Trends and Tools In The Field of HR Technology

Top Trends and Tools In The Field of HR Technology

To be successful as an organization, it is important to stay in sync with top trends and tools in the industry. This blog will talk about the top trends and tools in the field of HR Technology.

Deepa Goyal
Deepa Goyal

Technology, though in its embryonic stage, has in the past few decades demonstrated its worth. Internet of things. Augmented Reality. Artificial Intelligence. Robotics. Machine Learning. Predictive software. And then, the origin of mobile devices is one of the most profound achievements of humankind. With just a single click in an application, we have the potential to control our entire home or an office. Intriguing, isn’t it? In this blog we will talk about the top trends and tools in the field of HR technology.

When it comes to management, embracing technology is essential now more than ever. Now is the moment to re-align the way of managing our workforce with the evolution of promising technology out there. Organizations are inclined towards encouraging teamwork, employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

The human resource solutions and strategies are expected to follow the approach that is engaging, useful, and productivity-oriented. Companies are creating goals that only employees as a team can accomplish together.

Getting your employees to work in the best interest of the organization without compromising their rights is now considered as the quintessential of all.

Human Resource management has a major focus on ensuring feedback and engagement. It is re-assessing the performance of an employee based on the new and improved parameters. Human resource managers are emphasizing employee learning and intend to assist in the better management of an employee's professional career.

According to Deloitte, following are ten quintessential disruptions the human resource industry is to encounter and the process has already begun.

1. Human Resource is becoming digitally efficient

It is relying on innovation. Just like other industrial spheres have necessitated the introduction of gadgets and scientific methods to ameliorate the quality of work, HR finds it equally important and insists vendors pursue astute and team-centric methods.

2. The UltiPro perception solution

The UltiPro Perception Solution by the Ultimate Software (a 25-year-old firm) considers and put their people first. They believe that a people-centric approach can help in achieving the business goals. Their software assisted the organization’s employees and the technology for people management was incredibly sophisticated. This is what has led to the popularity of the software. The software leverages Xander which utilizes both advanced machine learning techniques as well as Natural Language Processing.Xander is capable of scrutinizing employee’s opinions and views in real time (understanding how the employees are actually feeling) along with structured data elements.

The foundation’s capabilities can be best ascertained by deciphering 70 workplace themes, 100 emotions, and thorough analysis of an open-ended text. The platform efficiently enabled the organization’s human capital management solutions to act intelligently by understanding, predicting, and taking appropriate actions on employee data. The platform is known for its capability to virtually comprehend and gauge tons of HCM inputs and pursuing a proactive approach in the development, coaching, and engagement of team members.

3. Xander learns from experience

It is truly the people-first platform as the management with the help of it ensures the exact feelings of an employee, providing firm grounds for prescriptive and predictive analysis.

UltiPro is thus unquestionably adept at predicting the possible outcomes and suggesting the steps leaders should take in future. It will not only assist leaders in managing their subordinates, even employees will have an enhanced work experience helping them improve their performance.4. Voice of the employee

Only the positive events and experiences an employee has at work will get him to engage in delivering productive assignments. Voice of the employee ensures that no employee is left unheard.

To leave a lasting impact on leadership, it is imperative for every manager to resolve any and every employee issue.

The management will be able to predict the decisions and future actions of their team members.

The one-stop solution is proficient at determining the employee lifecycle, tracking pivotal moments of interaction with the organization, and yearly programs to ensure the advances in leadership, engagement or work culture.

More than 250 companies are leveraging from the power of VoE listening capability. Each company is using the latest digital technology tools to produce real-time insights and encourage important conversations between the employee and managers.

This will, beyond the shadow of a doubt, leave a lasting impact on employees which the HR has never envisaged in the past.

4. Rewards and recognition automation

Rewards & Recognition sounds like a simple concept: engaged employees perform more brilliantly and produce greater results than employees who are not engaged.

Take the logic one step further and you could say that the result of having engaged employees is a greater business success. If you understand this, the bigger question you need to answer is,

‘Is your rewards and recognition program old school or new school?’.

In the past, companies awarded the use of their employees’ hands. In today’s knowledge-based economy, employers also need to win their employees’ heads and hearts. Precisely, modern recognition strategies are more result-oriented


The Empuls employee rewards & recognition platform gives your organization a branded, online environment that becomes your central hub for celebrating value-based employee achievements. Empuls rewards and recognition programs bring together a diverse group of employees with different cultures, languages, ages, locations, departments, and designations.

Empuls' rewards platform works as an extension of your HR team, your partner in employee success, every step of the way.

Here's what they have to offer:

  • Instant Rewards & Gratification - Reward your employees instantly with hierarchy controls
  • Single Sign-On - Sign on from other services and intranet portals seamlessly
  • Plug and Play Modules - Choose among the various modules as per your requirements
  • Rewards On The Go - Reward and engage, anytime, anywhere with their mobile app
  • Global Catalog - Extensive choices for employees from our global catalog of experiences, gift vouchers and special perks
  • User Groups & Communities - Create groups based on passion, departments, interests etc. Invite your peers to join the groups with a separate wall for each
  • Engage - News Feed, Comments, Greetings, Badges, Leaderboards, Notifications & Announcements make it an interesting social engagement platform
  • Admin Controls & Analytics - Manage the program the way you want with data insights using the admin dashboard

5. Escalate the levels of productivity

Do this by implementing mobile-friendly tools allowing the employees of various functionality including group formation, post pictures, and alert creation. The prominent example was Uber for Business. Though the company is not a Human Resource solution provider, yet it has contributed significantly to getting the employees of the organization to upgrade productivity.

Uber for Business is one of the most notable case studies. It had connected and collaborated with the human resource departments of no less than 65,000 other companies, offering them ride plans for encouraging and contributing to employee productivity.

The collaboration through ride plans had facilitated easier, reasonable and payment terms with crystal clarity in expense reports. Uber for Business has presented an unmatched secure information platform intended for public welfare. The collaboration has also helped in tracking the employees in case of emergency or after-hours trips.

The mobile-executed strategies and methodologies can greatly add to productivity as well as the performance of an employee of a company. Aruba, the wireless networking supplier which is now a section of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has taken some major steps in the promotion of Generation Mobile.

Aruba conducted a survey of 1800 employees. These employees preferred multiple devices as well as flexibility in office hours. The survey produced some very astonishing results. The survey proved that age did not play a crucial role in determining to what extent mobility can affect an employee’s engagement in official tasks.

Mobility is, undoubtedly, not only the millennials preference. Aruba, after the successful survey, stated that companies have started to realize the prominence of a mobile-first approach.

It is indeed possible that if an organization’s management realizes that implementing the mobile-first approach can help them escalate productivity to as much as 16%, they will unequivocally make it a priority. Furthermore, organizations will see a considerable rise in creativity to 23% and 21% rise in loyalty.

The Human Resource sphere does not remain untouched by the eminence of mobile-first technology. The HR managers are now able to commence communication with the prospective employees using mobile devices. The employees with the use of mobile devices can search for a job and apply them while they are on-the-go.

6. Performance Tracking

Unhindered Performance Tracking is now credible with the use of data-driven, advanced, and easy-to-use tools. With the change of a team or the project as well as simplifying the interaction process of an employee and the manager.

  • Vibe HCM

Electronic Commerce Inc. took over cFactor Works Inc. along with its very popular and award-winning suite VibeHCM. The VibeHCM emphasized on an everlasting employee experience and deemed it quintessential for the development of any organization.

It had led to the announcement of collaboration features, pulse surveys, and employee recognition for administering the performance. The suite is now fully functional in more than 29 countries where it is efficiently managing, recruiting, connecting, and encouraging professionals on various linguistic grounds.

It had showcased its worth in understanding and catering to the human resource transactional necessities and strategic engagement efforts of an employee.

Vibe HCM works significantly in upgrading the employee’s productivity by addressing the issues that are associated with work experience.

The acquisition of Electronic Commerce Inc. with cFactor Works Inc. was solely for the purpose of delivering an end-to-end solution of human capital management to serve middle market employers or enterprise-level customers.

Beyond a doubt, Electronic Commerce Inc. has two decades of expertise in clients’ transactional requirements, compliance issues, and payroll. The vibe on the other hand, emphasized on employee work experience.

  • Compass

Automatic Data Processing’s Compass solution is a coaching and feedback tool to assist in collaborative behavior and leadership of a manager. Get crucial insights from important stakeholders and direct reports in order to make imperative decisions or major enhancements, if needed.

Some major benefits of using the Compass solution are that it requires NO installation, helpful for leaders to gather aggregated feedback reports, automated coaching service, and help professionals at all levels grow.

Compass required zero installation and was fully functional for all category of devices. It also was incredibly easy to learn and use. The entire process will require access to the only email address of employees.

Automatic Data Processing adopted and implemented the tool with more than 8,000 managers utilizing its advantages in over 23 nations. The strategy has significantly assisted in managing work experience of no less than 80,000 employees. The performance results were soon visible to as much as 10% in top spheres.

7. Corporate learning

Corporate learning is experiencing reinvention and incredibly promising growth aspects. Now is the time when employees should be able to enhance their portfolio and train them harder for future prospects. Introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality will transform the way of learning and bring in some positive changes in the performance arena.

Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. is one of the most popular talent management and cloud-based learning solution providers. Cornerstone assists the top-notch organizations from all over the globe in bringing out the utmost by making the work experience of employees more positive. The platform is powered by a unified cloud solely meant for recruitment, training, and management of the workforce.

Recruitment process at Cornerstone OnDemand means implementing a modern approach to bringing employees onboard. They incorporate complicated systems to bring out the expertise and talents of its employees by employing custom career sites, social tools, and a memorable experience.

The process of learning will involve relying on LMS, Learning Management System which is continuous and independent. It is much bigger than what the organizations have to do with compliance. The learning process aims at enhancing the experience of its employees and striving to fulfill the objectives of a company.

Performance of a professional is significantly enhanced if the manager invigorates him.

Every action of the management should be intended to inspire the employee towards greatness and setting milestones for his and company’s portfolio.

It is important to set employees on a path that runs parallel with the success of the organization and requires pivotal feedback.

Cornerstone’s Human Resource adapts to the methods and practices to gather pivotal insights for the accumulating professional’s data, realize and measure up to the employee’s needs and expectations. It is all viable if the approach utilizes self-service tools as well as an eminent experience of the user.

The endeavor by Cornerstone OnDemand played a crucial role in connecting with the candidates that had substantial experience and portfolio qualifications for the job profile.

Employing the right workforce is the first step to a successful organization.

Looking at the brand new set of corporate learning tools, we have modernized Learning Management Systems, micro-learning platforms, experience platforms, finding and bringing learning to be put to use, and Artificial Intelligence-based systems of learning.

8. Team management

Team management is another aspect that requires strict consideration and advancement. The emerging category that top-notch industrialists now expect to make sheer growth is the work management systems that are based on the projects.

A varied range of software tools such as Workboard, Trello, BetterWorks etc help in sharing goals, setting the targets, collaborating, and working in a team.

Not all of such tools are deemed as HR tools or HRMS, however, the others have started to enter the arena.

The steady drift of the human resource sphere from tools to towards them is only the reason to help the professionals perform their official duties better.

It does not mean that organizations will no longer hire professionals or set targets or coach new onboarders.

However, these tools greatly assist the HR department to perform their duties well and optimize their tasks.

  • CyberU

CyberU, a product of Cornerstone, helps majorly in Salesforce. Reflektive is another tool that is deemed by the high utility for agile performance management. The tool has an attached module for providing feedback which is linked to Gmail and Outlook.

It helps professionals save time by giving feedback to its colleague or manager working on the same activity sparing the trouble of logging on another system.

9. Positive employee experience

Ensuring no employee grievance and positive experience throughout the work tenure, it is imperative to employ tools enabling the talent managers to simplify the listening process. It should not be done annually when the employee faces day to day work challenges. This will involve tracking the vital health of an employee as well as his/her location.

10. Employee wellbeing

The wellbeing of an individual will always be considered supreme rather than the cure of an accident or prevention of the reason to ensure the life of an individual.

Human resource realm has taken a step closer to the implementation of tools that assess, track, and improve the health and well being of an employee at work. In the near future, we will see the increase in the number of vendors relying on the tools and technology for self-assessment, biometrics, coaching, and healthcare panacea.

It is becoming important and organizations are realizing the need to help professionals better handle their workloads. The management program will involve using mindfulness, time management, yoga, work-life balancing, exercise, and dietary support.

Companies are also implementing showers, gym, exercise facility, daycare, medical exams, and wellness service.

These services are nowadays considered imperative to attract the millennial workforce. There are companies who are offering food and drinks, indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities to take mind off of work.

These facilities not only help in attracting the new workforce in the organization, however, it also helps in improving the employment band, enhancing the performance of an employee by enabling them to work more than what they are supposed to do.

11. Adapt to technology

Technology is indeed overwhelming for humankind.

Profitability and efficiency of video assessment for upgraded talent acquisition have led numerous industry verticals to invest in this particular method. Technology is Amazon Echo or Siri or Viv.

These products are playing a significant role in automating and augmenting the work of call centers. They are equipped with software for storing a keystroke in an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Then there are companies employing the software bringing multiple transactions together from various other systems. This assembling of transactions can be pivotal for the implementation of a brand new workflow on a device or even on a screen.

Multiple other technological introductions have made it clear that Human Resource has set its course on employing design thinking to help people follow journey maps and automate experiences.

What Can Human Resources Do?

  1. Automate the joining procedure of an employee. This procedure may include interview, assessment, joining, orientation, and training.
  2. Automate and re-design employee career process as well as transitions involving job recommendations, job search, job offers, interviews, acceptances, professional’s moves, compensation, orientation, and joining.
  3. Automate the retirement procedure, decision regarding plans of retirement, alumni network joining, exit procedure, and maintaining the relationship even after the employee has left the organization.
  4. Automate leadership potential assessment, development, networking, educating, training, and management practices.
  5. Tools that realize the need for communication, self-service, and experience of the professionals are now receiving a wide recognition. There are self-service tools for employees where they will receive answers to their queries, search for much-needed information, and transact without any human involvement.
  6. The tools avail conversational systems, intelligent systems, and cognitive science. The surveys on organizations focus on the implementation of methods to enhance productivity.

More than 120 vendors had utilized the scope of these pulse survey tools, cultural assessment, engagement assessment, monitoring systems for identifying the mood of an employee, and other means using which an employee can efficiently provide the feedback without having to share with other employees or managers.

These tools are technologically advanced, proficient to decide and pick the employee for assessment on their own.

The tools have an exceptional analytical capability to identify any “out of the crowd” professionals that deserve recognition or further exploration and any promising trend.

Then there are hackathons to assess an employee's skills to the next level by presenting exceptionally challenging tasks.

A prerequisite to advanced methods of Human Resource is taking into account the people analytics market. The market encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Organizational Network Analysis, and Embedded Analytics. Organizational Network Analysis congregates data from feedback activities, emails, and various other sources to comprehend the communication pattern. The Artificial Intelligence sphere involves refinement of algorithms, pattern recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning. Embedded analytics will provide the analysis without necessitating a report.

Talking about people analytics and overlooking the newest recast in this arena is not justifiable. The most recent advancements and improvement in the HR methods is what the world is looking for: advanced analytical strategies, predictive models, reporting dashboards, etc.

In the past and to some extent in the present, the companies are desperately looking for advanced analytics. However, there are human resources in various organizations who are now relying on analytics professionals having expertise in marketing, finance, and operations.

The idea of predictive modeling is, indeed, promising as it has grown 2x over the last couple of years, mainly due to positively affecting the rate of retention. Following the analytics tools is pivotal to Human resources and leaders to comprehend the culture of their organization. One of the most convincing examples would be the Facebook that had announced to award the sum of $10,000 to their company professionals who will move closer to its HQ office.

Then there are other successful and highly popular companies such as SuccessFactors, Oracle, SAP, Visier, Cornerstone, Ultimate Software, and Workday have software loaded with an in-built predictor for retention. Workday remains flexible in modifying the work hours and patterns, only to enhance their employees’ performance. Speaking of Oracle or SuccessFactors, employees will get to decide on the training they should go for, the basis of their job duties.

Cornerstone is efficiently equipped with a tool that clearly picks those employees who are likely to lapse in their training and certification program.

The concept of HR technology trends is expected to pay a hefty sum of profits, however, they require thorough planning and implementation. We can expect the major technological methods to enhance Human Resource performance in the near future.

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