Employee appreciation letters help you feel appreciated in the workplace and can really go a long way. It can help with employee engagement, retention, and performance too. After all, recognition is one of the key things people look for after producing good work.

In fact, studies show that 85% of employees are often just looking for a simple ‘thank you. Keeping this in mind, it follows that something as simple, yet gracious, as an employee appreciation letter can truly up the spirits of your employees and lead to an improved work environment.

Also, saying ‘thank you” to your employees is a great way to show that you acknowledge either contribution. It could be as simple as an appreciation letter to the employee for outstanding performance, to express your gratitude for their contribution to your business.

In fact, when managers and heads of an organization follow this office etiquette, it helps motivate employees, fosters a healthy company culture, and builds strong team relationships. Many companies consider writing employee appreciation letters as a daily practice. On the other hand, some choose for certain occasions to write an appreciation letter to employees for good performance on a weekly or monthly basis.

The important thing to remember here is, making employees feel appreciated by kind words, or writing an appreciation letter can be extended to even fellow workers.

In this blog post, we will explore everything there is to know about employee appreciation letters: what makes a good letter, why they’re important, and how to communicate your appreciation in the best possible way.

We will also provide you with a few examples of great, tried-and-tested methods of writing these letters in the form of employee appreciation letter sample templates including sample appreciation letter to employee for hard work, appreciation letter to employee for outstanding performance, appreciation letter from manager to employee, etc.

So don’t worry if you’re not sure how to write a professional, yet sincere, letter of appreciation. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert!

What Makes a Good Employee Appreciation Letter?

Receiving an appreciation letter can be a great motivator for continuous good work. Three things really matter when writing a good employee appreciation letter: personalization, recognition, and encouragement. Keeping these three simple aspects in mind, it won’t be long before you have the process of writing these letters down to a Thank you!


Receiving a ‘thank you’ is a great way to make an employee feel special and appreciated. However, simply copying and pasting old letters or using the same template over and over again won’t go unnoticed by your employees. Rather, you should personalize your letter to your employee to the best of your ability.

Simply calling the person by name won’t cut it. Try also to include specifics about the work you are thanking them for. If an entire team is responsible for a great outcome, take the time out to thank each person for their individual contribution. Remember that your employee has gone the extra mile for you, and putting extra effort into your appreciation letter is a great way to reciprocate!


This seems like an obvious one, but it is arguably the most important too. You want to recognize exactly what it is that your employee has done right. It’s all very well and good to thank someone for their contribution, but recognizing how and why this has had a great outcome in the workplace will make your employee feel validated and motivated. Try to include what you most appreciate in your letter. This will also let the employee know that you have been paying attention to their hard work. Often, employees can end up feeling unnoticed and unappreciated, so being specific lets them know that you recognize their achievements.


Encouragement is a huge factor in making sure that an appreciation letter has a desirable effect. Many employers worry that these kinds of letters can lead to their employees, not recognizing areas that require improvement. However, if you word your appreciation letter right, you can cover all your bases!

The employee appreciation letter could even include something as simple as “Keep up the good work!” or “We look forward to seeing what more you have to offer.” Not only does this shows your employees that you believe they are capable, but it also motivates them to prove themselves further. This is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. After all, happier, more motivated employees are 12% more productive in the workplace!

Why is Employee Appreciation Important?

Showing appreciation to your employees, in general, is an essential thing that can reap the rewards for everyone involved. Whether it’s by letter, gift, or celebration, a ‘thank you’ can often stretch further than the words themselves. These two words' power can be evident in everything that happens in the workplace after good work has been recognized.

For example, a personalized letter of recognition and encouragement can help to motivate the employee. Nothing breeds a great work ethic, quite like praise! This improved work ethic may very well end up improving the day to day workings of your business!

Remember that the more people you thank and show recognition to, the greater the chance of a flourishing workplace filled with highly motivated employees.

Rewarded behaviors are also often repeated, meaning that by showing some simple appreciation for your employees. This leads to a stronger organizational culture and employee morale.

So, employee appreciation not only helps and encourages your employees but also helps you as the employer. Companies with good employee recognition programs see a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate!

While you may think that pay raises and performance reviews are good enough, remember that sometimes people want that extra bit of motivation. This shows mutual respect, which is so important in the workplace.

How To Best Communicate Your Appreciation?

The best way to communicate your appreciation in letters or mails to your employees is to be as engaging as possible. You don’t want to come across as detached or make it seem as if this letter is just routine.

Rather, please take this as a chance to improve your employer-employee relationship and really make them feel special and valued as a member of your team.

Keep the three aspects (personalization, recognition, and encouragement) in mind when writing your letter. You should also be aware of the tone of your letter. Making the person feel like they are worthy and needed does a lot more than a simple passing ‘thanks’ could ever do.

Remember that the workplace environment is a direct result of how you treat your employees and how you make them feel.

You may also want to consider implementing more measures to make your gratitude known to your employees. Try out employee recognition programs and incentives tailored to your work environment and the employees you want to thank. For example, something as simple as a lunch with the boss or a new coffee machine for the office can work wonders!

Sample Employee Appreciation Letter Templates & Examples

For inspiration, we have drafted some employee appreciation letter sample templates that you could refer to. Of course, personalization is key, so you can use these as a guide as you see fit.

Sample Appreciation Letter To Employee For Hard Work

Dear <employee name>

On behalf of <company name>, I would like to express our gratitude for your continuous hard work in the <department name>.

Your work ethic and determination in the <department name> have not gone unnoticed, and as a result of your amazing efforts, we have seen a great deal of improvement in <field that has improved>. Your work on <specifics of contribution> has really led to <effects of contribution>, and for this, we must express our utmost thanks and appreciation.

Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you once again!

Best regards

<Senior’s name>.

Sample Appreciation Letter To Employee For Outstanding Performance

Dear <employee name>

We have received fantastic feedback regarding your <specifics of contribution or effort>. As the <department name> of <company name>, we would like to express our sincerest thanks for the contribution you have made to our company and the team in general.

As a result of your hard work, we have noticed the <effects of contribution>. <Company name> is extremely grateful for this result, and an employee such as you reflects wonderfully on us.

We commend you for your efforts, and we are excited to see what more you have to offer! Thank you again.

Best regards

<Senior’s name>

Sample Employee Appreciation Letter For Recognizing Leadership Skills

Dear <employee name>

As <position> of <company name>, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for the leadership you have shown in the <project name>. The <project specifics> would not have run as smoothly and seamlessly without you at the head.

As a result of your hard work, we have seen improvements in <specific area of project>, and the overall outcome of the <project name> has shown <details of outcome>.

We know that this is largely due to your fantastic leadership skills and determination to bring the team together. We can’t wait to work with you again in the future.

Thank you again for your wonderful work ethic.

Best regards

<Senior’s name>

Quick Appreciation Letter From Manager To Employee

Dear <employee name>

This letter serves as a thank you and a well done for your fantastic leadership in <project name>!

Because of your determination, leadership skills, and willingness to take responsibility, I have noticed that <details of outcome>.

I must thank you again for your wonderful contribution towards this project.

Best regards

<Manager name>

Dear <employee name>

I would like to recognize and commend you for your <specifics of contribution or effort>. This really does reflect fantastically on all of us!

Best regards

<Manager’s name>

Dear <employee name>

I want to thank you for your continued efforts and hard work on/in the <project/department name>. Your work ethic has been admirable and has led to <effects of contribution> - a great win for us at <company name>.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and I look forward to seeing what more you have to offer!

Best regards

<Manager’s name>

Final Thoughts

There is no cut-and-dry perfect way to style and draft an employee appreciation letter. This is because each employee and employer relationship differs, and every company chooses different ways to show thanks. Keep our tips, tricks, and employee appreciation letter samples in mind next time you feel that an employee needs some appreciation and recognition. We can assure you that this simple thank you will go a long way!

Keep our tips, tricks, and templates in mind next time you feel that an employee needs appreciation and recognition. We can assure you that this simple thank you will go a really long way!

Employee Appreciation App / Software

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