90 mins

 thanksgiving potluck recipe - Pumpkin pie

Okay, we won’t vouch for the fact that nobody else would bring a pumpkin pie over to the Thanksgiving potluck at work, but you can never have enough pie, can you? Have a gala of time and ensure that there’s not any less pumpkin pie any everyone gets a sliver. This recipe from BBC GoodFood makes sure that your pie’s the winner.

Get the full recipe @ BBC GoodFood>>

11. Roasted cauliflower

Cook it in 40 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe -  roasted cauliflower

There couldn’t be a better supplement to the turkey on the office table than the roasted cauliflower. The rugged exterior of a cauliflower transcending into caramelized hotness and crisp flavor of all that butter—it’s the perfect match. This is one of the best thanksgiving side dish recipes for work. Get it on your breakroom table NOW!

Get the full recipe @ Cookie & Kate>>

12. Maple syrup cranberry sauce

Cook it in 20 mins

 thanksgiving potluck recipe - Maple syrup cranberry sauce

We’d be committing blasphemy is a cranberry sauce won’t make a list. This version of cranberry sauce comes with a maple twist, and it’s a delight to the taste buds and anything sweet/savory that can be dipped and savored. Here’s the recipe to add the perfect complement to the table.

Get the full recipe @ All Recipes>>

13. Stuffed pumpkin

Cook it in 15 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - stuffed pumpkin

Like that aesthetic mantlepiece candle which, when lit up, brings everything together in the house, the stuffed pumpkin is a clear, clear winner. The best part? There’s not a lot of effort involved. Just take a pumpkin, scoop it out (but leave some juice behind), fill it up with rice, pomegranate, fennel, apples, and pecans to get the thanksgiving fervor. It just looks amazing.

Get the full recipe @ BBC GoodFood>>

14. Green bean casserole

Cook it in 25 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - green bean casserole

Casseroles, let alone green bean ones, are the traditional lift-me-up of a thanksgiving party at work. This recipe by All Recipes tweaks it up a bit with French-fried onions and cheddar cheese—is it just me, or your mouth’s watering?

Get the full recipe @ All Recipes>>

15. Chips & salsa

Cook it in 20 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe -  Chips & salsa

Something to add the much-needed old school crunch to any meal, chips and salsa are the underdog to any thanksgiving potluck at work or beyond. It’s a quick and easy Thanksgiving side dish. This recipe by the Food Network gets it ready in just 20 mins as one of your thanksgiving potluck ideas for work.

Get the full recipe @ the Food Network>>

16. And of course, mashed potatoes!

Cook it in 80 mins

thanksgiving potluck recipe - mashed potatoes

We had you at “everyone brings mashed potatoes,” didn’t we? Well, mashed potatoes are just amazing, and while we are going to make them up for our home’s thanksgiving party, this recipe of make-ahead mashed potatoes would be a perfect takeaway to your thanksgiving potluck at work. It’s a quick and easy Thanksgiving side dish.

Get the full recipe @ All Recipes>>

Benefits of potluck in the workplace

Something as simple as these easy recipes for Thanksgiving can initiate a great camaraderie in your workforce. Not only do these events give a solid idea about what a workplace is about, it expands the horizons of a workplace to a social gathering. What's a better way to stay close to your coworkers than an employee engagement software and platform such as Empuls?

With Empuls, you can collaborate, communicate, and celebrate work and life on the workplace intranet. Not only does it whip up the perfect recipe for a happy workplace, but it adds the spice to the benefits of potluck in the workplace. Do you want to give it a whirl? Book a demo now and do try these thanksgiving potluck ideas for work.

Ready for the next thanksgiving potluck at work?

Now that we are nearing Thanksgiving day, this was a crucial guide to set up that thanksgiving party at work, and if it’s too much at the last minute, here’s a handy guide full of perfect last-minute recipes to impress the peeps at work and treat your boss with your culinary skills. Happy Thanksgiving!

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