Do you need to come up with a fun and unique corporate team building event that everyone in your company will enjoy? It’s not an easy task! Team building events can be a serious investment for leadership in both money and resources. You want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. A well-planned corporate team building activity has the ability to engage employees, increase communication, and boost positive energy! It’s no wonder 70% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies use gamification to engage their teams. That is why corporate team building activities are crucial.

What are some unique and dynamic corporate team building activities that won’t have your employees rolling their eyes? Let’s discuss a few options.

1. Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is an energetic corporate team building activity that will get your staff outside with their blood pumping. Leadership can break the employees into small teams. This is a good opportunity to set up teams with people who don’t often work together to facilitate networking. Give each team a list of activities they need to complete, or items they need to gather. Organizers can hide items or activities throughout the neighborhood (or office if you wish to stay indoors). Bonus—you could even have a manager serve as a living clue! Once teams complete all the tasks on their list, they meet at the ‘finish-line’ area where you can determine the winner. There are many ways to score the activity, either by time, or the number of tasks completed. If the coordination of a scavenger hunt is too much for your team to take on, you can outsource to a company that will facilitate the event.

2. Chopped-style cook-off

These unique corporate team-building activities will only work if you have a suitable kitchen in your office, or if the leadership is willing to rent out a kitchen space. Local cooking classes or culinary schools can be a good option to check out. This activity uses the premise of the popular cooking competition show, Chopped. Have 3–4 contestants be the chefs. Assign a dish they need to prepare, focus on quick and easy-to-make options. The catch is to include unusual ingredients they must utilize in the dish. Contestants have a set time frame to complete the meal, everyone else watches—pressure on! You can have the office’s self-proclaimed foodies serve as the judging panel to decide who wins. Have the contestants make a large dish, then the event organizers can pass out samples to spectators as well. This will allow the entire office to be involved in the event. If you want to allow more than 3–4 people to compete, you can switch out contestants and have a few rounds.

3. Board game tournament

‍A day-long tournament of board games offers a laid-back and relaxed corporate team-building atmosphere. This can easily be set up in a conference room at your office. There are many options for running a board game tournament, it just depends on how much prep your event organizers can accomplish. This is another opportunity for the leadership to put together teams that don’t usually work together to encourage cross-team networking and corporate team building activity on its own. The tournament can be laissez-faire, with stations of games set up and teams choosing which they want to play. Keep track of wins and losses on a big whiteboard. Or if you want the event to be more structured, you can create a schedule of games for each team. Things to consider:

  • Pick games with teams, not individual players, i.e., no chess or checkers.
  • You’ll also want to make sure you choose games that take approximately the same time to complete.
  • Prior to the tournament, a moderator explains the rules of each game to the entire group. You could even have the rule explanation coincide with the team eating breakfast or lunch.

If setting up a board game tournament seems like too much, you can go in the same direction, but outsource again. Hire a company to come run a trivia tournament at your office for a similar game-style corporate team-building competition.

4. Escape rooms

If you want an easy event where you can just show up at a location for fun corporate team building without hassling the leadership, look no further than escape rooms. These live-action games lock participants in a themed room, where players need to work through a series of problems and puzzles to get out. Usually, there is a set time frame. Some escape room facilities offer multiple rooms where groups can compete against one another to see who can finish first.

5. A day of volunteering

Volunteering might not offer brain-teasers or an adrenaline-pumping activity, but it does have multiple other benefits. You can choose a cause that is similar to your company’s core values and beliefs while giving back to your community. Many volunteer opportunities will get your team members outside, where they can still enjoy time together and work towards a common goal. While you don’t want to exploit charitable activities, volunteering will provide a good photo op for your organization that you can post on your company’s social media page or blog for positive PR.

6. Be a tourist in your own city

Even if employees have been lifelong residents where your company is headquartered, you’d be surprised how many people don’t partake in typical tourist activities of their hometown. Research activities and places that your city is known for—even touring landmarks for the day could be fun! Send out a survey to see which places people have not yet visited. Don’t let them know that it's for a future corporate team building outing, otherwise the results might be slightly skewed. You could even opt for a local sporting event. Many stadiums and venues offer corporate boxes or suites. If you use employee rewards and recognition systems you can check out the experience partners that are contracted by the system.

Ready to plan your next corporate team building event?

Emails with the subject line: ‘You’re Invited to our Next Corporate Team Building Event!’ might cause employees to quickly RSVP no on the invite. Think outside the box for corporate team building and avoid the typical office lunches or picnics. Plan fun and captivating events that everyone in your organization (including the leadership) will enjoy! Focus on unique activities that will engage your staff, promote cross-team collaboration, and get employees out of their workspace and having fun!