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We are proud to announce that Xoxoday has been recognized in Forrester's Employee Recognition Landscape, Q1 2023 report. The report highlights the role of a digital employee recognition platform in an evolving market and how such solutions facilitate employee engagement and performance enablement.

Forrester's definition of employee recognition platforms

Technology that enables visibility, appreciation, and gratitude for employees across a variety of use cases inside and outside of the organization.

An employee recognition platform enhances engagement and productivity, alleviates work stress, drives positive behavior, evaluates performance enablement behaviors, and helps business leaders reinforce a culture of appreciation in their organizations.

Current market dynamics

The report outlines the market dynamics that influence the current employee recognition landscape:

Main trend

Organizations are leveraging recognition solutions for an increasingly complex set of business needs.

Customizable digital employee recognition solutions can help businesses transition to a holistic rewards and recognition approach while combating work stress, reducing performance management biases, and improving overall employee well-being.

Primary challenge

Tension exists between best-in-class solutions and the full HR talent stack. Most organizations face challenges integrating standalone employee recognition solutions with their existing talent suite tech stack without overshooting the HR tech budget.

Top disruptor

Support for diskless workers, as well as the ability to connect wellness and recognition, are key disruptors in this space.

Since most recognition platforms support employees with on-premise access (knowledge workers), there's a great demand for recognition solutions for deskless workers. Simultaneously, given the connection between wellness and recognition, businesses want digital R&R platforms to align with the company's wellness initiatives.

The ideal employee recognition solution

According to Forrester, an employee recognition platform plays a vital role in an organization's overall employee engagement strategy. As such, its primary use case is employee rewards and recognition, followed by measuring performance enablement behaviors and talent management. An ideal employee recognition solution should:

1. Support nuanced needs across a variety of use cases

Changing employee R&R strategies have widened the scope of functionality for employee recognition solutions. Since recognition is no longer annual, digital employee recognition platforms must include features that support talent management, performance enablement, employee experience, peer-to-peer recognition, social intranet, employee wellness initiatives, and global rewards.

2. Support remote, distributed, and deskless teams

Most recognition tools can be accessed only by employees working from the office. But the recent rise of a hybrid working model has compelled businesses to formulate new engagement and retention strategies for their remote and distributed teams. Employee recognition solutions must extend their support for deskless and remote teams with a mobile app or kiosk capabilities, single sign-on access, and social media integration.

3. Enable global rewards and recognition across geographies and demographics

Global enterprises with employees across countries cater to various cultures and demographics. Employee recognition solutions aimed at global organizations must support the differences in recognition and rewards with respect to cultural norms, currencies, and linguistics.

Why should companies adopt employee recognition solutions?

According to the report, businesses must implement employee recognition solutions to:

  • Improve employee engagement and reduce burnout
  • Support and measure performance enablement behavior
  • Establish and sustain a culture of appreciation

Problems that deter organizations from implementing employee recognition solutions

Organizations facing increasingly complex business needs cannot expect to maximize employee performance and productivity without implementing the right recognition strategy. Some of the major problems faced by organizations trying to implement employee recognition solutions include the following:

  • Incompatibility between standalone employee recognition solutions and the existing HR tech stack
  • Inability to customize the platform features and functionalities
  • Lack of real-time analytics to reduce bias in performance management

Xoxoday Empuls ticks all the boxes

Xoxoday's all-in-one employee recognition and engagement platform, Empuls, helps businesses strengthen engagement and create a people-first culture. Empuls uses a holistic approach that translates into a positive workplace experience and business success.

Xoxoday addresses the future needs of business leaders with:

  • Built-in social intranet for transparent communication
  • Anytime, anywhere, secure, one-click access with single sign-on
  • AI-powered employee engagement and interaction
  • Advanced analytics for performance enablement

Xoxoday integrates with a suite of leading HRMS solutions, collaboration, and productivity tools to elevate the employee experience at every stage of their journey. Additionally, an automated rewards and recognition infrastructure with a data-backed approach facilitates timely and meaningful appreciation that motivates employees to go the extra mile.

Xoxoday Empuls enables you to empower your employees with surveys, gamification, rewards automation, real-time recognition, transparent communication, and advanced analytics capabilities. This creates an engaging ecosystem to attract, retain, and engage the best talent resulting in improved productivity, accelerated performance, reduced attrition, savings on R&R budgets, and more.

Access Forrester's Q1 2023 Employee Recognition Landscape report. (available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase.

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