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In the ever-evolving landscape of employee perks and rewards, companies are seeking innovative ways to keep their teams motivated and appreciated. Among the myriad options, travel vouchers for employees have emerged as a notable trend.

Not only do these offer the gift of experience, but they also cater to the innate human desire to explore, learn, and break away from the routine.

When thinking about employee management and rewards, travel (especially to exotic destinations) is absolutely a great choice. Vacations are often seen as a fruitful break from the monotony of the work environment, even for the biggest entrepreneurs.

Despite this, employees shy away from taking the much-needed and well-deserved break. That’s where the role of gifting travel experiences comes in. Rewarding employees with money-budget travel experiences is a morale booster for them that shows in their productivity at work. Rewarding employees with travel vouchers means gifting them a wonderful time with their loved ones.

Let’s delve deeper into why travel vouchers are the new gold standard for employee rewards.

Why give travel vouchers?

Here is why you should give travel vouchers to your employees.

  • Personalized experiences: Unlike cash bonuses or generic gift cards, travel vouchers allow employees to craft their own experiences. Whether it's a weekend getaway, a cultural immersion, or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, each employee can choose what resonates with them the most.
  • Promotes work-life balance: Encouraging employees to take time off and explore the world demonstrates a company's commitment to their well-being and work-life balance. It sends a clear message: “We value you and want you to recharge.”
  • Memories over materialism: As the saying goes, "Collect moments, not things." In a world cluttered with materialistic desires, gifting experiences can be far more impactful and memorable.

10 Branded travel voucher ideas for employees to reward them

Here are 10 branded travel vouchers for employees that you can consider to reward them.

1. "Escape and explore" adventure weekend

This voucher entitles the holder to a weekend getaway packed with thrilling outdoor activities. Think white-water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, or zip-lining. Accommodations in a nature lodge or cabin are included.

Branding: The voucher can showcase a montage of adventure activities and breathtaking natural scenery. The company logo can be seamlessly integrated with an accompanying tagline, such as "Adventures Await with [Company Name]."

2. "Relax, refresh, recharge" spa retreat

Reward your employees with a relaxing weekend at a top-rated spa resort. Allow them to choose from various treatments such as massages, facials, and mud baths.

Branding: Design the voucher with calming colors like lavender or light blue. Feature images of serene spa settings and relaxed individuals. Include your company logo with a tagline like "A World of Relaxation Courtesy of [Company Name]."

3. "Taste the world with us" culinary tour

For of food lovers, this voucher provides a culinary journey in a city renowned for its cuisine. Think a weekend in New Orleans for Cajun flavors, or maybe a sushi-making class in Tokyo.

Branding: Use vibrant images of food and dining experiences. Your company logo can be incorporated with a fitting tagline, such as "Savor the World's Flavors with [Company Name]."

4. "Culture and heritage" historic getaway

This travel voucher grants the holder a trip to a historical site or city, with guided tours of museums, monuments, and other culturally significant landmarks.

Branding: Feature iconic landmarks on the voucher, combined with classic design elements. The company logo can be merged with a tagline like "Discover History and Heritage with [Company Name]."

5. "Seas the day" beach vacation

Let your employee bask in the sun with a relaxing beach vacation. This could be a tropical island retreat or a cozy beachfront resort.

Branding: Showcase pristine beaches, palm trees, and crystal-clear waters. Your company logo can be subtly integrated with the sun or a palm leaf, with a tagline like "Sun, Sand, and Serenity, Compliments of [Company Name]."

6. "Starry nights" stargazing retreat

Offer an astronomical experience by sending your employees to a renowned observatory or a desert retreat, away from city lights, for prime stargazing. This could include a guided night-sky tour and telescope access.

Branding: The voucher could be adorned with images of constellations, shooting stars, and telescopes. Include the company logo with a tagline, "Reach for the Stars with [Company Name]."

7. "Snowy sojourn" skiing holiday

Perfect for winter, this voucher entitles the recipient to a snowy escape in a popular ski resort. Whether they're beginners or pros, they'll have access to slopes and a cozy cabin.

Branding: Design with snow-capped mountains, skiers, and snowflakes. Your company logo can be complemented by a tagline such as "Slide into Adventure with [Company Name]."

8. "Urban explorer" city break

A classic yet ever-popular option, send your employee on a city break to explore the wonders of a metropolis, from shopping and dining to museums and theater shows.

Branding: Feature silhouettes or iconic landmarks of popular cities. Integrate the company logo and a tagline like "Discover Urban Wonders with [Company Name]."

9. "Into the wild" wildlife safari

Offer an exciting journey into a renowned national park or reserve for a wildlife safari. They'll get to witness majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Branding: The voucher can have illustrations or images of lions, elephants, or other wildlife, set against a wilderness backdrop. The company logo can be accompanied by a tagline, "Nature's Best with [Company Name]."

10. "Beneath the waves" diving experience

For those who love the mysteries of the deep, offer a diving or snorkeling trip to explore coral reefs, underwater caves, or even shipwrecks.

Branding: Use images of vibrant coral, schools of fish, and scuba divers. Place the company logo in a bubble or a diver's flag with a tagline like "Dive into Adventure with [Company Name]."

Whom you can gift travel vouchers

Rewarding with travel experiences serves as a great motivator for employees and it adds to their productivity. Travel vouchers as rewards are apt for high performers of the team as well as for Long Service Awardees. Also, it serves as a great gift for newly married employees.

Holidays come with a lot of planning woes for employees. Gifting them with travel vouchers eases the roadblocks in planning to a great extent. Here’s a list of our top ten trending vouchers this season to reward your employees with.

1. Travelling enthusiasts

For those having starting trouble with holidays, with airlines vouchers, it’s easy to kick start. It takes care of one’s starting troubles and Avail heavy discounts on airlines fare while your employees travel to their favourite destinations. Here’s a wide range of airlines vouchers which makes travelling light on the pocket and a happy experience.

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2. Hotel

Xoxoday’s wide range of travel vouchers makes accommodation easy and hassles free. From the USA to Singapore, there are vouchers with heavy discounts on leading hotel brands across the world. Be it business or personal travel, the vouchers make it easy to get world-class accommodation under your budget.

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3. Experiences on holidays

Holidays are making memories. Gift your employees with these amazing experience vouchers so that they can make invaluable memories at budget rates. From cruise experience to waterparks, there’s plenty to indulge in to have a real memory-full holiday. Get discounted offers on vouchers of Red Balloon Australia, Gr8 World, and many more.

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Help your employees have a wonderful on their holiday. Reward them with activities and experiences that refresh and motivate them, adding to their productivity at work. Make the best of the offers on Xoxoday.

How to implement travel vouchers for employees in your organization

  • Budgeting: Depending on the company’s financial standing, you can determine a fixed amount for the travel voucher or scale it based on the employee's position or tenure.
  • Partnerships: Collaborate with travel agencies or platforms to get bulk deals or discounts. This way, the value of the voucher can fetch more than its face value for the employee.
  • Flexibility: Offer flexibility in terms of utilization. Allow employees to use the voucher all at once or in parts, ensuring they have the freedom to plan short or long trips as per their desire.

Things to consider

  • Tax implications: Before introducing travel vouchers, consider the tax implications in your jurisdiction. In some places, such rewards might be taxable.
  • Inclusion: Ensure that the concept of travel vouchers is inclusive. For employees who might not be keen on traveling, consider alternatives or let them trade their vouchers with colleagues.
  • Feedback mechanism: Once the program is in place, solicit feedback. It'll help you understand the actual impact of the vouchers and make necessary adjustments.

Inspiring real-life stories

To drive the point home, consider sharing stories of employees who have utilized their vouchers. A photo collage in the break room, an article in the company newsletter, or a brief presentation during a team meeting can showcase the diverse adventures your team embarked upon. This not only promotes the idea but also builds a shared narrative within the company.

The broader impact

Beyond individual benefits, travel has the profound ability to broaden horizons, build empathy, and foster global understanding. When your employees travel, they're not just taking a vacation; they're immersing themselves in diverse cultures, which can inadvertently influence their perspectives, creativity, and teamwork back at the office.


Travel vouchers aren't just another perk – they're an investment in the well-being, growth, and enrichment of your employees. In a world where companies are constantly vying for the top talent, offering such thoughtful rewards can set you apart, ensuring your employees feel truly valued and eager to contribute their best.

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