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Expressing emotions isn’t as easy as flipping a coin; it takes willpower and determination.

Not anymore; World Emoji Day gives you ample opportunities to explore different kinds of emotions. Whether you like the happy emoji or the crying one, they ensure seamless conversations without losing the emotional quotient.

Moreover, emojis build relationships if you’re on the verge of losing them. It is the silent speaker when you are out of words to express your thoughts.

For example:

When you are having a quarrel with your loved one virtually, you tend to take a step back and try to come on the same page. However, the arguments keep prolonging for a longer period. And, you prefer to stay silent by using an emoji; helping you grow your relationships on time.

In this article, we’ll throw light on the history of World Emoji Day, significance, and types of emojis.

History of World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day was established by Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia. This 17th July 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of World Emoji Day.

World Emoji Day - Statistics and Facts

Social stats

  1. During the World Emoji Day event, you’ll notice more than 100 tweets per minute. Extending this count, you’ll find approximately 175 tweets at peak times.
  2. Every year, the World Emoji Day hashtag crosses over 4 billion twitter impressions.
  3. World Emoji Day - #1 global trend in twitter in 2020.

Emoji stats  

  1. 700 million emojis are used in Facebook posts everyday.
  2. 86% of emoji users belong to the 24 years or younger age group.
  3. 57% women emoji users are present on twitter.

Emoji facts

  1. 117 new emojis were used in 2020.
  2. In 2018, 157 new emojis were approved.
  3. “Face with tears of joy” and “Smiling face with heart eyes” were the most popular emojis in Facebook

World Emoji Day - Celebrations

Emoji day celebrations at office

  1. Gift emoji cushions for all the employees, take a photo, and post it on social media.
  2. Design a personalized emoji coffee mug with a cute message and gift the same.
  3. Purchase a package of Emoji keychains and gift them to your employees.

Emoji day celebrations at home

  1. Blow balloons of emojis and celebrate World Emoji Day with a cake.
  2. Watch an emoji movie at home.
  3. Design paintings based on emojis.

World Emoji Day - Benefits of expressing emotions

Expressing emotions has numerous benefits for individuals and their overall well-being. Here are some key benefits of expressing emotions:

1. Emotional release

Expressing emotions helps in releasing pent-up feelings, which can be cathartic and provide relief. Holding in emotions for prolonged periods leads to increased stress and tension, and expressing the same helps in releasing these emotions and restoring emotional equilibrium.

2. Enhanced self-awareness

By expressing emotions, you’ll become more knowledgeable about your feelings. This self-awareness is important for getting better clarity of your emotional state, gaining insights about your behavior, and identifying triggers. This process promotes personal growth which assists you in taking informed decisions.

3. Improved mental health

Anxiety and depression are the causes that invite bottling up emotions. Expressing emotions prevents you from having mental health problems, helping you promote emotional resilience

4. Strengthened relationships

Willingly expressing emotions can strengthen relationships, fostering empathy and understanding. It encourages meaningful conversations that promote healthier relationships.

5. Conflict resolution

If you don’t express emotions on time, conflicts are bound to happen. By sharing feelings and concerns, you open opportunities for problem-solving. This enables all parties to express their emotions, leading to better clarity of approach.

6. Stress reduction

Expressing negative emotions helps you feel energetic. Communicating your fears and worries helps you get a sense of control over your emotions, preventing accumulation of stress.

7. Increased self-acceptance

Expression of one's emotions, which are a normal aspect of being human, promotes self-acceptance. It enables you to accept the full spectrum of your feelings without passing judgment, which raises your self-esteem and improves your self-perception.

8. Authenticity and personal growth

Living in accordance with your genuine self is made possible by authentically expressing your feelings. It encourages reflection and emotional landscape exploration to foster personal development and self-discovery. You have a deeper comprehension of who you are and what you stand for as a result.

World Emoji Day - Top 10 Emojis in the world

Emojis has grown to play a predominant role in online communication, helping users to convey messages, express emotions, and add humor on the go.

It’s quite the challenge to pick one emoji out of a hundred; we’ve shortlisted top 10 emojis to spread the joy on World Emoji Day.

1. 😀 Smiling face:

The smiling face emoji is one of our best emojis to spread happiness. It is the symbol of positivity. Joy, amusement, and friendliness are the qualities of the smiling face emoji. The benefits include expressing contentment and adding a friendly tone to a conversation.

2. 😂 Face with tears of joy:

This emoji takes the cherry on the cake by showing laughter or finding something incredibly funny. It is often used in response to humorous situations, jokes, memes, or anything surprisingly funny.

3. 😍 Smiling face with heart-eyes:

This emoji portrays infatuation, adoration, or a deep liking for someone or something. Expressing love, attraction, or admiration for a person are the benefits of using this emoji.

4. 🙌 Raised hands:

Expressing emotions of celebration, praise, or excitement finds raised hands emoji to be perfect. You can use this emoji to convey a sense of victory, support, and enthusiasm.

5. 🤔 Thinking face:

Get opportunities to convey thoughtfulness and contemplation by using the thinking face emoji. It is often used when someone is reflecting upon a decision, question, or a difficult situation.

6. 😊 Smiling face with smiling eyes

This emoji is one of the favorites of many Whatsapp and Facebook users. The emoji is used to express kindness, happiness, and a friendly disposition. Showing appreciation is one of the benefits of using this emoji.

7. 😭 Loudly crying face

If you’re feeling shy to cry, express your emotion by using the “loudly crying face” emoji. By using this emoji, you’ll show the best of emotions which helps you reduce stress and regain composure.  

8. ❤️  Red heart

Are there any couples around here?

Here’s an emoji made for you!

The red heart emoji signifies love with deep emotional connections. Not just for couples, this emoji can be used to express your love for your family and friends. This emoji helps you in showcasing gratitude and a special bond with your loved one.

9. 🤣 Rolling on the floor laughing

If one of your friends happens to share something very hilarious, you can use this emoji to express the same. This emoji is known for its qualities of laughter, tweaking your funny bones in a ticklish manner. Showing emotions of uncontrollable laughter is the quality of this emoji.

10. 😘 Face blowing a kiss

This emoji is used to express a flirty tone with a girl and vice-versa. Displaying qualities of virtual affection connects with this emoji.

World Emoji Day - Ways to use emojis effectively

1. Conveying emotions

Portraying difficult emotions gives rise to the need for emojis. For example, a smiling emoji showcases happiness, whereas a sad one expresses despair. These cues help your receiver understand your mood and act accordingly.

2. Adding humor

Connecting the humor side of yourself is very important.

What more than adding a laughing emoji?  

The emoji expresses your thoughts and feelings in the form of symbols, helping ensure the right message is delivered.

3. Reinforcing statements

Emojis can change the way you think or emphasize a sentiment. For instance, if you want to express excitement, consider using exclamation marks followed by a smiling emoji to convey your enthusiasm.

4. Simplifying responses

Using emoji are more popular in terms of reacting to a message quickly. Now, we can replace long texts with emojis, helping us save time and express words via symbols.

5. Replacing words

Adding to the above-mentioned point, emojis are known for replacing a large bunch of words with emotions. For example; for saying that you’re off to a snooze; you can use the moon emoji which represents the same message.

6. Expressing creativity

Emojis provide an exceptional variety of characters, symbols, and objects which helps in enhancing the quality of the conversation. Creating the best combinations or sequence of emojis helps in conveying stories, complex ideas, and adds creativity to the messages.  


In a world of sadness and despair, World Emoji Day comes as a breath of fresh air. They help you bridge the gaps in communication, ensuring smooth flow of the conversation. Not to mention, emojis express your emotions effortlessly, helping the other person know your feelings virtually.

While emojis can greatly enrich digital conversations, it's essential to use them appropriately and consider your audience.

Emojis can sometimes be ambiguous, so it's important to ensure that the intended meaning is clear, and there is no potential for misunderstanding.

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