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Which one is better? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the two platforms when it comes to a robust employee engagement software? In this blog, we will look at two platforms in the terms of employee engagement features that they offer, and the reward catalog capabilities for staff to redeem incentives. A holistic employee engagement solution should excel in both areas.

Introducing Empuls

Empuls is a holistic employee engagement platform built on the four key pillars of employee engagement & employee experience.

  • Connect- Employees and teams can connect through groups and discuss various topics, office news, announcements, attach files, send gifts, and do much more.
  • Empower- It enables teams to understand the pulse of the employees through eNPS, pulse surveys, engagement surveys, gather anonymous feedback, and address problems effectively with advanced analytics.
  • Motivate- Reinforce positive behaviors and appreciate good work. Recognize your peers, managers and reward them for different milestones. Celebrate special occasions in an employee lifecycle with gifts and greetings.
  • Align*- It helps teams align roles & goals through OKRs, one on one feedback, and 360-degree performance.  (*Upcoming feature)

Introducing Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is an all-in-one employee engagement platform to help HR centralize employee engagement solutions and promote what’s important to organizations. From market-leading employee discounts and perks to recognition, surveys, and internal communications, the platform can be customized with existing (or new) employee engagement tools.

Employee Engagement Feature Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the two digital employee engagement platforms on a wide range of engagement features such as the ability to communicate in groups, search capability, custom branding, Empuls vs Reward Gateway Pricing, etc.

G2 rating 4.7/5 4.5/5
Go-live time 0-7 days 15-30 days
Communities & Groups
Easy feed navigation with access controls
Advance Search
Branded Employee Engagement App for Notifications
Nudges in the app for events/special occasions
Measure eNPS and understand employee feedback
Gather anonymous feedback
360-degree feedback (Evaluating feedback from subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor(s))
Pre-built survey templates created by experts
Pre-built Award Nomination Workflows
Gifting automation for birthday/service anniversary/festivals
Social Sharing of Awards & Appreciations
Gamification within the platform Build gratification via “Wall of Fame” within Empuls to showcase high-performers, etc.*
Custom Configuration and Branding
Wellness Initiatives
Free trial
Multiple Pricing Tiers
*upcoming in the next 3-6 months

Reward Catalog Feature Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the two employee reward platforms on a wide range of reward redemption features such as range of catalog, user experience for end users, setup time, etc.  

E-gift Cards More than 3000 gift cards across 100+ countries. Yes, but the gift card range is limited.
Omnichannel distribution of rewards through SMS, email, on-screen, and APIs.
Reports to access total redemption usage
Perks and Offers
Employee discount scheme to avail discounts
APIs to send bulk brand vouchers Data not available
Custom Configurations and Branding
Campaigns and Reward Automation
Quick Account Setup (less than 30 seconds) Data not available
Multilingual Support
UI/UX optimized for mobile
Work from Home offers
Holistic global catalog The catalog covers 100+ countries. Catalog mostly focused on US, UK, and Australian markets.
Consumer Engagement
Multi-currency support Data not available.
Advanced reporting and analytics
*upcoming in the next 3-6 months

What makes Empuls the Best Employee Engagement Platform?

Global Holistic Catalog

The catalog covers 100+ countries, 20+ reward categories, 21000+ options with 4000+ gift Cards, 2800+ brand vouchers, non-profit donations, and cash cards. It also contains 5000+ experiences, 3000+ perks, and custom merchandise. New additions to the Storefront in the near-future include fintech, merchandise, new gift card APIs, wellness initiatives, and cashbacks. Employees can also access consumer promotions such as lucky draw, spin wheel, etc.

For employees who are working from home, there is a vast curated list of offers that aims to improve productivity. Now, give exclusive magazine/book subscriptions, merchandise, insurance, in-house deals, etc. to keep your employees engaged.

Technology & ease of use

Built on the latest technology stack with a complete microservices architecture, the UI/UX of the product is frictionless & aims to be the best in the industry. The product is built for the end-users and not just a tool for admin functions. We take user feedback very seriously and release new features & improvements every 45 days.  

When it comes to the Storefront, offer discovery and recommendations are based on past purchases.* Redemption of experiences/perks/discounts can also be done without logging in. Multi-currency support is available and excess payment options include options such as Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, and Digital Wallets. Wire-transfer is also possible in multiple geographies.

Integrations with existing tools

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools such as Slack, MS Teams, Login systems, Gusto, catalog integration with L&D platforms*, and various other HRMS solutions. Easily use Empuls features from your Slack or MS team channels without switching over to the app.  

Check out all the existing empuls integrations here.

Support and Security

We have 24/7 chat support. The onboarding guides, FAQs, resources, and DIY journey makes it extremely easy for employees and admins to get started and adopt the product. Our engagement experts do a quarterly review to understand how the product can deliver more value to your company. There is also a dedicated account manager who will support you during your customer journey. For Storefront users, there is multilingual support for better redemption.*

The platform is fully DIY and it has ready developer APIs and relevant marketplace apps. When it comes to security, we maintain audit logs and are GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant. To know more about our meticulous security policy, please check here.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports on gifts, rewards, redemptions, awards, funds, campaigns, etc. can be viewed in the admin dashboard. Different views, graphs, and filters are also available. Detailed analytics and graphs to gauge employee pulse are present for admins to analyze.

Features like System-generated nudges based on data intelligence are also present. Upcoming features include “People Analytics to benchmark and predict attrition”

Users Rate us Highly

Empuls eins 6 awards in G2 winter 2021 report

To know more details about Empuls. Schedule a demo or start a free trial now!

To check out the Empuls help documentation, please visit the link.

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