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World Chocolate Day - An event that brings chocolate lovers together!

Whether you’re in a meeting or having exams, a chocolate a day keeps the stress at bay. This 7th of July, gear up for mouth-watering chocolate events, a platform to explore the best chocolates in the world.

Get along with the naughty children and pamper them with tasty chocolates. Before that, let’s find out the significance of world chocolate day, ways to celebrate chocolate day, explore chocolate events happening around your area, and much more.

History of World Chocolate Day

Originating in 2009, World Chocolate Day marks the anniversary of its first appearance in Europe in 1550. Worldwide, local suppliers of chocolate sell them to everyone, both young and old. Taking you back to 4,000 ago, the history of chocolate began in ancient Mesoamerica [Mexico] - the birthplace of chocolate.

Process of making chocolate

From the seed of the Theobroma Cacao tree, chocolate gets extracted. These seeds have a bitter taste which needs fermentation to create the flavor. Cocoa beans are created with cacao tree seeds which get fermented, designing a bar of chocolate.

As the cacao beans get processed in the processing plant at a low temperature, they are roasted.

The shells from the nibs need to be separated to create a fine powder called cocoa liquor. Chocolate liquor is formed by molding cocoa mass with other ingredients. Later, the chocolate liquor gets processed into two components - cocoa solids and cocoa butter- proving vital for chocolate production.

World Chocolate Day - Significance

World Chocolate Day holds the spirit of chocolate lovers, serving as a beautiful reminder of love and appreciation; celebrated as one of the best treats. On this special day, chocolate gets its importance of being the testimony of joy and celebration. It is an auspicious day to honor the exquisite craftsmanship, rich history, and sheer pleasure of having a bite of chocolate.

Millions of people love chocolate and adore the sweetness and flavor in every bite. Due to this, many medical stores and grocery shops sell chocolates in abundance. Chocolate day also highlights different goodies made from chocolate, including chocolate candy bar, chocolate milk, chocolate brownies, and other chocolate tastes.

How to celebrate world chocolate day

There isn’t a day when children do not think about chocolate. As parents, we often avoid giving chocolates to our children.

After all, it’s World Chocolate Day, Guys!

Give your loved ones a break and sprawl over the streets by attending amazing chocolate events. If you have a second thought, consider celebrating at home or at your workplace.

Here’s what we chocolate lovers can do;

Chocolate Day celebration at workplaces

  • Gift each employee with a handful of tasty chocolate treats

Packed in a gift hamper, present a collection of chocolates from Daily Milk, Nestle, Ferro Roccher, Cadbury, and more; helping the employees feel productive and enthusiastic.

  • Conduct a chocolate quiz

With the help of a Google Form, note down important questions about chocolates or create a poll. The employees with the correct answers will receive gift cards and a sweet note on World Chocolate Day.

  • Guess the chocolate game

Taking creativity to the next level, this game tests your taste buds and tells how well you know the chocolate.

Here’s what we will do

Request all the employees to leave the office room for about half-an-hour, the HR representatives will place some of the best chocolates in the world in their respective desks.

With eyes blindfolded, the employees enter the office room and are asked to guess the chocolate with their tongue. If guessed correctly, the employee receives a cash price.

Chocolate Day celebration at home

  • Prepare brownies

Browse through YouTube to check out the best recipes for preparing brownies at home.

  • Chocolate movie night

Get tuned to chocolate-inspired movies like “Chocolat” and “Forrest Gump”.

  • Create of pyramid of Dairy milk chocolates

Well, this celebration idea can prove to be costly because you’ll need a minimum of 100 chocolates to create a pyramid. Moreover, these chocolates melt too fast. A buffer time of 5 minutes will be provided to each employee to build the pyramid.

However, if you’re the smarter one, consider a shorter version of these chocolates; take a photo, and post it on social media.

Best chocolates in the world

Here are some of the best chocolates in the world.

1. Teuscher

According to National Geographic Magazine, Teuscher, acclaimed as one of the Best Chocolates in the World, offers an exquisite chocolate flavor that will delight chocolate lovers.

Teuscher's chocolate is meticulously crafted with natural components, such as premium nuts, marzipan, fruits, cocoa, and other unadulterated ingredients.

One of Teuscher's remarkable signature creations, Champagne truffles combine chocolate, butter, and cream to form a luscious center infused with champagne cream.

2. Richart

Richart fine chocolates create unparalleled taste experiences by skillfully combining the highest quality ingredients. With an array of delectable flavors, Richart incorporates ingredients that enhance the aromatic qualities of their chocolates. For example, they utilize balsamic to accentuate the inherent essence of cacao or employ roasting techniques to elevate the enjoyment of coffee-infused ganaches and caramel coulis.

3. Valrhona

Valrhona, originating from the Rhône Valley in France and honing the art of couverture since 1922, is renowned as the epitome of chocolate excellence, likened to the esteemed Rolls Royce. With meticulous care, the brand has mastered techniques to heighten the flavors of exclusive cocoa beans sourced directly from plantations in South America, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean.

Valrhona is a leading global chocolate brand committed to crafting extraordinary, handcrafted chocolate of unparalleled quality, featuring intricately balanced and consistently rich flavors.

4. Amedei

Amedei, renowned worldwide for its effortlessly elegant and meticulously crafted chocolates, exemplifies the essence of Italian excellence, establishing itself as one of the foremost chocolate brands.

Among Amedei's impressive repertoire, their dark chocolate offering, Amedei Porcelana, is often hailed as the most luxurious chocolate in the world. This exceptional creation has garnered numerous accolades, including prestigious titles like "Best Bean to bar," "Best Dark Chocolate Bar," and the esteemed "Golden Bean award" from the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Amedei has even secured exclusive rights to the revered Venezuelan plantation where the legendary Chuao cocoa bean flourishes, further elevating their artisanal offerings.

5. Flying Noir

Flying Noir, located in Mendocino, California, presents a delightful selection of hand-painted confections made by talented artist and chocolatier Karen Urbanek.

The chocolate designs are meticulously crafted with artistic presentation using the finest all-natural ingredients. To enhance their visual appeal further, the chocolates feature original paintings delicately rendered with naturally colored cocoa butter and mica, adding extra artistry to the indulgent experience.

6. Esthechoc

For those seeking a healthier approach to enjoying dark chocolate, it is recommended to opt for bars containing a minimum of 90% cocoa solids. However, locating such high-percentage bars can be challenging, and even then, the taste experience may only be somewhat enjoyable. Recognizing this issue, Esthechoc embarked on a mission to create the "World's First Youth Boosting 'Smart' Chocolate."

Distinguished by its clinical efficacy in enhancing skin health, Esthechoc harnesses the power of two crucial and potent antioxidants: Astaxanthin, a remarkably rich anti-inflammatory substance known to be 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, and Cocoa Polyphenolic Epicatechins.

These exceptional ingredients offer a range of benefits, including antioxidant protection, inflammation reduction, enhanced microcirculation, and the maintenance of optimal oxygen levels. Together, these effects promote healthy, rejuvenated skin, lending it a youthful appearance.

Chocolate events 2023

  1. Woodhouse chocolate workshop, Dallas, USA : 10th July - 16th July 2023
  2. Aroma coffee and chocolate festival, Maitland, Australia : 12th July - 13th July 2023
  3. Dallas Chocolate festival, Dallas, USA : 8th September - 10th September 2023
  4. Salon Chocolate y Cacao, Mexico - 7th September - 9th September 2023
  5. The Northwest Chocolate Festival, Bellevue, USA - 7th October - 8th October 2023
  6. London Chocolate Forum, London, UK - 12th October 2023
  7. LA Chocolate Salon Show, Pasadena, USA - 8th October 2023
  8. Toronto Chocolate Festival, Toronto, Canada - 1st October - 5th November 2023
  9. Hot Chocolate Expo, Chicago, USA - 5th November 2023
  10. Salon Du Chocolat, Lyon, France - 10th November - 12th November 2023


As we begin to celebrate World Chocolate Day, let's always rejoice in the taste of chocolate. From the finest Swiss chocolates to the exquisite flavors designed by passionate artisans, chocolate delights our taste buds and captivates our hearts.

Today, we've seen what chocolate brings us, the growing excellency of renowned brands like Teuscher, Richart, Valrhona, Amedei, and Flying Noir. We hope you’ve found good taste in exploring the finest chocolates in this article. Not to mention attending some of the best chocolate events in the world.

All the chocolate manufacturers deserve huge applause for effortlessly creating exquisite chocolates for all chocolate lovers.

Happy World Chocolate Day to all!

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