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Imagine taking a whirlwind trip around the world without leaving the comfort of your office! Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Well, that's exactly what we have in store for you as we gear up to celebrate World Tourism Day right here at work. It's a day dedicated to the love of travel, exploration, and the diverse cultures that make our world so fascinating.

Explore these 24 fantastic ideas on how to make the most of World Tourism Day in the office. Whether you're an enthusiastic globetrotter or simply someone looking for a fresh twist on your workplace celebrations, you're in for a treat.

From culinary adventures to virtual expeditions, we've got something for everyone.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let's embark on this journey of creativity and camaraderie as we celebrate the spirit of wanderlust within the confines of our workspace.

When is World Tourism Day celebrated and why?

World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27th every year. The day was established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to raise awareness about the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political, and economic values worldwide.

  • Awareness: Established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1980, this day serves to raise awareness about the importance of tourism and its impact on societies worldwide.
  • Economic Impact: Tourism is one of the major revenue sources for many countries. It helps stimulate economic growth, provides employment opportunities, and drives the development of infrastructure.
  • Cultural Exchange: Tourism promotes the exchange of cultures. It allows people from various parts of the world to understand, appreciate, and learn from diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of life. This can foster global understanding and peace.
  • Education and Enlightenment: Travel broadens the mind. Through tourism, people get firsthand experiences of places, histories, and traditions, which can be a form of education outside the conventional classroom environment.
  • Sustainable Development: In recent years, the concept of sustainable tourism, which respects both local communities and the traveler, cultural heritage, and the environment, has come to the forefront. World Tourism Day often emphasizes the significance of sustainable tourism and its role in ensuring that the benefits of tourism reach every corner of the world.

Each year, a theme is chosen for World Tourism Day that reflects the current issues, challenges, and trends in the tourism industry. This theme guides discussions, events, and celebrations related to the day.

12 World Tourism Day celebration ideas in the office

Here are 12 World Tourism Day celebration ideas in the office:

1. International food day

This celebration is all about bringing the flavors of the world into your workplace. Encourage your colleagues to prepare and share dishes from different countries or regions they've visited.

You can set up a communal eating area where everyone can try a variety of international foods. It's like having a global potluck! This idea not only celebrates diverse cuisines but also allows employees to bond over their shared love for food and travel.

2. Travel story sharing

Traveling is full of exciting adventures and sometimes hilarious mishaps. Organize a session during a lunch break or as part of a casual meeting where employees can share their travel experiences.

It could be a heartwarming story about a memorable trip or a funny anecdote about a travel mishap. This activity helps coworkers get to know each other better and learn about different parts of the world through personal stories.

3. Travel trivia quiz

Put together a fun and engaging travel-themed quiz for your colleagues. The quiz can include questions about famous landmarks, world capitals, unique customs, and interesting facts from various countries.

You can divide everyone into teams and make it a friendly competition to see who knows the most about world trivia. It's a great way to infuse a bit of friendly rivalry and learning into your World Tourism Day celebration.

4. Cultural dress-up day

Encourage your coworkers to showcase their appreciation for different cultures by coming to the office dressed in attire representing a country or culture they admire or have a connection with.

It could be as simple as wearing a traditional scarf or something more elaborate like a kimono or a sarong. This activity not only allows employees to express their cultural interests but also opens the door to conversations about the significance of the attire and the cultures they represent.

5. Travel destination décor

Transform your office into a mini global tour by decorating it with travel-themed elements. Hang up world maps, and travel posters, and display souvenirs from various destinations.

You can even have a friendly competition for the best-decorated workspace. This idea not only sets the mood for a travel-inspired celebration but also sparks conversations and curiosity about different parts of the world among your colleagues.

6. Global art exhibition

Encourage employees to showcase their artistic talents by organizing a global art exhibition. Invite them to create and display artwork inspired by their travel experiences or the cultures they've encountered.

It could include paintings, drawings, photography, or even crafts. This not only celebrates creativity but also provides a unique perspective on different parts of the world.

7. Language exchange workshop

Foster cross-cultural understanding by organizing a language exchange workshop. Invite colleagues who are fluent in different languages to teach basic phrases or expressions from their respective countries.

It's a fun way to learn a new language and appreciate the diversity of world languages.

8. Travel documentary screening

Set up a cozy corner in the office and screen travel documentaries or films that highlight the beauty and culture of various destinations.

Provide popcorn and drinks, and let everyone take a virtual journey around the world through the power of storytelling and visuals.

9. Travel-themed puzzles and games

Dedicate a section of your office to travel-themed puzzles and board games. Include jigsaw puzzles featuring famous landmarks, world map puzzles, and geography-based board games.

It's a great way to engage coworkers in friendly competition and learning while celebrating World Tourism Day.

10. Travel tips and hacks sharing session

Organize a casual session where employees can share their travel tips, hacks, and recommendations.

They can talk about their favorite travel apps, packing techniques, or budget-saving strategies. This idea not only promotes knowledge sharing but also helps colleagues become more travel-savvy.

11. Virtual reality travel experience

Bring a taste of different destinations to your office by setting up virtual reality (VR) stations. Employees can put on VR headsets and take immersive virtual tours of famous landmarks, cities, or natural wonders from around the world.

It's an innovative way to celebrate tourism and allows coworkers to "visit" places they may have never been before.

12. Global recipe swap

Encourage employees to participate in a global recipe swap. Each person can bring in a dish from their favorite travel destination, along with the recipe. Create a booklet with all the recipes and distribute it to everyone in the office.

This not only celebrates international cuisine but also allows coworkers to recreate dishes from different parts of the world at home.

12 World Tourism Day celebration ideas in the office virtually

Here are 12 World Tourism Day celebration ideas in the office virtually:

1. Around-the-world cooking challenge

Invite your colleagues to embark on a culinary journey from the comfort of their kitchens. Ask participants to choose a country or region, research its traditional dishes, and then prepare one of those dishes.

During a virtual lunch or dinner meetup, employees can showcase their culinary creations, share the cultural significance of the food, and even provide cooking tips. It's a delicious way to explore different cultures and cuisines while bonding over a shared meal.

2. Global trivia and quiz

Test your team's knowledge about world geography, famous landmarks, and travel facts with a lively virtual trivia and quiz session. Create teams and have them compete to answer questions related to various countries and cultures.

To make it more engaging, you can incorporate multimedia elements like photos and videos. Offer prizes or recognition to the winning team to add a competitive edge to the celebration.

3. Virtual travel showcase

Encourage employees to share their passion for travel by creating short video presentations or slideshows about their favorite travel destinations. They can include personal photos, anecdotes, travel tips, and recommendations.

This interactive session allows team members to learn from one another's travel experiences, discover hidden gems around the world, and find inspiration for their future adventures.

4. Cultural exchange hour

Foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity within your team by dedicating time to a virtual cultural exchange. Invite colleagues to share aspects of their own culture or a culture they admire.

This can involve storytelling, music performances, dance demonstrations, or even a crash course in basic phrases from another language. By celebrating different cultures, you promote inclusivity and create a more culturally rich work environment.

5. Travel-themed costume contest

Inject some fun and creativity into your virtual celebration by hosting a travel-themed costume contest. Encourage employees to dress up as characters, historical figures, or elements inspired by different countries or cultures.

During a virtual meeting, participants can explain the significance of their costumes and why they chose them. To add an element of interactivity, you can have colleagues vote for the most creative or culturally authentic costume, with prizes awarded to the winners.

6. Wanderlust photo contest

Organize a virtual photo contest where employees submit their best travel photos along with captions that describe their experiences.

Create different categories such as "Scenic Landscapes," "Cultural Encounters," and "Adventure Moments." Encourage team members to vote for their favorite photos, and award prizes to the winners.

This activity not only showcases the beauty of our world but also allows colleagues to share their travel stories visually.

7. Virtual escape room adventure

Transport your team on a virtual adventure by hosting a travel-themed escape room experience.

Choose a destination or scenario related to travel, and challenge employees to work together to solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges to "escape" from a virtual location. It's an interactive and team-building way to celebrate World Tourism Day.

8. Travel book club

Start a travel-themed book club within your office. Select a travel-related book, memoir, or novel and encourage employees to read it in the weeks leading up to World Tourism Day.

Host a virtual discussion where participants can share their thoughts, insights, and favorite travel-related quotes from the book. It's a literary journey that sparks conversation and inspires wanderlust.

9. DIY souvenir swap

Ask team members to dig into their travel memories and share a meaningful souvenir they've collected during their adventures. They can present these items during a virtual meeting, explaining the significance and story behind each one.

Then, you can organize a virtual souvenir swap, where participants can choose to exchange souvenirs with their colleagues. It's a unique way to bring a piece of the world into each other's homes.

10. Travel-themed scavenger hunt

Create a virtual scavenger hunt with travel-themed clues and challenges. Participants can use the internet to search for clues related to different countries, famous landmarks, or cultural traditions.

They can collaborate in teams to solve these challenges within a set time frame. The first team to complete all the tasks wins the scavenger hunt. It's a fun and educational way to explore the world from your computer.

11. Virtual travel film festival

Transform your virtual celebration into a cinematic adventure by organizing a travel-themed film festival. Have employees suggest their top travel movies or documentaries beforehand, and plan a screening schedule leading up to World Tourism Day.

After each movie, facilitate a discussion for participants to chat about their thoughts, travel inspirations, or personal ties to the places in the films.

12. Global recipe exchange

Encourage employees to explore different cultures through their taste buds by organizing a global recipe exchange. Each participant can select a recipe from a foreign cuisine they'd like to try, prepare it at home, and then share their cooking adventure during a virtual meetup.

This can include cooking demonstrations, tasting sessions, and discussions about the cultural significance of the dish.


Celebrating World Tourism Day in the office is not just about marking a date on the calendar. It's about embracing the spirit of exploration, promoting cultural understanding, and fostering a sense of unity among colleagues.

The 24 ideas we've shared in this blog offer a diverse range of ways to commemorate this day, whether it's through mouth-watering international cuisine, engaging activities that test your global knowledge, or even simple acts of kindness that pay homage to the hospitality found in different corners of the world.

Remember, the beauty of celebrating World Tourism Day at the office lies in the opportunity it provides to broaden our horizons, break down barriers, and appreciate the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our global community.

So, go ahead and bring a touch of wanderlust to your workplace this September 27th, and let the spirit of travel and adventure inspire your team to explore the world, one idea at a time. Happy World Tourism Day!

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